What is wrong with Hope Logan? The Bold and the Beautiful's Annika Noelle may have the answer

Posted Thursday, June 13, 2024 1:20:46 PM
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Hope is acting odder than ever on The Bold and the Beautiful, as she can't stop thinking about Steffy's husband.

Hope Logan has had quite a year on The Bold and the Beautiful. Last spring, she surprised herself when she began having steamy fantasies about Thomas, a man who had once been so obsessed with her that he believed a mannequin was Hope come to life. (He also had a brain injury at the time, but that's a whole different can of worms.)

She eventually acted on her feelings for Thomas by kissing him in front of the Roman Colosseum. They then entered into a steamy affair until Thomas left town in March after Hope turned down another marriage proposal. Hope has seemed lost ever since, but over the last few months, her friendship with Steffy's husband, Finn, intensified.

Now, Hope finds herself having fantasies about Finn, but they aren't quite as steamy and sultry as the ones she had about Thomas. It doesn't help that Finn keeps giving Hope sensual massages to help ease her headaches.

Brooke now realizes that Hope might be developing feelings for Finn and is horrified, but is that what is really happening?

"I think Hope has a little bit of rebellion in her right now," Annika Noelle told Soap Opera Digest. "She's totally lost after Thomas and Douglas left for Europe and I think she's a little bit directionless right now and just kind of being impulsive and being reckless."

That reckless attitude could put her even more in the doghouse with Steffy, a woman who already has a bone to pick with her after years of fighting over Liam. She never expected she'd have to fight Hope for this husband, too.

Noelle believes that Hope still longs for Thomas and their son, Douglas, who Thomas took with him to Paris. Hope went from having a man who said he would wait for her and a son living in her home to no man and just herself and her daughter in her little log cabin. Noelle thinks Hope's behavior might stem from that.

"I still don't think she's necessarily processed her grief over the loss of Thomas and Douglas," she offers. "This is definitely her acting out, I think, in some ways, and it's definitely influenced by that."

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