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Bill found Caroline and was upset that Ridge had given her an engagement ring. Later, Bill and Margo made love. Mark wanted to move in with Donna, who accused Rocco of lying about his childhood to soften up her family. Brooke got Dave to delay their wedding. Beth tried to get out of catering the Forrester dinner party, where Eric didn't recognize her; privately, Eric thought the caterer looked familiar.
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Caroline was upset that Ridge had given her an engagement ring
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Monday, May 11, 1987

In Eric's office, Thorne arrived. Kristen was alone there and said Eric was looking for Thorne about some emergency. Thorne, who'd already handled it, joked that there was an emergency every time he tried to leave the building. Kristen assumed he'd gone to see Caroline.

Affirming it, Thorne beamed about how great it had been. He'd fixed things for Caroline and had gotten her groceries. He felt that she was finally relaxing after the wedding fiasco. Thorne revealed that, when he'd gotten back to the office, he'd spoken to Ridge, who'd been on his way to see Caroline with an engagement ring. Thorne quipped that it was a token Ridge had never given Caroline before, and Thorne figured it was all up to her at that point.

Eric strode in, and Thorne left to let Eric and Kristen talk. Grinning, Eric said he'd been waiting for the day that his oldest daughter would join him in the family business. Kristen claimed to hardly know anything about the business. Confident that she'd pick it up quickly, he said that Margo would work with Kristen and show her every aspect of design. If that didn't work out, Eric intended to try Kristen in other departments, like marketing, advertising, and sales.

Eric showed Kristen some new fabrics that they'd display in the next line. He asked Kristen to select several. Kristen picked a few, and Eric decided that they'd be the fabrics for the line. She couldn't believe he'd use what she'd chosen. Eric said that the Forrester eye was innate in her.

Eric informed Kristen that the finest European designers and buyers in the industry would be at the house for dinner. He wanted her to talk to them and learn all she could from them. She didn't know what she'd say to them. Eric told her to be herself, and they'd fall in love with her. She had beauty, intelligence, and charm, and he felt it was time to put them into use. She asked if he'd be disappointed if it didn't work out. Eric admitted that he would be, but he said he'd understand. Kristen decided she'd start the day after the party, so she could spend time with Caroline.

Later, Eric was alone when Stephanie arrived. He revealed that more guests were on their dinner list. Stephanie asked for the head count, and he said she'd have to check with Margo. "I think your assistant can check with me," Stephanie replied. Eric claimed he couldn't tolerate "this attitude" of hers where business was concerned. Stephanie replied that she worked hard to make the parties a success, and if he couldn't tolerate it, that was his problem, not hers.

Eric didn't know why Stephanie was fighting him on it. Stephanie didn't understand why "those people" had to be in their home. She thought the Europeans would be delighted to go out and sample California cuisine. There were plenty of restaurants and hotels with private party facilities. Stephanie wasn't sure about gambling on the new catering company, either.

Eric inquired about what Stephanie knew about the company and its clientele. Stephanie said she had met with them, and their clients were reputable. "But they'd never done it for me before," she explained. Eric figured that if caterers were good enough for their friends, then the caterers were good enough for the Forresters, too. He also said it was more honorable to be a guest in one's home than at a restaurant. That was his final decision, and Stephanie strode out.

In Caroline's apartment, Caroline continued to call about jobs. Ridge knocked on the door, but she didn't want to open it for him. Through the door, he said he loved her, and nothing had changed how he felt. She let him in, and he noticed that she'd gotten the roses he'd sent.

Ridge noted that Caroline was looking for jobs. Claiming to have a job for her, he said it required a lifetime commitment. Caroline replied that she'd desired the job more than anything in the world, but she figured they knew what had happened. He wanted to deal with what had happened and said they had to if they were ever to have a future together.

Caroline believed she and Ridge had to deal with the past before they could discuss the future. They had to deal with the night he'd slept with another woman. Ridge didn't know why he'd done it. He said it had been stupid and ridiculous, but it would never happen again. Caroline didn't know that, and she refused to live that way, no matter how much she loved a man.

Ridge didn't know what more to say. He said it had been a careless night of martinis with a woman who should have remained in his past. Caroline asked what would happen when there were other martinis and women from his past. He asked her to have faith in him, but she said she'd already tried that. Ridge said he was willing to do anything to convince her. "Maybe it's not worth it," she said.

Ridge asked if Caroline could look at him and say their love wasn't worth it. She looked away, and he said they had to give it another chance. He said he hadn't known how to love before he'd met her. He claimed she'd taught him, and he wouldn't let it go; he wouldn't let her go.

