The 30 Unsolved Mysteries of The Bold and the Beautiful

Posted Wednesday, March 22, 2017 8:17:55 PM
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The 30 Unsolved Mysteries of B&B

Three decades is a long time for a soap -- and during that time a lot of details can fall through the cracks. Celebrate B&B's 30th with a look at its missing links and unsolved mysteries.

Happy 30th anniversary, B&B fans! Welcome to my very special column commemorating B&B's three decades on the air. Lotta firsts here -- B&B's never celebrated a 30-year anniversary, and I've never done a very special column outside of my regular Two Scoops before! But I wanted to mark the occasion by raising a glass to a soap that, to quote Madonna's toast to her dancers in Truth or Dare, "I admire, that I appreciate, that I adore, that I love, and that I would all separately at one time or another like to smack the s**t out of." [insert heart emoticon here]

Part of my job here at Soap Central is to be the keeper of the flame, so to speak -- for the past five years of my seven-year tenure, I have updated the character profiles of the characters you love, hate, and love to hate. They've been getting quite the overhaul in recent months, and more are being added for characters that have been off the canvas for a while, especially if they connected to the Spectras, since the arrival of nuSally et al has the scrappy clan back on our minds.

Of course, I can't remember B&B's entire history, though I admit I have a rather uncanny recollection for the dates certain things happened based on how they aligned with my own personal history. So I have to go back through our recap archives, my trusty B&B 10th anniversary book, Wikipedia, IMDb, and yes...other web sites, disloyal as that may be, to create a tightly knitted cross section of dates and events and make the profiles as comprehensive as possible. The research often takes longer than the writing. The things I do for you!

Charting the history of the show in this way fills in a lot of my own blanks, as I hope it will for you, but it also brings up a lot of forgotten story points and raises a lot of questions that I simply cannot find answers for. And let's be real: B&B isn't the first soap to drop a storyline or usher out a character without explaining where they went. So, in honor of this historic diamond anniversary, let's do like you'd do with a diamond and put it under glass, examining all its sparkling facets and ultimate imperfections. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are what I call The 30 Unsolved Mysteries of The Bold and the Beautiful!

Long ago, in an RV far, far away, Maggie Forrester rolled up and announced that she and Eric's brother, John Forrester, had driven through Splitsville. That's the way love goes. But somehow, Jessica's mom continued to sign her checks "Forrester" throughout her 1995-1998 run, except when she married James Warwick. So what is Maggie's maiden name? It wouldn't matter, except Brooke always reverts to Logan in between marriages, and Taylor has been Hayes forever, even though we know her own maiden name is Hamilton. Strange that the B&B never revealed that part of Maggie's back history.

Most people lose luggage on long flights -- Liam lost his memory in the Forrester parking lot, exacerbated by smacking his head in an airplane lavatory on the way to Australia. (Wonder if Liam had flashbacks on this trip?) We all know Liam emerged thinking Quinn was his wife and that he had total recall once Wyatt ruined his Mother's Day. Or did he? Liam's recollections were a little fuzzy for a while, and we were told it might take awhile before that cleared up. And for some reason, he never could remember that the only reason he'd left in the first place was because he caught Wyatt and Steffy snoozing together. Did Liam ever get his full memory back? I don't think the show remembers.

Steffy's "destination wedding" to Liam Down Under may or may not have her thinking of her previous charge up his aisle on a motorcycle, on which she later wiped out, causing her tragic miscarriage. But that wasn't Steffy's only pregnancy-endangering injury. During one of Hope and Steffy's several thousand arguments over Tofu Boy, Hope grabbed her somewhat sibling and rammed her into a desk. Steffy took one for the team right in her belly in the middle of her pregnancy, but amazingly emerged unscathed. Yes, a motorcycle accident would be enough to cause a miscarriage. But did Steffy's unborn child sustain damage from Hope's rare show of rage? Might it have survived without its unfortunate introduction to office furniture? Alas, we -- and poor baby Aspen -- will never know.

