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Brooke's harebrained scheme led her and Donna into the realm of the rich. Caroline rejected Ridge and Bill and struck out on her own. Ridge announced that there wouldn't be a wedding. Rocco flattered Katie but kissed Donna. Brooke agreed to wear Dave's ring.
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Ridge announced that there wouldn't be a wedding
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Brooke wants to spy on the Forresters

Brooke wants to spy on the Forresters

Monday, April 20, 1987

A remorseful Bill stood over Caroline's hospital bed, watching his unconscious daughter and thinking back to her reaction when he'd told her that Ridge had been unfaithful to her. Kristen eased into the room and expressed her regret over what had happened to Caroline. Bill was sorry, as well, and reported that he hadn't talked to Caroline; only the doctor had. Kristen noted the possible diagnosis of exhaustion and asked Bill if Caroline had seemed that way before the wedding, as Bill had been the last person to see Caroline before she'd collapsed. Kristen retracted her question and reminded Bill that Ridge loved Caroline, which made Bill grimace.

In the corridor, Ridge was convinced that Bill had told Caroline about Ridge and Alex before the ceremony. Ridge figured Bill had also shown Caroline the photo of Ridge with Alex. Thorne chalked up Caroline fainting to flu or fatigue, since it didn't make sense to him that Bill would wait until the last minute to rat Ridge out to Caroline. Thorne was sure the wedding wouldn't have gotten as far as it had if Caroline had known the truth. Ridge agreed and surmised that Caroline would have walked out on him instead.

Ridge hoped Thorne was right about the wedding not proceeding so far if Caroline had known about Alex. Ridge continued to wrestle with what could have made Caroline faint and wanted to talk to Bill about it. Thorne reminded Ridge that Kristen was in with Bill and that it wouldn't do for Kristen to hear about what was really going on.

Thorne brought Ridge some coffee as Ridge wished he could live his night with Alex over again. Ridge corrected himself, saying he had been with Alex an hour, not a night, which had still been enough time for Bill to procure the damning photograph. Ridge admitted he hadn't realized at the time how much Caroline meant to him. Ridge didn't want to lose Caroline; Thorne responded that he didn't want Ridge to lose Caroline, either.

Kristen emerged from Caroline's room and met with Ridge and Thorne. Kristen told her brothers that Caroline was still asleep and that she felt bad for Bill, which led to Thorne and Ridge trying to feel out Bill's state of mind from her. Kristen wanted to know if there would be a wedding the next day, assuming Caroline recovered enough, but Ridge felt everything was up in the air. Ridge excused himself and paused in front of Caroline's door.

Bill turned to see Ridge in the doorway and scowled. Ridge kissed the motionless Caroline and wanted to know if she had come to at all; Bill said she hadn't. When Ridge accused Bill of telling Caroline about Alex, Bill sniffed that it was tragic that Caroline had had to be hospitalized, but at least Ridge and Caroline's relationship was over. The conversation became increasingly heated as Ridge deemed Bill the most insensitive human being he had ever met, and Bill declared Ridge self-indulgent.

Ridge growled that he could break Bill in half for what he had done to Caroline. Bill replied that he'd love to let Ridge try, but his focus was on his daughter. Bill gloated that the situation's silver lining was that something in Caroline had prevented her from going through with marrying Ridge. Bill just wanted to get Caroline home and forget that any of the events surrounding Ridge had happened.

Ridge felt Bill was fooling himself that Caroline would want to go anywhere with him. Ridge insisted he loved Caroline, but Bill spat, "Just like you loved that little tramp in the hotel?" Ridge and Bill nearly came to blows but were interrupted by Caroline's whimpers as she started to regain consciousness.

When Caroline woke up enough to make out Ridge and Bill at her side, she asked them both to leave. However, she let Thorne, who had entered the room, stay and hold her hand.

At the Logan home, Brooke rushed in, out of breath, and slammed the door behind her. Then there was a knock, but it was Dave, assuring Brooke that the men she had tried to trap by using herself as a decoy weren't the same men who had attacked her. Brooke became determined to try again. Dave asked Brooke if she could handle doing so. Brooke felt she made a good decoy, but she wished the ordeal was over so she could return to normal life.

