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Brooke was unsure about marrying Dave. Storm jokingly suggested that Brooke get to know the Forresters before making up her mind. Katie received understanding and her first kiss from Rocco, who was retaliating against Donna for kissing her friend Mark. Ridge told Eric about cheating on Caroline and desperately tried to find her. Caroline's purse was stolen by a strange man she refused, forcing her to ask Kristen for money. Ridge followed Kristen and confronted Caroline, but Caroline turned Ridge away, determined to make it on her own.
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Brooke was unsure about marrying Dave, and Caroline's purse was stolen by a strange man
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Brooke shows her family Dave's engagement ring

Brooke shows her family Dave's engagement ring

Monday, April 27, 1987

Brooke stared at her engagement ring; Dave joked that it wouldn't disappear if Brooke stopped looking at it, and he kissed her across the table. Brooke declared that she felt very good about their relationship. Dave wanted to start his life with Brooke and asked how she'd feel about getting married that June. Brooke listened, enraptured, but replied, "Oh, Dave..." Dave swore he would love Brooke more than any man could and assured her that even though they would have to live on a cop's salary, they would have enough.

As Storm and Alex slow danced, Alex grinned and said that she had called Storm because of chemistry. Storm kissed Alex's neck and noted that it had "been so long." Alex reminded Storm that they'd had something; Storm agreed and said that if he'd happened to be in Paris, he would have called her as she had called him. Alex suggested that Storm visit Paris, citing the good time they would have, but Storm fretted that a trip like that was out of his league because of his lack of money.

Alex noted that Storm would soon have his own money because he would have a career as a lawyer. Storm responded that he wouldn't necessarily be in law for the money. When Alex pointed out that she and Storm were very different but also very alike, Storm said one thing they had in common was their strong mutual attraction, which led Alex to ask the "your place or mine" question.

Storm confessed that he didn't have "a place" -- he had been living at home, caring for his mother and three sisters since his father had walked out on them all. Alex determined Storm would go home with her, but Storm gently turned her down, since Katie was home alone with "a guy." Alex admired how Storm looked after his family and told him that the turn of events didn't mean that was "it" for them. Alex reported that she would be in L.A. for the foreseeable future because she was doing a piece on the Forrester line. Storm wanted to see Alex again, and, before reveling in Storm's kiss, Alex oozed that she'd like that.

At the Logan home, Katie and Rocco worked on a puzzle. Katie was enjoying herself until Rocco asked if Katie was taking medication for her pimples. Katie shut down, but Rocco insisted that everyone got acne; he himself had been afflicted with it a year prior, to the point where he had refused to pose for pictures. Katie relaxed a little and divulged that nothing she had used to treat the skin condition had worked, yet she still assumed Rocco wouldn't want to be seen with her. Rocco said he wasn't uptight about it, and when Katie's face cleared up, she would be "one foxy lady." Katie laughed, and she and Rocco went back to their puzzle.

Rocco asked if Donna wanted to help them with the puzzle. Katie called to Donna but didn't see Donna emerge from the kitchen; Katie thought Rocco was smiling at her, but he was really smiling at Donna. Unnerved, Donna became cold with Rocco and flatly refused to join him and Katie -- so much so that when Donna announced she was going to bed and left in a huff, Katie felt her sister had been rude.

Storm arrived on his front porch and was soon met by an ebullient Brooke. Storm sassed Brooke about Dave not walking her to the door, which Brooke attributed to her big brother standing watch. Brooke found Storm feisty, but he described himself as feeling outstanding. Brooke was certain that had to do with Storm's date, whom Storm said had been more than he'd hoped for. Brooke lovingly mocked Storm when she asked for torrid details and heard about how Storm had returned home after mere dining and dancing. Storm rhapsodized about Alex to such an extent that Brooke asked Storm if he saw a future with Alex. Storm told Brooke to stay tuned.

Brooke sniffed the rose Dave had given her and started to tell Storm about the night she had had, but the exiting Rocco unwittingly interrupted. Storm introduced Rocco to Brooke. When Rocco labeled the meeting awesome and departed, Storm wanted Brooke to tell him he hadn't been "like that" at Rocco's age. As the siblings went inside, Brooke snarked that Storm had been worse.