Naughty nursing, Doberman-siccing, bee-inflicting -- Sheila Carter did it all, starting off as a Kathy-Bates-in-Misery type villainess and regrettably graduating to a cartoon criminal toward the end of her run. Though most of her airtime was spent on B&B, Sheila returned to her Y&R roots for a last tussle with Lauren and then literally put on a new face -- Phyllis Newman's -- before Lauren finally fulfilled her fantasy of plugging her. But is Sheila really dead? Though we saw Sheila-as-Phyllis croak, we know that her one-time crony Sugar was forced to have plastic surgery to look like Sheila and sought revenge. Is it that much of a stretch to assume that Sugar reupped and got Phyllis' face, doing deeds in Sheila's name? Don't forget, Sheila's old partner in crime, Mike Guthrie, uttered a brief line during his 2010 appearance that suggested the real Sheila is still out there somewhere. As our Aussie friends might say, Kimberlin Brown is one Sheila that would be welcomed back by many of us.

Caroline Spencer -- the more recent namesake niece, not the beloved original -- made B&B history when she sashayed onto our screens and announced that she was the main character in a show called My Two Moms. Yes, Karen Spencer, who already led an active life being raised as Faith Roberts, unaware of her true heritage, took a coming out journey that included taking the lovely Danielle as her wife. Caroline completed their picture, apparently through a sperm donor. But did Karen need a turkey baster? Recall that Karen's last appearance, before her 2009 return, was her purposely botched 1994 wedding to Connor Davis, whom Karen led down the aisle as retribution for boffing her without a condom. Karen only said she was pregnant. But it sure stands to reason that Connor is Caroline's daddy; the timeline works out. And if Connor isn't, it would sure be nice to finally find out who Caroline addresses Father's Day cards to.

Maybe the reason Bridget messed up baby Jack Marone's paternity was because she started her own life in a daddy debate. A blood test revealed Ridge was her father -- of course no one ever found out Sheila and Mike's tampering with the test guaranteed only 50% accuracy. Then in 1996, a letter from Dr. Tracy Peters surfaced stating that Brooke had paid her one million dollars to fix the test in Ridge's favor. Brooke swore innocence; naturally, Stephanie blamed her. Brooke blamed Sheila. Sheila blamed Mike. And the doctor turned up dead, so there was no way Tracy could say one way or the other. Bridget had to take another test and found out Eric was her daddy. But who wrote that damn letter, much less killed Dr. Peters? Apparently the answer got lost in the mail.

Macy and Taylor could start an exclusive club for soap heroines who died twice. Only Taylor came back via a wax dummy and Macy...well, Sally sadly pulled the plug on her after the pop singer got popped by lighting apparatus at the club opening of Ozzz. Pulled the plug. Off-screen. Is it possible that, before Stephanie died, she gave Sally tips on how to hide away a daughter? Macy being alive was really only a conspiracy theory until last month, when her sudden cousin showed up and started talking about Macy in the present tense. It wouldn't be the first time Macy sang incognito somewhere under an assumed name. If she is, she'd probably have flashbacks deluxe going into a Lamps Plus.

Mary Warwick must have been the most confused girl in all her schools, moving from town to town and getting report cards under the name Erica Lovejoy. Mary/Erica got a crack at being Amber's BFF, singing the jingle for Amber's fashion line -- and, oh yeah, there was that whole thing about trying to snag Amber's husband Rick under mama Sheila's directive. Things were, like, totally cool until Mary had to change her birth certificate and got that creepy kiss from her mother in prison. Mary took off, saying she was going to find her father, James Warwick. But you have to wonder if she ever did. James has been back several times since then and never once mentioned Mary. Maybe he likes to keep good news to himself.

Remember Keith and Kevin Anderson? If you don't, you likely weren't watching B&B in the '90s, when the smooth poetry-writing barkeep and his busboy brother interacted with struggling alcoholic Macy. Keith did an intervention on her, and Kevin got banged up because Macy didn't pick a designated driver. Then the Anderson brothers got fired from the Bikini Bar, hired at Spectra Fashions, and took in Connor Davis' wedding to Karen Spencer, where there was no cake, probably because there were no vows. And then...nothin'. These two disappeared like they signed up for a lifetime membership in the Witness Protection Program. Come to think of it, their aunt, Ruthanne Owens, also dropped out of sight not long after keeping the amnesiac Stephanie alive on the streets. Maybe that's just how that family rolls.

