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Ridge told Thorne about his infidelity with Alex and decided to disobey Bill's order to call off his wedding to Caroline. Storm wanted Grandma Logan to move in with the Logan family. Stephanie and Kristen butted heads over Kristen's life. Brooke continued to put off answering Dave's proposal. Rocco wanted to go out with Donna instead of Katie. Just before Ridge and Caroline's wedding began, Bill told Caroline that Ridge had been unfaithful, causing her to faint as she walked down the aisle.
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Ridge and Caroline's wedding day arrived
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Rocco wants to go out with Donna instead of Katie Rocco wants to go out with Donna instead of Katie

Monday, April 13, 1987

At the Logan home, Donna came down to breakfast and assured Beth that Katie would be down soon, as well -- as soon as Katie got out of the bathroom. Beth asked Donna if she knew that Rocco had stopped by to see Katie the night before, and she noticed how the attention had improved Katie's mood. Beth said her heart broke for Katie because Katie was so self-conscious about her complexion. When Beth said Rocco seemed like a nice boy, Donna immediately interjected that he was cute and nice enough for being off the wall, leading Beth to conclude that Donna already knew Rocco. Beth also figured out that Donna had arranged for Rocco to call Katie to bolster Katie's self-esteem.

Beth worried what would happen if Katie found out Rocco hadn't approached Katie on his own. Donna insisted that Katie could never learn the truth. Beth wanted to know how Rocco felt about Katie; Donna said Rocco was getting to know Katie and was perfect for her. Beth admired Donna's willingness to help her sister out. Donna was sure that, when Katie's face cleared up, Katie would be homecoming queen.

Katie joined her mother and sister and learned they had been talking about Rocco, whom Katie deemed "neat." Katie divulged that Rocco hadn't called after their first date because he had gotten a job at Griffey's Diner. Katie felt Rocco really seemed to like her and hadn't noticed her acne. Beth reminded Katie that there was more to her than her complexion. Katie couldn't believe that Rocco had said he'd been thinking about her. Beth hugged Donna from the side as if to acknowledge what Donna had done for Katie.

At Griffey's, Rocco jumped over a partition and parked himself at Donna's table. Donna laughed and asked if Rocco could keep taking breaks to talk to her. Rocco said if he got fired because of her, it would be worth it. Donna thanked Rocco for visiting Katie the previous evening, noting that Katie thought Rocco was "somethin' else." Rocco wanted to know what Donna thought of him and asked Donna out.

Donna became serious and maintained that Rocco had to go out with Katie. Rocco said he had taken Katie out once and had stopped by to see Katie because Donna had asked him to. Rocco added that Donna should take his offer of a date as a hint. Donna declared herself off-limits because she and Katie didn't share boyfriends. Rocco asserted that Katie wasn't his type, but Donna was. When Donna refused to go out with Rocco, he said he had a feeling she liked him. Donna stormed off, and Rocco said to himself, "She is so hot."

Thorne arrived at Forrester Creations and asked the receptionist, Claire, if Ridge was in. Claire reported that Ridge had gotten there quite early. Thorne went into Ridge's office and found Ridge unshaven and wearing the same clothes he'd worn the night before. Thorne said he had waited up for Ridge at the house, but Ridge admitted he had spent the night at the office. Thorne sensed that Ridge's dismay had something to do with Ridge's meeting with Bill. Ridge would only make cryptic comments until he revealed that he had to end things with Caroline, whom he loved.

Ridge took responsibility for himself and conceded he had put himself in his position, but Thorne realized Bill had something on Ridge. When Ridge said that Bill had had Ridge followed and obtained a picture, Thorne asked, "Who was she?" Ridge didn't think the girl's identity mattered. What mattered to Ridge was that he had thrown away the most important thing in his life for a good time. Thorne wondered if Bill could be reasoned with, but Ridge insisted Bill wanted to nail him. Ridge wished he could live his night with Alex over again.