According to Ridge, everything had happened so fast that he'd forgotten to give Caroline "this." He placed an engagement ring in her hand and said it was a symbol of their union. He asked if she'd accept the ring, his ring.

At the Logan house, Rocco arrived at the back door while Brooke was in the kitchen. Katie and Donna were at work, but Rocco asked to come in, anyway. Brooke was cutting up vegetables for pot roast. Rocco marveled about the way the family had dinners together and talked to each other. Brooke said that she thought that was what families usually did and that he made it sound like he didn't have one.

Rocco said that he didn't. Brooke figured he had parents. Rocco's divulged that his father had divorced his mother when he'd been three. His mother had remarried. Rocco didn't think she remembered his name. Brooke said she was sorry about it. He told her not to be because he was doing all right.

Brooke let Rocco help her peel carrots. Beth arrived, and Rocco decided to take off for work. Beth told him that he was welcome there anytime. Rocco left, and Beth called him a good kid.

Brooke noticed something wrong with Beth. Brooke thought Beth was preoccupied with the catering job she had the next night, but Beth claimed not to be worried about it. Brooke asked where it would be and was awestruck when Beth named the Forrester mansion.

Brooke imagined that Beth would see the rich people and gorgeous gowns. She wondered if the Forrester sons would be there. Brooke wanted Beth to remember everything about it. Beth offered to do her best, but she wasn't sure she'd take the job. Brooke exclaimed that it was the chance of a lifetime, and she asked why Beth wouldn't take the job. Brooke wondered if Eric Forrester would remember Beth. Beth claimed that she hadn't known Eric that well in school.

Tuesday, May 12, 1987

Ridge again asked Caroline to wear his ring. Caroline struggled to find the words to reply; Ridge brushed her lips with his finger. He slowly placed the ring on her left hand and recited traditional wedding vows, emphasizing the part about being faithful. When pressed, Caroline confessed that she was, in fact, still in love with Ridge, who wanted her to go away with him. Caroline finally said that she no longer wanted to rush into anything.

Ridge asked how he could prove himself if Caroline wouldn't see him. Caroline relented and said she would see him, but she made no promises. Ridge grinned and said that Caroline wouldn't be sorry and would see him soon. But after Ridge left, Caroline took his engagement ring off her finger and placed it back in its box.

Brooke and Katie did dishes together, with Brooke telling Katie that Rocco had stopped by earlier that day. Brooke was sure Rocco had been there to see Katie, who admitted she was used to guys visiting Brooke and Donna but not her. Donna entered, and Brooke teased her about how she was never home on Saturday nights. When Donna learned that Rocco had been by the house, her smile disappeared. Brooke explained to Donna that Rocco had told her about supporting himself after his parents had abandoned him, which led Brooke to the conclusion that Rocco wasn't a bad guy. Donna balked when she heard that Beth had said Rocco was welcome at the house anytime.

Storm joined his sisters and asked if Beth was at work. Donna and Katie became excited when Brooke announced that Beth was supervising a catering job at the Forrester mansion, but Storm didn't share their enthusiasm, asking how Beth felt about it. Brooke relayed that their mother had been so indifferent that she'd talked about letting someone else handle the event. Storm wondered why.

Storm reentered the kitchen later and found his mother at the refrigerator. Storm brought up the dinner at the Forresters' that she was expected to cater. Beth blew it off, attributing her lack of interest to tiredness. Storm said the lawyer in him felt Beth was withholding information. He thought it had something to do with the fact that Beth had gone to college with Eric Forrester. Beth played down how well she had known Eric, lying that she and Eric had never dated.

When Storm wouldn't let up, Beth decided she would work the party. After Storm left, Beth thought back.

Eric sat in a convertible with his arm around Beth as they took in the lights on a lake. Eric predicted that he would be a famous fashion designer. He wanted Beth at his side. Beth knew that people often got pulled apart after graduation. Eric kissed her and swore he wouldn't let that happen, declaring there was nothing they couldn't do together.

A tear streamed down Beth's cheek at the memory.

Margo brought a dress sample to a distracted Eric in his office. Responding to Margo's question about his mood, Eric brushed off her concern and merely said something had just happened that had bothered him. Eric returned to the topic of the cut in Margo's potential skirt and approved her recommendation to change it. He then told Margo that she was invited to the big event with the European buyers at his house the following night.