Anyone who signed on to B&B in more recent years is apt to think Brooke Logan majored in men in college. Well, long before The Big Bang Theory, the Slut from the Valley was one smart cookie. She got a degree in chemistry then went on to make Forrester Creations a bajillion dollars creating the wrinkle-free BeLieF formula. Even after that, she was doing more than Ridge in the lab; in fact, one of her experiments blew up and blinded him. But you'd never know that from the last 20 years of episodes. When did Brooke drop chemistry except to explore the element testosterone? Even Katherine Kelly Lang has mentioned she'd like to see Brooke go back into the lab. A college tuition is a terrible thing to waste.

Back in the day, Sheila and Lauren's B&B/Y&R crossovers were fiyah. Nothing's been able to touch them since. And it all started over the nutty nurse and department store diva fighting over one Scott Grainger, an apparent doctor of love. Too bad there wasn't back then, because Scott got dumped by Lauren, and Sheila got shish-kebabed in a farmhouse fire. Then, for a true FML moment, Scott found out he was dying. No wonder he couldn't get proper treatment, because nobody ever said what he was dying from. Sheila even showed up in Scott's hospital room, but the biggest shock was when she looked at his chart and simply shook her head. Scott infamously beefing it in Catalina yielded no details, either. Maybe Scott's favorite movie was The King and I. After all, Yul Brynner died from a nameless disease in that as well.

Quinn started out so timid and wussy that it was hard to believe a few months later she was licking blood off things, locking people in steam rooms, and making giant swords to stab more than cocktail olives. After Wyatt shook his finger at his mom for trying to impale Wyatt, she slunk into the night, got herself a smartphone, and texted Wyatt that she was in therapy and all was right with the world. Texted. And everybody took that as gospel. The question is, did Quinn really do time on a psychiatrist's couch, or was she just joshing? After all, she came back a month later, up to her old tricks -- Ivy's still trying to get water out of her ears from the Seine. Doesn't exactly lend a lot of credibility to Quinn's recent claims that she's changed, changed, changed. Maybe she needs to text this therapist and tell him or her about her new fascination with candlesticks.

A miscarriage is a tragic event you wouldn't want to wish on any woman -- even Brooke Logan. Unfortunately, Brooke is no stranger to losing a child, and not just because pretty much every other woman on the show has, too. It's fair to say Brooke started the trend herself in 1989, when she lost Ridge's baby. She bookended in 2013 by having a menopausal miscarriage with Bill. But whether or not Brooke had a spontaneous abortion in 1997 is still up for debate. It was no secret she was working with Thorne to keep Ridge away from Taylor. Brooke happily announced she and Ridge were expecting. Then, one day, Brooke simply went to the bathroom, uttered a little yelp, and with her trademark single tear told Ridge she had lost the baby right then and there. Brooke had reason to lie, but did she? Only the Ty-D-Bol Man knows for sure.

Ricardo Montemayor's glowing blue diamond was so special, it came with its own bell tree gliss every time it appeared on screen. Wyatt stole/recovered it for Hope, then Hope and Liam fought because Wyatt gifted it to her at a press conference. The reason? Ricardo died and left Hope Diamond II to Wyatt. Seems simple enough, except Ricardo left behind a video with a bunch of quinn-tessential puns that indicated he was about to be offed by Wyatt's mama. Not helping Quinn's case was the fact she pulled a gun on Deacon when he stumbled across said video. A detective from Mexico sniffed around for a while, but that was the end of it. Quinn was the obvious killer, but could Wyatt have snuffed Ricky to aid his cause? Maybe Deacon tried to help Quinn? We got a whodunit without the who. Agatha Christie would be so disappointed.