Thorne took a call from Bill, who demanded to speak to Ridge, even after Thorne offered to take a message. Bill barked to Ridge that he was telling Caroline that Ridge wanted to speak to her, then hung up. An ebullient Caroline glided into her living room, exclaiming to Bill that she had never been so happy in her life.

As Caroline scheduled her day with wedding plans, Bill announced that Ridge had called, asking to see her. Caroline felt she would be too busy with the wedding happening the next day and that Ridge would understand. When Bill pressed, Caroline remarked that Bill seemed worried...about the possibility of Caroline upsetting her fiancÚ by keeping him waiting. Caroline teased that Bill liked Ridge more and more all the time then relented and agreed to see Ridge that morning.

Thorne watched Caroline go into Ridge's office, worried. Caroline surprised Ridge, who kissed Caroline passionately but seemed out of sorts. Ridge hugged Caroline tightly and disclosed that he hadn't slept well. Caroline assumed "the confirmed bachelor of the universe" was a little shaken up by the idea of getting married. Caroline said that, in 24 hours, she would be Ridge's. Caroline made a list of wedding errands for Ridge and reflected that Bill had said Ridge wanted to talk to her, adding that Bill had made it sound important.

Thorne caught Caroline leaving Ridge's office and was surprised to see her still in great spirits about the wedding. Thorne checked in with Ridge and confirmed that Ridge hadn't told Caroline. Ridge said he couldn't. Thorne questioned what Bill could really do to Ridge for not calling off the wedding. Ridge wouldn't put it past Bill to show Caroline the picture of Ridge in bed with Alex, which would destroy Caroline. Ridge proclaimed he wouldn't be the one to hurt Caroline in that way, because he loved Caroline too much. If Bill was so determined to prevent the marriage, Ridge swore, then Bill would have to do it himself.

Ridge and Bill clash over the impeding wedding Ridge and Bill clash over the impeding wedding

Tuesday, April 14, 1987

In Eric's office, Stephanie and Vivian shopped at a rack of clothes for a wedding outfit for Stephanie. Stephanie eyed a piece that Eric had designed for Kristen and wondered if Kristen had seen it. "I think it's too young for you, Mother," Kristen said, entering the room.

Stephanie selected a different outfit, and Vivian left. Stephanie said that of all her children, she'd thought Kristen would marry first. "Me?" Kristen asked. Stephanie stated that Kristen had wanted to go out and experiment. Kristen replied that she'd left home to go to college, not sleep around, if that was what Stephanie was implying, and there were no men in her life.

Stephanie asked if there had ever been. Kristen questioned why Stephanie asked. Stephanie said she hadn't seen Kristen in a long time and was trying to get to know her. Kristen quipped that Stephanie had had a lifetime to do that. Stephanie assumed it was all her fault, not Kristen's.

Eric entered and wondered if there was a problem. Kristen and Stephanie claimed there wasn't, and Kristen explained that she was there because she needed money to buy a wedding gift. Stephanie's eyes glazed over as Eric handed over his wallet.

Later, Kristen had gone, and Eric asked what had been going on between the women earlier. Stephanie said mothers and daughters disagreed from time to time, unlike some fathers and daughters. Eric assumed she was jealous of his relationship with their daughter.

Stephanie claimed not to be jealous, and Eric wondered if she was jealous of Kristen's youth. That was absurd to Stephanie, but he told her that she was still young and desirable. He didn't think it was unusual to envy their daughters for having their whole lives in front of them. Stephanie admitted that she had certain regrets. He said everyone did.

Stephanie figured she would have done some things differently. Eric assumed one thing would have been not marrying in college, but she replied, "Not getting pregnant in college." He affirmed that it had had a dramatic effect on their lives. He hadn't been ready to get married.

Stephanie added that it was to a woman Eric hadn't been in love with. Eric reasoned that they had stayed together all those years. "Look what we've done with our lives," he said. She asked what that had been. He said that if it weren't for the pregnancy, they wouldn't have Ridge or an impending wedding. "Thank God for Ridge," She quipped. Eric asked what that meant. Putting on a smile, she said it meant there would be a wedding. With that, she walked out of the office.

