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Ridge's mistake with Alex caused him to realize his love for Caroline. Bill received incriminating photos of Ridge and demanded that Ridge call off the wedding. Donna convinced Rocco to see Katie again, but he seemed attracted to Donna. Brooke learned that Beth had known Eric in college.
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Thorne warns Ridge not to hurt Caroline Thorne warns Ridge not to hurt Caroline

Monday, April 6, 1987

by Mike

Beth took a sandwich and milk to Storm, who had picked up a new society column in the paper after studying a law book. Storm pondered what it was like having a father like Eric, who had accomplished a lot and raised a family, which Storm's father hadn't done. Storm fumed about how his father had bailed on them and caused his mother and sisters to have to work, and even then, they were barely scraping by. Storm deemed his father a failure, which Beth said was tragic, but Storm worried that he might one day desert his own family like his father had. Storm confessed he consciously worked at being different than his dad.

Beth and Storm agreed that Brooke was invested in the upcoming Forrester-Spencer wedding. When Storm asked his mother if she thought Brooke would marry Dave, Beth remarked that it seemed even Brooke didn't know the answer. Beth inquired if there was anyone special in Storm's life; Storm responded that Beth would be the first to know when there was, and he was sorry he had gotten so steamed about his father.

Once alone, Beth stared at the paper and wondered if Eric remembered.

Ridge met Alex in her hotel lobby, reporting that he hadn't been able to catch the man who'd burst into their room and taken a photo of them in bed. Alex wanted to know who the man was and why he would snap such a picture. Ridge ruled out the possibility of blackmail because he was sure Bill, who wanted to see Ridge fry, had arranged for the snapshot to be taken. Alex mused that she had only called Ridge an hour before; if Ridge hadn't told anyone, Alex reasoned, then no one could know they were together. The photographer had had the wrong room.

Alex reminded Ridge that they had been in the middle of something when they'd been interrupted. Labeling herself insatiable when it came to Ridge, Alex suggested she and Ridge return to her room, but Ridge was no longer in the mood.

In Margo's office, Thorne watched Caroline appraising her wedding dress in the mirror. Caroline saw Thorne and thought Thorne had to think she was vain. Thorne replied that Caroline had cause to be and joked that Caroline should wear the dress home. Caroline admitted she had been fantasizing about her wedding night and remarked that she wouldn't have to wait much longer for it. Thorne caught himself staring at Caroline and apologized.

Caroline assumed Ridge wasn't returning to the office that evening and decided to change. Thorne insisted on driving her home. When Caroline left to put her own clothes back on, Thorne privately wondered where Ridge was and what Ridge was up to.

In a photographer's darkroom, private investigator Weston developed the picture he had shot of Ridge and Alex in bed.

In Margo's apartment, Margo served Bill a drink and toasted to a lovely evening. Bill and Margo exchanged romantic banter about Margo's eyes and lips before Bill's tone turned serious. He wanted to know about Margo's experience with Ridge. Margo evaded the question, only saying Ridge was wrong for Caroline. Bill didn't want the information for Caroline; Bill had become convinced that Ridge loved Caroline. Bill reiterated that he had called off the private investigator he had hired to follow Ridge. When Bill stated that Ridge hadn't laid a hand on Caroline, Margo spat that it was because Caroline hadn't let Ridge and that Bill was only selling himself on the idea of accepting Ridge.

Bill became frustrated and demanded that Margo tell him exactly what had transpired between her and Ridge. When Margo wouldn't, Bill told Margo he wouldn't have her spoil Caroline's wedding day with suspicions. He ordered that Margo stop casting aspersions on Ridge, and he stalked out.

Ridge again rejected the idea of going back to Alex's hotel room, opting to go home. Alex asked Ridge when she would see him again, pointing out that she would only be in L.A. a while. Ridge said he would keep that in mind as he bid a disappointed Alex goodnight.

Weston tried to call Bill about Ridge's photo but hung up when Caroline answered. Caroline decided the call couldn't have been important and let Thorne in. While Caroline ran into the kitchen to pour some coffee, Thorne called home and learned that Ridge hadn't been there all evening. Caroline and Thorne joked about the terrible tasting coffee, but Thorne surmised humor wasn't his strong suit. Caroline asked what was, but Thorne wanted Caroline to tell him; Caroline decided she didn't know Thorne well enough yet to determine it but promised she would say when she did.