Dave wished it was over, too, but only because he wanted to marry Brooke. Dave then handed Brooke a newspaper article about Caroline's collapse and the postponement of her wedding. Brooke was shocked and read how Caroline had been taken to the hospital. Dave relayed how the paper had reported the cause as fatigue. Brooke thought both Caroline and Ridge were beautiful, which made Dave smile and remark that rich people had problems, as well.

Dave turned the subject back to marriage. Brooke played coy and decided she liked "this courtship business," feeling it was the one time a woman was in control of a relationship. Brooke wanted to know if Dave had any problem indulging her; Dave laughed and said that it depended what he got out of it. Brooke replied by kissing Dave passionately. The couple didn't even notice Donna arriving home and making her way to the kitchen.

After Dave left, Donna teased Brooke about not hearing her enter the house and wondered why she couldn't be in love. Brooke was engrossed in the article about Caroline's collapse and lamented that she and Donna would never get to experience the fairy tale lives the Forresters lived. "Who'd want to?" Donna asked dismissively. Brooke declared that Eric was L.A.'s hottest fashion designer and that Ridge was "a walking Adonis." Donna admitted that their glamour and media coverage had its appeal. Brooke said she would kill to be a part of the story and made a decision that she and Donna should go to the hospital and peek in on the Forresters.

Donna thought Brooke's plan was crazy and couldn't imagine what Brooke would have to gain by ambushing the hospital. Brooke wanted to be a part of something glamorous and exciting. Donna didn't see how watching Caroline Spencer in a hospital bed fit that bill. Brooke wanted to see the celebrities up close, but Donna didn't think they belonged in that world. Brooke didn't want to give up what might be her only chance to witness the high life.

"What is it with you and these people?" Donna exclaimed. Brooke dreamily replied that she'd fantasized about being included in something elegant and graceful and wanted to reach out and touch it, if only for a moment. Brooke desired to catch a glimpse of something beyond the lives that she and her family led. Brooke made a beeline for the door, and Donna reluctantly followed.

Brooke finally enters the world she's been dreaming of

Brooke finally enters the world she's been dreaming of

Tuesday, April 21, 1987

In the VW Bug, Donna drove to the hospital with Brooke. It was the weirdest thing Donna had ever done. Donna pointed out that they didn't know Caroline, and her family was out of the Logans' league. Brooke said she and Donna weren't that different from Caroline, who had to be devastated to get so close but not marry Ridge Forrester.

In Caroline's hospital room, Thorne wiped away the sobbing Caroline's tears. She could see it in his eyes that he knew. Thorne was sorry and said Ridge was, too. Caroline believed Ridge was sorry that her father had found out. Thorne asked her to let Ridge talk to her and explain. Caroline asked if there was an explanation for what Ridge had done.

Thorne believed that Ridge had paid a price and learned that he loved Caroline more than any woman in his life. Thorne implored her to see that Ridge had changed and regretted what he'd done. She asked why Thorne had so much faith in Ridge.

Thorne didn't always, but he knew what Ridge had almost lost. Ridge did, too. Caroline questioned whether Ridge felt that way because he'd been caught or because he truly knew that what he'd done had been wrong. Thorne insisted that it only mattered that Ridge had learned the lesson. He asked her to give Ridge another chance.

Thorne went into the hallway, where Ridge was anxious to go in to see Caroline. "Not tonight," Thorne quietly stated. Thorne had put a good word in for Ridge and said it would keep until the next day. Ridge was disappointed but thanked Thorne.

Nearby, Brooke and Donna exited the elevator on Caroline's floor. "It's them!" Brooke said in a hushed tone, spotting Thorne and Ridge. Donna and Brooke turned toward the walls in the corridor, and Ridge and Thorne brushed right by them, headed onto the elevator. Brooke remarked that the brothers sure were handsome.

Donna wanted to go, but Brooke strode up to Caroline's room. "No, Brooke!" Donna said, yanking her sister back. Donna balked at the absurdity of visiting a rich girl they didn't even know, but Brooke charged to Caroline's door, telling Donna to wait right there.