Alone in his condo, Bill figured Ridge had told Caroline by then, but Bill was surprised when Caroline and Kristen arrived, toting boutique boxes. The women had been shopping and were about to head out again. He asked if Caroline had seen Ridge. Caroline had, and she informed Bill that he'd been mistaken about Ridge wanting to see her about something important.

In Ridge's office later, Ridge received a call from Kristen, inviting him to join her and Caroline for a drink at the club. Ridge said he'd be along shortly, but he had a stop to make first. Ridge left the office, thinking he could no longer put off seeing Bill Spencer.

When Ridge arrived at Bill's condo, Bill seethed that Ridge had a lot of nerve, showing his face there. "We had an understanding, Mister!" Bill said. Ridge replied that he hadn't agreed to break Caroline's heart. Bill said Ridge had done that when he'd bedded that tart. Ridge regretted his mistake, and he'd never be untrue to Caroline again. He told Bill to accept it.

Bill noted that Ridge had the gall to tell Bill what to accept. He said Ridge had had his fun and had to pay the price. Ridge replied that he'd never tell Caroline. Bill guessed that left him, but Ridge doubted that Bill would do it. Bill figured Ridge was banking on that. Ridge asked if Bill really wanted to blast Caroline's dreams apart.

Bill called Ridge a coward for not owning up to his infidelity. Bill believed that, instead, Ridge wanted Bill to do the dirty work. Ridge didn't want either of them to do it, but Bill questioned whether Caroline deserved to know. "That I'm human? That I make mistakes?" Ridge asked.

Bill said Ridge acted like it had been a high school prank, but in marriage, it was adultery and a reason for divorce. Bill wondered why Ridge's case was any different. Ridge said he loved Caroline. Bill thought Ridge should have considered that before he'd gotten in bed in that hotel.

Ridge asked if Bill was so perfect and had never made a mistake. Ridge was asking for forgiveness and another chance. "You ask my daughter, Forrester. She's the one that you violated," Bill decided, then he demanded, "Get out of my home. You make me ill." As Ridge left, he said that he and Caroline were getting married, and he'd see Bill at the wedding.

At the Logan house, Storm prepared to visit his grandmother, Stephen's mother. Brooke wished she could go, but she had to work. Brooke wished Grams didn't live alone. Storm wanted to talk to Grams about that and said their father leaving hadn't helped matters.

Brooke changed the subject to Storm's talk with Dave about the plan to catch the guys who'd attacked her. Affirming that he'd talked to Dave, Storm stated that the plan had been too risky. Storm refused to let her do it, and that was his final answer. With that, Storm left the house.

Later, Storm arrived at Gram's apartment, and she was overjoyed to see him. He'd arrived with temple oranges and greetings from Sam at the farmer's market. The family hadn't heard from her for a while, and she asserted that things were fine. He asked if she got lonely. She replied that she had her friends and her television.

Storm hated to think of Grams being alone but said she never complained. She was very independent, but he wanted her to know that she wasn't a burden. Grams acted like it was nonsense. Storm said that she could live with the Logans. Grams believed that a family needed privacy. "You're part of the family, our family. You'll always be a part of our family," he replied.

Grams changed the subject to Beth and wondered if Beth was still working five or six days a week. Storm said that he was keeping a close eye on Beth. Grams conveyed that Storm was the man she'd wanted his father to be. She didn't expect him to forgive Stephen. Storm asked if she knew why Stephen had left them. She didn't, but she prayed that he'd return. "If he's alive -- " She cut herself off, wondering why she was going there.

Grams changed the topic to how law school was going. Storm revealed that he was almost through. She was proud of Storm, the first lawyer in the family. Storm had a class to get to, but he asked her to give some thought to moving in with them. She asserted that they didn't need an old woman underfoot.

Storm left, and his grandmother sobbed to herself about how lonely she was.

