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Margo regrets a bad decision she made about Ridge

Margo regrets a bad decision she made about Ridge

Monday, March 30, 1987

At Bill's condo, Bill told Margo that he'd hired a private investigator for Ridge, but after meeting Ridge's parents, Bill had to wonder if he'd been unfair to Ridge. Most of what Bill knew about Ridge had come from Margo, and Bill questioned how Margo knew so much about Ridge.

Margo conveyed that they worked at the same company, and she was close to Ridge's father. Doubting the information had been from Eric, Bill demanded to know how she knew the things she'd said about Ridge. She said Ridge's reputation preceded him. Bill asked if the reputation was based upon fact. Margo affirmed it, and Bill gleaned that she spoke from experience.

Margo asked why Bill insisted on talking about it. She'd already said Ridge was a user and that his insincerity outweighed his sex appeal. Bill persisted in trying to find out where Margo's knowledge stemmed from. Voice trembling, she yelled that it came from a painful place, a place he didn't want his daughter to be in. "Now that's it!" she asserted and stormed out.

In the darkened design office later, Margo flashed back having wine with Ridge at her place. In the flashback, he thought she was the freshest and prettiest thing he'd experienced. She doubted his sincerity, and he admitted it sounded like a line. She referred to him as her new boss. Ridge uttered that his father was her new boss, and Ridge was her new admirer.

Margo conveyed that she could easily fall for a man like Ridge. He asked what was stopping her and if she was afraid. She asked if she should fear him. "No. Just love me," he uttered. They kissed and fell back on the sofa cushions.

The flashback concluded, and a tearful Margo wished it had ended there.

In Eric's office, Stephanie and Eric discussed the wedding. A week from Friday didn't give them much time. Stephanie planned to keep it small, but she didn't think Felicia, schooling in London, could make it. Kristen's semester was ending, and she'd probably fly in from New York.

Eric chuckled because it wasn't often that he saw Stephanie excited. She said her firstborn was getting married. Each had been skeptical about the union, and Eric asked what had changed her mind. Stephanie decided it had been Bill Spencer. Eric called Bill impressive.

"Attractive, too," Stephanie added. She awaited a reaction to her words, but Eric silently sketched away. She noted that Bill had seemed reticent about the wedding. Eric said Caroline was an only child, and Bill's wife had died a year prior. Stephanie was sure she'd figure out Bill's issue.

Looking at her and Eric's wedding photo on a shelf, Stephanie said the newest wedding took her back to another. She asked if Eric remembered. "Vividly," Eric uttered. She wondered what had gone wrong with them. Eric reasoned that life had been too good to them, or they'd had too much. He said they could have it all again.

Stephanie questioned if they could or if, as Eric had said, something was missing. He affirmed it but said the question was whether they wanted to find it again. In Stephanie's silence, he sighed and resumed sketching.

Later, Eric was alone when Ridge arrived at Eric's behest. Eric asked if Ridge was certain that he was ready for marriage. Ridge didn't like the question because it implied he didn't know what he was doing. He asked if Eric had had second thoughts about marrying Stephanie.

Eric had, but he'd known he'd been ready to marry. Ridge decided that he was as ready as he'd ever be. Eric thought that Caroline was special and impressive and inquired about why Ridge was getting married. Ridge got the feeling that Eric was more concerned about her than his son.

Eric stated that Caroline was innocent, fragile, and vulnerable. She worshipped the ground Ridge walked on. Ridge contended that Caroline wasn't a china doll. Eric thought Caroline could be a wife Ridge could grow with. Eric didn't want to see Ridge hurt Caroline.

"That's what I thought," Ridge replied. Eric asked again why Ridge was getting married. Ridge said that one was born, one married, and one died. He asked what the big deal was. Eric noted that marriage had never been on Ridge's list of priorities, but Ridge was suddenly engaged.

Just then, Caroline arrived. She'd gotten Eric's message to meet there. Eric assumed there was a lot to do before the wedding and that she probably missed her mother at a time like that. Caroline did and mentioned that she hadn't even picked out a wedding gown. Picking up the sketch he'd been working on earlier, Eric asked if he could help her out with that.

