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Eric saw Stephanie in a new light after she convinced Kristen to stay in town. Caroline turned Ridge away but drew closer to Thorne. Beth, who'd learned that her love for another man had driven her husband away, was stunned to receive a catering job at the Forrester mansion.
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Monday, May 4, 1987

At the mansion, Stephanie and Eric questioned Kristen about Caroline's whereabouts. Kristen revealed that Caroline had asked Kristen not to reveal her location; however, it was no longer a secret because Ridge had followed Kristen to Caroline's. Ridge and Caroline were together at that moment. Caroline had been upset, but Kristen had never seen Ridge so in love. Kristen was optimistic about there being a wedding, after all.

The phone rang, and Kristen answered it. Ridge was on the line, saying he'd be at the office. Kristen asked how it had gone with Caroline and started going on about a weekend wedding, but Ridge replied that there wouldn't be a wedding.

Ridge clicked off the line, and Kristen gave her parents the bad news about Ridge's wedding. Kristen decided that its permanent cancellation meant that it was time for her to go back to New York. She went upstairs to start packing.

Eric followed Kristen up to her room and asked her not to go. Kristen felt that she had to. Things with Stephanie had gotten out of hand, and Kristen couldn't even greet her mother without an argument. Kristen offered to show Eric around in New York, but he balked at the idea that she knew the city better than he. Eric asked Kristen to give her decision a little more thought, just another hour or so -- for him.

Later, as Kristen packed, Stephanie arrived. Kristen assumed that Eric had sent Stephanie, but Stephanie said he hadn't. Kristen was sure that Stephanie would be happy to call Kristen a cab. Stephanie said that she didn't want Kristen to leave. Kristen asked what staying would accomplish and if things could be different between them. Taking Kristen's hands, Stephanie said she thought that they had to try. "Don't you?" Stephanie asked.

Downstairs, Eric crumpled up a design and paced the room. Stephanie descended the stairs, and Eric hoped that she was aware that Kristen was leaving because of her. Shaking her head, Stephanie turned and walked away.

Kristen made her way downstairs, smiling. Kristen guessed that her mother had told Eric that Kristen was staying in town. Eric hugged Kristen and watched as Stephanie went back upstairs.

At Bill's penthouse, Bill was preoccupied with thoughts of Caroline, and Margo figured she should leave, since she wasn't being any help to him. Bill assured Margo that she was a big help indeed, and he gave her a kiss.

Margo tried to assure Bill that Caroline's anger had nothing to do with Caroline's love for him. Margo explained that it was just that Caroline had been through the worst ordeal of her life, and she needed to be alone. Bill worried that Caroline needed him. Margo asserted that Caroline was an adult, and Bill couldn't make decisions for her for the rest of her life.

Bill gave Margo a look, and she stated that he wanted Caroline to function on her own. He affirmed it, but he'd wanted to shield her from life's heartbreak. He said Caroline was pure and innocent, and he hated the thought of her encountering the Ridge Forresters of the world.

Margo replied that Bill wouldn't be around forever, and he had to stop protecting Caroline. Margo believed that Caroline would grow and become wiser and that Caroline needed him to express confidence in her. Someday, Margo felt, Caroline would thank him for it. Bill thanked Margo for being a good friend "and a lot more." He gave her another kiss.

As Margo and Bill made out, the phone rang. Bill pulled himself away to answer it and learned from his doorman that a police officer wanted to speak to him. Bill instructed the doorman to send the officer up.

Later, the police officer showed Bill items that he believed to be Caroline's. Margo identified a purse that Bill had given Caroline for Christmas. The belongings had been found in Griffith Park. Bill didn't think that Caroline would go to the park at night alone. The officer replied that no one had said that Caroline had gone there, leaving Bill to presume that the items could have been stolen and tossed in the park.