Ridge and Caroline's wedding day arrives Ridge and Caroline's wedding day arrives

Wednesday, April 15, 1987

Kristen playfully sneaked into Ridge's room and jumped on his bed to wake him. She wondered why he hadn't gotten up, since it was his wedding day. Ridge admitted he had been up late from being preoccupied, but he assured his sister he wasn't getting cold feet. Kristen still couldn't believe Ridge was getting married and regarded Caroline as very special. When Kristen snarked that their mother had probably been awake since dawn, seeing to wedding preparations, Ridge softly said, "Hey, Kris, not today, okay?" Thorne joined them, and Kristen exhorted him to help her get Ridge ready, or there wouldn't be a wedding; the rehearsal was an hour away.

Once alone, Ridge reported to Thorne that he had told Bill that Bill would have to expose Ridge's night with Alex to Caroline, since Ridge refused to do it. Thorne wanted to know if Bill cared what the news would do to Caroline. Ridge answered that Bill felt anything was better than Caroline being married to Ridge. Ridge decided all he could do was see the wedding through and hope Bill wouldn't open things up with Caroline.

Caroline stood on her balcony and thought to herself how lucky she was to have found the perfect man in Ridge. Caroline wished her mother were alive to attend her wedding. She turned to find Bill, who was clearly bothered. Caroline presumed that Bill was sad about Caroline moving out, but she assured her father he wasn't going to lose her, since Bill was her first love. Bill remained wordless as Caroline dashed off to get ready for the wedding rehearsal.

At the Forrester mansion, the maid, Maria, served breakfast. Stephanie asked Maria about the status of the caterers and the florist. When Maria attested that everything was running smoothly, Stephanie smiled and said that it seemed they were going to have a wedding. Ridge overheard as he came down and pointedly said he hoped so, or they would all be going to a lot of trouble for nothing; Thorne took Ridge's meaning. Eric sensed that Ridge was nervous, causing the whole family to laugh. Ridge said it wasn't every day he got married.

Eric said how proud he was of Ridge and remarked that, in his younger years, Eric might have fallen for Caroline himself. Stephanie was very uncomfortable with the comment. After Stephanie said she hoped Ridge would like the wedding arrangements and that she wanted them to be perfect, Kristen scoffed that the wedding would be perfect because of Ridge and Caroline's love. Eric broke the tension by joshing that he and Stephanie were too young to see their firstborn being married and by observing that Stephanie would make a stunning mother of the groom.

Once Thorne lightheartedly ushered Kristen away so she could get ready, Eric advised Ridge to enjoy his day, because it would be the best one of Ridge's life.

Bill stared at the picture of Ridge in bed with Alex, hiding it behind his back when Caroline happily floated into the living room. Caroline couldn't wait for Bill to see her in the wedding gown Eric had designed for her. Caroline flitted off and teased that Bill had better not dare be late for the rehearsal. Bill looked at the photo again, troubled.

A minister walked Caroline, Ridge, best man Thorne and "best woman" Kristen through the wedding ceremony, noting that Bill wasn't in attendance. Caroline explained that Bill had had a business meeting and assured the minister she would explain to Bill what he had to do. The minister let Ridge and Caroline practice not only their vows, but their kiss. Caroline took Ridge aside in private to practice the kiss again. Caroline remained in disbelief that the wedding was actually happening. Ridge averred that once Caroline was Mrs. Ridge Forrester, no one would be able to change it. Ridge escorted Caroline upstairs to get dressed, with Caroline in awe that the next time they saw each other, they'd be walking down the aisle for real.

When Margo arrived at Bill's and saw him in his tux, she deduced that the wedding was happening, after all. Bill admitted he couldn't deal with the rehearsal and had made up an excuse not to go, for Caroline's benefit. Bill knew how happy Caroline was and asked Margo how he was supposed to destroy it all for Caroline. On the other hand, Bill didn't think he could betray Caroline by keeping something as significant as Ridge's infidelity a week before the wedding a secret. Bill conceded that Caroline loved Ridge, but she didn't know what kind of man Ridge was, which was eating Bill alive.

As Ridge and Thorne donned their tuxes, Ridge asked Thorne what his thoughts were about Bill being a no-show at the rehearsal. Thorne couldn't be sure but was of the opinion that if Bill wanted to stop the wedding, Caroline would already know the truth. Ridge blamed himself for being stupid and was adamant that Alex hadn't meant anything to him. Though Ridge rued that he had played into Bill's hands, Thorne bet that Bill wouldn't be able to devastate Caroline.