Ridge seemed to tense up at the reality of the situation. Caroline gushed about how beautiful the design was. She thanked and hugged "Dad Forrester."

At the police station, Dave didn't want Brooke to go through with the plan if she couldn't handle it. She admitted that she was afraid of those creeps, but she 'd handle it. Dave stated that he wanted to get the men, just not at her expense. However, if she was up to it, so was he.

Dave and Brooke shook on it. He said he had something for her to think about. She didn't know what she could possibly think about besides those goons. "Whether or not you'll marry me," he responded. Gasping, she couldn't believe his timing. He asked if she could give it a thought or two that night. As he went to call her a ride, she kissed him and said she loved him.

Later, Storm arrived, and Dave said he'd just sent Brooke home in a "black and white." Storm was there to talk about Brooke's attackers. Dave said they'd be ready if the guys returned. Stating that it wouldn't work without Brooke, Storm ordered Dave to find another way.

Dave didn't want Brooke involved, either, but it was the fastest way to get the men off the streets. He reasoned that the risk would be minimal. He wouldn't let her do it otherwise. Storm was worried that it wouldn't go as planned, and Brooke would become a sitting duck.

Dave was confident that they wouldn't screw up, but Storm didn't believe it. Dave asserted that Brooke was a basket case, and it wouldn't change until the guys were locked up. Storm ordered Dave to do his job without Brooke. Dave claimed that no one cared about Brooke more than he did. Storm remained steadfast in his decision that Brooke would in no way be involved. "Got it?" Storm asked and strode out.

Katie finally gets a date

Katie finally gets a date

Tuesday, March 31, 1987

by Mike

Stephanie made her way into the dining room, poring over a newspaper. She picked up the phone and reached a young woman in an apartment. The woman, Kristen, answered happily until she realized it was her mother, Stephanie, on the line. Kristen thought something bad had happened, possibly to Eric, or Stephanie wouldn't be calling. Stephanie told Kristen that her brother was getting married.

Kristen assumed the groom-to-be was Thorne, but Stephanie corrected that it was Ridge. Kristen couldn't believe Ridge was walking down the aisle. Stephanie asked if Kristen would fly in from New York for the ceremony. Kristen snarked that it was fortunate for Stephanie that Kristen couldn't make it. The tension between mother and daughter remained thick as Kristen asked how Eric was doing. Kristen stated she was just making conversation and hung up.

Thorne entered and inquired who had been on the phone. When Stephanie replied that it had been Thorne's sister, Thorne assumed it was Felicia from London, but Stephanie said it had been Kristen, who wouldn't be attending the wedding but hadn't said why. Thorne remarked that, with Felicia also unable to take part, it really would be a small ceremony. When Stephanie noted that Ridge hadn't wanted a big wedding, Thorne wondered why. Stephanie confirmed the nuptials would be at the house. Thorne felt he knew next to nothing about his soon-to-be sister-in-law, having only met Caroline once. Stephanie replied that Caroline was well educated and nice -- almost too nice.

Stephanie clarified that her comment had to do with Ridge, recalling that Bill seemed to have reservations about the wedding in general and Ridge in particular. Deciding they'd all have to wait and see, Stephanie handed Thorne the paper, which boasted a society column about Ridge and Caroline's upcoming union.

Later, Stephanie finished up a call about wedding arrangements. Then she took another call, fuming that she had told the person not to call the house. She promised to be "there," but demanded that the caller never phone her at home again.

While looking for Ridge, Caroline found Thorne in the office, feeling terrible that she hadn't recognized Thorne. Caroline remembered they had met at a Super Bowl party, pointing out that they'd soon be seeing a lot more of each other. Thorne felt like Ridge was marrying a stranger, since Ridge had kept Caroline a secret and then suddenly proposed. Caroline thought she and Thorne could work on getting to know each other by suggesting "the four of us" have dinner, presuming Thorne had a woman in his life. Thorne said it would just be "the three of us." Caroline asked what it was like to be Ridge's brother. Thorne wasn't sure Caroline wanted to know, soon deflecting that Ridge was quite a man.

