Danube Hermosillo's Darlita is set to exit B&B

Posted Tuesday, March 27, 2018 1:21:02 AM
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Photo of Danube Hermosillo as The Bold and the Beautiful's Darlita

Oh, Darlita, we hardly knew ye. Relative newcomer Danube Hermosillo is the latest performer making an exit from The Bold and the Beautiful.

It's beginning to look like the end of the line for Spectra 2.0. While the ragtag gang of fashion misfits survived fake news fashion reviews and an implosion, it seems they were unable to survive the ever-changing nature of soap opera storylines.

Danube Hermosillo, who has played Darlita since early 2017, shares on Twitter that her time on The Bold and the Beautiful is over. But rather than being a blue Danube, the actress seems comforted by the lessons she learned from her on-screen alter ego.

"Thank u all for allowing me to make u laugh, cry & gain an extra glimmer of hope that one's unyielding optimism & spirit can make a difference in ur life & the lives of others no matter the circumstances," Hermosillo shared. "We can all learn a lot from her."

Hermosillo is the third member of the Spectra 2.0 gang to say farewell to fans in recent weeks. Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra) took to social media earlier this month to reveal that her time on B&B had come to an end. Just days later, Alex Wyse (Saul Feinberg) said that his incredible "hell of a year" in daytime was over.

There's no exact word on when viewers will see the last of Sally, Saul, Darlita, and the rest of the Spectra gang. The Bold and the Beautiful does not comment on contracts.

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