Paris and Thomas reach a compromise about their living arrangements

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Thursday, October 14, 2021
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Thursday, October 14, 2021

In the CEO's office, Ridge arrived, and Quinn tried to leave. He wanted to talk, but he didn't want any more sordid details about her marriage. Quinn stated that it had been Eric's idea. Ridge felt that Carter and Quinn hadn't had to go along with it. Instead, she should have refused it and seen the offer for what it had been. "A test. A test to see that if things got really bad, you'd be there for him," he concluded. Quinn hadn't been there for Eric and had failed.

Quinn claimed to love Eric. Ridge figured that she also had feelings for Carter. She didn't deny it. Ridge asked if Quinn had no shame. She wondered if it was better to say she didn't have feelings for Carter. She claimed she and Eric were secure in their marriage. Ridge stated that it was a marriage in which she did as she pleased and called sex with Carter a sacrifice as Eric sat home, waiting for her to show up.

Quinn claimed her connection with Eric was as deep and meaningful as Ridge and Brooke's. Ridge told Quinn to be careful. She claimed that she wasn't the one making Eric feel bad about himself. Grabbing her purse, she left to go home to her husband.

Later, Ridge arrived on Carter's doorstep. "Were you expecting your girlfriend? Oh, sorry, that's rude. Were you expecting my father's wife?" Ridge asked, entering the loft. Carter was okay with talking but wouldn't let Ridge unload on Quinn. "Right off the bat, protecting her," Ridge noted. Ridge didn't know what had happened to his and Carter's friendship.

Carter was sorry Ridge felt that way. Ridge asked what else Carter was sorry about. Carter said Eric had asked Carter not to say anything because it was shocking. Ridge corrected Carter, saying it was because it was wrong. Carter insisted that it had been Eric's idea. Ridge asked Carter to say he'd been fine with it. Carter again said it had been Eric's idea. "Tell me you were fine with it!" Ridge repeated.

Carter claimed it wasn't about who was fine with it, and he and Quinn didn't want to hurt Eric. Carter and Quinn loved Eric, and it was the last thing they'd wanted. Ridge didn't see Carter as the man Ridge had once known and asked how Quinn had gotten to Carter. Carter said not to blame it on her. "If I don't blame her, then I gotta blame you!" Ridge said.

Carter decided that there was no one to blame. He'd been lost after ending the relationship with Zoe, and Eric had been pushing Quinn out for months. Carter and Quinn had bonded.

Ridge said that, after it had happened, Carter had promised to stay away from Quinn. It didn't matter what Eric had told Carter to do because, in Ridge's view, Carter was a grown man and had known that Eric hadn't been thinking straight. Ridge assumed Carter just hadn't wanted to know. Carter said that wasn't fair.

Ridge decided that it wasn't fair that Carter hadn't come to Ridge with the ED problem. Ridge felt that he and Carter could have done something about it. Instead, it had led to them trying to salvage a relationship they'd once had and to Eric barely talking to Ridge. Carter said Ridge was right, and Carter should have told Ridge. Ridge asked Carter how he felt about Eric's wife.

At the mansion, Eric served Katie iced tea. She figured she'd visited him a lot. He said she was always welcome. Katie was touched that he'd been open with her about his marital problems, but she still had problems with what he'd told her about Quinn and Carter. Eric knew it would be hard for Katie to understand, and he wasn't sure anyone outside the situation really could.

Katie stated that Eric professed happiness, but his wife was sleeping with another man. He said Quinn wasn't cheating on him. "Because you know about it?" Katie asked. Eric asked Katie to look around and say what she saw. Katie saw the piano, alive with music at the holidays, and the fireplace, the altar of many weddings.

Eric cherished the memories, but he was lonely. Quinn had brought life back to the house and to him. Katie noted that the couple was sharing the same space, but she asked if the pair really shared themselves. Katie knew that they couldn't physically, but she asked about their love for each other and their plans for the future. Katie had to ask if Eric really loved and trusted Quinn.

Quinn arrived and noted that Katie was becoming a fixture around there. Eric said Katie could stop by anytime. Quinn asked why Katie was there and if it was to share her opinion of Quinn. Katie replied that she only wanted Eric's happiness and asked if Quinn could say the same.

Quinn said Katie didn't need to worry about Eric's happiness or hold Eric's hand. Quinn claimed that no one cared more about Eric's well-being than Quinn. Katie said that the information about Carter and Quinn had made Katie skeptical. Quinn said it wasn't Katie's business.

Eric told Quinn that he'd been open with Katie. Quinn hoped Katie wouldn't take it the wrong way if Quinn asked Katie to leave, so Quinn could be alone with her husband. Quinn grimaced as if her patience was wearing thin, and Katie left.

Quinn assumed Katie had told Eric what a horrible person Quinn was. He stated that he didn't let anyone talk about Quinn that way. Quinn replied that Ridge hadn't gotten the memo. Quinn claimed to be confused about all that had happened, and she needed to know it hadn't damaged their marriage. Eric said he'd defended her against everyone, and no one would score points by treating him like a fool who didn't know his mind.

Eric knew that Quinn had feelings for Carter and that the connection was powerful. Quinn replied that it was that way between her and Eric, too. He asked if it would be enough for her to leave her feelings for Carter behind.

Quinn asserted that her feelings for Eric were all that had ever mattered to her, and no one understood how much being Eric's wife meant to her. No one understood why Eric had done what he'd done. She didn't even understand it half the time. Being his wife was the greatest gift she'd ever received. She cherished every moment she'd spent with him. She didn't take any of it for granted. She hugged Eric and told him that she loved him.

In Thomas' apartment, Thomas was upset that the real estate deal had fallen through. Paris decided to call her friend about her old room, but Thomas said she'd already signed the sublet paperwork. Paris agreed to unsign the agreement. She didn't want Thomas to feel bad and said the day had been a roller coaster for him, too.

Thomas replied that the house would have been a step into the next phase of his life. Paris called it a temporary setback. Thomas didn't want it to be so for her, too, and said he could stay with his father or sister. Paris said Thomas shouldn't move twice.

There were two bedrooms in the apartment, and Paris decided that she'd only stay there if Thomas stayed, too. He turned it down; however, she insisted, saying she was paying forward Finn and Steffy's kindness. Paris refused to kick Thomas out of his own apartment.

Thomas considered himself to be a great roommate, and Douglas thought Thomas was a great chef -- even though Douglas' favorite foods were chicken tenders and grilled cheese. Thomas guessed his stay would be temporary, and he figured it would be nice to have company.

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