Caroline revealed that she knew about Ridge's wild reputation but wasn't bothered that she was viewed as the woman who thought she could tame him. Caroline was confident that she and Ridge loved each other, and she deemed Ridge as more complicated than people knew, except perhaps for Thorne, who told Caroline not to give him too much credit. Caroline said she could tell Thorne was a good person. Thorne observed that he and Ridge were very different, adding that he thought Ridge was very lucky.

Caroline felt she was the lucky one and asked if Thorne believed in love at first sight. Thorne gazed at Caroline and said he was beginning to.

At the Logan home, Brooke was engrossed in the column about Ridge and Caroline, getting in the way of Beth and Katie as they got breakfast on the table. Katie looked at the column and deemed Ridge a "neat-looking" guy. Brooke decided she was as pretty as Caroline was. Katie joked that maybe one day, Brooke's picture would be in the paper next to Dave's. "Dave," Brooke said to herself.

Storm sat down to eat with his mother and sisters and saw the column, mockingly reporting that another "fat cat" was biting the dust. Beth seemed especially interested that the wedding involved the Forresters, taking the paper that Storm offered. Brooke cut in and announced that Dave had proposed, though she had answered that she needed some time before saying yes. Beth and Storm congratulated Brooke, but Katie looked sullen. Katie mused whether she would ever be proposed to, figuring she wouldn't with "this face." Katie admitted she would settle for a date then apologized and excused herself.

Alone in the kitchen, Beth read the Forrester-Spencer wedding announcement in the paper out loud to herself, smiling after she repeated, "Eric Forrester. Eric..."

Storm studied a law book as Donna darted down the stairs. Donna had heard about Katie's upset at breakfast, and Storm wondered what Donna was going to do about it, reminding her of his thought that Donna should set Katie up with a boy from school. Donna didn't like the idea and didn't understand what the big deal was, since Katie's face wasn't that bad. Storm lamented that Katie had no self-esteem, and he recalled that Donna had also had acne once. Donna wasn't sure how involving a boy would help, but she reluctantly agreed to at least find one who would call Katie, making no guarantees.

At the school library, a guy in a leather jacket sat down at Donna's table, slurping a drink with a straw. Donna caught the guy staring at her and asked if he had a problem. He replied that his pen had run out of ink, and he wondered if Donna had an extra. Donna supplied one but declared she'd want it back. The boy thought he recognized Donna from a class then absently drummed on the table with the pen.

Donna became annoyed until she seemed to have an idea. She wanted to know if the guy dated much. He replied he didn't have much time between school and work, but he was curious what Donna had in mind. The boy appeared disappointed when Donna suggested Katie, and he figured there had to be something wrong with Katie.

Donna gathered her things in a huff and got up from the table. The guy protested that he hadn't said he wouldn't go out with Katie and asked what she looked like. Donna replied that Katie was gorgeous. When the boy seemed sincerely interested, Donna said he could find Katie's number in the student directory.

Katie returned home and picked up the phone, as there was no one else around to answer it. The guy from the library introduced himself as Rocco Carner and lied to the confused Katie that he had seen her around school. When Rocco asked Katie out, Katie was sure he had the wrong person. Rocco persisted, and Katie asked if Rocco knew what she looked like. Rocco said he wouldn't have called if he didn't, so Katie agreed to have him over at 5:30 that afternoon. Katie hung up and was ecstatic that she finally had a date.

Caroline accomplishes what Stephanie couldn't

Caroline accomplishes what Stephanie couldn't

Wednesday, April 1, 1987

In Eric's office, Margo entered through the back door, and Eric asked her to prepare to fit Caroline for her wedding gown. Eric described the wedding gown as being something to fall in love with, just like Caroline. Margo couldn't wait to meet the woman who'd captivated two of the three Forrester men. Eric added that Thorne was taken with Caroline, too.

Eric thought Bill Spencer probably had a lot to do with who Caroline was, and Eric wanted Margo to meet Bill. Eric hoped Ridge appreciated Caroline. Margo seemed affected when Eric touched her arm briefly. He didn't know why he felt protective of Caroline, as if she was one of his own. Margo hoped Caroline appreciated what a wonderful father-in-law she was getting.

Stephanie arrived, and Margo strode out the back door without even a glance at Stephanie. Stephanie asked if Eric had anything to say about what she'd just interrupted. Eric asked how many times he had to tell her that there was nothing between him and Margo. Stephanie questioned if he'd even admit it, and he quipped that jealousy didn't become her.