Later, in the kitchen, Katie rapturously told Beth and Storm about her dinner with Rocco. Katie wasn't sure what she had been doing right, but she wanted to keep on doing it. Donna overheard and was troubled by Katie's fascination with Rocco. When Donna entered, Katie wanted to be sure Donna was all right, since Donna had seemed out of it earlier. Donna nodded and said that she was cool.

Beth was happy to hear from Storm that his date with Alex had gone well. Storm remarked that it had been a good night for all of them, especially Brooke, who walked in. Brooke led up to her news by talking about the restaurant where Dave had surprised her with Champagne; she then showed her family Dave's engagement ring. Storm was impressed, and Katie, Donna, and Beth all gushed over the band. Brooke said she felt very special wearing it.

Afterwards, Brooke sat in the kitchen, taking in her ring pensively. Beth recalled how she hadn't slept the night she had received her engagement ring. Brooke became serious and asked her mother if she had been sure about marriage when she had accepted her proposal. Beth answered that probably no one was ever completely sure, and she sensed that Brooke was having second thoughts. Brooke said she wasn't sure if she was ready for marriage and that, even though she loved Dave, she didn't want to go through what Beth had. Brooke didn't want to make a mistake.

Beth advised Brooke that every marriage was unique and that she hadn't regretted her own, as it had produced four beautiful children. When Beth wondered if Brooke had doubts about her love for Dave, Brooke reiterated her feelings for him but admitted that she felt like she wanted more for her future than Dave could provide. Brooke asked her mother if that was wrong. Beth felt it wasn't, as long as Brooke's expectations weren't too high. Beth reacted to Brooke's query about whether she had managed her own expectations by replying, "I thought so."

As Beth began finishing things up in the kitchen, Brooke noticed the latest article in the newspaper about how Caroline and Ridge's wedding had been called off. Both Beth and Brooke looked away, thoughtful.

The phone rang, and Donna picked it up, annoyed to hear Rocco's voice on the line. Rocco only said he would let Donna be in his dreams if Donna would let him be in hers, adding, "Goodnight, beautiful." Donna slammed down the receiver and plopped into a chair, but her dismay dissolved into a smile as she thought about what Rocco had said to her.

Caroline gets her first taste of the real world

Caroline gets her first taste of the real world

Tuesday, April 28, 1987

At Bill's condo, Margo arrived and found Bill distraught about Caroline's whereabouts. He said he hadn't been able to let Caroline marry Ridge, but as a result, she felt betrayed by him and Ridge. Caroline had never been alone in her life and had lived with her parents through college. Margo concluded that Caroline had led a protected life.

The phone rang, and Bill snatched up the receiver. Ridge was on the line, looking for an update on Caroline. Bill seethed that Ridge would be the last to know if Bill did have information. Ridge requested that Bill inform Ridge of any developments, and Ridge offered to do the same.

After the call, Bill wished he'd listened to Margo. Margo advised Bill not to sell Caroline short and said that, in a way, it could be good for Caroline. Bill said Margo was out of her mind. Margo reasoned that it was Caroline's chance to grow up, get to know herself, and learn whom to trust and whom not to. Normally, Bill would agree, but he felt it wasn't the right time. Caroline was devastated, and given her state of mind, he didn't know what would happen to her.

At the mansion, Stephanie listened as Eric solemnly played his baby grand piano, wistful about Kristen's imminent departure. Kristen brought much love and warmth into the household, and he hated to see her go. Stephanie said she rarely saw that side of their daughter. Eric insisted that she could make the difference if she made a real effort for the sake of him and their sons.

Stephanie agreed to do what she could, but what she really wanted to talk about was Ridge and why Caroline had backed out of the wedding. Eric didn't know, but he'd been proud of Ridge and his choice of brides. Stephanie said Caroline wasn't like the flighty types Ridge had dated. "If Ridge has done something to hurt that girl..." Eric angrily said and strode toward the front door.

Stephanie halted Eric, who was determined to get some answers from Ridge, and she reminded him that Ridge had also been hurt by what had happened. Eric hoped so. He hoped Ridge would care enough not to drop the relationship so easily, and Eric wanted to hear it from Ridge.

