Should The Bold and the Beautiful bring Storm back from the dead?

Posted Wednesday, March 03, 2021 7:32:21 AM

His death remains one of the most emotional moments in The Bold and the Beautiful's history, but is it time to bring Storm Logan (William deVry) back to life? Would that even be possible? Soap Central and B&B executive producer, Brad Bell, weigh in.

There's been a lot of talk about Storm Logan recently on The Bold and the Beautiful, with his daughter, Flo (Katrina Bowden), promising the Logan sisters that she will be on her best behavior in her efforts to prove that she is worthy of being the deceased lawyer's daughter. But who exactly is Storm? How did he die? And is it time for the CBS soap opera to pull a super soapy move and bring Storm back from the dead?

Longtime soap fans may recall that Storm Logan was an original B&B character who helped raise his sisters -- Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Donna (Jennifer Gareis), and Katie (Heather Tom) -- after their father, Stephen Logan Sr. (Robert Pine/Patrick Duffy), abandoned the family. Storm was ultra-protective of his siblings and did everything in his power to keep them happy and safe -- including shooting Stephanie (Susan Flannery) for causing Brooke's rape and then framing his absentee father for the crime!

When he wasn't busy taking care of the Logan sisters, Storm kept busy defending the citizens of Los Angeles as a lawyer. He was involved in many high-profile cases, like proving that a naughty male magazine that published nude photos of Bill Spencer Sr. (Jim Storm) was actually owned by Bill himself; drawing up an ironclad prenuptial agreement for Sally Spectra (Darlene Conley) when she married the sneaky Clarke Garrison (Daniel McVicar); representing Taylor (Hunter Tylo) when she was arrested for vehicular manslaughter in the death of Darla Einstein (Schae Harrison); representing Nick (Jack Wagner) when he was arrested for allegedly murdering Shane (Dax Griffin); and representing Brooke against Stephanie and Ridge (then Ronn Moss) after Brooke's young children, Hope and R.J., were unintentionally left alone all night and set fire to the living room.

Most B&B fans would agree that the most memorable of Storm's storylines, however, is the character's emotional death in 2008. The storyline began when Storm accidentally shot his sister, Katie, when she burst into an argument he'd been having with Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davison). The accident left Katie barely clinging to life, and when it became clear that she was going to die because there was no available heart donor, a guilt-ridden Storm shot himself and donated his heart to his dying sister.

Katie has gone on living with Storm's heart beating inside of her, and his memory has lived on in other ways, as well. Storm appeared to Katie in visions twice in 2008 and again in 2012, when she nearly died in childbirth. Storm has also been mentioned several times in the years following his death, including the recent meetings between the Logan sisters and his daughter, Flo.

Obviously, there have been plenty of chances over the years for the writers at B&B to bring Storm back from the dead, and it wouldn't be a stretch to do because back-from-the-dead storylines are quite common on soap operas, no matter the details of the death. (Heck, B&B even brought Sheila Carter back from the dead after writers from another show killed her!) But something that is different now than from all of the mentions of Storm in the previous near-decade is that the character's most recent portrayer, William deVry, is finally free to reprise the classic role. The actor has been playing General Hospital's Julian Jerome since 2013, but the ABC soap opera decided to kill him off last fall. So, could GH's loss turn into B&B's gain?

We don't claim to know what The Bold and the Beautiful has up its sleeve for the future, but we did ask the show's executive producer and head writer, Brad Bell, his thoughts about Storm during the last in-person Daytime Emmy Awards. The character had been mentioned quite a lot at that point, when Flo was first introduced to the canvas, and we asked if Bell would ever flirt with the idea of bringing Storm back from the dead.

"Possibly! You never know on soaps, right?" he told us, adding, "William deVry is a great actor, and I'd love to find a way to bring him back."

So, would you like to see B&B bring Storm back from the dead? Do you think it would even be possible, or do you think Storm's death was ironclad? Is there a place for Storm on the current canvas? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the Comments section below, so let 'em rip!

Do you think B&B should bring Storm back to life? Why or why not? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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