INTERVIEW: B&B's Don Diamont delves deep into the Bill-Katie-Brooke triangle 2.0

Posted Wednesday, January 20, 2016 10:22:53 AM
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INTERVIEW: B&B's Don Diamont delves deep into the Bill-Katie-Brooke triangle 2.0

Will The Bold and the Beautiful's Bill really throw away his happiness with Katie by jumping in the sack with Brooke, again? And how does Steffy -- yes, Steffy! -- fit into his current world of triangles? Bill's portrayer, Don Diamont, shares the scoop with Soap Central.

The Bold and the Beautiful is definitely no stranger to love triangle storylines, with the threesome situation basically being synonymous with the drama's title. But fans are in for a special treat as the soap prepares to take on a second Bill/Katie/Brooke triangle that may very well be even more passionate, steamy, and shocking than the first. But what exactly is in store for Bill, Heather Tom's Katie, and Katherine Kelly Lang's Brooke? Soap Central spoke with Dollar Bill Spencer's portrayer, Don Diamont, for the answer. And we should warn all you "Still" fans now: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood's Steffy definitely comes up in the conversation! Will she come up in the triangle, as well? Read on to find out. 2015 ended on a high note: The show pulled in its highest ratings since 2007! What do you think is contributing to these really spectacular numbers?

Don Diamont: Did we? I had no clue. What was happening that week? It was the Wyatt [Darin Brooks] and Ivy [Ashleigh Brewer] stuff, and I think the beginning of the Bill, Brooke, Katie storyline. There's a lot of buzz surrounding you three, as you've been absent for way too long.

Diamont: Well, I can't say I don't disagree with you! It's a short show, and I imagine it might be difficult to play everyone on the canvas at once, but does it ever come to a point where you're like, "Hey guys, remember me?"

Diamont: Well not exactly in those words, but yes. Sure. I guess I'm biased, but I certainly feel like Bill can, in many occasions, be the straw that stirs the drink, so to speak. He's just that kind of character. So when there's really not too much going on, I think we all just get a little frustrated. When you feel like you bring something to the table, you don't like sitting on the bench. I can understand that. But at the same time, there are points when you guys are working so much, so are there times when a break is extremely welcome?

Diamont: You know, honestly, the way we shoot the show, we get enough of those breaks. We prefer to be in story. Heather's talent and Kelly's talent are so extraordinary -- and not that we don't have wonderful actresses and actors, because everybody is terrific -- but I think their talent contribution is pretty extraordinary. So I just feel like something is missing when you're not seeing those actresses on the canvas. But yes, when you have a half an hour, it is hard to incorporate everybody all the time. That's a challenge for the powers that be. Well, the ratings don't lie, and I think stirring up the pot with the Bill/Brooke/Katie story is getting fans excited. What were your thoughts about Brooke and Bill realizing their attraction to one another isn't as dead as maybe they or the audience thought?

Diamont: Well I think the previous incarnation of that triangle was so powerful that I was really glad to see it revisited, as long as it was well constructed and offered another take on it. Because you certainly want to preserve everyone's character integrity. I was really happy about it. Like I said, I just thought the initial triangle was such a terrific, compelling story. They both played the hell out of it, so to be able to revisit that, I was very excited about. I just love working with both of them. I'm very fortunate. Like you've said, we've seen a Bill/Brooke/Katie triangle before, so what do you think will make this situation different than what we saw previously?

Diamont: Well, we're sort of in the infancy here, so I can't tell you exactly how it will evolve. But I can certainly tell you that it certainly won't be a retread. It will be a very compelling story. Can you talk a little bit about how Bill has changed since the last go-around or maybe how his perspective might be different?

Diamont: Well, it's very challenging for him, because his love for both women is very genuine. And powerful. And it's in different ways for different reasons, but nonetheless, it's sort of the classic torn between two lovers. He's very committed in that his love for Katie is very genuine, and so is his love of his family, it's very powerful for him. And yet at the same time, the connection he feels with Brooke is also a very soulful one and very genuine and also very powerful. So it obviously creates some tremendous internal struggle and conflict for Bill. Can you imagine if that happened in real life? It must happen all the time, where you're in a happy, fulfilled relationship, but you...

