Obba Babatundé and Anna Maria Horsford returning to B&B

Posted Monday, October 12, 2015 2:12:13 PM
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Obba Babatunde and Anna Maria Horsford returning to B&B

The Bold and the Beautiful's Nicole and Maya are in for a rocky holiday season, because their parents, Julius (Obba Babatundé) and Vivienne (Anna Maria Horsford), are moving to town!

Fans may be excited about the latest The Bold and the Beautiful news, but Nicole (Reign Edwards) and Maya (Karla Mosley) sure won't be. The character's parents, Julius (Obba Babatundé) and Vivienne (Anna Maria Horsford), are moving to Los Angeles!

TV Guide reports that the pair is relocating to be nearer to their daughters on Thursday, October 22. And as fans know, this is probably the worst time for the conservative parents to show up. Julius is already upset about Maya's sexuality and worries about her influence on her young, impressionable sister, Nicole -- so imagine his reaction when he find outs Maya and her husband, Rick (Jacob Young), have asked Nicole to be their surrogate mother.

"It's like Jaws. Just when Julius thought it was safe to go back in the water... boom!" Babatundé previews. "This is an overwhelming development. The poor guy is, like, 'Whoa. Wait a minute. You want my little girl to do whaaaat?' How Julius and Vivienne deal with this is going to be very interesting."

But the worrisome parents, who debuted this past July, won't be the only ones surprised. The actor teases that both Maya and Nicole are shocked to find their parents landing on their doorstep. "He certainly doesn't warn anyone he's coming," Babatundé previews. "He's giving no one a chance to prepare. He and his wife simply show up, just like they did the first time. This is Mama and Papa Avant! They do not call ahead. That's our culture. We don't ask for permission to be your parents. We are your parents. And here we come!"

For more on Julius and Vivienne's imminent arrival in L.A., check out TV Guide's full article here.

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