Stephanie changed the subject to her attempts to contact their daughters. Felicia was skiing "somewhere in Switzerland." School in London didn't start back for a few weeks, and there was no way to reach Felicia until then. Eric was disappointed and asked about Kristen. Stephanie said Kristen wouldn't make it because she was "into something."

Eric assumed Kristen and Stephanie had argued. Stephanie guessed whose fault he thought it was. He didn't care whose fault it was; he wanted Kristen there for the wedding. Stephanie claimed she'd done her best, but he questioned whether she wanted Kristen to come home.

Stephanie sarcastically said she loved how supportive Eric was of her when she had problems. Eric wondered how he could be supportive when she hid her problems, but she told him that he'd been aware of her problem with Kristen for years. Stephanie mocked daddy's little girl who could never do wrong. It was no wonder Kristen resented Stephanie, the only disciplinarian in her life.

Stephanie thought it was best that Kristen didn't come to the wedding. She believed that Kristen would do everything she could to spoil the day for Stephanie. Eric refused to believe that, and Stephanie ordered him to open his eyes. With that, Stephanie stormed out.

In Margo's office, the frustrated Margo threw a dress across the room. Caroline arrived, and Margo mirthlessly said she'd been looking forward to meeting Caroline.

After the fitting, Caroline marveled about her gown and couldn't wait for Bill to see it. Margo said Bill was fond of Caroline. "How do you know?" Caroline asked. Margo claimed to have heard it from Eric, and Caroline assumed Margo was Eric's personal assistant, which meant she knew Eric very well. Margo replied that she knew the whole family.

Caroline asked for Margo's opinion of Ridge. Margo didn't think of Ridge much at all. Their paths rarely crossed. Caroline stated that he was really worth knowing. Caroline decided to take off, and once Margo was alone, she sadly pressed tulle against her face.

Back in Eric's office, Caroline arrived to thank Eric for the wedding gown again. She asked for Kristen's number because she wanted to ask Kristen to be in the wedding party. Eric decided to call Kristen right then. He dialed the number and handed Caroline the phone.

When Kristen answered, Caroline introduced herself. Kristen didn't know a Caroline, but Caroline clarified that she was engaged to Ridge. Kristen's bored monotone didn't change as she offered congratulations but conveyed that she wouldn't be at the wedding.

Caroline felt that Kristen had to be there. Caroline needed Kristen. Surprised that Caroline wanted Kristen to be a bridesmaid, Kristen said they'd just met. It didn't feel that way to Caroline. Kristen decided that it didn't feel that way to her, either. Caroline stated that she didn't have a sister, and it would mean a lot to her.

Eric flashed an impressed expression when it seemed like Kristen had agreed to do it. Caroline ended the call by saying that she looked forward to meeting Kristen. Caroline conveyed her belief that she and Kristen would be very close.

At the Logan house, Storm found Katie beaming because a guy from school had asked her on a date. She exclaimed that the guy knew what she looked like, and he still wanted to be with her.

Later, Katie was upstairs, getting ready, and Storm was filling Donna in on Katie's mystery date. Donna divulged that she'd met a guy in the library that morning, and she'd tried to get him to ask Katie out. Storm sighed, and Donna recalled that it had been his idea.

Storm asked if Donna had told the guy about Katie. Donna admitted that she hadn't mentioned Katie's complexion. The doorbell rang, and Donna scurried out of sight.

Storm opened the door, and Rocco asked if Katie Logan lived there. Storm introduced himself as Katie's brother and invited Rocco in. Storm asked if Rocco lived around there. "Kinda," Rocco replied. As Storm questioned Rocco about where he and Katie were going, she appeared on the stairs. Rocco asked if she was Katie, and the grinning Katie affirmed it. "Let's go," he said.

Storm handed Katie's jacket to Rocco. Rocco helped Katie put it on. Like a father, Storm followed them onto the porch, never taking his eyes off Rocco as the two took off from the house.