The officer asked if Caroline had mentioned missing her purse, but Bill explained that Caroline no longer lived there. Bill admitted he didn't know where Caroline was staying, and he added that he was concerned. The officer said that nothing had suggested foul play, and he asked if Bill had heard from Caroline. Bill hadn't, and the officer asked if Bill and Caroline were estranged.

After the officer departed, Margo tried to stop Bill from jumping to conclusions about Caroline. The doorbell rang, prompting Margo to duck into the other room. Bill opened the door to Ridge then tried to close it on him. "Damn it, man, it's about your daughter!" Ridge bellowed, pushing back the door.

Bill said that the police had been there about Caroline, and "if anything has happened to her -- " Cutting Bill off, Ridge said that nothing had happened to her. Ridge reported that he had seen Caroline earlier and that she was fine. Bill asked where Caroline was. Ridge figured that Caroline would tell Bill herself if she wanted Bill to know.

Bill began to argue, but Ridge said he didn't have to be there telling Bill anything. Ridge said he had just wanted to inform Bill that Caroline was okay, and he revealed that she hadn't been too thrilled to see Ridge, either. That was all that Ridge had wanted to say, and he left.

Ridge went to his office and was surprised to see Thorne waiting there. Thorne guessed that Ridge had seen Caroline. He asked how it had gone. Ridge murmured that he was working on it. Thorne asked if doing so was a wise course of action. Ridge didn't care if it was or not. He wanted the lady back. Thorne replied that Caroline wasn't ready to be back, which was understandable.

Ridge refused to keep flogging himself over "one asinine night in a hotel." He insisted it was over and done with. Thorne said that Caroline didn't see it that way. Ridge asked what Thorne would do if it were him. Thorne replied that he'd leave Caroline alone and let her make up her own mind. Ridge said that one might spill a little blood, but one couldn't get the bull unless one jumped into the arena with the red cape and went for it. Ridge intended to go for it.

Thorne recalled that the bull always got killed in the end, and he remarked that Caroline didn't deserve to be hurt by Ridge. Ridge responded that he wouldn't hurt Caroline -- he'd love her. Caroline would be Ridge's wife; Ridge swore it would happen.

Tuesday, May 5, 1987

At the Logan house, Brooke arrived, and in the living room, she found Storm in a dark mood. Brooke checked the kitchen calendar and told her sisters that she should have remembered. Donna and Katie stood by as Brooke comforted Storm. "Seven years ago today," Storm said.

It was the anniversary of the day that the Logans' father had left. Storm said he'd never forget it. Brooke didn't want it to eat away at them and wanted to find a way to forgive. Storm refused to forget that the man had abandoned his wife and family. Katie said she hardly remembered Stephen. Storm replied that Katie had been young and shouldn't mind him and his baggage.

Beth arrived home, and over dinner, she noticed that no one was really eating. Donna assumed she hadn't made her best casserole. Katie and Donna started to clear the table, but Storm and Brooke asked to talk to Beth alone. Katie and Donna left the kitchen.

Beth assumed everyone remembered what day it was. Beth had many feelings about it. She felt abandoned and hurt, but she couldn't help wondering where Stephen was or why they hadn't heard from him. Storm didn't know how Beth could say that after Stephen had left her alone with the kids, working until she dropped to put them through college. Storm said she hadn't had a life since Stephen had left. Beth replied that it hadn't been that bad.

Storm was tired of his mother making excuses. Beth yelled that he didn't know what he was talking about. She agreed that there was no excuse for what Stephen had done, but she said they also didn't know why Stephen had done it. She asked Storm to think about this grandmother, who'd lost a son, and she decided she'd go see Helen that night. Beth apologized for losing her temper, but Storm said she should do it more often.

At Helen's apartment later, Beth arrived to see Helen, whom Beth referred to as Mother Logan. Helen acknowledged Beth's loyalty to Helen, even after what Stephen had done. Beth said nothing would change the fact that they were family.