Margo thanked Eric, who considered Margo very important to the company -- and to him personally. Eric was sure Margo would enjoy meeting the buyers that were visiting from so many exotic locales. Margo felt it was wonderful that Eric was entertaining his guests at his house, since Europeans typically saw such invitations as an honor. "Then it's not unreasonable," Eric said to himself. Margo took the meaning and grumbled that Stephanie always made things difficult for Eric.

Margo walked back her comment about Stephanie, but Eric agreed that Stephanie had never really been interested in the business. Margo recalled that Eric had asked Stephanie to be a part of it on many occasions. Eric changed the subject and said that Kristen had agreed to work at Forrester. Eric asked Margo if she would mentor Kristen in the company's various aspects until Kristen found an area she liked. Margo easily accepted.

There seemed to be a spark in Margo and Eric's long pause. She invited Eric to her apartment for a drink. Eric deemed the idea tempting but asked for a rain check. Margo lingered at Eric's office door before leaving.

At Griffey's, Donna made out with Mark in a booth. Mark said he couldn't get enough of Donna, who pointed out that the night was young. Mark moped that he had to get home and study, citing his father's pressure and the goal to be a med student. Mark took Donna's hand and admitted he hadn't been studying as much as he should have been because he had been thinking about her. He asked if Donna had ever thought about moving out of her house, suggesting that they get their own place together.

Donna was surprised until she realized that Mark was serious. Having been asked if she was happy at home, Donna noted her curfew and the lack of privacy in sharing a bedroom with her two sisters. Mark reiterated how much he wanted Donna, and he kissed her passionately as Rocco walked in and saw them in their embrace.

Mark left, but only after Donna promised she'd think about moving in with him. Donna heard her waiter asking to refill her coffee, yet when she looked up and saw it was an off-duty Rocco, she hardened. Donna said she didn't like Rocco, nor did she like him visiting her house. She repeated what Brooke had said about Rocco having to raise himself and labeled it a sob story that Rocco was using to win her family over. Donna didn't think they would react kindly if they found out that Rocco was using Katie, and she ordered Rocco not to stop by the house again.

Rocco angrily retorted that if Donna could get the chip off her shoulder, she would see he wasn't a scammer. He didn't deny that he'd been trying to get to Donna. Rocco admitted that though he genuinely liked Katie, it was Donna whom he found sexy and fascinating. Rocco wanted Donna and was determined they would be together.

Wednesday, May 13, 1987

Bill knocked on Caroline's apartment door. No one answered, so Bill had the landlord let him in. Bill grimaced at the functional surroundings then noticed the roses and ring Ridge had given Caroline. Startled to return home to her father standing in her living room, Caroline gasped and assumed that Bill had hired a private investigator, "as usual," to find her. Bill insisted that he needed to see his daughter, who asked him to leave. Before he would leave, Bill wanted to know why Caroline had accepted Ridge's ring.

Caroline observed that Bill still hated Ridge. Bill concurred that he detested Ridge for what Ridge had done to Caroline. Taking the boxed ring from her father, Caroline admitted she didn't know what she was going to do about Ridge, nor did she want Bill to be question her about Ridge.

Bill lamented that he and Caroline had been very close until Ridge had become a part of Caroline's life. Bill was aghast that Caroline could continue to defend Ridge, despite Bill having proof of Ridge's infidelity. Bill considered in unfair that Caroline had been acting as if he, not Ridge, had wronged her. Caroline retorted that she hated what Ridge had done, but she also hated what Bill had done, and that was why she felt she needed to live in her own place. Bill reminded Caroline that she had her own room at home.

Caroline corrected that that room was in Bill's home, where she had lived sheltered from the real world. She acknowledged that she was learning some hard lessons and that Bill and Ridge's actions had opened her eyes. Bill softened, realizing they had all learned some lessons, and he asked Caroline to move home. Caroline became adamant and maintained that she couldn't, "no matter how much..." "How much you would like to?" Bill said, filling in the blank. Caroline again asked Bill to leave, which he did grudgingly after reminding Caroline that her home was waiting for her.

Eric and Margo worked together on three separate outfits that were meant to be worn by a princess visiting the White House. Margo gushed that to her, it looked like all three ensembles had been designed by a different genius. There was a pregnant pause between her and Eric, who realized he had only an hour to get ready for the party celebrating his European buyers at his house. Eric wanted his "right arm," Margo, to arrive before the guests and suggested sending dresses to his home so she could change there. Margo didn't think Stephanie would appreciate that.