Later, Rocco and Katie sat down at a burger joint named Graffitis. She expressed excitement about being there for the first time. Figuring that everyone hung out there, he asked where she went out on dates. Katie replied that she didn't go on dates. Correcting herself, she said her mother had recently given her permission to date.

Katie and Rocco had seen a karate movie earlier, and he was shocked that she'd actually liked it. She asked which class he'd seen her in, and he guessed it had been English. Katie told him that he wasn't in her English class, and he said he'd seen her walking out of the class.

Thrilled that he'd been watching her, Katie asked why Rocco had done it. Rocco didn't get it, and Katie said she'd never had anyone look at her that way before. He asked in what way. She asked why he'd been watching her, and he replied that he'd wanted to know who she was. "That way, Rocco. I never had anybody look at me that way before," Katie explained and grinned.

Rocco took Katie home. On her porch, she was still reeling because a guy like him had noticed her. Rocco asked why not. He thought she was pretty cool. He said he'd see her around and waved as he left.

Katie went into the house, looked in the mirror, and wondered if Rocco had even noticed. Grinning, she stated that it hadn't seemed to even matter to him.

Bill calls off his investigation into Ridge

Bill calls off his investigation into Ridge

Thursday, April 2, 1987

by Mike

While doing dishes, Beth and Brooke discussed Rocco having called Katie for a date. Donna looked into space uncomfortably. Upon Beth asking the boy's name, Katie entered and beamed that it was Rocco Carner and that she had had the best night of her life.

Brooke perused a textbook as Beth entered, remarking on how happy Katie seemed after having had a date. Beth noted that she had been thrown by Dave's proposal to Brooke, who admitted she had been, as well. When Beth asked what Brooke had decided, Brooke replied that she didn't know. Brooke couldn't say if she was in love with Dave. Beth advised Brooke not to marry any man unless she loved him, and even then, Brooke might not be ready for marriage, since Brooke was graduating college that June and might want a career.

Beth emphasized that it didn't mean Brooke shouldn't get married. It was Brooke's decision. Brooke sighed and said that sometimes she wished it wasn't. The doorbell rang, and Brooke assumed it was Dave; Beth reminded Brooke that Dave was a fine young man.

Upstairs, Donna saw Dave arriving from her window and told Katie, who was lost in thought. Donna guessed that Katie couldn't stop thinking about her date. Katie asked Donna if she knew Rocco then questioned whether or not Donna had arranged for Rocco to call Katie. Donna lied and assured Katie she hadn't. Donna looked guilty as she went to take a shower, and Katie wrote in her diary about the wonderful day she had had.

Dave and Brooke made out in the living room. Brooke assured Dave she was doing better about the attack and assumed Dave wanted to go over their plan to trap her assailants. Dave wanted to talk about his proposal to Brooke, who hugged him and said she felt good with him. "Good enough to marry me?" Dave asked. "Maybe," Brooke replied. Why not let Dave dangle? she mused; his might be the only marriage proposal she ever received. Dave hoped so, and he asked for a beer.

As Brooke fetched it for him, Dave browsed the society column about Ridge and Caroline's upcoming nuptials. Brooke returned and considered Caroline to be the luckiest woman in town, getting married surrounded by reporters, photographers, and the elegance of the Forrester mansion. Brooke pictured her own friends and family amongst the splendor, and in the center of it.

"Is me," Dave filled in, breaking Brooke's reverie. Dave realized Brooke had been thinking about the Forrester wedding quite a bit; Brooke said she was only fantasizing. Dave said he couldn't give Brooke what the Forresters could, but he'd give Brooke the best he had.

Ridge oversaw two models in slinky swimwear as an assistant read Ridge a press release. Caroline walked in on the spectacle, amused, and Ridge turned off a cassette playing The Bold and the Beautiful's theme song. Ridge introduced Caroline to the assistant, Vivian, and the models. Vivian relayed that the bikinis were Ridge's designs, prompting Caroline to coyly ask what went on in Ridge's head. Vivian escorted the models out. Once alone, Ridge told Caroline he had needs -- and a problem waiting for their honeymoon.