Caroline decided to call Ridge, but Thorne stopped her and admitted he had already phoned the house, only to find Ridge was still out. Thorne fibbed that Ridge was stuck in a meeting, and paled when Caroline smiled, saying that at least she had the next best thing. Caroline asked if Thorne wondered why L.A. was called the City of Angels; Thorne gazed at Caroline and said he didn't anymore then excused himself.

Thorne waited up for Ridge and repeatedly ordered Ridge to explain where he had been, because Caroline had been looking for Ridge. Ridge lied that he'd had an appointment but revealed he had blown it, prompting Thorne to angrily ask, "Who is she?" Ridge wouldn't say, though he did refer to making a stupid mistake and learning a lesson. Thorne scoffed that the lesson had to have been how to be faithful after having a last fling. Thorne got physical with Ridge and seethed that Ridge didn't deserve Caroline because she was the best. Thorne vowed that if Ridge hurt Caroline, Ridge would have to answer to Thorne.

Caroline welcomed Bill home and playfully asked where he had been. "Just out," Bill replied. Bill saw the two coffee cups and assumed Ridge had been over. Caroline corrected that it was Thorne who had visited because Ridge had been working late. Bill was not unimpressed and conceded that Ridge was all right. Caroline predicted that Bill and Ridge would one day be close. Bill opined that he was simply having a tough time with the idea of his baby leaving him. Caroline smiled, asking if Bill would settle for a granddaughter. Bill was not opposed to one.

Caroline then reported that Bill had gotten a call from a Conway Weston, who wanted Bill to call back. Bill said he had wanted to use Weston for something but had left a message canceling Weston's services.

Meanwhile, in his office, Weston studied the photo of Alex in bed with Ridge.

Mr. Weston places an important envelope in Bill's hands Mr. Weston places an important envelope in Bill's hands

Tuesday, April 7, 1987

In the Logan sisters' bedroom, Storm teased Brooke about her workout. He bet Dave could watch it all day and wondered if she had decided about the marriage. Brooke loved that Dave was letting her take her time about answering. Storm replied that Dave was a good man, but Storm asked if Dave was the right man for her. "You don't think so?" Brooke asked.

Storm didn't know if Dave fulfilled Brooke's needs or not, but Storm kept seeing "stuff like this" lying around. Showing Brooke the society page about the Forresters, Storm asked if Brooke would be happy on a cop's salary. Brooke replied that Dave made good money. Gazing at the paper, she said "this is a fairy tale. Every girl's dream."

Storm knew that it was Brooke's dream, and it had been since she'd been young. He thought she'd been a princess in another life. He wondered if she should marry "a guy like this." She replied that the guy was already taken. Storm left, and she gazed at Ridge and Caroline in the paper.

At Bill's condo, Caroline received a call from Kristen at the airport. Kristen agreed to drop off her bags at home and stop by to see Caroline. After the call, Bill informed Caroline that he was on his way to meet Stephanie. He asked Caroline to keep her evening free for a surprise.

After Bill had gone, Mr. Weston called again, trying to urgently reach Bill. Caroline said she'd given Bill Weston's last message, and she agreed to relay a new urgent message to Bill.

In Ridge's office, Stephanie arrived. She had a meeting that day with Bill Spencer. Ridge asked what that was about and who'd set it up. She quipped that it wasn't a summit in Geneva; it was a meeting about the wedding. She assumed he hadn't gotten much sleep the previous night and wondered where he'd been. Ridge asked why she'd ask that.

Stephanie didn't know why Ridge was so defensive. She hoped Ridge was in a better mood once Bill got there. Ridge asked if Bill wanted Ridge in the meeting. She didn't know. Ridge decided he was all tied up and couldn't attend. Stephanie left, her curiosity piqued.

Later, Alex arrived. Ridge was livid that she'd shown up there. He asserted that what had happened the previous night had been a mistake, and he was getting married. Alex noted more conviction in his tone than the previous night. He said he felt more conviction that day.