Eric conceded that Stephanie was especially nervous about the untested catering company they were using for the event. Margo and Eric prepared to leave, but Eric caught something on one of the mannequins he wanted to fix. Margo smiled knowingly.

As Ridge changed into his tuxedo shirt for the party, Thorne entered his room and asked how things had gone with Caroline. Ridge felt there was reason to be hopeful, since Caroline hadn't rejected his engagement ring outright. Thorne pointed out that Caroline was trying to change; Ridge said he was, as well, and that he was learning "so much" about commitment, which he had started to view differently. Thorne didn't think Caroline was ready for marriage because of how badly Ridge had burned her, but Ridge wouldn't be deterred. He was convinced that Caroline still loved him, and he found it ironic that he and Caroline would end up closer because of his "mistake" with Alex.

Thorne commented that only Ridge could turn something like that to his advantage. Ridge professed that his one-nighter was not something he was proud of. "And you shouldn't be," Thorne said as he left to join the party.

Beth arrived at work. When her boss, Ruth, handed her the Forresters' final menu changes, Beth tried to get out of catering the party, citing personal reasons and offering to find a replacement. Ruth didn't want someone else; she wanted Beth, and she explained that a high-profile job like the Forrester gala would put the company in the black, which her recently deceased husband hadn't been able to do. Ruth virtually begged Beth not to let her down.

A maid alerted Stephanie that the caterers had arrived. Stephanie said that she wanted to speak to whoever was in charge. The maid brought Stephanie to see Beth; Stephanie introduced herself and sternly said she was apprehensive about the evening. Stephanie laid out how she wanted things done and was encouraged to find a tray of hors d'oeuvres freshly baked. Stephanie told Beth they would get along fine as long as Beth kept Eric and the guests happy.

Eric saw Margo approaching and marveled at how she had made herself look so ravishing so quickly. Margo beamed that the dress Eric had designed for her had helped. Stephanie watched their familiarity with displeasure.

A glamorous Kristen arrived, and when Eric complimented her, Kristen joked to Margo that her father would do so even if she had attended the gala in her bathrobe. Ridge joined the group and asked if everyone was ready to party. Eric brushed the event off as a dinner, but Ridge said it was a party when European buyers got together. "Or an orgy," Kristen said with a laugh. Eric played referee as Ridge and Kristen teased each other high-spiritedly.

Thorne found his mother observing everyone from afar and encouraged her to take part in the festivities. When Thorne reached his siblings, he groaned playfully at having caught the end of a story about a childhood birthday party of Ridge's. Stephanie finally drew near and tasked Ridge, Thorne, and Eric with party duties; Eric escorted Kristen away, leaving Stephanie alone with Margo. Stephanie crowed that Margo was in wonderful form and exceedingly obvious regarding Eric. Stephanie smirked as she left Margo to her own devices.

In the kitchen, Beth thought back to Eric once promising her, "If I ever amount to anything in this world, the first thing I want is for you and I to marry." A different maid snapped Beth out of her reverie, prompting Beth to once again ride herd over the culinary activities. Beth followed an employee to the kitchen door, where she caught a glimpse of Eric smiling and laughing in his tux. When Stephanie announced that her guests were arriving and that Beth was to start serving immediately, Beth sent the staff in with trays but hesitated herself, wondering if Eric would remember her...or if she even wanted him to.

Thursday, May 14, 1987

At the Forrester mansion, Beth seemed dazed as she gazed around at all the partygoers. She spotted Eric and wondered if he'd remember her. She asked herself if she really wanted him to.

Stephanie whispered into Beth's ear, prodding Beth to serve the appetizers. As Beth moved about the bustling party, serving guests, she told herself that Eric wouldn't recognize her. Thorne caught her attention and let her know that her staff was doing a marvelous job.

Ridge called Thorne over to introduce him to some buyers. One of them asked about Ridge's wedding, and he said the wedding had been delayed. As the buyers pried about where Ridge's fiancée was, Thorne distracted them by taking them for a walk around the grounds. Kristen approached Ridge and noted that he seemed frazzled. Ridge sadly uttered that Caroline should be there with him, but Kristen told him to forget it and have a drink.

Nearby, Stephanie grimaced when she saw Eric introducing Margo to some designers. By the time Stephanie made her way to their side of the room, Margo was with another group of designers. Stephanie spoke in Italian, telling everyone that Margo was Eric's secretary.