Caroline interrupted Ridge's kissing to tell him she had to leave to see Bill, who needed more convincing about Ridge. Ridge joked that what Bill wanted was for a blunt object to land on Ridge's head. Caroline felt Bill was coming around. Ridge asked if Caroline was really going to make him wait until they were married. Caroline forced herself to pull away from another passionate kiss and left Ridge sighing in his office, where he received a phone call from a mysterious, flirtatious woman.

Ridge realized his caller was Alex and asked her how Paris was. Alex oozed that she had heard a silly rumor; Ridge confirmed his fiancée was beautiful. Alex said one didn't marry for beauty. Ridge responded that he had to settle down sometime. Alex excused herself and hung up then was asked by a flight attendant to take her seat.

Ridge wore an impish smile as Margo entered his office, acidly asking if Ridge's was the smile of a man thinking about his fiancée. Margo announced that she had met Caroline, whom Margo had found lovely and fresh. Margo wondered why Ridge was marrying Caroline, since Margo knew Ridge wasn't interested in marriage. Ridge scoffed that his fling with Margo had happened two years earlier. When Margo sniffed that Ridge had only been in it to have fun, Ridge snapped that if Margo had had more fun, things might have been different.

Margo called the remark cruel and didn't think Ridge should play with Caroline. Margo deduced that Caroline hadn't slept with Ridge, and Margo implored Ridge not to marry Caroline just so he could have sex with her. Doing so would destroy Caroline. Margo declared that she knew what Ridge was like when he didn't get what he wanted from a woman. Margo begged Ridge to give Caroline up, because he was wrong for Caroline.

Caroline gushed to her father about getting to wear the expensive Forrester wedding dress that Eric was designing for her. Bill felt Caroline deserved it. Caroline deemed Eric amazing and reported that she had also talked to Ridge's sister Kristen in New York and felt like she had known Kristen for years. Caroline sensed Bill wasn't listening.

Bill conceded he still had misgivings about Ridge but intended to keep his promise about giving Caroline his blessing. Caroline wanted Bill's approval, as well, and wanted to hear Bill say that he approved of Ridge. Bill revealed he had heard things about Ridge but wouldn't answer Caroline's question as to who had told him about Ridge. Caroline wanted Bill to believe that Ridge loved her.

Bill confessed that Caroline's mother, Marion, had confided in him about Caroline's decision not to have sex until marriage. Marion had wanted Caroline to have a 25-year marriage like Marion had had with Bill. Caroline assured Bill that she had kept her promise, despite how much she wanted Ridge. Caroline was adamant that Ridge had never tried to force himself on her. Caroline insisted that Ridge was a good man who wanted her in his life forever, like Bill and Marion, and she entreated Bill to give Ridge a chance.

Back at the office, Ridge and Vivian inspected more bathing suits. The phone rang, and Alex told Ridge their calls were becoming dull, adding that she was in town and thought she and Ridge could at least get together for a drink, since she'd flown all the way from Paris. Alex told Ridge she would be waiting.

Bill reached private investigator Weston's answering machine and told him to close his case on Ridge. Bill had been wrong about Ridge, after all.

A stranger catches Ridge in the act

A stranger catches Ridge in the act

Friday, April 3, 1987

At the mansion, Eric arrived as Stephanie finished a call with the florist. She was excited about the wedding, and he said she'd never guess who'd be one of Caroline's bridesmaids: Kristen. "Kristen!" Stephanie seethed.

Stephanie assumed Eric had had a hand in it, but he swore he hadn't. He told her how the conversation had gone and noted that she wasn't pleased that their oldest daughter would be home for the first time in over a year. Stephanie said it wasn't as if they hadn't been to New York to see Kristen in the interim, but he asked if Stephanie was the least bit excited about their daughter's homecoming. Stephanie asserted that he knew she and Kristen didn't get along.

Eric and Stephanie each asked who the other blamed for that. Eric said Kristen could never please Stephanie, and she countered that Kristen could never do wrong in daddy's eyes. Stephanie had had to do all the disciplining. Eric implored his wife to avoid conflict between her and their daughter. "You tell that to Kristen," Stephanie snapped.

Eric wanted to make the wedding a time the family would never forget. He said it would be a new beginning for Ridge and Caroline -- and maybe a new beginning for Eric and Stephanie, too. "If only that were possible," Stephanie said. Eric believed that anything was possible, and it was in his and Stephanie's hands.