Eric checked in on his sons, passing on that, while Bill hadn't arrived, Eric was sure Bill would be there to give away the bride.

Maria showed Bill and Margo into mansion. Bill learned Caroline's whereabouts from Maria, but looked around the living room, conflicted.

Kristen finished getting Caroline into her gown. Caroline told Kristen that Eric designing the dress for her had made her feel like part of the Forrester family. Kristen assured Caroline that the ceremony would start as soon as all the guests had arrived. Caroline grinned at the irony of the father of the bride being late. When Kristen said that Caroline was the best thing that had ever happened to Ridge, Caroline beamed that she had never been so happy.

Ridge couldn't decide if Bill's arrival meant good news or bad news. Ridge hesitated when there was a knock on the door, but it was only Stephanie, promising the nervous Ridge that everything would be fine. Thorne commented that the waiting was getting to Ridge. Stephanie confirmed that Bill had appeared and that the wedding could start whenever Ridge wanted. Stephanie darted out to find Eric, and Thorne reasoned that Bill's presence indeed meant Ridge was about to be a married man. Ridge hugged his brother joyously.

Bill paused in front of Caroline's door, and Kristen opened it before he could knock. Kristen invited Bill in then left to fetch Caroline's bouquet. Bill smiled at Caroline's resplendence, hedging before revealing to Caroline that he had something to tell her.

Caroline proceeds toward the altar despite Bill's news Caroline proceeds toward the altar despite Bill's news

Thursday, April 16, 1987

At the Logan house, Brooke and Dave kissed on the sofa. "Sorry, not tonight," she said. She needed to study for finals that were four weeks away. He hoped it wasn't a sign of things to come in their marriage. She noted that she hadn't agreed to marry him yet.

Dave was sure Brooke would, and he wouldn't take no for an answer. Brooke told Dave about her bad habits. He claimed to have the same ones. As they kissed again, Storm entered, and Dave's beeper went off. "Between my brother and that darn beeper," she said, sighing.

Brooke saw Dave out, and on the porch, Storm prodded her for an answer about whether she'd marry Dave. She was sure that she loved Dave, and she was pretty sure she needed him after those guys had attacked her. She'd never forget what had happened and what could have happened. Storm asked how she could feel that way and still want to pose as a decoy.

Insisting that she was the key to the case, Brooke said they'd been dead serious about returning for her. Storm wished she would let the police handle it, but Brooke felt she had to help, even if saved only one girl. Storm didn't want her to get hurt. "I know you don't, 'Dad,'" Brooke replied.

Storm asked if Brooke thought he was trying to be a father to her. She said he'd taken over after their father had left. She added that Storm had done a good job. She didn't know what they would have done without him. However, Brooke's mind was made up about assisting the police.

In Ridge's room, Eric arrived, happy about the wedding. He told Ridge and Thorne that Caroline would be lucky to have either one of them, and Ridge warned his dad not to give his brother any ideas. Eric asked if he could speak fatherly for a moment.

Eric knew that Ridge was a man who'd lived life on his own terms. However, there was a woman in Ridge's life. Eric stated that the fashion business -- and all of the world -- offered temptation. He urged his son not to give in to it and to make a lasting commitment. Ridge admitted to doing stupid things in the past but said that was all behind him.

Hugging his two sons, Eric said it was a great day for all of them. Eric figured that things would get started at any moment. He'd seen Bill go into Caroline's dressing room. Thorne and Ridge were interested in hearing how Bill had looked. Eric described Bill as solemn and imagined being the same way when giving away Kristen.

Eric went downstairs to let Stephanie know things would start soon. Stephanie cooed about the wedding but wondered why the bride and groom had only wanted family in attendance. She spotted Margo and scowled because Eric hadn't said he'd invited her. Stephanie didn't like Margo, nor did Stephanie trust her. Eric remarked that Margo was a valued employee whom anyone in the fashion business would want.