Alex wondered if she'd been that bad. Ridge didn't want to lose Caroline, but that photographer had a photo of Alex and him in bed. Alex said Ridge believed Caroline's father had hired the photographer. Ridge conveyed that Bill was meeting with Stephanie at that moment.

Doubting it had anything to do with the photos, Alex believed the secret was safe. She couldn't believe Ridge had fallen in love. She figured there was nothing to do but wish him luck, and she left.

Across the hall, Stephanie and Bill concluded their meeting about the wedding, and he suggested a party that evening for their families in his home. Stephanie accepted the invitation, and Bill asked to see Ridge.

Stephanie called Ridge and said Bill wanted to see him. "Mother, I told you -- " Ridge said. Cutting him off, Stephanie stated, "Yes, now. Thank you."

When Ridge arrived in Eric's office, Bill was alone. Bill said he and Ridge had never liked each other, but the impending marriage made it impossible for them to stay away from each other. Bill asked how he and Ridge would handle that. It sounded to Ridge like Bill had the answer.

Bill said he'd been learning about Ridge through Caroline's eyes, and Ridge had to know the depth of her feelings for Ridge. Ridge replied that it was the same as his feelings for her. Several days back, Bill would have called Ridge a liar, but Caroline had convinced him that Ridge loved her and wouldn't cast her aside like a trinket. Bill never would have thought of Ridge as trustworthy; however, Caroline had said that Ridge respected her and hadn't forced himself upon her. That was very important to Bill.

Bill had seen Ridge as a man living to satisfy his hunger, but it wasn't true. Bill asserted that he'd fight the marriage if he had a sense that Ridge could hurt or betray Caroline. "And believe me, Ridge, I'd win." Ridge thanked God it didn't have to come to that, and he thanked Bill for his acceptance. With a handshake, Bill welcomed Ridge to the family.

Stephanie poked her head in to tell Bill had that he had a call on line 54. Ridge and Stephanie exited, and Bill answered the call. It was his daughter, and he guessed she wanted to know how it had gone with Ridge. She hadn't called about that, "but now that you bring it up..."

Bill conveyed that it had gone well. He hadn't thought he'd say it, but Ridge appeared to be a fine young man. Caroline beamed about it, and Bill asked why she'd called. Caroline relayed Mr. Weston's message, and Bill murmured that some people never took no for an answer.

Bill called Mr. Weston, who said he had something Bill would want to see. Bill refused to extend Weston's contract and didn't want to hear a sales pitch. "You paid for this, Mister," Weston said. He thought Bill was crazy if he didn't take a look at it. Bill hung up the line on Weston.

Back at Bill's condo, Kristen and Caroline had coffee and talked about the reaction Kristen's parents had had to the engagement. Kristen revealed that in school, Ridge had been voted least likely to marry before age 40. Kristen wondered how Caroline had handled him.

Caroline said she'd done what she'd do with anyone she loved. Kristen assumed Caroline had done it well and stated that Ridge was popular with the ladies. Caroline hoped she didn't disappoint Ridge on their wedding night. Kristen seemed surprised. Caroline affirmed that she and Ridge hadn't been intimate. She wasn't afraid or ashamed to admit that.

Kristen figured she'd discovered why Ridge had fallen for Caroline. Caroline wasn't like any woman he'd ever known or that Kristen had ever known. Caroline asked if Kristen and Ridge were close. Kristen explained that she wasn't close to anyone in the family anymore, and she hadn't been home in years. Kristen didn't know why she was telling Caroline, perhaps because Caroline felt safe and honest, but the fact was that Kristen and her mother detested each other.

In Mr. Weston's office, Bill arrived, and Weston said he'd thought Bill would change his mind. Bill quipped that Weston was an expense, and Bill needed a receipt. Weston asserted that he'd done his job. He asked if Bill wanted the results or not. Handing Bill an envelope, Weston told Bill to feast his eyes on that. Bill unsealed the envelope.

Kristen's homecoming with Stephanie is rocky Kristen's homecoming with Stephanie is rocky

Wednesday, April 8, 1987

Ridge and Thorne went over paperwork and discussed the "volume we need." Ridge wanted the coming week to run as smoothly as possible. Thorne noted that Ridge seemed less stressed than he had been the previous evening. Ridge agreed but wouldn't answer Thorne's inquiry as to what had been going on with Ridge. Ridge would only imply he had received a scare, and it had made him look at things differently. Thorne asked if Ridge had gotten in over his head; when Ridge hinted he had, Thorne asked, "You never learn, do you?" Ridge admitted that "maybe this time" he had.