Beth wished Mother Logan would spend more time with the family. Worried about Helen's neighborhood, Beth wished Mother Logan would at least think about moving in with them. Helen, who'd been in her neighborhood for 20 years, said she'd tell Beth the same thing she'd told Storm about living with the family. Helen believed a family should have its privacy, and she enjoyed her own privacy.

Helen changed the topic to Beth's children and asked how they felt about the anniversary. Helen knew how Storm felt, but she wondered how the girls felt. Beth replied that the girls didn't talk about Stephen; Katie and Donna barely remembered him but were insulating themselves against the idea that he might never be back. Helen asked how Beth would feel if he did return.

Beth didn't know. She said that what Stephen had done had been inexcusable. She wished he'd talked about his troubles, but he hadn't even left a note before taking off. Helen recalled that Stephen hadn't had an easy time, and when his last business had gone under, he hadn't been able to face things. Beth knew that, but in her view, nothing justified walking out on the kids. It had caused them pain and insecurity. Helen stated that Beth was more responsible for her husband leaving than she realized.

At the Forrester mansion, Thorne found Kristen in the living room. She was worried about Caroline. Thorne had seen Ridge, who hadn't gotten anywhere with Caroline. Kristen assumed Ridge needed to give Caroline time. Thorne wondered if Caroline would get back with Ridge.

Kristen didn't know. She didn't even know what had caused the breakup, but she said that, knowing their brother, it had involved another woman. Thorne replied that he wouldn't be surprised. Kristen believed it was up to Caroline to trust Ridge again. Thorne didn't know how Caroline could do that when Ridge's history indicated that he couldn't sustain a commitment.

Kristen suspected that Ridge had surprised himself by falling in love and that he regretted what he'd done. Thorne asked if their brother would have regretted it if he hadn't been caught. She thought so. She really believed that Ridge was in love with Caroline.

Thorne didn't know where that left the disillusioned Caroline. Kristen was glad Caroline's purse had been stolen, forcing Caroline to reach out. "What?" he exclaimed. Kristen explained that a creep had come onto Caroline and stolen her purse. Thorne felt that a woman like Caroline had no business being out there by herself. He felt Caroline had been lucky that time.

Kristen stated that she'd decided to stay in town in case Caroline needed her again. Thorne thought it might help for Caroline to talk to a man and be reassured that there were some men she could trust. He asked where Caroline was. Kristen said Caroline didn't want to see anyone.

Thorne reasoned that Caroline might not be in a position to know what was best for her. He asked Kristen to give him a chance to make up for some of the hurt Ridge had caused. Thorne felt that, as Ridge's brother, he might be in the best position to do it. He asked Kristen to let him go to Caroline and see what he could do.

In Eric and Stephanie's bedroom, Eric watched through a bathroom mirror as Stephanie changed into a nightgown. He felt that he owed her an apology and said she never ceased to amaze him. Stephanie said nothing, and Eric felt that she wasn't making it easy to thank her for doing something only she could have done. She assumed he meant getting Kristen to stay.

Eric said Stephanie didn't know what it meant to him. Stephanie knew but stated that Kristen could change her mind. He felt lucky to have two beautiful women in his life. "Only two?" she asked. He wondered why she couldn't accept a compliment. She guessed she didn't remember how. He assumed he was to blame, but she was sure it went both ways.

Eric asked if it was too late for them to pick up the pieces and begin again. "All of this because I asked your daughter to stay?" Stephanie asked. He told her that it was more than that. She wished it was true. Eric called her a fascinating woman and said she'd never lost that about herself.

Stephanie thanked Eric and asked how she was doing in accepting the compliment. He said it was much better and that he was drawn to her that night in a way he hadn't felt in a long time. She asked how she should respond to that. She admitted she'd always found him attractive, but things always got between him. He offered to put their differences aside just for a while. He called her a desirable woman, and he wanted the chance to prove it to her again. Stephanie and Eric passionately kissed.