Pulling Stephanie aside, Margo said that she was Eric's associate, not secretary. Stephanie expressed smug surprise that Margo knew Italian. Margo muttered that she knew enough to know when she'd been insulted. Stephanie quipped that if she'd intended to insult Margo, she would have used a language familiar to Margo -- perhaps Cockney.

Later, Beth stood behind a group that was listening to someone tell a story about meeting Eric at the beginning of his career. Back then, the designer had known Eric would make his mark early on. Someone asked to hear about how it had all begun for Eric.

Eric said that it was an American success story, and he shared it. His parents had had little money but a lot of talent. They'd worked together out of their one-story house. His father had been a tailor. His mother had made dresses and suits, and his father had fitted them for people. His parents had worked together beautifully and had been destined to be together. They'd made custom designs, individually created for their friends and neighbors, who weren't well-off.

Eric described his words as his first fashion memories, working out of that little room in the house on Norcross Street. By the time he'd graduated high school, he could cut and assemble a three-piece suit in three or four hours. The crowd audibly expressed skepticism, and Eric changed it to five hours.

Further regaling the guests, Eric said he'd wanted to expand the business, but his father had sent him to college. Someone said it had been where he'd met his wife. Another guest asked if it had been love at first sight or if there had been another. Stephanie joked that she was disappointed that they hadn't assumed she'd had another. Stephanie told them that dinner would be ready soon, and as the crowd dispersed, Beth seemed visibly affected by Eric's story.

Later, Beth was in the kitchen, preparing brandy, when Stephanie conveyed that dinner had been adequate. "Just adequate?" Beth replied. Stephanie explained that Beth's boss had said Stephanie wouldn't be disappointed, and she hadn't been. She asked Beth to serve the brandy.

Later, Eric and Stephanie stood with Margo, who complimented the meal. Stephanie joked that she'd had to practically cook it herself. Eric left to get some brandy, and Stephanie asked if Margo had enjoyed the evening. Margo asked if Stephanie would take it the wrong way if Margo said she had. Stephanie was sure she'd take it the right way.

Nearby, Eric asked a server if he could take some brandy from her tray. Beth turned and obliged him. He took some drinks and walked away. Crestfallen, Beth turned her back on him. She uttered to herself that he hadn't recognized her. At the same time, Eric stopped and turned back to look at her for a long, curious moment.

At the Logan house, Brooke interrupted Storm's studies. Brooke, the chemistry major, said they'd never have to do it again after they graduated that summer. They agreed to go out and celebrate after graduation. The siblings wondered how Beth was doing. Brooke hoped Beth had agreed to work the Forrester party. Brooke wanted to hear every juicy detail about it.

Brooke wondered why Beth had been so determined not to work the party. Storm said he had a theory about it, and it involved Eric Forrester. Storm went back to studying, and Brooke got frustrated with him for leaving her hanging on his theory. He asked if she had time to sit around talking all night, because he didn't. She revealed that Dave would be over soon.

Storm asked how Brooke and Dave were doing and what the decision was about a June wedding. Brooke didn't know. Storm said it was a big decision, and she shouldn't rush it.

Later, Dave arrived, and Brooke greeted him with a kiss. She felt bad that she didn't have an answer for him, but he didn't want her to feel guilty. She said it wasn't that she didn't love him. Dave knew that and said there was no room for guilt in the relationship. Brooke stated that he wanted to get married, but she kept -- "Stalling," Dave replied for her.

Brooke explained that she'd graduate in a few weeks. She wanted to get out into the world, function, and work. "And then I want to get married," she decided. Dave said he'd asked her to get married so soon because he really wanted a fall wedding and figured he'd have to work on Brooke some. He claimed he wouldn't marry her in June, even if she begged him, but when September arrived, he wanted to have his bride. The two kissed.

After Dave left, Brooke was eager to get back to Storm's theory about Beth and Eric. Storm said Beth had known Eric in school and had been adamant about not working the Forrester party. Brooke guessed Beth hadn't wanted to see Eric Forrester. "Bull's-eye," Storm replied, guessing more had gone on between Beth and Eric than Beth had let on.

"Mom and Eric Forrester?" Brooke said. She didn't think that was it. She said Beth and Eric were from two different worlds, but Brooke would give anything to be a fly on the Forrester wall.

Friday, May 15, 1987

Margo let herself into her apartment, only to find Bill waiting for her. Bill smiled and said he had used the key that Margo had given him. When asked where she had been, Margo reported that she had attended a business dinner given by "Mr. Forrester." Bill was surprised that Margo had used the prefix "Mr." and implied that Margo considered Eric more than her boss. It was Bill's observation that Margo and Eric had more than a working relationship and that Margo loved Eric. The flustered Margo wondered where admiration left off and love began, and she questioned why Bill was giving her the third degree. Bill replied that he didn't know...that he didn't "know anything anymore."