Later, Eric was gone, and Kristen used the phone in the living room to book a flight for the next day. Stephanie listened, and after the call, she guessed Kristen was leaving. Kristen saw no point in staying if there wouldn't be a wedding. Stephanie asked how Kristen would feel if Stephanie welcomed Kristen to stay. Kristen felt that Eric had put Stephanie up to it.

Stephanie tried to say she wanted the family "under one roof," but Kristen recognized that as her father's phrase. Kristen believed that Stephanie couldn't wait for Kristen to get out of her hair. Stephanie replied that Kristen was wrong, and Stephanie asked why they couldn't be friends. Kristen said Stephanie was too busy competing with Kristen to care about her.

Stephanie quipped that it was a two-way street. Kristen claimed she'd wanted Stephanie's love just as much as she'd wanted Eric. Kristen didn't know why they were getting into it; she was leaving, and things would go back to normal. Nose flaring, Stephanie accepted it but told Kristen not to delude herself by thinking her mother had driven her away, and Stephanie didn't want to ever hear that she'd denied Kristen of Eric's love.

Grinning, Kristen replied that she was secure in her father's love, and it was the one thing Stephanie couldn't take away. The problem was that Stephanie made it impossible for Kristen to have a relationship with Eric or to partake in the family at all. With that, she stalked off.

In Ridge's office, Ridge tossed down news clippings of himself and Caroline. Eric arrived, declaring that it was time they had a talk. Eric asked what had happened to make Caroline run off the way she had. Eric had never seen a girl so much in love and so ready to be married. "Ridge, what did you do? Good Lord, what did you do to that sweet, innocent girl?" Eric asked.

Ridge quipped that Eric always thought the "best" of his son, and he asked Eric to stay out of it. Eric persisted, saying he wanted to help and wouldn't leave until he knew. Ridge said Eric didn't want to know. Eric glared at Ridge. Ridge admitted that he'd done something stupid.

Ridge revealed that he'd had drinks with an old friend. "You could say it was one for the road," Ridge stated. Eric asked if Ridge was still talking drinks. Ridge clarified that they'd been in a hotel room, and a jerk with a camera had burst in, taking photos. It had been a guy Spencer had hired. Bill hadn't liked Ridge and hadn't wanted the marriage for Caroline.

"Well, you proved him right, didn't you?" Eric asked. Ridge knew that he'd blown it, but he loved Caroline. Eric thought it was too bad that Ridge hadn't thought of it before, but for the moment, finding Caroline was the priority. As he left, Eric said they'd sort out the rest in time.

At a diner, Caroline read the paper and had a meal at the counter. A man nearby watched her as he paid for his food. Her purse fell, and he picked it up for her, commenting that she wasn't eating much of a meal. She claimed not to be that hungry, and he assumed eating alone was the problem. He asked to sit with her, but she preferred to eat alone.

The guy sat down, anyway, claiming to be from Detroit. Caroline kept eating and didn't look at him. He'd planned to start a new life there, but things hadn't gone as he'd hoped. He'd thought he'd make friends, find a job, and maybe find a woman. He noted that she was a beautiful lady, and he asked if she wanted to go out sometime.

Caroline didn't think that was possible, and he assumed she thought she was too good for him. Caroline replied that she hadn't said that, and she'd like to be left alone. The guy grew angry, but she asked him to go. He told her that if she wanted him to leave, he'd leave. He snatched her purse and ran out the door. The server chased after him.

Later, Caroline was in her apartment. She called Kristen, who exclaimed that everyone had been worried. Caroline said she was in a bit of trouble. She wasn't hurt, but her purse had been stolen. The man had taken all she had, and she needed a little money. Kristen asked where Caroline was. Caroline made Kristen swear not to tell anyone and gave her the address. Kristen promised to be right there.

Storm encourages Brooke to get to know the Forresters

Storm encourages Brooke to get to know the Forresters

Wednesday, April 29, 1987

Working late, Margo noticed a light under Ridge's office door. She peeked in and got an eyeful of Ridge changing clothes, which reminded her of a time during their fling:

In Margo's apartment, Ridge unbuttoned his shirt and asked Margo if she minded him getting comfortable. Margo said she didn't and liked the idea of Ridge wanting to drink to Margo's success at Forrester. Ridge caressed Margo as he told her that her designs were good and that he could get her to the top if she played her cards right. When Margo slyly asked what cards, Ridge pivoted and said that if Margo's "stuff" sold, she'd have it made. Margo unbuttoned Ridge's shirt further and cooed that she was getting him even more comfortable. Margo and Ridge kissed passionately.