In Caroline's room, Brooke helped Caroline get a drink of water. Brooke said she was sorry. Caroline asked if Brooke was a nurse or an aide. Brooke claimed to be just a girl who'd been reading about the wedding. Brooke figured Caroline thought Brooke had a lot of nerve to be there, but Brooke empathized with Caroline and hoped she got better soon.

Brooke stated that she'd been praying for Caroline. Brooke decided to leave, but Caroline asked if she could stay for a few more minutes. The women introduced themselves, but Brooke said she already knew Caroline's name. Caroline guessed the papers didn't portray an accurate picture of a person, especially makeup-less in the hospital.

Brooke replied that Caroline was more beautiful in person, regardless of makeup. Caroline felt that Brooke was also beautiful, but Brooke murmured that she was just okay. Brooke wanted Caroline to remember that, the next day, everything would be fine again. "And you'll be married," Brooke added. Caroline turned her head away and said it was time for Brooke to go.

Brooke hoped she hadn't made things worse. Caroline stated that Brooke had made things better, at least for a little while, and it had been better than anyone else had done all night. Caroline asked Brooke to keep saying those prayers.

At the mansion, Kristen cuddled with Eric on the sofa. Stephanie watched Kristen and Eric from the overlook. He assured Kristen that all Caroline needed was rest. There might be a wedding the next day, after all. Kristen didn't know how he could always make things better. "Seem better," he corrected, but his daughter repeated that he actually did make things better.

Eric was disappointed when Kristen informed him that her return flight was the next afternoon. He'd hoped a few days with her family would change her mind about being back. Kristen had enjoyed being with her brothers, father, and Caroline. Eric asked if it was that bad between Kristen and Stephanie.

Kristen asked how Eric's relationship was with Stephanie. He admitted that the marriage wasn't what he wanted it to be, but he had his work. Kristen asked if he had anyone else. He denied it. She asked if there ever had been. Eric said, "Once. Before your mother." Kristen inquired about subsequent women, but Eric said there hadn't been any. She asked if there ever could be, but Eric decided that she was asking too many questions.

Stephanie descended the stairs and announced to Eric that the minister would make himself available the next day. She hoped that wouldn't inconvenience Kristen. Kristen assumed Stephanie meant it would interfere with Kristen's plans to leave. Stephanie pretended not to know Kristen's travel plans and had hoped Kristen would be staying.

"You want me to stay?" Kristen asked. Stephanie affirmed it, and Kristen questioned why. Stephanie said Kristen was her daughter, and there were a few things they could work on. Kristen agreed and went upstairs to bed.

Eric said it had been a lovely thing for Stephanie to say. Stephanie hoped it had an effect. He replied that it probably had had a bigger one than she realized.

Later, Ridge and Thorne arrived home, and their parents asked how it had gone and if either of them had spoken to Caroline. "Thorne did," Ridge murmured, ripping off his tie. Stephanie asked about Ridge. Covering, Thorne said Ridge hadn't been in the room when Caroline had awakened, and by the time Thorne had found Ridge, she'd gone back to sleep.

Eric asked if Ridge thought there would be a wedding the next day. Stephanie reasoned that it was rather foolish to think Caroline would get out of the hospital and walk into a wedding the same day. Stephanie asked if it was more than a simple case of exhaustion. Ridge asked what she was implying.

Stephanie replied that they didn't know anything and had to wait to find out more. Eric and Thorne agreed, and Eric suggested that they all turn in. Ridge said he'd go up shortly.

Alone in the living room, Ridge smelled Caroline's bouquet and blew out some candles. Stephanie returned downstairs and watched him for a moment before returning back upstairs.

Caroline calls off the wedding

Caroline calls off the wedding

Wednesday, April 22, 1987

As Beth poured coffee, Brooke entered the kitchen and described how, the previous evening, she and Donna had gone to the hospital where Caroline Spencer was convalescing. Beth seemed disturbed as Brooke gushed about having seen Ridge and Thorne from afar and remarked how gorgeous the men were. Brooke marveled at what it would be like to be rich and beautiful and at the fact that Beth had gone to college with Eric. Brooke thought Beth would have had a very different life had Beth gotten to know Eric better. Brooke then told Beth about how she had met Caroline and admitted she had been surprised by how nice Caroline was.

