The Bold and the Beautiful celebrates taping of 100th episode since returning post-COVID

Posted Wednesday, October 21, 2020 3:03:27 PM

Break out some Champagne and some bold and beautiful facemasks, because it's time to celebrate! CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful is taping its 100th episode since returning to production following the coronavirus pandemic shutdown.

The Bold and the Beautiful made headlines all over the nation when it became the first U.S. scripted series to return to production during the coronavirus pandemic, and the CBS soap opera has just reached another exciting milestone: it is taping its 100th episode since returning to production.

The cast and crew of B&B will be taping the exciting episode on Thursday, October 22, but the celebration is starting today, Wednesday, October 21, with everyone wearing commemorative facemasks as a way to show their appreciation and gratitude to the fans who have been loyal and supportive over the years and through the COVID-19 situation.

The Bold and the Beautiful joined all four daytime dramas in a forced hiatus earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With no new episodes being made, B&B began airing classic episodes in April. The show was finally able to return to production on June 16, but just one day later, B&B pushed pause again to modify its testing protocol after what the producers described as "several false positives." Following a switch to a new lab, the CBS soap resumed production once again on June 24. Its first brand-new, mid-pandemic episode aired on Monday, July 20.

B&B executive producer Brad Bell spoke with Soap Central about some of the behind-the-scenes changes the show has implemented as part of its COVID-19 safety protocols. To read more about that, including some details on his ingenious idea to use mannequins and actors' real-life partners as stand-ins in love scenes, click here. You can also check out a report from B&B star Denise Richards (Shauna Fulton), who shared her on-set experiences with the COVID-19 guidelines here, and watch a couple of other B&B stars back at work mid-pandemic here.

Would you like to leave a congratulatory message for B&B for taping its 100th episode since returning to production after the pandemic shutdown? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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