Wednesday, May 6, 1987

Thorne became adamant that Kristen give him Caroline's address. He thought he could help Caroline, but Kristen had promised not to let anyone else have that information. Thorne felt Caroline didn't know what was best for her. Kristen reminded the iron-willed Thorne that Caroline wanted to be alone. Thorne knew that Caroline had been hurt by the two men closest to her, and he wanted to show her that some men were, in fact, trustworthy.

Kristen hesitated but then gave Caroline's location to Thorne. Thorne happily said that Kristen wouldn't regret it. Kristen felt Caroline was better than Ridge deserved, but she also thought that Caroline still wanted Ridge. Thorne hoped that wasn't the case, which shocked Kristen. Thorne thought Caroline had been hurt enough and needed someone to depend on. When Kristen balked and said that Caroline was his brother's fiancée, Thorne replied, "Not anymore."

Kristen couldn't believe that Thorne considered Caroline fair game, but Thorne confessed that he was in love with Caroline and that Ridge had given up any claim to Caroline by his actions. Kristen worried how Ridge would react when he found out that Thorne also had feelings for Caroline. Thorne knew that Ridge would find out sooner rather than later, but Thorne still had every intention of making Caroline fall in love with him instead.

Eric and Stephanie reveled in the afterglow of their lovemaking. When Eric remarked it had been like their honeymoon, Stephanie reminded him that they had never taken one. Stephanie divulged that she had always thought that Eric had felt trapped. Eric pointed out that Stephanie had been pregnant when they had gotten married. Stephanie joked that she hadn't gotten into that state by herself. Eric recalled that Stephanie had been 17 and a college freshman then, while he had been a senior. The couple kidded each other about Stephanie supposedly having trapped Eric into marriage. Stephanie pondered how different their lives would have been if she hadn't been pregnant with Ridge.

Eric remembered that every man on campus had had eyes for Stephanie...and her father's money. Stephanie could have chosen any man she had wanted, Eric opined, but Stephanie had chosen him. Stephanie chalked it up to "destiny." Eric felt he hadn't had much to offer. Stephanie noted Eric was talking about money, but overall, Eric had had plenty to offer. "Had?" Eric asked.

Stephanie became somber and noted that she and Eric didn't have many nights like the one they had just shared. They would have sex, but not passion; Stephanie admitted she had forgotten how wonderful passion could be. Stephanie said they had Kristen to thank for that. Eric deemed Stephanie an enigma and said he couldn't thank her enough for talking Kristen into staying in L.A. longer. Stephanie gestured Eric closer to her and cooed, "Keep trying," leading them into another kiss.

The mood seemed spoiled for Stephanie when Eric spoke of asking Kristen to work with him at Forrester. Stephanie wished Eric could see himself and the way his face lit up when he talked about Kristen. Stephanie ruefully observed that Kristen was the real love of Eric's life...but that there had once been another one, as well, in college.

Eric declared that relationship long over and wanted Stephanie to drop the subject. Stephanie assumed that Eric sometimes wondered how different their lives would have been if Stephanie hadn't gotten pregnant and if Eric had married his college sweetheart instead. " wonder," Eric replied pensively.

Dave and Brooke made out on her front porch. "If I wasn't on duty tonight..." Dave said, grinning suggestively. He predicted that once he and Brooke were married, they would have all the time they needed. Brooke admitted that she had been wanting to talk to Dave about marrying him in June and asked if she could have more time to give him an answer. Brooke was sure about Dave, but she would be graduating college in June and thought perhaps she should get a job before walking down the aisle, since it was likely Brooke and Dave would need two incomes. Dave agreed but hoped Brooke wouldn't make him wait too long.

Dave had to get back on duty and wanted to escort Brooke inside, but Brooke reported that Storm was home and "in a mood." Brooke relayed how Storm had once been a lot of fun, but only until their father had left; it was the seven-year anniversary of their abandonment. Dave kissed Brooke goodbye and told her not to forget to think about accepting his proposal.