Katie interrupted, wanting to know if she could invite Rocco to the house for dinner that night. Brooke said that she and Storm already had plans, but Beth encouraged Katie to ask Rocco, anyway, and to also ask Donna if she would be there.

At Griffey's Diner, Donna's friend Wendy struggled to get the attention of Rocco, who was eating instead of working. When Rocco finally came to the table to take their order, Donna tried to hide her face. Rocco realized it was Donna and lit up.

After Rocco returned with the girls' orders, he kept trying to linger and get Donna's attention. Donna surprised Wendy when she suddenly told Rocco to beat it. Wendy thought Donna had been rough on Rocco, but Donna replied she'd had to be. Even though it was clear that Rocco liked Donna, Donna insisted she couldn't encourage him.

Once Donna and Wendy left, Rocco cleaned tables in a foul mood and barely noticed the arrival of Katie, who made small talk until she could nervously ask Rocco if he would come to dinner at her house. Rocco seemed disinterested, but he accepted Katie's invitation after Katie mentioned that Donna would be there.

Kristen, armed with flowers, knocked on the door of Caroline's hospital room. Getting no answer, Kristen let herself in and found Caroline packing. Kristen noted she had been told that Caroline had had a rough night but seemed much better. Caroline said she was better, but her demeanor was cold and monotone. Kristen felt the wedding could take place that day and moved to call her parents. When Caroline stopped her, Kristen realized that Caroline might need longer to recover.

Caroline declared she was ready to leave and put the experience behind her. After Kristen rhapsodized about how getting Caroline in front of a minister with Ridge would make Caroline feel better, Caroline informed Kristen there would be no wedding. She suggested Kristen ask Ridge or Bill the reason why. Caroline told Kristen she couldn't help and left a confused Kristen alone in the room.

Bill was on the phone with the hospital, trying to get information about Caroline, when she arrived home. Bill moved to hug his daughter, but Caroline pulled away and scoffed when Bill asked how she felt. Caroline announced that she wanted to get away from Bill as fast as she could because she couldn't stay with him. Bill was stunned and said he loved Caroline more than anything in the world, but Caroline angrily retorted that Bill had a funny way of showing it, since she didn't usually plot the destruction of people's lives.

Bill acknowledged Caroline's pain but advised her not to do anything she might regret. "What do you know about me -- what I might or might not regret?" Caroline spat. Caroline swore she didn't know who Bill was anymore, as the father she had known had always supported her. Caroline knew that Bill had never liked Ridge and accused Bill of plotting to get rid of Ridge. Caroline vowed she would never forgive Bill for looking for whatever he could find against Ridge and using it to destroy her relationship with Ridge.

Caroline wailed that both Bill and Ridge had betrayed her. Bill defended himself, saying he couldn't let Caroline marry a man who would be so cavalier with her trust. Caroline thought that should have been her decision; Bill agreed but didn't think Caroline could have made a decision without all the facts. Caroline only cared that Bill had ruined her wedding day. Bill took Caroline by the arms and made her listen to his entreaty that he had done what he had done out of love.

Bill was convinced that if Ridge could deceive Caroline a week before their wedding, then there was no way to know what Ridge would be capable of once the marriage took place. Caroline yelled that that was between her and Ridge, but Bill adamantly disagreed. He said that he couldn't, in good conscience, let Caroline marry someone who was bound to hurt her over and over. Bill was sure Ridge would have continued to stray. Bill hated that Caroline was hurting but tried to assure her that eventually, she would meet a man who would treat her the way she deserved to be treated, and, when she did, Bill would be happy to walk her down the aisle. After Bill firmly said he could never do that with Ridge, Caroline willfully left the room.