Agreeing, Stephanie asked why it was that Margo remained at Forrester. The answer was obvious to Stephanie. Eric murmured that it was unbecoming of her. Stephanie said it wasn't jealousy. She knew the "Margos" of the world. Eric wished she'd get to know the actual Margo, who wasn't what Stephanie thought. Stephanie asked why Margo was there then. Eric answered that it was because of Margo's affection for the family. "That's exactly my point," Stephanie quipped.

Eric left Stephanie so he could speak to the minister. Afterward, he joined Margo by the terrace. Sensing that Stephanie didn't want her there, Margo offered to leave. Eric ordered Margo to stay.

Later, Stephanie found Margo by the table in the foyer. Margo complimented the decor. Stephanie thanked Margo but informed her that the reception was for the family only. Stephanie said she was afraid she had to insist that Margo not attend.

Back upstairs, Ridge said he'd been sure Spencer would blow him and the wedding into pieces. Thorne said Ridge had lucked out, and Ridge exclaimed that he had. He really had.

In Caroline's dressing room, Bill had something to tell Caroline. Before he could get into it, Kristen arrived and said the minister was ready whenever Caroline was. There was just one last thing. Kristen pressed the comb of the veil into Caroline's bun.

Bill said Caroline's name, and she asked if she could have a moment alone with her father. Kristen exited, and Caroline asked what Bill had wanted to tell her. She asked why he wasn't excited about her wedding day. He explained that there was something he needed to tell her about Ridge. She believed she knew everything about Ridge, but Bill said she didn't.

Caroline suddenly didn't want to know whatever it was. Bill asked if she should know what her future husband was really like. Insisting that she did know, she asked Bill not to do that. Bill had prayed that it would be different. Caroline ordered her father to say it and get it over with.

Bill knew for a fact that one week before the wedding, Ridge had been in a hotel room. Caroline didn't want to hear anymore. "In bed with another woman," Bill concluded. She denied it, saying Ridge wouldn't do it to her. Bill insisted that he wouldn't say it if he had any doubt. She asked how Bill knew and if he'd been there or had Ridge followed.

Guessing that it was the latter, Caroline asked how Bill could have done that. Bill said he'd done it for her. She asked if, for her -- moments before the wedding, he'd destroyed her faith in the man she'd marry. Shocked Bill had stooped so low, she asked how he dared do it to her.

Kristen knocked on the door, saying it was time. Caroline asked for one moment. She pulled the veil over her face, and Kristen entered, saying that the music was starting. Kristen led Caroline to the overlook. Bill joined them.

On cue, Kristen descended the stairs. Caroline brushed by her father and walked down the stairs. He strode behind her. She proceeded across the foyer alone. The guests smiled as they beheld her, and Ridge grinned at her. By the time Caroline reached the living room, her vision blurred. Her eyes fluttered, and she collapsed on the floor.

Ridge realizes what derailed his wedding Ridge realizes what derailed his wedding

Friday, April 17, 1987

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge was upstairs with Thorne. For the first time in days, Ridge started to relax. The men followed the minister downstairs. Everyone took their places for the wedding, and as the bridal march played, Caroline descended the stairs. Just when Ridge thought the ceremony was really happening, Caroline fainted and fell to the floor.

Ridge, Thorne, Eric, and Bill rushed to Caroline's side. Bill wanted to call an ambulance, but lifting Caroline in his arms, Ridge decided he'd take her to the hospital himself. Eric, Bill, Thorne, and Margo left with Ridge and Caroline.

Later, Stephanie instructed her housekeeper to put the caterers on standby. Kristen thought that was optimistic. Stephanie chose to assume it wasn't that serious and that Caroline was just exhausted. It hadn't seemed that way to Kristen, who wished she'd gone to the hospital.

Stephanie said there was no need for it, and Eric had even told Kristen that. Kristen asked if she was needed at home. Stephanie asked if it was so difficult to be with her mother. Kristen quipped that it was no more difficult than it was for Stephanie to be with her daughter. "Then go to the hospital!" Stephanie yelled, and Kristen scurried out of the house.

