Douglas confides in Steffy

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, November 21, 2022
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Douglas confides in Steffy | B&B Recap (Monday, November 21, 2022)
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Monday, November 28, 2022

At Brooke's house, Stephen and Lucy were glad their flight was leaving from Los Angeles, affording them the chance to visit his kids. Stephen said he would have stayed longer had he known about Ridge's wedding. Donna offered to go to Eric's house to see what was happening, but Brooke said she'd rather just pretend it wasn't happening.

Lucy decided to take off and let Stephen spend time alone with his daughters before their flight out. Once she'd gone, his daughters cooed about his new love, who he said was good for him.

Brooke's family offered to get Brooke some food, but Brooke didn't want food or tea. All she wanted was for Ridge to return home and tell her that he'd made a huge mistake and wasn't marrying Taylor. Stephen stated that if Ridge didn't, then he didn't deserve Brooke.

Stephen expressed his pride in his daughters who'd made beautiful lives for themselves and their children. He said the men in their lives had let them down, himself included. His daughters balked, saying it had been a long time back. Stephen said he'd never stop making up for it, and he was determined to remove their pain and disappointment. He offered to go to Eric's house and stop that wedding if he had to. Brooke replied that Taylor and her kids had everything they wanted, and Taylor wouldn't let anyone stop her from marrying Ridge.

Donna checked her phone. She'd received a message from Eric that the wedding had started. Brooke decided that she didn't want the limited time she and her sisters had with Stephen to be about her feeling sorry for herself. Katie said Brooke was mourning an unexpected loss.

Stephen asked if Ridge's mind had really been made up. Katie murmured that it had been made up for Ridge. Brooke said she'd had hope when Carter had brought the annulment papers. She'd thought that if Ridge had really wanted to end it, he would have brought the papers himself; however, Ridge had then proposed to Taylor.

Stephen said it wasn't like Brooke to give up. Brooke replied that she hadn't, and everything she and Ridge were together was in her heart. It would be there no matter what, and she would always love Ridge -- even if he married Taylor that day.

Stephen asserted that Brooke should be furious with Ridge. Brooke said she wasn't; she was just heartbroken. Stephen said that leaving Brooke with all those questions had been cruel, and he wondered if Ridge knew what he'd done to Brooke. Brooke said Ridge knew she didn't want an annulment or for him to marry Taylor. Brooke said she'd signed the papers because she hadn't known what to do, but she was confident that they still loved each other.

At Eric's house, Ridge stood at the altar with Taylor, asking if everything was okay. "What?" the dazed Taylor responded. Figuring that it had been awhile and was probably overwhelming, Ridge asked, "What do you say? You wanna do this?"

In Taylor's silence, Carter asked if Taylor was ready. She said she was sorry. Taylor apologized for being late and said she'd been excited about the day. She stated that there was a lot going on in her head. Noticing his cufflinks, she agreed with him that things were overwhelming. She said it was overwhelming to her that they were at the altar after she'd given up hope. She recalled that he'd said he'd protect her heart from then on.

"Ridge, I have to tell you something," Taylor uttered. Douglas, who'd been listening, glared at his father. Taylor, however, stated, "I'm ready. I'm ready to marry the man who loves me." Thomas grinned, but Steffy's eyes widened in disbelief.

Carter commenced the ceremony, and from the audience, Douglas looked distressed. Carter stated that Taylor and Ridge were proclaiming their deep faith and trust in each other. Carter claimed that Ridge and Taylor had remained close over the years, even with oceans separating them. Carter said Taylor had told him of all the ways she loved Ridge as a friend, father, and lover. Carter added that Ridge had called Taylor their heart and compass.

Carter went on to say that Ridge mostly appreciated Taylor's honesty and loyalty and that he never had to question her integrity. According to Carter, Ridge had complete faith in her sense of right and wrong. Carter added that the bride and groom had also talked about their children. Carter spoke about how Ridge trusted Steffy. Douglas' expression flattened when Carter said Thomas had grown as a designer, a father, and a man. Carter stated that Ridge credited Taylor for it due to her dedication and positive influence.

"If anyone here has any reason why these two should not be unified in lawful matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace," Carter said. Douglas' gaze panned to his aunt. Steffy stammered, "I do. I object." Most people in the room looked puzzled. Douglas seemed relieved. Thomas shook his head.

Ridge asked what Steffy could be objecting to. Steffy said it wasn't to the marriage, which she wanted more than anything. Steffy told Ridge that she wasn't trying to hurt him, but he needed to hear what had happened and know the truth about it. "Thomas, tell him," Steffy said.

Thomas asserted that the truth was that Ridge had proposed marriage to Taylor, but Steffy said it could have been because Ridge had felt betrayed by Brooke's "CPS" call. Ridge asked why they were talking about it at that point. The guests looked on in confusion, but Douglas intently watched the scene unfolding before him.

Steffy advised Ridge not to listen to Thomas, who was trying to protect himself. Thomas ordered Steffy to stop, so their parents could be together; however, Steffy said she couldn't, and their parents couldn't go on until everything was out in the open. Steffy revealed that Brooke hadn't hidden anything from Ridge. Steffy said Ridge deserved to know why Brooke hadn't confessed to him herself and the truth about the "CPS" call.

Finn asked Li to take Kelly into the kitchen, and Thomas decided that Douglas should go, too. Steffy ordered her brother to stop trying to cover it up. Ridge asked what was going on. Steffy asserted that Ridge believed Brooke had made the call. Ridge replied that he knew it had been Brooke. Steffy said it was because he'd heard Brooke's voice; however, it hadn't been Brooke. Ridge asserted that Brooke had said her name.

Steffy insisted that Brooke hadn't made the recording. Ridge asked who'd done it. Steffy looked at Thomas. He didn't say anything, so she revealed that he'd made the recording. Ridge said it didn't make sense. Steffy glared at Thomas. He said nothing.

"Hello. I'd like to report a child in danger," everyone heard Brooke's voice say. As the recording continued to play, Ridge asked where it was coming from. Douglas stood up. "He's at 369 Willow Hill Road, Los Angles," Brooke's voice, coming from Douglas' phone conveyed. Brooke's voice went on to say Thomas was unstable and had a knife.

Ridge asked why Douglas had that app, but Steffy said to let Douglas finish. Douglas played a recording of Thomas, who said the exact same things that Brooke's voice had just said. Ridge said he didn't understand. Douglas explained that it was the app on his phone that could change a person's voice to sound like someone else.

"You did this? You called child services on yourself?" Ridge asked Thomas. Thomas reasoned that Ridge had said he'd marry Taylor because he loved her, so the CPS thing wasn't the point. "You're playing with my life, with Brooke's life, your mom. What are you doing?" the distraught Ridge asked. Thomas claimed he was trying to make Ridge happy.

"Do I look happy to you?" Ridge raged. Ridge reasoned that Thomas had set Brooke up because he'd known what Ridge would do if someone attacked Ridge's family. "My son, who's turned his life around!" Ridge exclaimed. "You destroyed my marriage! My boy, my son. You did this!" Ridge bellowed, glaring at Thomas with pain on his face.

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