Ridge stared at the phone in his office; Thorne encouraged Ridge to call Caroline. Ridge was sure Bill would get to Caroline first, which was why Ridge had chosen to wait. Ridge felt that it was out of his hands whether or not there would be a wedding.

Thorne had expected that Ridge would be trying to get through to Caroline. Ridge said that he would be were it not for Bill working on Caroline against him. Ridge didn't appreciate Thorne's reminder that Ridge had put himself in that position and revealed he had called the hospital at dawn to check on Caroline, who hadn't slept well. Ridge determined to figure out the right words to say to his fiancée. Thorne reported he had put in a good word for Ridge but hadn't gotten anywhere.

Ridge thought it was ironic that he had finally fallen in love, only to have that love ripped away from him. He knew Caroline was hurt, but he also knew that Caroline loved him. He felt there had to be a way to reach her. Ridge admitted he hadn't taken his commitment to Caroline seriously at first; that had been the only reason Ridge had allowed anything to happen with Alex. Ridge proclaimed he was ready for a marriage to Caroline.

Thorne advised Ridge not to waste any more time, as that would just give Bill more of a chance to turn Caroline against Ridge. Just then, Kristen barged into Ridge's office, demanding answers after having been told by Caroline that there wouldn't be a wedding. Ridge was shocked and beseeched Kristen not to tell anyone else in the family that news. As Ridge headed for the door, he guaranteed his siblings that there "damn well is gonna be a wedding."

Ridge finally tells his parents there won't be a wedding

Ridge finally tells his parents there won't be a wedding

Thursday, April 23, 1987

At Forrester, Ridge declared that there would be a wedding, and he rushed out. Kristen pressed Thorne for answers, but Thorne would only say that it was something very personal between Ridge and Caroline. Kristen believed Ridge had done something to hurt Caroline. Thorne stated that Ridge could work it out in time for a wedding, but Kristen didn't believe that would happen based upon the state of mind Caroline was in.

At Bill's condo, Caroline set down her packed bag. Bill was happy she'd left her room. He felt they'd always been close and believed she'd thank him someday. She rebuffed the thought that she'd thank her father for ruining her wedding day. Bill asked if she wouldn't have wanted him to tell her. He'd had a photograph, and he couldn't let her go through with it without knowing.

Gleaning that he'd hired a detective, Caroline grew more upset. Bill explained that the irony of it was that he'd called off the investigator because she'd convinced Bill that Ridge would be good to her. She didn't want to hear any more about it. Bill saw her bag on the floor and asked what she was doing. "What do you think I'm doing? I'm leaving!" she exclaimed.

Caroline couldn't live there any longer, and she needed time alone to sort out her life. Bill promised to give her privacy, but she said she'd finally realized how insulated she'd been from the real world. She'd depended upon Bill too much, and it had taken over her life since her mother had died. For her, it was long overdue for her to go out into the world.

Blindly putting her trust in Ridge had taught Caroline that she had a lot to learn about life and love. She was still a naïve, trusting girl, but all that would change. Bill told her not to let it destroy her values, but she believed her values were unrealistic in the day's world. He believed her values were something to be proud of, but she asked where they'd gotten her.

Bill's phone kept ringing while he and Caroline were talking. Frustrated, he answered it and rushed the person off the line. When he finished, he saw that Caroline had gone out the front door. Bill tried to pursue her, but it was too late. When he returned to the house, the phone was ringing again. That time, he didn't bother to answer it.

Later, the doorbell rang. Bill was upset to see Ridge on his doorstep. Ridge demanded to see Caroline. He barged in and called for her throughout the condo. He demanded that Bill say where his fiancée was. Bill didn't know. Bill stated that Caroline had left with a suitcase, and he didn't know if she'd ever be back. Ridge asked why Bill hadn't stopped her.

Bill raged that the whole mess was Ridge's fault. Ridge blamed it on Bill for telling Caroline moments before they'd been about to be married. Ridge asserted that he'd never be unfaithful to Caroline if they'd gotten married. Bill thanked God they'd never have the chance to find out.

