The Bold and the Beautiful casts viral Peloton ad actress Monica Ruiz

Posted Tuesday, December 17, 2019 12:10:59 PM

Peloton commercial star Monica Ruiz has landed a guest-starring role on The Bold and the Beautiful.

The Bold and the Beautiful has once again been quick to snatch up a viral sensation. The CBS soap opera has cast Peloton commercial actress Monica Ruiz in a guest-starring role.

The Peloton holiday ad has drawn criticism for its depiction of a wife who receives the brand's stationary exercise bike as a gift from her husband and documents her experience using it over the course of a year. Many people feel the ad is sexist and misogynistic and that it promotes the old-fashioned idea that wives -- as healthy and beautiful as they may be -- should feel thankful for weight loss equipment from their husbands.

Being the star of the commercial, Ruiz has found herself the center of attention -- and has already jumped at the opportunities coming her way. The upcoming B&B appearance comes hot on the heels of her commercial for gin made by actor Ryan Reynolds.

B&B often jumps on trends and makes the most of viral celebrity situations. Earlier this year, the CBS soap opera cast Kelleth Cuthbert, the Fiji Water Girl from the Golden Globes, for a cameo appearance.

Not many details about Ruiz's upcoming B&B role have been released, other than that she is scheduled to tape her episode on December 17 and will air sometime in January. The soap generally uses guest stars to play models (remember the so-called Fiji water girl?), but fans will have to tune in when the commercial actress makes her soap opera debut to find out what the show's powers that be have in store. Although her role is thought to be a one-off, sources tell TMZ that she could be brought back if audiences react well to her performance.

Though she's now famous as the "Peloton wife," Ruiz has a few other acting credits to her name. They include The Exes, Baby Daddy, About a Boy, and The Birthday Boys.

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