At the hospital, Ridge was beside himself with worry about Caroline. Eric figured she'd been burning the candle at both ends. Ridge assured everyone that he'd make her rest that evening. He wanted to get her out of there and back to the wedding first.

Later, the doctor had finished his evaluation of Caroline. Ridge was ready to check her out and take her back to the wedding, but the doctor had given Caroline a sedative and didn't think there would be a wedding that day. The doctor recalled that Caroline had been anxious and in shock. He didn't know what was going on and wanted to keep her overnight for observation.

Disappointed, Ridge decided he'd do whatever was best for Caroline. The doctor let Caroline have visitors. Bill lingered in the hallway as Eric, Thorne, and Ridge went into her room. From the door, Bill watched Ridge kiss Caroline and stroke her face.

In the waiting room, Bill strode over to Margo, who assured him that Caroline would be okay. Bill still looked troubled and muttered to himself, asking why he'd done it. He said Caroline had needed to know. "Oh, my God, you didn't," Margo replied. Bill asked what she would have done and if she would let her daughter marry a man who'd been unfaithful even before taking his wedding vows. Bill hadn't been able to let Caroline do it without knowing the truth.

Margo realized that Bill had told Caroline about Ridge and the other woman, but Caroline had been prepared to marry Ridge, anyway. Bill replied that something within his daughter hadn't allowed her to go through with it, and he had to believe she'd soon realize the mistake she'd almost made. Margo warned Bill that she'd known the truth about Ridge, and it hadn't stopped her. The truth almost hadn't stopped Caroline, either.

Later, Kristen arrived, and Ridge updated her on Caroline's anxiety. Kristen was puzzled because Caroline had been fine before the wedding. Kristen had been with Caroline the entire time -- except when Bill had wanted to see his daughter alone. Ridge blanched, and Kristen went to see Caroline. "Oh, my God, Thorne. He told her. He told her," Ridge uttered to Thorne.

At the Logan house, Donna was mortified to see Rocco on her doorstep. He asked if that was any way to treat her date. She told him that Katie was upstairs, and he urged Donna to grab her sweater to leave with him. Donna insisted that the only person leaving was Rocco, but he refused to leave without her and said he knew of a great party.

Katie descended the stairs, wondering what Rocco was doing there. Rocco asked her to guess who'd popped into his head when he'd been cruising down the street.

Donna went to the kitchen, where Beth was cooking and wondering who'd been at the door. Donna revealed that it had been Rocco, and Beth guessed he'd taken to Katie. He seemed like a nice boy, and Beth thought Donna should be proud of herself for setting the pair up.

Back in the living room, Katie said she would have fixed herself up if she'd known Rocco would be there. He thought she looked fine -- for hanging around the house. Katie was excited that he'd shown up there straight from work. He asked if he was keeping her from studying. "Oh, please. And even if you were -- " Katie said.

Rocco decided that he needed to get going, but Beth emerged from the kitchen with snacks. He was impressed with the spread of cookies, but he had to get going. Trying a cookie, Rocco said they were awesome. Gesturing to the plate, he asked if Beth minded. Katie told him to take the whole plate, but he graciously refused to do that.

Katie saw Rocco out, closed the door, and exclaimed that she couldn't believe it was happening to her. She didn't know what she was doing right. Beth said Katie was being herself, but Katie replied that it hadn't worked with other guys. She wanted Rocco to like her "so much."

Beth was sure Rocco did. Donna was listening, and Katie asked what she thought. Donna was sure Rocco thought Katie was swell. Katie didn't want him to think she was "swell." She wanted him to really like her. Beth didn't know why he wouldn't. Katie said it was because of her face, and life would be great if her complexion would clear up. Beth didn't think Rocco cared about that, and Katie said she was starting to feel grateful for that.

Donna changed the subject to the high-society Forrester wedding. She'd just heard on the radio that the bride had collapsed at the altar. Donna recalled that Beth had gone to school with those people and guessed that even people with money had problems.

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