Deacon professes his feelings for Brooke

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Friday, January 14, 2022
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Deacon professes his feelings for Brooke | B&B Daily Recaps (Friday, January 14, 2022)
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Friday, January 14, 2022

At Il Giardino, Deacon told Paul that he might be rushing through the mopping because he needed to see someone special. Paul left, and Sheila approached, asking if the someone special was Hope or Brooke. Looking at his bare wrist, Deacon told Sheila that he had to go. She asked if it was a new watch. He glanced at the non-existent watch and said it was made by "Mind Your Own Business." Sheila guessed that meant he was going to see Brooke.

Sheila guessed it had been some New Year's Eve. Deacon didn't get Sheila's fixation on that holiday. She asked him to throw her a bone. She was living vicariously through Deacon, who was miles ahead of her in his relationship with Hope. Not knowing about that, he revealed that he hadn't seen Hope or Brooke since the turn of the new year. Sheila asked why that was.

Deacon tried to get rid of Sheila, but she was perplexed about why he'd stay away from Brooke and Hope. He replied that he hadn't said he was staying away. He mumbled that he had work obligations. Sheila scoffed at the idea that he would put off Brooke and Hope to mop. Sheila wondered if staying away from Brooke's house was Brooke's idea, not his. Deacon decided that Sheila could go have lunch and finish her stalking session elsewhere because he had to go.

Once alone, Sheila chuckled that it had to have been "one hell of a party." Sheila sat down at the bar and wondered if she'd succeeded in getting Brooke to drink again. She flashed back to Brooke's threat and to changing bottle labels. Sheila said that Brooke's guarantee to destroy Brooke's life had only guaranteed that Sheila would destroy Brooke's.

At Brooke's house, Brooke flashed back to drinking with Deacon and him swearing nothing had happened. Ridge wondered why she hadn't said anything on the ride home from the meeting. Brooke said she had been taking in the stories that had been shared at the meeting and hearing that she wasn't alone in the struggle. He asked if she was struggling right then. "Not really. I don't know," Brooke replied. He guessed she was still thinking about New Year's Eve.

Brooke believed it would always haunt her because she'd been sober for such a long time. Ridge didn't have the answer, but the meetings were indicating to him that people just slipped up. She knew that, but she still had regrets. Ridge did, too, like not being there when Brooke had needed him most. He was sorry for it and promised that she'd never feel that kind of loneliness ever again.

Later, Brooke was alone, working on a laptop. She flashed back to drinking shots and kissing Deacon. Deacon entered, and she blasted him for just walking in there. She said she wouldn't stop him from going down to see Hope, but he wasn't welcome in her home. Deacon told her not to worry. He'd called to check, and Ridge was at Forrester.

Brooke yelled that she'd told Deacon not to be there. Deacon said he had wanted to respect her wishes, but he couldn't stop thinking of what had happened. She wanted to put it out of her mind. He said banishing him wouldn't do it. She said it would help, but he stated that it wouldn't help him.

Deacon couldn't think about anything except kissing Brooke. Brooke replied that she'd done it because she'd been drunk. She wasn't blaming him and wished she could blame anyone but herself. She didn't know what had happened, and it didn't make sense. Deacon urged her to go to a meeting, and Brooke said Ridge had been to some with her.

Deacon was surprised that Ridge knew, but Brooke clarified that it was only about the drinking, not Deacon spending the night there. Deacon said he'd just been sleeping it off. "In my bed!" Brooke yelled, asking if he really thought Ridge would understand that -- or understand Deacon kissing her. It was why Deacon couldn't be there.

Deacon reasoned that he should be coming around more. He stated that banning him was just raising suspicions, and Hope was already text-messaging him about it. He was sure Ridge and Hope would connect the dots. In Deacon's view, the best thing to do was to allow him back.

"Absolutely not!" Brooke asserted. She felt she was doing what she had to do. Deacon stated that they'd kissed for a reason. "Because we were drunk!" she exclaimed. He told her not to guilt-trip herself about one kiss. For Brooke, it had been one kiss too many.

Brooke didn't know why she'd drunk, but Deacon thought it was obvious. He asked how many times Ridge had let Brooke down. Deacon added that Taylor was in town. Brooke was sure Taylor was waiting in the wings. That was why Brooke was so mad about what had happened.

Deacon believed that some inner desires had been released. Brooke scoffed at that and said there had been no inner desire. He knew what he'd felt. She asked why he was saying those ridiculous things, things like he'd said in the past. She asked him to remember how it had turned out. He said they'd created Hope, who'd love to see her parents together.

Brooke told Deacon to stop. Brooke said she loved Ridge and wanted to be with Ridge. She feared that Ridge would leave her if he knew what had happened. Deacon exclaimed that he'd buried his feelings for as long as he could. He'd told himself not to bother Brooke, but he was done. He grabbed Brooke and said he loved her. He'd always loved her, and he always would.

In the CEO's office, Thomas and Steffy worked with a model in a design. The model said Brooke had wanted to see the dress. Steffy said she'd send Brooke photos. After the model had gone, Thomas expressed concern because Brooke had missed more than one meeting and hadn't been at work the past couple of days. He asked if Steffy knew what was going on.

Steffy didn't know, but Hope had said Brooke had been acting strange since New Year's Eve. Taylor and Steffy suspected Brooke had had a problem with Ridge not being there for the event. Thomas thought it was petty to be so upset about it that she wouldn't go to work. Steffy said it was petty, even for Brooke. Thomas asked what another reason could be. Steffy believed that, as co-CEO, she needed to be told about anything going on with Brooke that affected work. Thomas was sure Ridge would tell them if it was serious.

Ridge entered and asked what was going on with Thomas and Steffy. Thomas and Steffy expressed their concern that Brooke was a no-show again and asked what was going on. Steffy offered to let Ridge say it wasn't their business, but she and Thomas were concerned. Thomas said it wasn't like Brooke to miss appointments, and Ridge had mentioned that Brooke was struggling with something. Ridge sighed. Steffy conveyed that Hope was worried about Brooke, and Steffy claimed that she and Thomas wanted to help.

Ridge appreciated the concern but said he and Brooke would be fine. Thomas assumed that meant something was going on. Steffy brought up Brooke's choices about Deacon, saying Brooke had opened up her home without giving Ridge any say. Steffy claimed that Brooke had opened herself up to Deacon, which meant they didn't know what Brooke would do next.

Thomas asked if it was the best choice for Ridge to be over there at Brooke's place, where Deacon had become a regular fixture. Thomas thought Ridge could be around people who cared about him. Thomas said he missed Ridge. Steffy said she and Taylor did, too.

Ridge said he loved his kids and asked what the "miss you" drama was about. Thomas said Ridge was with the grandkids, and his kids saw him at work. "But, Dad, you got home to Brooke and the Logans, and now Brooke, Hope, and Deacon," Steffy claimed. Steffy said that it was just a matter of time before Brooke was in another scandal, but they didn't want that for him.

Thomas insinuated that Taylor might have returned to town to keep Ridge from another one of Brooke's scandals. Steffy urged Ridge to take control of his life before Brooke brought him down again.

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