Margo sensed that Bill was in a mood and eventually got out of him that he had been to see Caroline, who had been determined to keep Bill out of her life. Margo felt that the visit was at least a step in the right direction. Bill took Margo's hand and divulged that he had dropped by to see her. Bill kissed Margo passionately, causing her to remind him that he had said it was too soon for an involvement. Bill grinned and said that he was allowed to change his mind. He said it had been Margo who had suggested that Bill focus more on his own life. Bill asked if Margo had plans for the rest of the evening. Margo smirked that Bill moved fast, and the two resumed their romantic embrace.

Storm called his sisters together for a late-night meeting. He reported that while looking for stamps, he had found an envelope full of overdue bills in Beth's desk drawer. When his siblings also knew nothing about the family's financial condition, Storm figured that Beth had wanted it that way. Donna lamented that all anyone talked about at home was money. "When you haven't got it, you hear about it, Donna," Storm snapped.

Brooke was upset that their mother thought she had to shoulder the household burdens all by herself. Brooke stated that they were a family and should all do their share. Storm and the girls agreed they would keep the knowledge of the unpaid bills to themselves. Donna felt her upcoming promotion would allow her to bring in extra money, and Katie offered to take more hours at her own job once school was out. Brooke was sure she'd get a high-paying position once she graduated college, and Storm predicted he would, as well, once he finished with law school.

An exhausted Beth returned home and assumed her children were having a family discussion. Brooke deflected by saying they were all anxious to hear about the party that Beth had catered for the Forresters. Sitting down at the kids' behest, Beth related how demanding Stephanie had been to work for and described the party and its attendees. While confirming that Ridge lived up to his charismatic reputation, Beth was more impressed with Thorne and his warmth. As Beth got a foot rub from Brooke, Storm pointedly asked Beth if she had talked to Eric.

Beth answered that she hadn't, and she sent everyone to bed; however, when Brooke said she wanted to hear more about the Forresters, Donna teased Brooke, revealing how fascinated Brooke had been with Ridge since seeing him at the hospital.

Alone on the front porch swing, Beth thought back to her brief encounter with Eric at the party. Going back inside, Beth was approached by Storm, who felt more had happened at the party than Beth had told everyone. Storm could tell that Beth was feeling down about the Forresters, and Eric Forrester in particular. Beth protested, but Storm noted that Beth had been working her catering job for five years and had never tried to turn down an assignment before. Storm knew there had to have been more between Beth and Eric than just knowing each other in college for Beth to have had that reaction.

Beth admitted that she had never wanted her children to know about her involvement with Eric, with whom she had been very much in love. Beth had felt that Eric had loved her, as well. Beth had never known why, but Eric had suddenly cut off contact with her and married college freshman Stephanie Douglas. Beth imparted that she had met Storm's father soon after and married him six months later, assuring Storm that she hadn't been on the rebound. Storm caringly said that what Eric had done had to have been like a kick in the gut. Beth confessed that she still didn't understand why Eric had left her.

Storm asked how things had gone meeting Eric again at the party. Beth dreamily reported that Eric hadn't recognized her but that he had been as charming as he had been in college -- and even more handsome.

In the Forresters' bedroom, Eric said that the party had gone well, but Stephanie had found it boring talking to strangers about things she didn't care about. Stephanie didn't think she should have had to do that in her own home, though she was glad that Eric had noticed her efforts to make the affair a success. Stephanie was tired of throwing such business parties and felt that a man of Eric's stature should no longer have a need to impress anyone. Eric was sorry that he and Stephanie didn't share the same opinion. Stephanie reiterated that they didn't share much of anything except a bed.

Eric was disappointed, since he had thought that he and Stephanie were happier since Kristen had decided to stay on in Los Angeles. Stephanie remarked that Eric had been happier because of Kristen, not her, and she didn't want to argue about Eric's contention that Stephanie always put Kristen between them. Eric pivoted and expressed genuine regret that Stephanie hadn't enjoyed the party. Getting into his nightclothes, Eric became pensive and asked Stephanie where she had found the caterer.

Stephanie was surprised that Eric would ask about such a domestic detail. Eric told Stephanie that the food had been excellent, and he suggested that they use the catering company again. Privately, Eric wondered why the head caterer had seemed so familiar.

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