B&B's Kimberly Matula sounds off on reality TV; teases UnReal drama

Posted Wednesday, July 20, 2016 7:15:17 AM
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B&B's Kim Matula sounds off on reality TV; teases UnReal drama

The Bold and the Beautiful alum and UnReal star Kimberly Matula opens up about how she truly views reality TV.

She may be the star of a show that makes its money by spoofing reality shows, but that doesn't mean The Bold and the Beautiful alum Kim Matula (ex-Hope Logan) actually likes reality shows. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

The actress -- who stars as Tiffany in the second season of Lifetime's drama UnReal, which chronicles the jaw-dropping, behind-the-scenes foolery of a fictional Bachelor-like dating show called Everlasting -- reveals to Dispatch.com that she dislikes reality TV, purely on principle.

"I'm not incredibly pleased with the popularity of reality shows," Matula states. "As an actor, I want there to be lots of scripted shows -- and I want them to be really well-written scripted shows."

That being said, she admits she couldn't help but fall in love with UnReal, which could convince viewers that the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of shows like Survivor, The Voice, and The Bachelor are just as toxic as its on-screen antics.

"We definitely have an exaggerated take on a reality TV show," Matula says. "But from what I've heard, it's not too terribly far off the mark... I watched the first episode and got hooked!"

For more from Matula on her UnReal role, including details about Tiffany's future, check out the original article here.

And another B&B star, Heather Tom (Katie Logan), also recently sounded off on reality television during an appearance on The Talk. You can watch Heather's comments here.

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