Finn's reaction to Sheila's death leaves The Bold and the Beautiful fans scratching their heads

Posted Thursday, February 29, 2024 4:36:06 PM
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The Bold and the Beautiful's Finn is devastated that Sheila is "dead" but should he be?

The Bold and the Beautiful's Steffy did not expect her husband to be as horrified as he was when she told him that she killed his crazy bio mom, Sheila Carter, in self-defense. She thought after all that Sheila had done to them that he would be supportive rather than practically weep and repeat over and over that she killed his "mom."

In fact, he called Sheila "mom" so many times on the February 29 episode that we were happy this day only comes around every four years. As soon as Finn heard Steffy's father, Ridge, express his relief at "that animal" being dead, Finn seemed to snap, telling Steffy and family that this was his mother, and he couldn't listen to her being dehumanized.

Not only did this reaction shock Steffy, Ridge, and Thomas, but it also stunned fans, who want to remind the good doctor that his "mom" shot him and Steffy in the alley behind Il Giordano two years ago, leaving them for dead.

X (formerly known as Twitter) user @Pix77 summed things up well, writing, "Sheila's death would be traumatic for Finn but for him to react this way, no relief that Steffy is ok & not remember the weeks she tied him to a bed, shot him, left him for dead, shot Steffy..."

@CaramelDreamers shared the same sentiments, saying, "Finn is ready to beat Ridge's ass for calling Sheila an "animal" when she shot him and Steffy and left him and his wife in an alley laying on a pile of trash to die. And here he goes with this ''my mother'' bs again..."

Other fans wanted to remind Finn that he already has a mother, and she is very much alive. Her name is Li Finnegan and she saved him after Sheila shot him. When Finn woke from his coma, he reminded Sheila he only knew one person as mom, but now he seems to have forgotten.

"Remember when Finn told that egg donor that she should be dead, someone should have put a bullet in her head, and then proceeded to almost choke her out to death. Real good times," @theaveragericky wrote.

@TealRealFeel echoed those sentiments with these words: "FINN'S MOTHER IS QUEEN LI!

"I can't with this anymore. Sheila left him to die! Li brought him back from death. I don't mind Finn having feelings for Sheila but stop this damn disrespect of Li. GIVE ME THIS FINN BACK WHO HAS THIS ATTITUDE TOWARDS SHEILA BACK, I BEG."

Perhaps @alexaismyname2 summed things up best when she said, "Finn is broken. Someone needs to fix him."

But will that someone who fixes Finn be Hope? Soap Central's previews show that Hope is about to become the comfort and support that Finn thinks he needs.

What do you think? Is Finn being a bit over the top about Sheila's alleged demise? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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