SLAP HAPPY: The Bold and the Beautiful stars teach the art of soap opera slaps

Posted Wednesday, March 11, 2020 8:58:19 AM
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Katherine Kelly Lang and Heather Tom, who play The Bold and the Beautiful's Brooke Logan and Katie Logan, give tips on how to deliver the perfect soap opera slap.

There have been so many slaps on The Bold and the Beautiful, the sweet sound of the palm of a well-manicured hand making contact with a perfectly-powdered cheek could be part of the show's soundtrack. Whack! There goes Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery), smacking on Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). Whack! There goes Brooke smacking Stephanie back. Whack! There goes Brooke smacking on Taylor (Hunter Tylo). Whack! There goes Brooke smacking on Katie (Heather Tom). Whack! There goes Brooke smacking on Amber (Adrienne Frantz).

Hhhmmm... anybody catching a theme here? Brooke sounds like the Queen of Slaps! She pretty much is, so it made a lot of sense when, during a recent stint as co-host of Entertainment Tonight, Brooke's portrayer Lang taught the celebrity series' hosts, Kevin Frazier and Lauren Zima, the art of a soap opera slapdown.

As shown in a clip shared by Lang on Instagram, Frazier and Zima were very interested to hear whether or not the actress and her B&B sister Tom knew much about soap slaps, to which Lang responded, "Oh, yeah, we know how to slap!"

She went on to explain that you have to gently let your hand slide off the other person's cheek and that the actor "slapped" needs to turn their head away as if they've been struck.

Added Tom, "The other person has to really sell it. And if you can get some hair going [that's really great]."

Fans who are interested in learning how to fake slap can catch Lang's demonstration in the Instagram video below. As Brooke will tell you, it's the perfect trick to have in your back pocket when sassy sisters and evil mothers-in-law give you trouble!

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What do you think about Katherine Kelly Lang and Heather Tom's soap opera slap tips? Which B&B slap has been your favorite over the years? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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