Brooke suspects that Hope ran to Thomas to forget Finn

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, July 10, 2024
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The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps (Wednesday, July 10, 2024)
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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

At Il Giardino, Deacon and Hollis lamented Tom's death. Bill arrived with Luna and Poppy. Bill and Poppy offered their condolences for the employee Deacon had lost. Luna was stunned to hear someone had died during the live performance. Bill asked if Tom had had family or kids. Poppy looked on as Deacon said Tom hadn't mentioned having any.

Luna recalled wanting to attend the music night. Deacon said Tom had been successful back in the day, and Poppy wistfully smiled. Deacon said he had thought Tom had been working through his issues, but he'd died of a drug overdose. Luna's expression changed, but Poppy remained stoic.

Later, Hollis served Bill's table, and Luna said she was sorry about his co-worker. To cheer him up, she invited him to come out with "us" sometime. Hollis liked the idea, but Bill interjected that Luna's boyfriend would also be there. Hollis said he was well aware of R.J. "We're all friends, Dad," Luna replied, and as he left, Hollis said he'd text her.

Poppy laughed at Bill, who, as a new father of a daughter, knew how guys' minds worked. Poppy teased Luna about her father embarrassing her in front of cute guys. Bill said he'd always look out for them. Poppy marveled at the ways he'd changed their lives and said Luna didn't have to wonder anymore and had the doting father she'd always deserved. Poppy was grateful for the future they had, and she didn't ever want to look back.

Luna and Poppy tried to talk Bill out of throwing a party in Luna's honor, and Poppy asked if she'd said already how thrilled she was that Bill was Luna's father.

At the bar, Hollis messed up while making a margarita. Deacon took Hollis aside, and Hollis explained that he was still having a tough time. Deacon knew the feeling and mentioned that Bill had taken him off guard. Hollis replied that Bill was protective, but Deacon said it wasn't that. It was that Bill had been kind and understanding about Tom; it wasn't the Bill that Deacon knew.

Hollis was still disconcerted by Tom's overdose. "It doesn't make sense, man!" Hollis said. Deacon didn't know how they'd missed something. Deacon asked Hollis to get himself together while cleaning out the supply closet in the back. Hollis strode to the supply closet and began straightening it out. He discovered Tom's backpack on the floor.

At the cliff house, Steffy wondered what Finn's kiss was for. Finn said he never wanted her to forget how much he loved her. Steffy replied that she'd never questioned him. Finn believed that he'd given her reason to doubt that he was putting her first, but that was no more. Admitting that he'd lost sight of what was important, he said he sometimes got carried away with helping people and believing in the good. Steffy didn't want Finn to change that about himself.

Finn said it was no excuse, and he asked if Steffy would forgive him for asking her to incorporate Sheila into their lives. He stated that he'd done it all wrong. He'd said and done things that he wished he could take back. In his view, Steffy deserved to be loved, respected, and heard, and from that day forward, he'd always put her first.

Steffy admitted that it had been difficult, and she'd felt as if Finn had been slipping away. Finn said he'd been temporarily led astray by his emotions, and he'd spend his life trying to get her forgiveness. Steffy readily forgave him, and he said he'd never let her down again. Steffy stated that it was the two of them, and they couldn't let anything get between them again. They hugged, and Finn shed tears.

In Eric's office, Hope couldn't concentrate as she did inventory. Brooke offered to help, but Hope said her problem was that she was inventorying rings. Brooke got that Hope was upset but reminded her daughter that Thomas had made a decision because "you made a decision -- more than once." Hope thought the problem was that Thomas had moved on so quickly.

Brooke suspected that Hope had wanted to reunite with Thomas so badly for another reason. Agreeing that it was more than Thomas being able to move on from her, Hope said Douglas' involvement made it more complex. Hope claimed to know it had been her choice, and she'd had plenty of opportunity to marry Thomas. Brooke added that Thomas could be impulsive.

Hope was worried that Thomas was returning to his impulsive nature. Brooke thought something else was going on that Hope wasn't even aware of. Hope didn't know what Brooke meant but was horrified when Brooke said it was Hope's feelings for Finn. Persisting, Brooke said Hope had told Brooke about the feelings, but then suddenly, Hope was trying to pick back up with Thomas. Brooke suspected Hope was running from her attraction to Steffy's husband.

Hope claimed her connection with Thomas had been real, passionate, and exciting. He'd made her feel as if she'd been the only woman he'd ever wanted to be with. Brooke figured it had been a breath of fresh air after what Liam had put her through, but it might have been a false sense of security. Hope asked what that meant.

Brooke, having experience in the area of passionate relationships, said sometimes one ignored very important, key ingredients that should be involved. Brooke felt that Hope was covering up and running to Thomas to forget about her feelings for Finn. Hope asked if Brooke was saying Hope was using Thomas. "No, not intentionally," Brooke replied. Hope asserted that she loved "that man." She said she had been grieving the relationship and had learned they had no future.

Brooke knew the feelings were real, but she also knew the history, what Thomas had put Hope through, and how hard Hope had worked to get past it. Brooke wanted Hope to find the man of her dreams, a man who made her feel respected and loved. Brooke believed Hope would find it but declared that it couldn't and wouldn't be Finn.

Brooke shared her belief that Hope wanted to reunite with Thomas due to her fear of her feelings about Finn. Hope said she wasn't afraid of her feelings. She was just trying to understand them, and Thomas' return had caused confusion because her feelings for him hadn't disappeared. Brooke didn't expect Hope to be over it, but Brooke pointed out that Hope would have accepted one of Thomas' proposals if she'd wanted him. Brooke believed that being with Thomas would make Hope's other feelings easier to ignore.

Brooke said that Hope deserved more, and Brooke didn't want Hope to fall for Steffy's husband. Brooke was sure Hope didn't want to get involved in that. Hope replied that she didn't. From the outside looking in, Brooke believed she saw clearly that Thomas would have distracted Hope from Finn and helped her push down her feelings. Brooke added that Hope feared being like her mother and would be on the verge of it if she allowed herself to have those feelings for Finn.

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