Margo brought herself back to reality but finished watching Ridge getting dressed. Ridge finally saw Margo and smirked that he hadn't known he'd had an audience.

Margo scornfully said that Ridge still hadn't learned how to have an honest relationship with a woman. Ridge didn't want to hear it and grumbled that he had looked all over L.A. for Caroline, with no success. Not revealing that she knew about Ridge's one-nighter with Alex, Margo accused Ridge of having done something to upset Caroline, or Caroline wouldn't have disappeared. Margo scowled that she knew what it was like to be used by Ridge and told him how much it had hurt.

Ridge conceded that Margo was right. He knew he had a lot to make up for with Caroline, which was why he needed to find her. Ridge said he had changed. Margo doubted it and suspected the whole thing was a game to Ridge. She was sure Caroline wouldn't believe anything Ridge had to say.

Eric came to see Bill at Bill's condo and told Bill that he knew what Ridge had done and why Caroline had backed out of the wedding. Eric was stunned at Ridge's behavior and confirmed that he knew about Ridge's other woman. Eric understood Caroline's reaction and that she had left home. Bill fretted that he hadn't heard from Caroline and didn't know where she was. Bill was desperate to find his daughter but didn't know where to start.

Eric agreed with Bill that Ridge's actions had been unconscionable, but Eric was also certain Ridge had been hurt, as well. Eric thought Ridge had been forced to recognize what Caroline meant to him. Bill growled that it didn't mean he should be grateful to Ridge. Caroline was out on the street somewhere, and Bill couldn't muster up any sympathy for Ridge. It didn't matter to Bill whether or not Ridge had changed. Ridge's relationship with Caroline was over, which Bill felt was the only good thing to come out of the situation.

Caroline rushed to answer the knock at her apartment door but stopped herself to ask who was there. Hearing it was Kristen, Caroline let her friend in; Kristen hugged Caroline immediately and relayed that everyone was worried about her.

Caroline confessed that she hadn't wanted to call anyone but had been left with no choice. Kristen was glad that Caroline had reached out, remembering what a state Caroline had been in at the hospital. Caroline apologized for her treatment of Kristen there and stated that she'd had to get away to be alone. Kristen asked Caroline to elaborate on how her purse had been stolen. Caroline blamed herself and told Kristen about the guy she had run into at the diner who had come on to her and taken her bag when she'd refused him. Caroline scoffed that she had been the perfect na´ve mark.

When Caroline groused about the sheltered life she had lived, Kristen said there was nothing wrong with having done so and offered her help. Caroline asked Kristen for money, since every dime she'd had had been in her purse, along with her credit cards and identification. Kristen could tell Caroline was serious about living on her own. Caroline stated it was very important to her. Kristen inquired about Bill, but Caroline admitted she hadn't contacted him and that she wasn't ready to tell Kristen what had happened. Kristen realized Caroline had been hurt in some way and made herself available to Caroline if she wanted to talk about it.

Caroline was grateful yet felt she had a lot of growing up to do. Kristen sympathized and added that anything to do with the wedding was between Caroline and Ridge. Kristen wondered if Caroline had thought of letting Ridge know where she was.

Caroline hid the money Kristen had given her in a drawer and expressed her gratitude. Kristen told Caroline to call if she needed anything but was reluctant to leave Caroline in the questionable apartment. Kristen offered to spend the night and help Caroline find a better place the next day. Caroline thanked Kristen but felt she'd be okay on her own. Showing Kristen out, Caroline implored Kristen not to tell anyone where she was, especially Ridge. Kristen agreed to keep Caroline's confidence.

Eric returned home and told Ridge that Bill hadn't heard from Caroline. Ridge asked if Eric believed Bill; Eric said he did. Eric conveyed that Bill was going through hell, which Ridge sneered wouldn't be the case if Bill had kept his mouth shut. Eric reminded Ridge that Ridge should have thought before he had acted. After Eric pointed out how devastated Bill was, Ridge insisted Caroline's absence had been getting to him, too.