Little Eric. Little D. Eric Sharpe. His name changes alone were enough to give him a complex, and that's not counting his father running out on him before he was born, his mother dying after, plus being the subject of multiple custody fights by the time he hit kindergarten. Rick and Amber battled Deacon for him. Deacon and Macy battled Amber for him. And then there was that whole thing about getting dangled over a cliff from Amber pulling a Michael Jackson. The junior Sharpe was dumped on sorta-grandma Tawny and tucked away in a boarding school -- finally the pre-teen had enough and tracked down Amber in Genoa City. When Amber came back to L.A., she only said Eric was in another boarding school. Where is he now? With all the SORAS that's gone around, he's the same age as Steffy. Wouldn't it be fun for Deacon to have a pissed-off adult son to deal with?

Brooke earned her nickname "Slut from the Valley" -- GL's Reva Shayne probably took pointers from her. But Brooke didn't start out jumping out of a fountain. In fact, Brooke's very first scene 30 years ago this week saw her running into the Logan house, her face bruised and her clothes ripped, having fended off a rape attempt by two guys. Now, Brooke bedhopped with such ease after that, you'd think her attack never happened. But could her world-famous hypersexual behavior be because of the attack? Flaunting lingerie on TV and having orgasms on office beds wouldn't be out of line for someone compensating for losing her sexual power. The closest we got to confirming this theory was in 2007 when Brooke shut down after her actual rape by Andy Johnson. Brooke was a wholesome college girl at the start. Maybe Slut from the Valley started in a van in the Valley.

Taylor's first return from the dead was far more epic than her second -- let's face it, wax dummies can't compare with getting a disguise from the one and only Phyllis Diller. Taylor sneaked into her father's hospital room only to find that Ridge had been blinded, as he jokingly put it, "cooking a chicken pot pie." ("Baby Come Back" has been Chicken Pot Pie to me ever since; I dare you to not start singing it that way.) So Taylor put on a blonde wig, busted out her best British accent, and nursed Ridge back to health. Except after he got his sight back, she kinda forgot to mention she had been his nameless "Volunteer." Did Taylor ever loll on the couch with Ridge and tell him about that? Given it took her twelve years to confess that she'd rocked James's world after an earthquake, maybe she's still waiting to volunteer that one.

Sheila Carter's legendary list of crimes is so long, some people can't count that high. Not that karma didn't clap back sometimes -- Sheila got beaten up in prison, and there was the subtext that Geri and Ulma used a baton on her, if you know what I mean. Then the nurse who had stuck people with needles got stuck with a big fire poker and needed to recuperate at her shrink's. What we didn't count on was suddenly seeing Sheila delve into her horrific home life, describing how her father chased her, pulled her hair, and screamed at her; Sheila called her nights "exercises in survival" that mama Molly was complicit in. Sheila's earnestness suggested she wasn't making it up. Then she said something that lit light bulbs for some viewers: "I had to stop [Stephanie], the same way I had to stop my dad -- before he killed me." There are those who take that to mean Sheila committed patricide. But that one debatable line could have non-murderous meanings, too. Too bad dead men -- and old stories -- tell no tales.

B&B went through a phase in the mid-aughts where they introduced a slew of characters that must not have been too popular, because they all dropped off the canvas. Among these were the entire Ramírez family, led by Hector. As noble as this guy was, it was really strange to see him go berserk and hold Taylor hostage just because he had been lying to the police about her involvement in Darla's death. Call it poetic justice that fireman Hector turned his house into an inferno and got blinded in the process. Taylor was pretty cool to let the newly minted Ray Charles crash at her old crib. But then, just like putting out a fire -- poof, he was gone. We know this because any number of other people have lived in that beach house since, currently Wyatt. Where did Hector go, and is he still blind? Hopefully he wasn't left to wander the streets of L.A. with a red-tipped cane.

