B&B's Tracy Melchior reveals her mother is a hoarder on Dr. Phil

Posted Monday, November 26, 2018 5:11:55 PM

The Bold and the Beautiful's Tracy Melchior (Kristen Forrester Dominguez) opened up about her private pain on Dr. Phil: her mother is an "out-of-control" hoarder.

The Bold and the Beautiful's Tracy Melchior (Kristen Forrester Dominguez) recently appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil to seek help for her mother, Robin, whom she reveals has a serious problem with hoarding.

Melchior describes her mom's condition as "out of control," sharing that she hoards objects, animals, and even garbage.

"My mom's house is vile. She has a very hard time throwing things away, even trash," Melchior reveals. "My mom is an animal hoarder, as well. There's flies buzzing around, there's dog poop, cat poop. It's overwhelming."

With her mother now facing eviction from her home, the actress turned to Dr. Phil for help.

As part of the episode, the Florida native returns to Robin's house for the first time in eight years. The visit is uncomfortable for Melchior, who explains that the smell instantly reminds her of her childhood and the efforts she took to keep herself distant from other students because her clothing and hair carried the odor from the house.

Melchior also reveals that she feels her childhood was ruined by Robin, who she claims was "scarce" and more concerned with her belongings than taking care of her children. Melchior claims she was often left to fend for herself and was had no choice but to eat dog food and dog bones to survive.

The episode goes on to show Melchior's mother admitting that she's "appalled" by her living conditions, which she says may stem from her own mother calling her a slob and hating her. She explains that she gathers things and animals around her to feel protected, comparing herself to a "gopher in a hole." And, as she looks around herself, she observes: "This is what drowning looks like."

Watch Melchior's appearance on Dr. Phil in the video clips below and let us know how you feel about the actress seeking help for her mother on a television show.

Tracy Melchior has played B&B's Kristen Forrester on-again, off-again since 2001, with her last appearance happening in 2017. She has also played the roles of Veronica Landers on The Young and the Restless, Tess Marin on Sunset Beach, and Renee on Passions. She just finished a project titled Bad Impulse and also put out a book called Breaking the Perfect 10, which reveals more from what she calls her "colorful past."

Anyone who may need help with a hoarding disorder is encouraged to visit International OCD Foundation for more information.

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