Kristen entered and lied that she had been out with friends. When Eric said that Stephanie had mentioned Kristen making plans to fly back to New York, Kristen announced she had decided to stay on a few more days. Eric hugged Kristen happily and proposed that Kristen use the extra time to mend fences with Stephanie. Once Eric excused himself, Ridge asked where Kristen had really been; he had a suspicion that Kristen had seen Caroline. Kristen saw that Ridge really loved Caroline but maintained that she couldn't help him.

On the Logan porch, Storm approached a pensive Brooke. Storm assumed Brooke was mulling over wedding plans; Brooke said she was, but not hers. The Forrester wedding had seemed perfect to Brooke, who couldn't believe it had fallen apart. Brooke explained to Storm how she had met Caroline in the hospital and seen Ridge from afar. When Storm asked about Dave, Brooke said Dave had suggested getting married that June. Storm advised Brooke not to rush into marriage if she wasn't ready, and he thought that maybe a man like Ridge could give her the life she deserved.

Storm encouraged Brooke to get to know the Forresters before she made a final commitment to Dave. Brooke declared that she was in love with Dave and realized that Storm had only been testing her. However, after Storm went inside, Brooke stared at Dave's engagement ring next to Ridge's picture in the paper.

Stephanie and Ridge suspect Kristen knows where Caroline is

Stephanie and Ridge suspect Kristen knows where Caroline is

Thursday, April 30, 1987

At the mansion, Stephanie made Ridge aware that Eric had told her about Ridge's not-so-bright decision to sleep with someone else before his wedding. Ridge agreed that it hadn't been bright. In fact, it had been the dumbest thing he'd ever done. She questioned why he'd done it.

Ridge admitted that he hadn't been committed to Caroline and had asked her to marry him to spite her father. Spencer had set up a nice little trap, though, and Ridge had fallen into it. It had only been when he'd learned that everything would blow up in his face that he'd discovered how much he loved Caroline.

Ridge and Stephanie discussed where Caroline could be. He had a hunch that his sister knew something. Stephanie thought that Kristen would have alerted them if she'd seen Caroline. Ridge stated that Kristen had been evasive when he'd asked, and he suspected that she'd canceled her trip back to New York because she wanted to morally support Caroline.

Kristen arrived downstairs. Stephanie and Ridge exchanged glances, and he asked Kristen what she'd do that day. Kristen didn't have any plans. He invited his sister to Forrester to see the newest designs, but she declined. He assumed she had plans with Caroline. Kristen balked at the idea, and Ridge decided to take her word for it that she hadn't heard from Caroline.

Ridge left, and Stephanie asked if Kristen really didn't know where Caroline was. Kristen asked why she'd lie, and Stephanie assumed Caroline had asked Kristen not to reveal anything. Kristen called it far-fetched but said she still didn't know what had happened between Ridge and Caroline. Stephanie suggested that Kristen ask Caroline the next time Kristen saw her.

Kristen arrived at Caroline's apartment later. Caroline thanked Kristen for staying in town longer. Kristen noticed the want ads and guessed that Caroline was job hunting. Caroline hadn't been "out there yet," but she had a college diploma and was confident she'd get a job.

Kristen conveyed that Ridge had been looking for Caroline and asking pointed questions. Kristen didn't think he suspected she knew where Caroline was, but she could see in his eyes that he needed Caroline and cared more than Kristen had ever seen him care before.

Kristen tried to convince Caroline to talk to Ridge and hear him out, but Caroline felt that she was too vulnerable and confused for that. She needed more time, but once she got her thoughts in order, she'd talk to him. Kristen asked what Ridge had done to Caroline.

Someone knocked on the door. Caroline guessed it was her landlord, but when she answered it, Ridge was on her doorstep. Kristen asked how he'd found them. He confessed that he'd followed Kristen. Caroline asked him to go, but he refused to leave until they talked.

At Griffey's, Stacy instructed Rocco to service table six, but he paused when he saw Donna enter the establishment with a guy. Stacy said that the girl was popular and was there a lot -- with that guy. Rocco asserted that the "little slice of heaven" would be his.

Across the diner, Donna sat down with Mark. She grimaced, noticing Rocco. Rocco rushed over and called her "babe" when he greeted her. She exclaimed that she wasn't his babe. Mark said Donna didn't want Rocco bothering her. Rocco advised the "chump" to let her speak for herself.

