Sheila becomes enraged by Deacon's "defeatist attitude"

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, October 13, 2021
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B&B Daily Recaps (Wednesday, October 13, 2021)
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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Sheila loudly banged a spoon against a coffee mug to wake up Deacon. She chuckled as she remarked that she thought a man like Deacon would be able to hold his liquor better. Deacon regretted going back to Sheila's hotel room and grumbled that partnering with Sheila was a "recipe for disaster."

In an office at Forrester, Thomas and Zende shared their differing opinions over a neckline on one of Zende's sketches. When they asked Hope to be the tie-breaking vote, Hope seemed distant. She eventually roused herself from her thoughts and told the two men that her father had been released from prison.

Hope stepped out of the office, allowing Zende and Thomas to chat about Deacon's return. Thomas shared that Hope had an "ability to see the good in people, no matter who they are." Zende thought the statement was a dig against Liam, but Thomas quickly explained that he was referring to himself.

Paris popped into the office and apologized for interrupting. Thomas stared at the ground as Paris greeted Zende with a kiss. She wanted to talk to Hope, but when she realized Hope wasn't there, Paris decided to ask who the "Deacon" was that the men were discussing. Thomas called it a "long, ugly story," with Zende revealing that Deacon was Hope's dad.

Thomas celebrated when he received a message informing him that his offer on a home had been accepted by the sellers. Thomas then offered his apartment rent-free to Paris, though she insisted that she would pay him.

In Eric's office, Hope wrapped up a phone call just as Deacon slipped into the office. Hope told Deacon that he couldn't be at Forrester. Deacon nodded understandingly and swore to his daughter that he was "different now." Hope asked Deacon why she should believe that he had changed. Deacon admitted having a lot of regrets, regrets that he'd thought about while he'd sat in a prison cell. He'd promised himself then that he would "do whatever it takes" to be a part of Hope's life.

Deacon conceded that most -- if not all -- of what people were telling her about him was true. Still, he believed he could be a "terrific father" if given the chance to prove it. Hope threw her hands in the air and admitted that she did not know what to believe. She suggested that she and her dad meet for coffee or a meal first.

Liam entered the office and exploded upon seeing Deacon. Liam ordered Deacon out. Deacon said that he did not want to fight and agreed to leave. Before he did, though, he told Hope that she had grown into a "beautiful, exceptional" woman and that he loved her very much.

After Deacon left, Liam remained furious that Deacon had somehow gotten into Forrester. He apologized for being "overbearing," but worried that Deacon would hurt Hope again. Hope asked Liam if he had considered that he could be wrong -- and that Deacon really could have changed. "Is it that crazy to think that he loves me enough to change?" Hope snapped.

Later, alone in the office, Hope reflected on Deacon's visit.

Thomas showed his apartment to Paris and spoke of some of the neighborhood eateries that he enjoyed. He offered to have the management company send Paris the sublet paperwork if she didn't mind that the apartment wasn't right on the beach like Steffy's house. Calling herself a city girl, Paris thanked Thomas with a hug.

Thomas and Paris stepped out to unload some of Paris' things from her car. While Thomas lugged some of the larger items, Paris e-signed the sublet agreement. She offered to take Thomas to one of the eateries he had mentioned. Before they could leave, Thomas received a call from his real estate agent informing him that the seller had backed out of the sale.

A dejected Deacon returned to Sheila's hotel room. "I know what it's like to be rejected by your child," Sheila said softly. Deacon argued that he had not been rejected. He grumbled that he had to fight Liam Spencer and the Forresters. Sheila growled that she knew what it was like to have to face the Forresters. Deacon wondered if it was time for him and Sheila to admit defeat and move on with their lives.

"You need to stop and realize what you can't control," Deacon urged. Sheila looked at Deacon menacingly. She was perplexed by Deacon's take on their situations and his apparently willingness to walk away. She growled that she hated a "defeatist attitude" more than anything. "When there's blood between a mother and a son, and a father and a daughter -- you don't give up," Sheila said angrily, insisting, "That blood bond is something that cannot be broken."

Sheila stated that she thought she and Deacon could form a united front to make for stronger combatants against the Forresters, but she told him that he was free to crawl back into the bottle he'd come from if that was what he truly wanted. Sheila became more enraged as she declared, "I always get what I want."

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