That chick in Mamma Mia isn't the only person to have three dads. Donna went away to Europe to have Justin while in high school -- quite the feat, considering when the show started, the recent graduate had barely been out of Sherman Oaks. Anyway, Carter got a half-bro when his dad adopted Marcus, and so it went until Marcus came looking for mommy and also discovered daddy, one Justin Barber. Marcus also ended up with a pretty hip stepdad, Eric Forrester. More like joined at the hip, because Eric thrilled Donna by adopting Marcus. Hey, non-traditional families are great, but what sense did it make for Marcus to be adopted when he was already adopted? Is that even legal? And it's not like Marcus was a kid in need of a name; he was a grown man by the time he added Forrester to his monograms. Mr. Walton only raised Marcus -- he musta been fully torqued when Marcus dissed him for two other daddies.

Now, introducing...[drum roll]...Miss, Darlita...well, you see the problem. Granted, the ditzy receptionist of the nuSpectras has been on less than two months. It took longer than that for Sasha to get a last name. Come to think of it, the original Darla made identity documents an impossibility at first, too, before becoming a Dinkle and then an Einstein. Will our current raven-haired nail-filer also become a rock for the Forrester family and achieve martyr status by becoming roadkill? Too early to tell, but so far Miss Darlita has been forced to go through life as a misnomer. Maybe she can borrow one of Marcus' last names.

Oh, that John Forrester. We finally saw Eric's long-missing brother in 2014, when he squired his young daughter Ivy onto the scene. Only one problem: John forgot to mention his other daughter, Jessica, who's got twenty years on the Plant. Ivy may not even know that before she was born, half-sis Jess got caught up in a statutory rape trial with hunky boyfriend Dylan and got raped by the skeevy Sly Donovan after punking him with a computerized baby. All the info we got is that John married Ivy's mother, Claire, after divorcing Maggie, but the zany Forrester bro hasn't mentioned Jessica at all during any of his visits. Non-couple Jessica and Dylan disappeared after Sheila busted up Maggie's wedding to James -- wouldn't it be great to see Ivy bond with her older sister? If Jessica and Dylan have gotten back together at some point, they'd be B&B's longest-enduring pair!

Trust me, Coco: you do not want to join Forrester Creations' intern program. Just ask Beverly. Oh, wait, you can't, because she helped hang a banner for a Forrester party and disappeared off the face of the earth. "Beverly who?" you ask. In 2011, she was accused of giving Forrester designs to Jackie M (yeah, that was Pam), then led Stephanie and Hope on a chase to her this-is-where-we-live-when-we-age-out-of-the-foster-care-system pad. Kinda cool in that Stephanie admitted to Beverly she'd gotten pregnant with Ridge on purpose to get away from her abusive pop. Beverly's last real deed was to flirt with Rick, which brought out Amber's claws. But don't fret, Coco. Beverly's portrayer, Gina Rodriguez, is a huge hit on Jane the Virgin. So go find a banner to hang up. You never know how far it'll take you.

Orange may be the new black, but Sheila decided she liked green better -- she busted out of prison and kidnapped Ridge while he was on his South American honeymoon, demanding $100 million from his biodad, Massimo. Maybe she was mad that Mass didn't pick up the check on their one and only date during her previous reign of terror. Sheila showed she should have ordered the kids' meal by brandishing her new baby daughter, Diana. Mass was the pop. Diana almost got popped as a human shield. But is Diana really Massimo's, or even Sheila's, for that matter. We only have her word for it, and Diana was nowhere near Sheila during her 2005-2006 visit to Genoa City -- the same place twins Ryder and Daisy showed up and said they were Sheila's kids, also with no proof. Hmm. Notice a pattern here?

It was only appropriate that sailor Nick made waves as soon as he showed up -- yeah, he ditched the sea to run fashion houses, but he managed to bag all three Logan sisters and Taylor. Well, Taylor's probably still avoiding scrambled eggs because that's what Bridget cooked up in the lab, putting her mama's egg into her enemy's uterus. It happens. So Taylor had Jack and couldn't handle mothering him so she handed him to Brooke. Then Brooke handed him to Nick because Ridge couldn't handle daddying Nick's son. Learning to smoke cigars by example is the least of Jack's problems, considering he and Nick got on the Shady Marlin one day and took off, their whereabouts never mentioned again. I can see it now: Jack SORASed and now goes by Jack Sparrow Marone, making movies out of amusement park rides. It happens.