In the living room, Storm slammed a law book shut, unable to concentrate. Brooke entered and hugged Storm, who apologized for having gone off about their father earlier. Storm didn't like how obsessed he could get about their father. Storm felt Beth was too understanding about Steven and that Beth should think of her own life more often before that life passed her by. Beth deserved better, Storm insisted. Brooke didn't know why Steven had abandoned them, and she suggested that Beth might not know, either. She said that whatever it was had to have been heavy.

Storm remembered how many jobs Steven had had and how everything Steven had touched had turned to failure, which, in Storm's eyes, still didn't justify Steven having walked out on his family. Brooke presumed a lot had happened between their parents that they didn't know about.

At Grandma Logan's apartment, Beth wanted to know what Grandma had meant when she had said that Beth was more responsible for Steven's desertion than Beth knew. Grandma revealed that Steven had known about Beth being in love with Eric at one time. Beth swore she had never been unfaithful to Steven. Grandma explained that Steven had been convinced that Beth had married him on the rebound, and she said that he was insecure about it.

Grandma Logan said Steven had once told his mother how Beth had been jilted when Eric had suddenly decided to marry another woman. According to Grandma, Steven had felt he'd had to compete with Eric, and when Steven had failed to measure up, Steven had relieved the pressure he had put on himself by deserting his family. Beth cried that she had had no idea that Steven had felt that way. Beth maintained that she had been married to Steven, to whom she had given her love and support, but Grandma was sure that Beth still thought about Eric.

Thursday, May 7, 1987

At Caroline's apartment, Caroline called her father. Bill was full of questions, but she left them unanswered because she didn't have long to talk before her job interview. "Job?" he asked. He said the police had dropped off her purse, and he asked what had happened. She promised it had been nothing to worry about, just part of living in the real world. She said she'd call again soon, and upon ending the call, she left for her interviews.

Later, Caroline sat down for her first interview. It was with Mr. Kern, who felt that her communications and literature degrees from Northwestern didn't give her the business management experience he felt she needed to run his stationery store. Caroline was willing to learn on the job, but Mr. Kern said he was away a lot and had to have a person with a business background. In his view, she wasn't qualified for the job.

Next, Caroline interviewed with Mr. Clinton, who needed an assistant. He told her to call him Cal, and he hired her on the spot. He instructed her to pack her bags for a business trip they would take in the morning. He explained that he ran an imports business, and travel was essential.

Caroline felt unsure about the job. Cal explained that he expected a lot from his assistants, and they'd share accommodations while traveling. He touched Caroline's shoulder, saying they'd get along beautifully. Caroline hopped from her seat and said she wasn't the person for the job. Cal, however, believed she was. She affirmed that she wasn't, and she strode out.

In Eric's office, Ridge was in a mood. Eric wondered if he should ask what Ridge's problem was. Ridge noted that he and his father didn't usually talk, especially not about personal things. After a moment, Ridge blurted out that he wanted Caroline back, but she was hurt and needed time.

Eric replied that things wouldn't heal overnight. Ridge was certain that a woman like Caroline wouldn't be alone for long. Eric reasoned that the relationship had happened fast, and Caroline and Ridge had barely even dated before they'd gotten engaged. Ridge said it was because it had been right.

Eric explained that a man and woman needed time to bond. He suggested starting all over again with a simple date -- dinner and a movie. Ridge scoffed, saying it sounded like high school. Ridge said he didn't want to date the girl; he wanted to marry her. Eric replied that Ridge couldn't marry a woman who didn't trust him, but Ridge could win her back -- if he was willing to make the effort.

Later, Ridge was alone when Thorne strode in to tell Eric that he'd be gone for the afternoon. Eric wasn't there, and Ridge assumed Thorne was headed out for an "afternoon delight." Thorne asked what had given Ridge that idea. Ridge wished Thorne luck and hoped the woman was worth it.