Rocco took Donna and Mark's order and agreed to get turkey for the lady and ham for the turkey. Rocco dashed off, and Donna stopped Mark from going after him. She couldn't help but smile, and Mark asked if she thought that guy was funny.

Donna replied that Rocco could be a jerk and was pulling a fast one on her sister by using her sister to get to her. Mark instructed Donna to tell the guy to bug off, but she believed it would take more convincing than that. Getting the perfect idea, she leaned in and kissed Mark.

Rocco arrived with the food orders and was stunned to see Donna and Mark making out. Rocco set the tray on the table and walked off. Grinning, he decided that two could play that game.

At the Logan house, Katie was on the sofa, doodling that she loved Rocco all over a page in a book. Beth was preparing to leave for a catering event. Beth saw the doodles and guessed that Katie missed Rocco. Katie did but said it wasn't going to happen. Rocco wouldn't date someone like her when there were plenty of other girls with clear complexions.

Beth tried to say otherwise, but Katie was adamant about it. She wasn't upset, but she didn't want to expect more than she had a right to. Beth thought it was Rocco's loss if he didn't have time to see how beautiful Katie was. Katie asked her mom not to blame Rocco, but Beth hoped Katie didn't blame herself. Katie didn't. "I just need someone," Katie uttered. Beth believed that many terrific guys would be after Katie if she gave it time.

Later, Katie was alone when, to her surprise, Rocco arrived. He apologized for being out of touch, and they each said they'd been busy with school. Katie asked about his job, and he revealed that he'd just seen her sister there.

Through the open window, Rocco heard Donna thank someone for a ride. Rocco told Katie how beautiful she looked. Katie bashfully told him that he didn't have to say stuff like that. He claimed to mean it, and he swooped in for a kiss. Donna entered the house, and her eyes bulged when she saw Rocco kissing Katie. As Katie swooned, Rocco grinned at Donna.

In the kitchen later, Donna was livid. Rocco entered while Katie was taking a call from a study-group member. Rocco asked if the guy earlier had been Donna's boyfriend. Donna seethed at his nerve to kiss Katie, but he reminded Donna that she'd set him and Katie up. Donna didn't think it took a brain surgeon to see that he'd set up the kiss.

Rocco asked about Donna's scene at Griffey's. He believed she'd been trying to make him jealous. "Oh, you should live so long," she reported. He suggested that they stop playing games. He believed they dug each other, and he didn't know what was stopping them. Donna claimed she wasn't interested in Rocco, and she demanded that he stay away from Katie.

Katie entered and asked if Donna and Rocco had been arguing. Rocco denied it, and Katie asked if he was ready to take a walk with her. He affirmed it and grinned at Donna.

Caroline chooses independence over Ridge

Caroline chooses independence over Ridge

Friday, May 1, 1987

Katie watched Brooke brush her hair, amazed that her older sister also used to have pimples. Brooke recalled how she had thought her acne would never go away, but it had. Brooke assured Katie that hers would go away if Katie didn't pick at the blemishes, and Brooke suggested that one's mindset could affect the way one's face looked.

Katie admired Brooke's engagement ring and asked Brooke how it felt to have a man propose. "Exciting, thrilling...and frightening," Brooke admitted. Brooke felt marriage was an unknown, but she was still honored that Dave had asked for her hand. When Katie couldn't stop staring at Brooke's ring, Brooke asked if Katie wanted to try it on. Katie gently took the band and marveled at how it looked on her own finger.

Katie fantasized about Rocco presenting her with a much bigger diamond. In the fantasy, Katie was speechless to the point that Rocco said, "I know it's not a ticket to see Hulk Hogan or anything, but say something." Rocco confirmed he was giving Katie an engagement ring because he wanted to marry her. Rocco got on one knee and proposed properly. Katie rose and walked away, covering her face. Rocco swore he didn't even see her complexion. He just wanted Katie, forever. He spun a joyous Katie around in his arms, then they kissed passionately...

Brooke inadvertently burst Katie's bubble by returning to the room and asking for her ring back. Alone again, Katie rubbed her empty finger.