Diamont: Yes, when it's something that isn't merely driven by boredom or "I've been in this relationship for a long time, and someone just comes along and lights your fire," when it's not simply that, when you have a truly chemical experience with both people, that makes it obviously, that would be, in life, very challenging. Of course, is it life imitating art? Art imitating life? I think that's why people have always been so enamored by soap operas, whether it's daytime or nighttime. Because those conflicts are real in people. Those emotional struggles, people really relate to. Do you notice a big difference in Bill when he's with each of the women? Do they pull something different out of him, in your opinion?

Diamont: Well, I think in ways, I suppose Katie appeals to Bill, because she's very much Bill's conscience. There was a Svengali nature to their relationship when it started. Bill is this incredibly powerful, successful juggernaut of a person, and Katie was in many ways, although a woman, was also sort of like a little girl. And Bill kind of drew the woman out of her and saw so much potential in her and really wanted to help her realize that potential. He was drawn to her kindness and her goodness and her vulnerability. Brooke is probably more like Bill. He finds a sameness in her. There's a comfort and an attraction [there], and probably in ways, Bill is a little bit more looking in a mirror when he's with Brooke and what drives her and motivates her. So the relationships are very different in that way. Personally, I think Bill and Brooke spell trouble! Absolutely.

Diamont: Well, that I can tell you would be a safe bet! But yeah, I think as the story unfolds, the audience will see that this is just a different telling of this triangle. And given their history, probably more compelling this go-around than last. B&B really thrives on these triangle stories. It seems there's always a triangle on the canvas. Why do you think the formula works, time and time again?

Diamont: Well, again, people somehow relate to it. It taps into everybody's emotions and the inherent struggle that's created by the triangle is compelling television. It's just really good to watch. Many people were happy to have Jacqueline MacInnes Wood back on the canvas. When she came back, did you think they might dabble in Bill's triangle history with Steffy?

Diamont: I didn't know if they would or not. I don't want to speak for Jackie, but I think she feels the same way: I would hope that, somewhere down the line, the Bill and Steffy storyline is revisited. I hear so much from fans, and Jackie is always telling me that she's always hearing from fans, about how much they want to see more Bill and Steffy. Is the acronym Still? Yep, it's still Still!

Diamont: They want to see Still revisited. People felt like that was a very passionate, intense relationship. And I agree. I think it was. We worked really well together, and I think the characters really meshed well, and that was a pretty hot, passionate pairing. So, there could be another triangle down the road! It would be fun to revisit it, too, because the Steffy character was so much younger and more like kind of getting into her womanhood, really. And now, all these years later, she is a woman. And I think that would bring another interesting layer, another dynamic to that. They better wait a while before they throw her into the mix, though. Katie, Brooke, and Steffy would be enough to give Bill a heart attack!

Diamont: Oh, no, no, no! Like I said, this would be way down the line. A quadrangle?! But if any character could handle that quadrangle, it would be one who's been dubbed the Stallion! But as I said, right now, I am extraordinarily happy to be in the infancy of this current story. I just feel like the luckiest actor to have such wonderfully talented actresses to work with. And they're not just terrific actresses, but also really great people. So I could not, could not be happier. I know you have no say in it whatsoever, and it's all up to the writers, but which woman do you think is best for Bill? Brooke, Katie, or even any other female character?

Diamont: You think I would touch that with a ten-foot pole? Are you crazy?! Fair point! But I'm talking actresses aside, just talking about the characters and one who really makes Bill so much fun to play. Or will you still not touch it?

Diamont: It's almost impossible to answer, because each character brings something different to the table. Each one is compelling, each one is powerful, each one is beautiful. It's really just impossible to answer. I know it sounds like I'm giving the politically correct answer, but it's really true. If you were picking Katie, Brooke, Steffy -- as an example -- they're all incredible in their own way. They're all strong, smart, powerful, emotional, beautiful, compelling women. Like I said, it would be very difficult to choose. So it's a good thing the show is organized the way it is, so you know you'll always have little rendezvous with all the characters!

Diamont: [laughs] Actually, I'll tell you what would make [an interesting scenario] down the road, something that would make the Steffy [story] different from the others is that it would bring a Liam [Scott Clifton] or Wyatt component, a conflict with my kids. So it would be a conflict with them that hasn't been visited in that way. So I guess that's maybe a good answer to your question. That relationship would create conflicts where there haven't been. That would really create a problem between father and son in a way that hasn't been explored yet. So there! Again, way down the road. But that could be pretty strong story.

What do you think about Bill/Katie/Brooke 2.0 so far? How would you like to see the triangle situation play out? And what are your thoughts about another Bill/Steffy storyline? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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