At Caroline's apartment later, Caroline hadn't been home long when Thorne arrived. She assumed Kristen had told him where she lived. Thorne said he knew Caroline needed to be independent, but she didn't need to be lonely. She was reluctant about opening up, but Thorne assured her that he was a friend. Caroline admitted to being lonely, and he asked what they'd do about it.

Caroline scoffed at the "we" part of the statement. She revealed that she was depressed because she hadn't had any luck in looking for a job that day. Thorne asked why she'd want a job. She asserted that she needed to grow up and take care of herself. She said that if she'd married Ridge, she would have gone through her entire life without working. She felt that she needed to find a job just like any other woman.

Thorne told Caroline that she wasn't like any other woman. Caroline said he sounded like her father. Thorne didn't want to be accused of that, so she called him a special friend.

A delivery man arrived with long-stemmed roses. Thorne tipped the man before Caroline could. The card tucked in with the red and lavender flowers said that red was for love and lavender for sorrow. Ridge stated on the card that he felt both deeply. She sighed, and Thorne hugged her.

At the mansion, Stephanie was headed out to see Eric when Bill called. Bill wanted to see her that day if she had the time. Stephanie agreed to make the time and left for Forrester.

When Stephanie arrived at Forrester, Eric was miffed because Thorne wasn't around to welcome the European Fashion Group, a group of buyers and designers. He told Stephanie that they'd have the group of 15 for dinner at the mansion, but Stephanie said she'd given Maria the week off. Eric was irritated because he'd told Stephanie they'd need Maria that week. He asked Stephanie to call a catering company. She agreed to do it and left.

At the Logan house, Storm assumed Beth's dark mood had to do with money problems, but Beth revealed that she'd talked to Mother Logan, who'd enlightened Beth about why Stephen had left. Storm believed that Stephen had split because he'd been unable to deal with failure.

Beth revealed that Stephen had left because of another man she'd dated in college. At one point, she'd believed she and the man had been in love and would marry; however, the man had been involved with another woman. He'd married that woman, and Beth had been terribly hurt.

Beth's heart had still been with the other man when she'd started dating Stephen. Eventually, she'd fallen in love with Stephen and had married him. However, Grandma Logan had said that Stephen had known about the other man somehow, and it had tortured him. The other man had become very successful, and Stephen had felt he couldn't compete.

Storm said the news gave him more insight, but it wasn't an excuse. In Storm's mind, Stephen had had troubles, but one shouldn't take off and leave one's family.

Friday, May 8, 1987

Ridge studied one of Margo's designs as assistant Vivian brought in a model wearing the actualized piece. Ridge was upset when Vivian reported that Margo had put the dress into production, and he had Vivian call Margo to the office. When Margo entered, Ridge folded down the neckline to reveal more cleavage, tore the back open, and ripped several inches off the skirt, deeming Margo's work boring and sexless. Ridge demanded that Margo incorporate Ridge's changes, ordering the infuriated Margo out.

Margo returned with the same model having donned the updated design. Ridge said the new dress had made his point. Once alone with Ridge, Margo labeled his chastisement of her in front of her staff cruel and uncalled for. Ridge disagreed and scowled that Margo needed to learn how to take criticism.

Margo felt Ridge continually humiliated her as a power play and stated that Eric had approved her design. Ridge scoffed that Eric's judgment was sometimes questionable. "And yours isn't?" Margo let slip out. Ridge baited Margo by replying that having dated her was his one error in judgment; Margo snarled that Bill Spencer could name another.

Margo tried to evade the issue when Ridge demanded to know how well Margo knew Bill. Ridge knew that someone had fed Bill lies about him. Margo denied Ridge's accusation that she had convinced Bill to have Ridge followed, saying Ridge's reputation had done that. Ridge grabbed Margo and threatened to end her career if she'd had anything to do with ruining his relationship with Caroline. Ridge pushed Margo away, and she left.