Stephanie walked into Eric's office while he and Vivian were fitting a model. Once the Forresters were alone, Stephanie snarked that perhaps Vivian should replace Margo. Eric changed the subject and asked what had brought Stephanie to his place of work. When Stephanie said she'd arrived looking for Ridge, Eric reported that he wasn't there. Stephanie was surprised and relayed how Ridge had thought Kristen knew where Caroline was. Stephanie had to agree with Ridge that Kristen was holding back. Eric presumed that Kristen had her reasons, leading Stephanie to scoff that no one could indict Kristen.

The frustrated Eric faulted Ridge and observed that Ridge had caused Caroline to avoid him. Eric felt that Ridge should leave Caroline alone. Stephanie didn't think Ridge would and that Ridge would eventually have Caroline.

At Caroline's apartment, with Kristen present, Caroline asked why Ridge was doing "this" to her. Ridge turned the tables and described how he had been all over L.A., looking for her. Caroline insisted she'd needed to get away from everyone, especially Ridge, but Ridge disputed her. Caroline begged Ridge to leave. Ridge was almost out the door before he turned around and closed it, declaring it was crazy that Caroline wouldn't talk to him.

Kristen implored Caroline to believe that she hadn't broken Caroline's confidence by telling Ridge where to find Caroline. Ridge confirmed that he had followed Kristen on his own. Ridge wanted Kristen to leave. Caroline promised Kristen that she would be all right, and Kristen left.

On a more industrial level of Forrester Creations, employees worked with material amidst sounds of construction. Kristen found a moping Thorne, who escorted her into his office. Kristen confessed she had talked to Caroline, and when Thorne said he had to know where Caroline was, Kristen would only say that Caroline was okay. Thorne became upset to learn that Ridge was with Caroline and had invaded Caroline's privacy. Kristen was sure Thorne knew what Ridge had done for Caroline to call off the wedding.

Thorne spat that Ridge should tell Kristen himself. Thorne wasn't going to do it for him. Kristen assumed what Ridge had done was ugly but not that bad, since he and Caroline were making up at that moment. Thorne didn't think Ridge's powers of persuasion with women would work with Caroline. Thorne barked that Ridge didn't deserve Caroline. Ridge had found himself a classy, sensitive woman and blown things with her forever.

"You say that almost as though..." Kristen started to say to Thorne. Pivoting, Kristen said that she knew Caroline still loved Ridge.

Ridge asked Caroline to face him. He was deeply sorry, although he realized that didn't mean much. He knew he couldn't rationalize what he had done with Alex. Ridge vowed he would never be unfaithful to Caroline again. He loved only Caroline.

Caroline believed that Ridge thought he loved her. If it had been more than a thought, Caroline surmised, Ridge wouldn't have cheated. Ridge felt punished, but Caroline corrected that her aloofness was more of a consequence for Ridge's betrayal. Ridge confessed that he had betrayed Caroline and himself and that Alex meant nothing to him. Caroline wanted to know why Ridge had done it, as they had been engaged.

Ridge provided no reason but averred that his one-nighter was not an indication of the kind of man he was or the kind of husband he would be. Ridge pledged he would be loyal. Caroline wanted to believe Ridge, who felt Caroline needed something to convince her. Ridge kissed Caroline lovingly; Caroline gave in to the kiss for a moment but pulled away. Ridge said he had an obsession with Caroline that could only be cured by marriage. Caroline replied that maybe things had happened for the best.

Caroline revealed that she had learned a valuable lesson. She had been too trusting, and she had learned that sometimes the world didn't deserve to be trusted. After living so long unprepared to deal with reality, Caroline expressed her need to find her place in the world, which she had to do on her own.

Ridge objected, but Caroline affirmed that Ridge didn't need her. If he had, Caroline said, he wouldn't have taken another woman to bed. Caroline supposed that depending on people only led to pain, and she put her foot down. She was going out on her own.

Ridge asked if Caroline's decision meant she didn't love him. Caroline answered that she did, but she needed to learn to love herself. Caroline was certain she couldn't do that in a marriage with Ridge, not after what he had done to her.

Ridge determinedly proclaimed that Caroline was wrong and that she would be his wife one day. Pronouncing that he couldn't and wouldn't live without her, Ridge kissed Caroline again and gave her a fixed glance before walking out.

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