Thorne recalled that Ridge hadn't been with Caroline the night before, because Caroline had been with Thorne. Ridge wanted to drop the subject, so Thorne mentioned he had seen Bill in Eric's office and that Bill had seemed happy about Ridge and Caroline's upcoming wedding, despite Bill seeming to oppose it earlier. Ridge agreed and said he wanted to keep Bill happy. Then Ridge gave Thorne an expensive watch as a best man present. The brothers shared a close moment as Ridge said he was glad Thorne would be standing up for him. Thorne reasoned that something had to really have changed Ridge, assuming it was Caroline. Ridge agreed that the love of a good woman did it every time.

Caroline told Kristen that she wasn't sure how she'd have everything ready for her wedding on Friday. Kristen offered to help as a bridesmaid. Caroline wanted Kristen to be her maid of honor instead. Kristen agreed, as long as she could call the role "best woman." Caroline needed to leave for another wedding dress fitting and offered to drop a reluctant Kristen off at the Forrester mansion. Kristen figured she'd have to face her mother sometime.

Caroline lamented that Kristen and Stephanie weren't close; Kristen sighed and said that it wasn't meant to be. Caroline then told Kristen about the cocktail party Bill was throwing for the combined families that evening. Kristen thought Bill sounded "like quite a guy." Caroline deemed him the best.

At Weston's office, Bill opened the envelope the private investigator had handed him and stared in shock at the picture of Ridge in bed with Alex. Weston told Bill the photo had been taken the night before. Bill wanted proof, and Weston produced Alex's name and hotel room number. Bill still thought the image could have been snapped before Ridge had become involved with Caroline. Weston knew Bill didn't want to believe it but correctly assumed Bill had to have had misgivings about Ridge, or Bill wouldn't have hired Weston in the first place. Things sank in for Bill.

Margo and Forrester assistant Vivian fussed over Caroline and the details of her wedding dress. Ridge's secretary called for Margo, but Margo, recoiling at Ridge's name, sent Vivian to deal with the matter. Margo told Caroline she would make a beautiful bride, clearly unnerved by the wedding talk. Caroline invited Margo to Bill's cocktail party, but Margo made excuses. Vivian returned and reported that Ridge had gathered the media in his office and wanted Caroline to join him there for a press conference. Caroline nervously admitted to Margo that she'd never been to a media event, but Margo, still cold, assured Caroline she'd be fine. Margo put the bridal veil on Caroline's head, which thrilled Caroline.

In Ridge's office, Ridge introduced Caroline to the press as his fiancée. The soon-to-be-marrieds fielded questions from the reporters, with Ridge openly declaring his love for Caroline and describing how he had met her on a flight from New York. One journalist asked Ridge if he had thoughts about taking Forrester Creations over from Eric, which Ridge felt was premature. As Ridge and Caroline continued responding to questions about their romance, Vivian took a call and made her way through the crowd to whisper something to Margo. The photographers wanted Caroline and Ridge to kiss for the cameras, so they did.

Margo excused herself and took a call from an upset Bill, who wanted Margo to come over as soon as possible.

At the Forrester mansion, Kristen arrived and exchanged stilted pleasantries with Stephanie. When both mother and daughter remarked how lovely Caroline was, Kristen added, "Well, at least we agree on something." Kristen admitted that she'd resisted returning home for her brother's wedding, which Stephanie realized. Kristen felt things were just better for both her and Stephanie when Kristen stayed away. Stephanie became annoyed when Kristen confessed that she had missed Eric but couldn't say she had missed Stephanie. Kristen didn't think Stephanie had missed her, either. Stephanie declared that she wanted her and Kristen to be closer, which Kristen didn't believe.

Kristen observed that Stephanie had always kept her distance from Kristen, but Stephanie denied it. Stephanie said that Kristen didn't know her because she had only been home a few times since moving out after high school. Kristen spat that Stephanie hadn't bothered to get to know her, either. Stephanie entreated Kristen to try to get along, at least for the wedding, and suggested that maybe the love the ceremony generated would rub off on them. Kristen said she would do her best, but that was all she could promise.