Stephanie brought an extravagant menu selection to Ruth, a caterer, who was pleased Stephanie had chosen her company. Stephanie explained that she expected "a certain level of elegance" with regard to presentation and service, despite the short notice. Ruth assured Stephanie that she would assign her best people; after Stephanie departed, the excited Ruth made a call and asked to have Beth Logan sent to her office.

When Beth walked in, she learned from Ruth that she was to be in charge of a small but opulent dinner party the following night. Beth got a shock when she asked who the client was and found out it was Mrs. Eric Forrester.

Thorne arrived at Caroline's apartment with groceries and jokingly predicted that Caroline might try to cook something. Caroline grinned and said that Thorne would be the recipient of her first-ever home-cooked meal. "The recipient -- or the victim?" Thorne ribbed.

Thorne finished installing a paper towel rack in Caroline's kitchen and went on that he might iron if Caroline promised not to lose her beautiful smile. Caroline admitted that she had almost forgotten how to smile and that her mother had thought it was Caroline's best attribute. Caroline relayed that her mother had died the previous summer and that a part of Caroline had died that spring.

Caroline felt that an end to her foolishly innocent life had been inevitable. Thorne insisted that Caroline had not been wrong to trust Ridge, as Ridge had been the fool. Caroline found Thorne's point of view idealistic, but she liked it, expressing a desire to change her own idealism. Thorne didn't think it was unrealistic to expect loyalty and commitment, and he implored Caroline not to let Ridge -- or anyone -- change her.

Thorne returned to the office, where Ridge made loaded comments about the "midday siesta" he was sure Thorne had had with a woman. Ridge whipped out a diamond ring and announced that he was going after Caroline. Ridge planned to lavish Caroline with love and romance that evening, with the intention of making her his bride. Thorne chafed when Ridge asked him to wish Ridge luck, saying, "Think you'll need it?"

Ridge confessed he had never courted a woman before, but he was sure he was up to the task. No one was going to stop Ridge from winning Caroline, including Bill Spencer. Thorne eyed his brother dubiously.

Stephanie appeared at Bill's penthouse at Bill's request, relaying that she knew about Caroline moving out on Bill and wanting nothing to do with him; Stephanie didn't find it surprising. Bill wanted advice from Stephanie about Caroline, since Stephanie had raised two daughters. Stephanie retorted that she had also raised two sons, including one whose life Bill had devastated.

Stephanie maintained that Ridge had committed a juvenile act that was still less juvenile than Bill having Ridge followed. Bill scoffed that he hadn't put Ridge in bed with the other woman; Stephanie spat that one could always find dirt when one looked for it and that everyone had something to hide.

Bill calmed down, but Stephanie was still incredulous that Bill would want her to counsel him. Despite Bill's apology, Stephanie remained furious that Bill had ruined her son's wedding. Bill wondered why Stephanie hadn't called if she had been that concerned, causing Stephanie to accuse Bill of thinking that Stephanie was faking her outrage. "I may not dote on Ridge the way you dote on Caroline..." Stephanie started, full of venom.

Bill interrupted and realized it had been in bad taste to ask Stephanie for help. "'Tacky' is the word," Stephanie growled. Bill was sure no one could use that word to describe Stephanie, who remained confused over how she was supposed to help with Caroline.

An embarrassed Bill was no longer sure himself. He let Stephanie know he hadn't meant to hurt her family, and Stephanie was sure he would have any fiancé of Caroline's followed. Bill desperately declared he would do anything to get Caroline back, and he reported that Caroline had called but said she wanted to be left alone. Stephanie found that to be excellent advice. Stephanie deemed her daughters very independent, which Bill admitted Caroline was not. Bill said he just wanted to talk to Caroline, citing their once very close relationship. Bill was positive that Eric felt that way about his own daughters.

Clearly thinking of Kristen and Eric, Stephanie asked if Bill loved his daughter more than he had his wife. Bill clarified that it was a different kind of love and again asked Stephanie for advice about Caroline; Stephanie took Bill's hand and said she needed to mull it over, aware of Bill's anxiousness about mending things with Caroline.

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