Kimberlin Brown on contract at The Bold and the Beautiful

Posted Thursday, April 21, 2022 3:50:33 AM

Just how long will The Bold and the Beautiful's Sheila be able to get away with murder? Could be a while, as portrayer Kimberlin Brown reveals she signed a long-term contract at the CBS soap!

Anyone who thinks that the writing is on the wall when it comes to The Bold and the Beautiful's Sheila Carter better think again. Though it seems certain that her days on the canvas are numbered following her shocking shooting of her own son Finn (Tanner Novlan), the character's portrayer, Kimberlin Brown, teases that there is still a lot more story to come. How does she know? She's on contract at the CBS soap opera!

The actress took to Instagram Stories to answer fans' questions, one of which was whether or not she'll soon be leaving the show. "I certainly hope not," she answered. "I honestly don't know where the storyline is going, but it should be exciting!"

She revealed a few more specifics later when asked if she was still shooting. Brown acknowledged she couldn't say, but she did share that she's on contract and has "signed a long-term deal. But our contracts are written so that the show has an option on us -- I believe -- every three to six months."

Storyline-wise, Sheila is in a pretty good spot, as far as keeping her sins secret. Steffy, who's the only person who knows that Sheila shot Finn, currently has amnesia, and if the character doesn't remember the details before portrayer Jacqueline MacInnes Wood goes on maternity leave, then it might be quite a while before Sheila's misdeeds come to light. If that ends up being the case, then Sheila has plenty more time on the canvas.

"Hopefully I'll be on The Bold and the Beautiful for a long time to come," Brown said in answer to another fan's question about how long she'll stay on the show. "If they put me on a back burner for a while due to circumstances, I'd love to stay within the CBS family."

Could the back burner include jail? Brown teases, "You never know!"

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