It was Jerry Springer's wet dream: father and son boff the same woman, woman gets pregnant, can't be father's kid because father shoots blanks. And so it went in the torrid triangle of Thomas, Caroline, and Ridge. Let's forget the never-ending debate about consent. As these guys would say, the only important thing here is the baby. Ridge said he had a low to nonexistent sperm count (they're probably exhausted from decades of Ridge's wife-swapping), so Douglas had to be Thomas', end of story. Hope when the kid learns his ABCs he also learns his DNAs. Everyone was fitting Douglas for flowered shirts without even giving the kid a blood test. What if Ridge had one good shot left in his scrotum? With quality control like this, it's no wonder Forrester designs get stolen all the time.

On a similar subject, Wyatt worked at his mom's jewelry joint for years and never knew his devious daddy was right across town, collecting guns and money. Hope deduced Wyatt's paternity by comparing necklaces; Jessica Fletcher should have had it so easy. And just like that, Quinn announced that Wyatt was a Spencer. Wyatt always complains how good Liam has it, but Liam had to get punched by Ridge and go through a DNA test with Thorne and Bill first before being allowed into Spencer parties. Does Wyatt just not like needles or something? Given Quinn's fetish for falsehoods, Wyatt's pop could be the milkman, if there were still such a thing as milkmen. Wyatt might want to wait to update his social media status until he double-checks his family status first.

Clarke Garrison has pulled disappearing acts before. He ditched Kristen then skipped town after Sally dumped him by rigging explosives to rip his name off the Spectra building. But his going AWOL from Jackie M is a mystery even the History Channel can't solve. One day, he was merrily sketching alongside his "band of misfits" at Jackie M, the next, he was so gone Nick and Jackie had to bring back Amber as a designer. Where did he go? Even C.J. didn't mention him when he hit L.A. last month; this when you'd think he'd call his pop to save Spectra, like Clarke has done before. Calling Beau Rivage -- Katie knows from handsome rogues and could use one right now.

If you porked your stepmother while hopped up on hallucinogenic berries, you'd probably want to forget it, too. In three decades on the air, the character-assassinating, Brephanie-ending Berry Island story is easily the worst B&B has ever told. Okay, Brooke and Thomas' plane crash was awesome, but watching them cavort around an island like they were Cast Away doing a tourism video was a bit much. Then the Scandal Queen who'd just gotten through Maskboinkgate tripped on some CGI and awoke not sure she and Thomas had done the deed. Thomas said they did then said he lied. Brooke swore it couldn't have happened. Of course, finding out for sure would mean revisiting the berries, so maybe it's just as well their encounter never bore fruit.

Bill Spencer Jr. damn near swooped into town with a patch over his eye, the way he plundered and pillaged the Logan women and Forrester Creations. At least his arrival gave us a final look at Bill Spencer Sr., who had just kicked off and ordered sonny boy to avenge Stephanie on his behalf. We learned that Karen and the deceased Caroline are/were Bill's half-sisters. Which all works until you realize the Dollah and the girls don't have the same mother. History tells that Caroline and Karen's mom was named Marion, as B&B's first episodes lay out. But Bill comes with no such lineage -- and never has. If Jr. had no relationship with Sr., as he said, then he had to have been raised by someone, likely his mother, unless the reason he's such a barracuda is because he grew up in an orphanage. We need to see the name and face of Mama Dollah. Preferably in the kick-ass form of ATWT's Elizabeth Hubbard!

And that, Scoopers, is 30 unsolved B&B mysteries for ya! Hope the fact that I actually busted myself up a few times writing this translated to enjoyment for you. Got any mindbenders that didn't make my list? Comment and let me know. Of course, I've got my regular Two Scoops going on as well, covering this anniversary week and Steam's wedding in Australia, so read 'em and let the celebration of 30 years roll! Keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold. And I'm gonna keep sayin' it: no matter color, creed, religion, gender identity, or orientation, we're all beautiful.

Are there any other unsolved B&B mysteries that you want answered? Which of the 30 listed here is the biggest unsolved mystery in your opinion? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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