Once Ridge ushered the reporters out, Caroline expressed her disbelief that there had been a press conference just for her. Ridge told Caroline that if she stuck around, everything they did would make headlines. Ridge hugged Caroline contently. When Caroline asked if their life together would always be so much fun, Ridge said they couldn't miss. Caroline reminded Ridge about Bill's cocktail party and reported that Kristen would be in attendance.

Ridge was excited, since he hadn't seen his sister in ages. Caroline gushed about how well she and Kristen got along and shared that Kristen would be her maid of honor. Ridge cringed when Caroline added that she had invited Margo to the party.

Ridge deflected, sure Margo wouldn't show up, though Caroline disagreed. Ridge then told Caroline he loved her. Caroline noted that he had never said that to her directly before. Ridge repeated the sentiment, saying it was hard for him to express his feelings, and he went on that he wanted to marry Caroline very much.

Margo saw the picture of Ridge and Alex and asked Bill if he was sure it was recent. Bill relayed what Weston had told him about taking it the night before. Margo wasn't surprised, and Bill admitted he could kill Ridge. Bill declared he couldn't let Caroline blindly enter into a marriage with Ridge, and finding out what Ridge was really like would destroy Caroline. Margo reminded Bill about the party, which Bill had almost forgotten about. Margo wanted to know how they were going to handle things with the Forresters there. Bill wasn't sure but guaranteed he would handle them. The anguished Bill wondered how he was going to tell Caroline the truth.

Bill struggles to restrain himself at his party for Ridge Bill struggles to restrain himself at his party for Ridge

Thursday, April 9, 1987

At the Logan home, Beth found Brooke reading the interview Ridge and Caroline had done in Ridge's office. When Beth joked that Brooke was becoming an expert on the couple, Brooke smirked that she wouldn't mind becoming an expert on Ridge. Beth asked Brooke if Dave was visiting; Brooke confirmed he was but read to Beth a passage describing how an overseas duchess was requesting a copy of the wedding dress Eric was designing for Caroline, marveling it was despite no one having seen the dress yet.

Beth surprised Brooke by revealing that she and Eric had attended the same college and had been in the same graduating class. Brooke figured Beth couldn't have actually known Eric but mused that Beth would have had quite a different life if Beth had married Eric instead of Brooke's father. Beth looked away pensively.

After Dave commented on the meal Brooke had served him, Brooke confessed that Beth had prepared it. Dave wanted dessert from Brooke and kissed her passionately. Things got hot and heavy, but Brooke giggled and put the brakes on, since Beth was in the kitchen. Brooke handed Dave the latest article about Ridge and Caroline to distract him. Dave wondered why Ridge and Caroline didn't just get their wedding over with. Brooke cracked, "Because then they'll have to live together."

The jovial mood changed when Brooke asked about the plan she and Dave had concocted to catch Brooke's attackers, using Brooke as a decoy. When Dave said he had changed his mind about it, Brooke wondered if Storm had talked Dave out of it. Dave had come to agree with Storm that the ruse was too dangerous, but Brooke was sure the would-be rapists would return for her as promised. Brooke was willing to put herself at risk to protect other women from being assaulted by them. Brooke insisted Dave use her as bait.

Eric returned home and was delighted to find his daughter Kristen waiting for him. After they exchanged warm greetings, Eric asked if Kristen had seen her brothers. Kristen replied she hadn't yet. Eric hesitantly inquired as to whether Kristen had seen Stephanie. Kristen said she had briefly but that she was into coexisting on her trip, and it seemed that Stephanie was, as well. Kristen still couldn't believe Ridge was about to be married but relayed that when she had met Caroline, things had started to make sense because Caroline was so warm and genuine.

Kristen and Eric then talked about Bill's party that evening; Eric remarked that Bill hadn't seemed enthused about the wedding but was apparently warming to it. Eric attributed Bill's change of heart to Ridge's charm. Kristen loved being able to talk to Eric, but it gave her pause when Eric suggested Kristen move home from New York.

