Carter asks Quinn to run away with him

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Friday, October 15, 2021
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Friday, October 15, 2021

At the mansion, Quinn claimed that she'd spent the best years of her life feeling secure and content with Eric. She missed that and felt as if she'd been put right back on the defensive with his family. Eric believed it was because of what he'd set in motion between her and Carter. It had been a mistake, but it was one that Eric thought they could rectify.

Eric asked if Quinn could make it clear to Carter that any involvement with him was over. Quinn readily agreed to do it, and Eric said to go to Carter and tell him that it was over for good.

Later, Eric was alone at home sketching when Ridge arrived. Ridge was still trying to wrap his head around how Eric could encourage his wife to be with Carter. To Eric, it had seemed like the best idea at the time. He hadn't wanted his wife to be unhappy and just go off and be with some stranger. "How about this? How about no affair with anybody?" Ridge asked. Eric conceded that it would have been a better idea, but the other alternative had seemed like the best idea for himself and Quinn.

Ridge quipped that it had been the best idea for Quinn; she got to go out and have fun with Carter. Eric said to stop it, but Ridge replied that it had to be painful to watch a wife go off and do that. Eric didn't want Ridge to get down on Carter and Quinn, who hadn't even been on board with it at first. Ridge noted that they'd certainly been quickly convinced.

Ridge asserted that Eric's wife should have been there for him while he was going through something, but she'd run off with Carter. Eric knew that there was a strong connection between Quinn and Carter. Eric admitted that he wasn't okay with it, and it was wrong. He announced that Quinn was with Carter right then, making it very clear that it was over.

At Carter's place, Quinn arrived, saying that she and Carter had unfinished business. She'd thought of the loft as their sanctuary until Justin had barged in and destroyed it. Carter wanted more than to just see her from a distance. He felt that she should be there with him.

Quinn stated that Carter had been a wonderful surprise after Eric had made her feel so unwanted in the time after she'd targeted Ridge and Brooke's marriage. She'd been vulnerable and open to Carter, and she cherished every moment she'd spent with him. Carter hadn't thought he'd find love again, but there Quinn had been. It had been an unexpected connection that had turned into a love like he'd never known. Quinn said she hated to give him up.

"Then don't. We don't have to hide in the shadows anymore," Carter said. The secret was out, and the world hadn't ended. It was their chance to be together. Carter suggested packing up the car and running off together to be free to own how they felt. He gave her two choices: she could return to being Mrs. Eric Forrester, or she could go away with Carter and be free.

Quinn couldn't believe Carter was saying it. She stated that she was a married woman. He said she'd been married the entire time. He knew that he was asking her to give up position, money, and her portrait on the wall, but he wondered what meant more than how they felt about each other. He said they owed it to themselves to take the chance and grab their life together. He asked her to say she wanted it as much as he did and to say she wanted a life with him.

In the design office, Katie was surprised to see Bill in the doorway. She said he couldn't just show up there. Bill conveyed that they had been apart too long. He couldn't take the distance between them. He wanted her back and needed her in his life.

There was a hole in Bill's heart where Katie and Will had been. Bill missed their son. Katie did, too, but Will loved boarding school and could focus without distractions. "Like his father going to jail?" Bill surmised. Katie still had a problem with what Bill had done and claimed it had frightened her. Bill said she knew the lengths to which he'd go to protect his family.

Katie replied that Bill took everything to the extreme and did reckless and dangerous things. She noted that Bill had left a man on the side of a road and orchestrated a cover-up. It was too familiar to Katie. As usual, Bill threw their lives into flux on an impulse, and when it all blew up in his face, he went to her because he knew she'd always be there for him. In those moments, she became the woman he loved more than any other. Katie had always wanted to believe she was.

Bill told Katie to believe it because she was the woman he loved like no other. Katie wasn't sure it was true. Bill thought they'd gotten past Brooke. Katie said she'd forgiven, but she couldn't forget. "You loved her. You were my husband. She was my sister. The thought of you two together will always hurt me," Katie explained. Bill deeply regretted it.

Katie stated that Bill always did -- after the fact. She'd pondered why she'd put herself in those demeaning situations and if she deserved better than that. The tearful Bill believed she did deserve better. She was the only woman he wanted, but he had a knack for tearing down what was most dear to him. He asked for just one more chance to make her believe it.

Katie had needed time and space to figure out her feelings. They'd been apart for a while. Part of her was ready to move on, and part of her was relieved not to always be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Bill hated to be the cause of her pain. He refused to live without her. He was sorry for taking her for granted, but he'd learned his lesson. He asked for one more chance and swore that he wouldn't let her down.

In Thomas' apartment, Thomas and Paris shook on their temporary agreement to room together until he found another house. Zende arrived with a housewarming gift, and Paris apprised him of the new plan for her and Thomas to live together. Thomas said he'd be out of there before they knew it. "And in the meantime, you'll be living here with my girlfriend," Zende concluded.

Paris asked if Zende had a problem with that. Zende decided that a temporary situation like that made sense. Thomas added that he'd be looking out for Paris -- not that she needed it. Zende called Paris a "badass" and said it was why he was crazy about her. He gave her a kiss.

Thomas decided to take off to look at other houses, but before he left, Paris asked Zende once again if he was comfortable with the situation.

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