Perez Hilton dishes on his B&B role

Posted Monday, September 19, 2016 11:54:24 AM
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Perez Hilton dishes on his B&B role

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton spills all the details about his upcoming role as a clergyman on The Bold and the Beautiful.

How could the super soapy, disastrous wedding between The Bold and the Beautiful's cray-cray criminal Quinn (Rena Sofer) and fashion guru Eric (John McCook) get any better? By throwing famed gossip reporter Perez Hilton into the mix as the minister who'll hitch the unlikely pair, of course.

Hilton will be appearing on the CBS soap on Friday, September 23, and Monday, September 26, as Revered Murphy for the special occasion, TV Insider reports. But considering the last celebrity minister on the show, (Chaz Bono's Reverend Rydell), turned out to be a thief, viewers are no doubt wondering if Hilton's character will be just as nefarious.

"He's a real minister," the Florida native says with a laugh, adding that he would have been happy either way because he's a big fan of the genre. "I love all of the soap operas. I was on All My Children as an extra back in 2000, just after I graduated acting school at NYU. I had no lines and can't remember the situation, though if Susan Lucci [Erica Kane] had been in the scene I certainly would have remembered that! But I do remember that another extra that day was Jonathan Bennett [ex-J.R. Chandler], who ended up getting cast as a regular on AMC. Then he did Mean Girls and now he does Cupcake Wars, so both our careers have gone in crazy directions. I'm so excited that I get to go back on a soap, this time with lines, and that I get to play a minister for the second time. My first time was in a movie that came out in 2008 called Another Gay Sequel, where my part was the polar opposite of the one on B&B. For a soap wedding, you're pretty much playing it straight but in the gay movie I was the campiest, silliest, most over-the-top gay minister ever. So it was nice, with B&B, to connect with a spiritual character in a much more legit way."

As for how the job came about, Hilton admits that many of his jobs have been a bit of a trade-off -- "I got my role on Another Period because Natasha Leggero, who acts on the show, emailed me and said, 'Would you mind writing something about us?' And I said, 'Sure, can you give me a part on your show?'" -- but the B&B role came organically. "They called and asked if I was interested. I said, 'Yes, let's do it!' But then weeks passed by and I didn't hear anything back. I waited...and waited. And then I called them and said, 'Is the offer still there? I want to do this!' And that's how it happened. I really, really wanted to be on B&B. In fact, I had so much fun, now I want to get ordained for real!"

For more from Hilton on his B&B guest starring role, check out TV Insider's full story here.

What do you think about Hilton playing a minister on B&B? Do you think Quinn and Eric will successfully make it down the aisle? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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