Happy Days alum Don Most finds odd-job role on B&B

Posted Tuesday, August 15, 2017 2:27:06 PM
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Happy Days alum Don Most finds odd-job role on B&B

Don Most, known for his role as Ralph Malph on Happy Days, is throwing a wrench into storyline on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Everything is falling apart at ramshackle Spectra Fashions, and The Bold and the Beautiful knows just the person to fix it. Or do they?

The CBS soap has cast Don Most, known as Ralph Malph on the classic sitcom Happy Days, in the guest-starring role of a handyman named Pete, who shows up to help spruce up the place after a fire breaks out. But there's no telling what will happen when Most's character hits the scene.

"It's an old building and there's something very dicey going on with the electrical wiring," Most tells TV Insider. "Pete keeps telling them he's no expert, but they don't want to spring for a real electrician. And then they hire him back a second time! You can probably see where this is going."

Most's guest stint, scheduled for Friday, August 25, and Monday, August 28, is reportedly the kickoff for a big September event. And it's also the potential start of a romance between Pete and Shirley Spectra (Patrika Darbo), who the actor says has a thing for "burly men with tool belts."

For more on Most's appearance, check out TV Insider's original article here.

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