Bill ranted about not knowing what to do about Ridge's betrayal with Alex. Margo reminded Bill about the party, causing Bill to erupt, "To hell with the party!" When Bill raged that he couldn't let Caroline marry Ridge, Margo exclaimed, "Then tell her!" Bill worried that Caroline would blame him for destroying her life and not be able to forgive him for having Ridge followed. Plus, it would mean Caroline having to see the photo of Ridge in bed with another woman.

Margo thought she should leave, but Bill wanted her to stay as moral support during the party, since he might do something he would regret once he saw Ridge.

As Ridge and Caroline kissed in his office, Caroline felt that something had changed with Ridge. She wanted to know if it had come about from something she had done. Ridge told her no but added that he loved Caroline and had never been more sure of it. The about-to-be-marrieds then left to get ready for Bill's party.

Dressed in tuxes, Thorne and Ridge caught up with Kristen, who was putting the finishing touches on her look for Bill's soirée. The siblings teased each other playfully, with Kristen in awe that "confirmed bachelor of the universe" Ridge was actually getting married. Stephanie peeked in on her children and informed them that the car Eric had ordered for everyone was waiting. Thorne said he and Ridge were driving separately, leaving Stephanie and Kristen alone in Kristen's room. Mother and daughter exchanged pleasantries, but Kristen was still cold toward Stephanie, who seemed disappointed.

Bill nursed a drink as Caroline arrived home, her arms loaded with packages. Caroline sensed Bill's mood and encouraged him to cheer up, as he would still have her for a few more days.

Later, Bill showed the Forresters in and met Kristen. Stephanie was surprised by the arrival of Margo, who pretended to make Bill's acquaintance for the first time. Privately, Stephanie noted to Eric that it seemed like Bill and Margo already knew each other.

Bill caught Margo alone and forced a smile as he admitted he was having the worst night of his life. Margo thought that Bill shouldn't have gone through with the party and suggested he feign illness to end it early. When Bill saw Ridge entering with Thorne, Bill growled, "God forgive me for what I'm about to do," but Margo stopped Bill from approaching Ridge. Margo begged Bill not to out Ridge in front of their company, but Bill was adamant it happen that evening.

Stephanie remarked to Eric that Bill seemed preoccupied. Margo stated that Bill was tired. Stephanie wondered how Margo could know that, having just met Bill. Margo sidestepped by saying she had just been talking with Bill. Margo further played it off when Stephanie announced her conviction that Margo and Bill already knew each other.

In front of Caroline, Thorne kidded Ridge about his snoring, and Eric interrupted by proposing a toast. Eric wished Ridge and Caroline every happiness and added that he was sure Bill was as joyous about the upcoming nuptials as Eric and Stephanie were. Caroline then encouraged Bill to speak. Bill took a breath and said he continued to hope for Caroline's eternal happiness -- and wished that Ridge would get everything he so richly deserved.

Ridge complimented Bill on the toast, calling Bill "Mr. Spencer." Caroline felt Ridge should get used to calling Bill "Dad," or at least by Bill's first name. Bill told Caroline he wanted to speak to Ridge alone. Caroline excused herself. When Bill declared that he desired a meeting with Ridge later that evening, Ridge offered to talk to Bill at that moment. Bill declined and coldly said he'd expect to hear from Ridge after the party. Bill's obvious change in tone wiped the smile off Ridge's face.

Bill orders Ridge to call off the wedding to Caroline Bill orders Ridge to call off the wedding to Caroline

Friday, April 10, 1987

On Bill's balcony, Ridge and Caroline shared a passionate kiss. They were pleased with how the party had gone. She felt closer to the Forresters. She wondered if Ridge had noticed that her father had seemed preoccupied that evening. She decided that she might not be seeing things clearly. Ridge plied her with compliments. Swooning, she wished they didn't have to wait.

Ridge said Caroline sounded like him. Caroline reasoned that it was just one more day away. She asked if he had second thoughts or regrets. Ridge's eyes flickered, but he said it was nothing. She asked if he was sure there was nothing she should know about. He replied that he loved her deeply and couldn't wait to make her his.

In the dark living room, Bill watched Ridge and Caroline kiss again before she saw Ridge out of the condo. She gayly strolled back into the living room. Bill approached her to let her know he'd be going out. She thanked him for the party. She thought that the Forresters were wonderful people, and she felt better about Ridge with every hour.

