Five reasons to watch The Bold and the Beautiful right now

Posted Friday, May 17, 2024 09:45:38 PM
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New characters, old romances, and an eye on fashion keep The Bold and the Beautiful as must-see TV.

The Bold and the Beautiful constantly keeps us on our toes, as we never know what direction the soap will take next. A back-from-the-dead storyline can now lead to so much more, as well as a much-anticipated comeback.

Sheila Nine-Toe Madness

Sheila Nine-Toe Madness While Finn wants to believe his back-from-the-dead bio mom is a completely changed woman who only wants to do good in this world, we know Sheila is still her scheming and mischievous self. The glee she took when she revealed herself to Li Finnegan was classic Sheila, telling us that you can't teach an old dog new tricks -- even one who faked being mauled by a bear.

Now, Sheila is about to wed Deacon Sharpe with reluctant guests in attendance. That can only lead to loads of trouble, so both Finn and Steffy better beware.

Ivy's Return

Ivy's Return Steffy has another woman back in L.A. who also plans to keep her on her toes -- so to speak. Her cousin Ivy has returned from Australia and already has her eyes on Liam once again. Steffy might be married, but her husband is fawning over the mother who shot them both and left them for dead, so Liam is back on her mind as an alternative.

Steffy and Ivy are already rivals because Steffy is not fond of any woman who had Liam when she didn't, so the fireworks are sure to fly. Which woman will win Liam in the end? Will Hope come into play? All these questions are reasons to tune in for answers.

The Return of Thomas

The Return of Thomas We know it's coming, but we can't be sure when. Now that Hope has circled back to how Thomas left, once again blaming Steffy for convincing Thomas he should leave town with their son and forget about Hope, the Thope comeback seems imminent.

Thomas left town after Hope once again turned down his marriage proposal, claiming she just wasn't ready to commit like that again after just going through a divorce. However, she told Thomas she loved him. Still, a broken-hearted Thomas left town, anyway. When he returns, sparks will surely fly as the pair wonders where they go next. Do they try again, or has Thomas moved on with someone else?

Who Is Luna's Father?

Who Is Luna's Father? Now that we know Luna is not going to be a mother, it's time to revisit who this character's father is. She seemed so desperate to learn that piece of information just a few short months ago, and then for some reason, B&B gave her the nonconsensual sex story with Zende, who didn't realize she was in an altered state due to her mother's "special" mints when he had sex with her.

The daddy secret is bound to come out and is something that B&B fans are still wondering about. The story has several threads that can creep back up at any moment. With that secret still out there, it is just a ticking time bomb of drama for the Forresters -- and maybe even the Finnegans.

Fashion Forward

One reason to always watch B&B is for the fashion. With the show set at Forrester Creations, you never know when you'll see one of the design house's models wearing a spectacular gown -- or when a fashion show might take place. Whether it's a personal show in the design office or a professional one in the FC salon, there is always something stunning to see on B&B.

Can you think of other reasons to stay glued to your seat for The Bold and the Beautiful? What is your favorite story on B&B right now? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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