VIDEO: B&B's Taylor and Brooke... as friends?! Krista Allen and Katherine Kelly Lang weigh in

Posted Wednesday, September 07, 2022 5:46:40 PM
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Whether you're Team Brooke or Team Taylor, you have to agree that both women made for bold and beautiful canvases during last week's paint fight. The actresses talked about those scenes and more in a recent Instagram Live.

The Bold and the Beautiful's Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan) and Krista Allen (Taylor Forrester) recently went live on Instagram together to talk about those colorful albeit messy painting scenes their characters shared.

While both women raved about how much fun the scenes were, Allen revealed that the paint fight between Brooke and Taylor didn't quite play out the way it had been written in the scripts.

"The scene was different, and it had you falling into paint," Allen recalled. Lang confirmed the memory, explaining, "I have to be very careful because of my ankle, and I didn't wanna fall or slip." Earlier this year, Lang suffered a broken ankle in a horse-riding accident. The injury was also addressed on-screen when Brooke sported a "boot" in several episodes.

The necessitated rework did, however, allow for the two actors to add in some new humor, including a line where Brooke zings Taylor for the "animated" way Taylor talks with her hands.

But can two women who engage in a fight with paint ever end up as friends?

"Maybe we might... Who knows? We could have some of those kinds of moments," Lang remarked. "We're almost having fun in a way. Brooke and Taylor couldn't help themselves. I think that a little bit of fun was had even though they were still at each other's throats."

The "little bit of fun" that Lang referenced was all filmed in one take. It did, however, take a little longer than that for the paint to get of their hair. Lang said it took about three days to get the paint out of her hair. Allen didn't have the same problem.

"I got it on your face. Mine, I thought, was a work of art," Lang said of the paint job she did on Allen. "Yours was a splotch."

"Mine was messy," Allen agreed before suggestion that the jeans that she had been wearing could have been sold on eBay for a lot of money.

Both performers agreed that Brooke and Taylor are similar in that they both want Ridge to be happy. Oh, and something else they agreed on? One of their alter egos should have squirted paint on Ridge.

Check out the entire laugh-filled Insta-Live below.

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Do you think Brooke and Taylor could ever be friends? Would you want them to be? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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