Bill was about to say something to Caroline, but instead, he advised her to get some sleep for the next day. She went to bed, and he gazed at the phone.

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge was in the dark, and Thorne noted that Ridge was waiting for a phone call. Ridge replied that someone wanted to see him. "At this hour?" Thorne asked and wondered what was going on. Ridge had an idea about it but hoped he was wrong. Ridge asked how he could have been such a fool.

The phone rang, and Thorne went upstairs. It was Bill on the line, saying that Ridge had been instructed to call. Ridge said he'd known Bill would do it. Bill wanted to see Ridge at Forrester right then.

In Ridge's dark office later, Bill arrived, sure Ridge knew why Bill was there. Bill tossed a photo on the floor and ordered Ridge to look at it and refresh his memory. It was a photo of Ridge in bed with Alex. Ridge threw it in the trash, and Bill asked who the woman was.

Ridge asked why it mattered. Bill wanted Ridge to prove the incident had taken place before Ridge had met Caroline, but he knew Ridge couldn't. Ridge yelled that Bill had had Ridge followed. Bill was glad he had. Ridge claimed it had been a mistake. "Oh, you're right about that," Bill quipped.

Ridge asserted that he'd been stupid. Bill guessed the next line was that it would never happen again, but Bill said a man like Ridge couldn't change. Ridge swore to never do anything to hurt Caroline. Bill seethed that Ridge couldn't do that to Caroline and expect Bill to forget it.

Ridge claimed to be in love with Caroline, so "that kind of thing" was history. Bill called Ridge scum and thanked God that Bill had caught it before it was too late. Ridge said it would destroy Caroline if Bill told her. Bill replied that he wouldn't be the one to break her heart. That was Ridge's job. Ridge said there was no way he'd tell Caroline about "that stupid night."

Bill decided that Ridge didn't have to say anything about that night. Ridge would, however, meet Caroline and tell her that the wedding was off. Bill stated that it was never going to happen. It was over and finished for Ridge and for Caroline.

In the Logan sisters' bedroom, Katie analyzed her acne in the mirror. It was getting worse. Beth said it wasn't true, but Katie wouldn't believe that. Beth advised Katie to give it time. As if she'd heard it before, Katie repeated that she'd outgrow it. She questioned how she'd date in the meantime. Beth insisted that it wasn't that bad, but Katie asked why Beth thought no guys called Katie. Katie didn't blame them and said she wouldn't be seen with anyone with a face like hers, either.

Donna listened outside the door as Beth asked about Rocco. Katie stated that it had been the first real date she'd had, but he hadn't called back. Beth replied that it hadn't been that long. Katie wondered who she was kidding; Rocco was cute and wouldn't want a girl like her.

At Griffey's, Donna arrived. A thrilled Rocco greeted her. Surprised that he worked there, she said she'd been looking for him. Rocco invited her to sit down. She wanted to talk about Katie. He asked why Donna hadn't told him about that "acne and stuff." Donna asked if he'd taken a good look at Katie without that "acne and stuff."

Rocco asked how he could when it was all one could see. Denying it, Donna insisted that Katie was a beautiful girl. He replied that Donna was a beautiful girl, and he wondered if she was busy that night. She implored him to get to know her sister. He decided he'd do it for Donna.

Back at the Logan house later, Beth answered the door for Rocco, who was there to see Katie. Beth went upstairs and told Katie to dry her tears because Rocco was there. Looking in the mirror, Katie complained about her face. Beth said to forget that and go talk to him.

Katie went downstairs and remarked that she hadn't seen Rocco for a while. Rocco said he'd gotten a job at Griffey's. He claimed it was why he hadn't been around. She stated that she hadn't expected him to call. He claimed he'd wanted to. He'd been thinking about her. Flattered, she asked if he'd really been thinking about her. He asked if that was okay.

Katie beamed that it was fine. Rocco couldn't stay long, but he'd wanted to say hello. Katie conveyed that she had wanted to see him, too. He decided to take off but guessed he'd see her around -- soon. On the doorstep, he handed her a flower he'd picked from the trellis on the porch. She thanked him for coming over and grinned as he left.

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