Ridge decided that it was stupid for the men to argue. He asked if Bill knew where Caroline had gone or what friends or family she might be with. Bill didn't think Caroline wanted to be around people in her state of mind. It was even possible that she'd left town. Ridge asked if she'd taken her car, and Bill replied that the doorman had gotten her a cab.

Bill figured that Caroline had wanted to get away from both men. He prayed she got some perspective and return home. He was scared. She'd never been alone before, and he hated to think of her out in that jungle. He could only hope that one of them heard from her soon.

In an unknown location, a man showed Caroline into an apartment and left her alone in it. Later, she sobbed, holding her wedding veil against her face.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric had found out that Caroline had been released from the hospital. Stephanie thought it was strange that Caroline hadn't called. Eric phoned the Spencers but got no answer. Stephanie assumed Ridge and Caroline might be on their way to the house. Eric figured they'd have a wedding in the family that day or the next.

By the window, Stephanie thought to herself that there was still time. "Do I tell Ridge before there's a wedding? Before there are children? Do I tell you what I've kept secret all these years?" she pondered to herself. Eric asked what was on her mind, but Stephanie couldn't talk about it. He asked why she was always putting up barriers, but she claimed not to be doing that.

Eric figured that he and Stephanie could discuss Kristen, who intended to leave after the wedding. Stephanie figured there wasn't much he could do about that. He replied that she could. He wanted her to use the time left to create an inviting place for their daughter, with no pettiness or putdowns. He wanted a real feeling of family and love.

Stephanie said Kristen wouldn't stay there. Eric believed it would happen. He was counting on Stephanie and said it was really important to him.

Thorne and Kristen arrived home, and Stephanie and Eric were anxious for news about Caroline and the wedding. Under their parents' questioning, Kristen said Caroline had seemed ready to leave the hospital earlier. They asked how she'd seemed. Exchanging looks with Thorne, Kristen said Caroline had seemed fine.

Thorne said none of them would know Ridge and Caroline's plans until they heard from Ridge. Stephanie chose to be optimistic about it. Eric continued to question his kids, Ridge arrived home, and everyone's attention turned to him, the person they'd been waiting to see.

Stephanie said they knew Caroline had left the hospital, and they wanted to know if she was ready for a wedding that day. Ridge didn't think so. Eric guessed that meant that Caroline wasn't feeling better. Kristen asked if Caroline was okay. Ridge replied that Caroline needed time alone, and it was probably best if they put things on hold for a while.

Stephanie and Eric looked confused, and Eric assumed that a lot more was happening than they knew. Ridge revealed that there wouldn't be a wedding, not for the foreseeable future. Eric asked who'd called it off. Ridge conveyed that Caroline had. "Just like that?" Stephanie asked. Ridge replied that it hadn't been "just like that," but he asked them not to blame Caroline. He walked out the front door, repeating not to blame Caroline.

Storm's date is Ridge's lover Alex Simpson

Storm's date is Ridge's lover Alex Simpson

Friday, April 24, 1987

Brooke entered the living room and found Storm all dressed up in a suit. Storm asked if his tie went with it. Brooke, sensing Storm was getting ready for a date, wanted to know who the lucky lady was. Storm blithely reported she was someone he'd known in grad school. The siblings exchanged playful banter about the girl's identity, with Storm finally admitting she had been living in Paris while working for a fashion magazine.

Brooke was expecting Dave, who rang the doorbell. Storm advised Brooke not to let Dave rush her into anything. Things got testy when Storm said he'd used the "I love you" line on girls, and Brooke replied, "He's asked me to marry him -- have you used that line?" Brooke let Dave in, and the couple made a show of kissing in front of Storm before they left.

Donna arrived home, commenting on what a hunky cop Dave was. Donna then noticed Storm's attire and was glad he was going out, since he didn't do so often. Donna assumed she would be spending the evening hanging out with just Katie until Storm mentioned that Rocco would be dining with them. From Donna's reaction, Storm deduced that Donna didn't like Rocco much.

At an elegant restaurant, a maître d' showed a woman to Storm's table -- it was Alex Simpson, who had been photographed in bed with Ridge. Storm offered to buy Alex a drink, leading Alex to coyly reply, "At least that."

