INTERVIEW: Kiara Barnes breaks down why Zoe is being so selfish on The Bold and the Beautiful

Posted Thursday, February 04, 2021 1:43:20 PM
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Finding yourself starting to hate The Bold and the Beautiful's Zoe? Maybe her portrayer, Kiara Barnes, can change your mind. Then again...

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful have been utterly stupefied over Zoe Buckingham's (Kiara Barnes) recent behavior. The girl has been bad, bad, bad when it comes to her treatment of both her fiancÚ, Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor), and her crush, Zende (Delon de Metz). She betrayed the first by pursuing sexual "what ifs" with Zende, and she basically harassed the latter by throwing herself at him like a floozy -- with absolutely no sense of shame. Now Zoe is claiming that her desire to "try things" with Zende stemmed from her insecurities about being in a committed, loving relationship with Carter. She claims that Carter is truly the one for her, but is she telling the truth? Or is she just trying to save face? And what will happen next?

In a new interview with Soap Central, actress Kiara Barnes breaks down what is going through Zoe's mind at the moment and why the character has pretty much blown up her own chance of finding happiness. Oh, and if you think the triangle between Zoe, Carter, and Zende has been ugly, wait until you hear about the real triangle that's about to cause some serious issues in Zoe's life!

Soap Central: You've started 2021 with a bang, being one of B&B's biggest troublemakers! What has it been like for you to be front and center on the show in your current love-triangle storyline?

Kiara Barnes: It's been a lot of fun to explore these different sides of Zoe. There's been a lot of development for her, and we're starting to find out what really makes her tick and so much more about her personal life. I'm even learning as we go that she has many layers and complexities to her personality.

Soap Central: Zoe is looking pretty selfish at the moment, especially because her actions with Zende hurt such a sweet guy like Carter. Are you just as horrified over Zoe's recent behavior as the fans are, or do you see it a different way because you play her?

Barnes: I think it's always important to find redeeming qualities of your character so you can understand why they do what they do. Although, I myself don't agree with how she's handled her doubts and insecurities with Carter!

Soap Central: It's tough to understand what's going through Zoe's mind right now. Why do you think she risked losing a great guy for a "chance" with Zende? Was it about passion, or is it deeper than that?

Barnes: I believe Zoe is incredibly insecure about marriage, love, and overall trust. Many of her relationships have come crashing down right when she becomes her most vulnerable. She's done it many times now, not to mention her first ever engagement/marriage [to Thomas] ended up being a complete hoax. That was very painful for Zoe to endure, especially after experiencing her father [Reese] getting locked up after what had happened with baby Beth. There's been a lot of pressure on her, and I think it's had a huge toll on her, mentally and physically. I think Zende resembles this idea of freedom. With Zende, it's not serious -- she can walk away at any time and not be the one to get hurt again. But with Carter, she is forced to really put herself out there, even after all the things she's been through.

Soap Central: Do you get nervous when you're handed a storyline that will get fans riled up or is unflattering for your character?

Barnes: I used to feel that way, but not anymore. Sometimes we have to see a little bit of ugly to understand who we are. When your character is going against the grain and behaving in a more erratic way, it actually gives you the opportunity to dig deep with the character and see where it's rooted from. I also think showing a person's imperfections and faults makes people feel some type of normalcy. No one is perfect -- we've all done things and said things we're not proud of. But that's what makes us real, makes us human.

Soap Central: Zoe had just recently restored her reputation, and now it seems she's throwing it all away again! Why is she being her own worst enemy?

Barnes: Honestly, I think toxic and damaging behavior always ends up recycling and repeating itself when not addressed. Unfortunately, Zoe hasn't taken those steps to address her trauma from the past. It would be great to see her go through therapy and take the time to find herself again. But until then, she will continue to fall in these sticky situations!

Soap Central: You're a lucky girl, getting to work with both Lawrence Saint-Victor and Delon de Metz! How do you feel about working with both of them?

Barnes: They are both awesome! It makes work that much easier when your castmates are down to earth and nice. I'm lucky to have two people that not only care about their craft, but care about kindness.

Soap Central: Zoe hasn't been very warm or welcoming to her sister, Paris [Diamond White]. Is her attitude just regular sister jealousy, or do you think there is a deeper explanation that viewers will see later?

Barnes: There's definitely a deeper issue going on with Zoe and Paris. Hopefully, soon we will be able to see what that is!

Soap Central: Some fans think Paris should be the one with Carter. How do you think Zoe would feel if Paris and Carter eventually got together?

Barnes: I'm not sure how Zoe would feel. If Zoe were to do some self work, she may actually be able to move past that. If not, I don't think she would handle the news all too well!

Soap Central: B&B has written many love triangles involving two other sisters: Brooke [Katherine Kelly Lang] and Katie [Heather Tom], who have had complicated relationships with Ridge [Thorsten Kaye] and Bill [Don Diamont]. How do you feel about Zoe and Paris perhaps being the new generation to carry on the signature B&B "sibling love triangle" situation?

Barnes: We will see if it carries on. I think this triangle is more so a Zoe and Paris issue that needs addressing.

Soap Central: Obviously, Zoe really isn't very likable at the moment, but do you think that can change?

Barnes: Storylines change all the time, so we will see!

Soap Central: What would you like to see for Zoe in 2021?

Barnes: I would love to see Zoe work on herself and reach out for help. Perhaps a storyline where she pursues therapy and finds herself!

Soap Central: What would you like for yourself in 2021? Will we get new music, perhaps?

Barnes: I'm currently working on some new music, so hopefully that will be out sometime soon. Other than that, I'm staying open to any new blessings and opportunities to come!

To check out what Lawrence Saint-Victor had to say about the trouble facing Carter and Zoe, check out our interview with him here.

What do you think about our interview with Kiara Barnes? Do you sympathize with Zoe now that you have an explanation about the character's behavior with Carter and Zende? What do you make of Zoe's cold attitude toward Paris? Do you think Zoe can be redeemed, or do you think it's too late for her? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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