At Bill's condo, Margo arrived and kissed Bill's cheek. Bill kissed her on the lips and said he'd been waiting to do that for a long time. Margo revealed that she'd met Caroline at the dress fitting, and Caroline was everything Bill had said and more. He recalled the way Caroline had beamed about her dress, her dreams, Ridge, and his lovely family.

Margo didn't think it was abnormal to get caught up in the family and not see Ridge for who he was. Bill stated that he and Caroline had talked extensively about the man she'd marry, and he was finding it harder and harder to believe the version of the man Margo had painted or that Caroline would be hurt by Ridge.

Margo was upset that Bill was ready to condone the marriage. She'd hoped she'd told Bill enough to dissuade him. Bill noted that she'd never told him what had gone on with her and Ridge or how involved they'd been. Margo stated that the marriage was a mistake.

Bill contended that Caroline had told him differently, and his daughter was not a naïve child. Margo reasoned that being in love could blur one's vision. "Is that what happened to you? You loved him, didn't you?" Bill asked and wondered if it had ended because of Ridge or her.

Bill decided that he couldn't hold Ridge accountable for the kind of life he'd lived before he'd met Caroline. Margo didn't know what to say except to hope Caroline was never hurt by Ridge. Turning his back on his doubts, Bill revealed that he'd left the private detective a message on his machine, saying his services were no longer required.

In Ridge's office, Ridge had somewhere to be and was perturbed that he had to wait around for a return phone call from an important client. He attempted to pawn the call off on Eric, but when Ridge reached for the phone to call his father, Thorne stopped Ridge from laying it at Eric's feet.

Ridge talked Thorne into waiting for the phone call. Thorne wondered if Ridge was meeting Caroline. Ridge quietly smiled. Before leaving, Ridge asked Thorne to take some fabric bolts to production and said that, if Thorne wasn't busy the following Friday, Ridge needed a best man.

Later, Thorne was surprised when Caroline arrived, looking for Ridge, but he wasn't there. She explained that she'd had plans with her father, but things had ended early. She'd been hoping to catch Ridge, who'd said he'd be working late. She asked where Ridge had gone.

Thorne didn't know, but he was pretty certain Ridge hadn't gone home. In disbelief, Thorne asked if Ridge had said he'd be working late. Caroline affirmed it and assumed Ridge was with a client. Thorne offered to take Caroline out if she was hungry. She asked if it would be okay if she took another peek at her wedding dress in Margo's office. Once Caroline had gone, Thorne wondered "who the hell" Ridge was out with if not his fiancée.

In Margo's office, Caroline held the dress against her body. She fantasized about walking through the Forrester house in it on her way to the altar, where she and Ridge took their vows. She imagined dancing with him at the reception and kissing him on a bed.

In a hotel restaurant, Ridge sat at a table with Alex. She asked why he hadn't told her that he was ready for marriage. He said he and Alex went way back, "but marriage, nah." Alex asked if his fiancée was better than Alex. Ridge couldn't answer it because he and Caroline had never made love. Alex laughed, guessing he was marrying Caroline to find out.

Ridge replied that it might be because Caroline's old man didn't want him to marry her. Alex asked if Caroline was worth it. "Let's just say he is," Ridge quipped. He claimed to love Caroline more than he had any woman. "And we both know how much that is," Alex retorted.

Ridge asked what Alex wanted from him. She'd come to see a Ridge ready for marriage, but a tamed stallion he'd never be. He asked if she was sure about that. Alex reminded him that she was the same woman he'd torn through Paris with.

Ridge said they'd been living a dream, and he didn't want Alex to heckle him about his wedding anymore. Alex wasn't there to heckle Ridge. She was there to reminisce about the places he'd taken her and the places they'd made love. It was a shame to her that they'd never share moments like that again.

Nearby, Mr. Weston sat down and observed Ridge and Alex. He called to check his answering machine and heard Bill's message, canceling the service because he'd been wrong about Ridge. Weston sighed and studied Ridge. After a while, Weston exited.

Later, someone took a key to open the door to room 1133. When the lock clicked back, two people in the bed turned to the door. A camera bulb flashed, revealing Alex and Ridge in bed together.

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