Storm and Alex reminisced about grad school and the speech class they had taken together, with Alex calling Storm "Steve." Storm observed that he hadn't heard that name in a long time. He reminded Alex that she had been the one to christen him "Storm." Alex proclaimed it the perfect nickname for him, at least when she'd known him in school, since he had been hostile then. Storm recalled that his father had just deserted his family at that time, and Alex had been his best friend. Storm told Alex he hadn't heard from his father and didn't expect to.

Storm asked Alex what -- or who -- had brought her to town from Paris. He asked if it had been a husband. Alex replied that she wasn't married but wondered if Storm was. Storm answered that there had been several candidates, but no close calls. Alex kittenishly revealed that she had had one close call. When Storm wanted to know if that relationship was over, Alex smirked and asked, "Is anything really over?"

Storm and Alex discussed their careers. Storm was in awe of the glitz and glamour that came with Alex's position in the fashion industry. Alex asked Storm if it had changed her. Storm figured Alex would end up in furs and decided his world was very different from hers. Alex declared that she had liked being a part of Storm's world, inspiring him to lean over and kiss her.

While out for Italian food, Brooke told Dave she hardly thought of her attack anymore and remarked that she hadn't recognized the disguised undercover officer assigned to her. Dave suggested he and Brooke drink to the six-month anniversary of their first date, which had taken place at that establishment. The waitress brought Brooke a rose from Dave.

Brooke suspected that Dave was up to something and thought his chipper mood meant he had received a long-awaited promotion. Having guessed wrong, Brooke wondered if Dave had been assigned to crowd control at the Forrester wedding, which Dave had on good authority was unlikely to happen. Brooke gave up, but when the waitress brought a bottle of Champagne, Dave announced that Brooke would know what he had planned in a few minutes.

Brooke savored her Champagne and stated that she would drink it every week if she could. Dave replied that he would buy it for her every week if he could. Brooke walked back her words by adding that there were more important things in life than Champagne. Dave agreed and promised Brooke that whatever he did would be second in importance to Brooke. Moved by Dave's declaration, Brooke stared in shock as Dave produced an engagement ring and asked her to wear it. Brooke proclaimed it beautiful and said she would, proudly and with love. Brooke and Dave kissed sweetly.

Katie prepared dinner in the kitchen. When Donna walked in, Katie marveled that Rocco seemed to like Katie, despite her complexion. As the doorbell rang, Katie exclaimed that she had never been so happy, and she rushed to answer it, leaving Donna to her concern.

Rocco entered and complimented Katie's outfit. Katie noted that Brooke, Storm, and Beth were out; with a poker face, Rocco said that the process of elimination left "what's-her-name." Katie took Rocco to the kitchen, where Donna gave him the cold shoulder. Katie was thrilled when Rocco expressed amazement that Katie had prepared the meal all by herself. As Katie began to serve the dinner, Rocco gave Donna a knowing stare.

Rocco raved over Katie's spaghetti and suggested that she enter a chili cook-off happening the following month. Katie wanted to include Donna; Rocco actually got a laugh out of Donna when he said she could carry the beans. Donna seemed happy seeing how well Katie and Rocco related, but Rocco looked at Donna out of the corner of his eye while Katie served seconds.

Katie described how well she had done running at her high school; Rocco encouraged Katie to try out for the track team and said he and Donna would watch her compete. As Katie tried to figure out how to work that into her schedule, Rocco began rubbing Donna's leg with his foot under the table. Donna stood abruptly to serve the dessert and ushered Rocco and Katie into the living room so she could do dishes. Following Katie out, Rocco lingered and grinned at Donna.

With Katie in the bathroom, Rocco went to see Donna in the kitchen. Donna dropped her sponge into the soapy water when Rocco moved in to kiss her. Donna kissed him back for a moment, but quickly pushed him away. Donna said she could hit Rocco for the act, although Rocco didn't think she would. Katie called Rocco from the other room, and as Rocco blew Donna a kiss and wiped the suds off his arms, Donna stood at the sink, affected by what Rocco had done.

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