Questions arise about why Finn and Steffy haven't gotten married

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

At the cliff house, Ridge emphasized that he liked Finn. What he wasn't so thrilled about was that Finn wanted to marry Steffy "on the couch" without her family being present. Steffy assured her dad that she was happy. Ridge held up his finger as he listened for a noise in the background. Just as Steffy worried that something might be wrong, Ridge told her that he heard wedding bells. Steffy bunched up one the kids' blankets and hurled it in her father's direction.

As Steffy talked about how Hayes kept her up at night, Ridge became inspired and started sketching her on a pad of paper. Steffy became curious when Ridge began giving her directions on how to position her head. She surmised that he was designing her wedding dress and tried to sneak a peek. Ridge quickly turned the pad over and asked that his daughter allow him the chance to surprise her.

At Forrester, Brooke asked Katie if Bill's time in lockdown had changed him. "You mean, did it make him more humble?" Katie asked with a laugh. Katie said it would take more than some time in jail to change Bill, but she admitted she was relieved that Bill hadn't changed. "It would be weird if he came back and he was all transformed," she shared.

The Logan sisters' conversation turned to the importance of family and the possibility that there would soon be wedding bells in Steffy and Finn's future. They marveled at how quickly life could change, with Brooke noting that Steffy might never have met Finn had he not been working at the hospital the night of Steffy's motorcycle accident. "I guess that just validates your belief in fate," Katie grinned. Brooke reveled in being right. She shared that she was happy Steffy's life was on the right track -- and having a "wonderful man" like Finn by Steffy's side didn't hurt.

"I realize that Steffy doesn't need a man to define her," Katie stated just before questioning why there seemed to be a holdup when it came to Steffy and Finn getting married. Moments later, an exuberant Ridge burst into the office to talk about spending time with his grandson. Brooke asked Ridge if he knew why Finn and Steffy hadn't gotten married yet.

Brooke later confessed that Steffy being happy with Finn took Steffy "off the playing field for Liam." She then added, "Everybody is happy, and they're in the right place." Ridge ordered Katie to write down what Brooke had said, calling it "the world according to Logan." Ridge taunted the two women for a while by saying that he had news about Steffy and Finn's relationship status. He then revealed that he believed there would be wedding bells in the couple's future "very soon."

Elsewhere at Forrester, Paris asked Finn if he was "a little bummed" that Steffy hadn't gone along with his impromptu wedding. Finn downplayed his disappointment, saying that he understood that Steffy wanted her family at their wedding. Paris assured Finn that she wasn't trying to pry. She went on to say that Finn and Steffy were "relationship goals." Finn told Paris that he and Steffy were happy to have her in their lives.

Zende walked in with a file that Steffy needed. He handed it off to Finn, who said that he had to be on his way. Zende and Paris both agreed that Finn was a really great guy. Paris marveled at one of Zende's "exquisite" show-stopping designs. As they talked about everything that had happened around them, both Zende and Paris agreed that they didn't want their relationship to fall apart the way that so many others had.

When Finn returned home, Steffy greeted him with a kiss. She thanked him for picking up her file, but he said it was the least he could do for giving him a son. Steffy told him that she never wanted to let Finn go. "'Til death do us part," she said softly. Not wanting to get ahead of himself, Finn asked Steffy if she was saying what he thought she was saying. She replied by saying, "Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Finn called himself a better man since he had a "vibrant, beautiful, sexy, fearless" woman like Steffy in his life. He smiled broadly as he said that he would be happy to make Steffy his wife one day. "No, no...I wanna marry you right away," Steffy replied. The two then kissed passionately. Steffy mentioned that she wanted to finally meet Finn's parents. Finn smiled meekly, but when Steffy pulled him into an embrace, that smile disappeared.

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• A mystery guest arrives at Steffy's wedding.

• Hope agrees to stand up for Steffy.

• Eric throws a wedding at his mansion.


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