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Stephanie overheard Margo professing her love to Eric then argued with Thorne about his spending time with Caroline; Bill encouraged Thorne to do just that. Caroline finally found a job on her own. Donna skipped a visit to Grandma Logan to see Mark, who wanted to get an apartment with her; when Donna arrived at Grandma's, she found the woman beaten and unconscious. Brooke blamed Donna. Ridge scuttled Alex's feature on Forrester Creations, but Storm encouraged her to work around him.
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Stephanie overheard Margo professing her love to Eric then argued with Thorne about his spending time with Caroline
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Monday, May 25, 1987

At the mansion, Thorne and Ridge were in robes at the breakfast table. Noting that Thorne had gone out after Ridge had returned from his date, Ridge suggested that Thorne bring his mystery lady around. Stephanie joined them, and Ridge told her that Thorne had gone to see a mystery lady the night before. She glared at Thorne, who said it wasn't that big of a deal.

Stephanie asked Ridge how things had gone with Caroline. Ridge said he had a way to go. He said Caroline, who was protecting herself, had talked to him about wanting a career, but he believed she actually wanted stability. He admitted he'd messed things up, but he felt that one had to go through trauma to get to something better. He said he wanted Caroline for his wife and believed a part of her wanted it, too.

Thorne conveyed the possibility that Caroline was being straight with Ridge about her independence and making something of herself. Ridge asked if Thorne didn't think Caroline could have those things with Ridge. Ridge, who didn't care if she had a career, was merely frustrated that one silly mistake had caused her to question her whole life. Thorne said Caroline didn't respond well to pressure. Ridge countered that he didn't respond well to being put off, and he asserted that he wouldn't wait around forever.

Ridge and Thorne decided to head to the pool, and as they stood up from the table, Stephanie asked if they'd seen their father. Stephanie was surprised when her sons indicated that Eric had gone into the office that day. Thorne said Eric got that way when he had designs in his head. Once alone, Stephanie wondered if a certain woman had designs in her head, too.

Later, Ridge lounged in the pool near a blasting radio. As Thorne dried himself off, Stephanie confronted Thorne with her suspicion that he'd gone to see Caroline the previous night. Stephanie told him that Caroline belonged to Ridge, and Stephanie ordered Thorne to stay away. Thorne said he couldn't. He loved Caroline and believed that she could love him.

Irate, Stephanie asked what Thorne thought it would do to Ridge and the family. Thorne said Ridge wouldn't find out, but she asked if Thorne would sneak around indefinitely. Thorne replied that Ridge should never have gone to that hotel room. Stephanie didn't think it was the point and said Ridge wanted to marry that girl. Thorne replied that Caroline didn't want to marry Ridge.

Stephanie contended that Ridge hadn't gotten the message that Caroline didn't want to marry him. Thorne reasoned that the stubborn Ridge had it decided in his mind, but what really mattered was how Caroline felt. Before he stormed off, Thorne concluded that Ridge had lost Caroline the day he'd taken up with another woman.

Later, Ridge exited the pool and noted that Thorne and Stephanie had seemed intense. Ridge asked her to go easy on Thorne, who'd helped Ridge out a lot, especially with Caroline.

At Forrester, Chuck buzzed Margo to say Eric was in the building. Smiling, she fixed her hair and makeup. When Eric entered her office, she pretended she hadn't expected him to be at work that day. He complimented her halter top mini dress. She said she knew the dress was casual, but she claimed she'd thought she'd be alone at the office that day.

Later, Eric asked if Margo was sure she didn't mind him showing up in her office. She said he could do it at any time. Watching her with her legs crossed as she sat on her desk, he said that if she kept dressing like that, he might take her up on it. "I'll see what I can do," she drawled.

Eric was glad to have Margo for company but asked why she was there. "I was waiting for you," she replied. He asked her to be serious, and she claimed to be working on some orders. He asked if she'd always been dedicated to her work. She said she hadn't been, but a special man had changed her. Eric replied that he'd figured there had to be a man lurking in the shadows.

Margo didn't think the man was lurking in the shadows. Eric asked if there was a future there. She didn't know. Eric thought that man would be a fool to pass her by, and he asked her to describe the man. Margo said he was handsome, creative, well-bred, and a true gentleman. Eric assumed she'd marry the man. "In a minute if he'd have me," she responded.

Eric asked if the man was older and well-off. Affirming it, Margo suspected that Eric had to know who the man was. Believing he knew who the man was, Eric said that even his wife had noticed how fond Margo was of him. "Bill Spencer," Eric guessed.

On the verge of tears, Margo said it wasn't Bill Spencer. Eric asked what was wrong. She claimed it was nothing. She was just a little upset. He asked why. "Don't you know? It's you. You're the one I love," Margo revealed. Eric looked upset, and Margo ran out of the room.

At the library, Donna met Mark, who said she'd missed a good party. She complained about the trouble she'd gotten into when she'd gotten home. Mark hinted that they could change all that. She assumed he meant they should live together; however, she didn't know how they could afford it when he didn't have a full-time job, and she had no job at all.

Mark felt they could do it, and Donna cooed that it would be neat. She admitted she was getting closer to agreeing with each passing day, but it was a big decision. He said it beat the hassle with her family. He believed that they could make it, and it would be perfect. The two kissed.

At the Logan house, Storm and Brooke discussed hitting the books for their finals. Storm wanted to lay into Donna again about leaving Katie with Rocco to go to a beach party. Brooke advised Storm not to come down on Donna, who was going through something that probably had to do with that new guy she was dating.

Although Storm was curious about how serious the couple was, he was adamant that Donna needed to be set straight about leaving her sister at home alone with her boyfriend. Brooke offered to talk to Donna. "You go study law. I'll lay it down around here," Brooke assured him.

When Donna arrived home later, Brooke said she'd heard about the previous night. Donna roared at Brooke not to start in on her. Brooke said she didn't deserve Donna playing hard with her. Brooke inquired about Mark, and Donna figured Brooke thought Mark would take advantage of Donna. Brooke denied thinking that and noted that her sister was growing up and becoming a woman. Donna wished Brooke would tell that to Storm.

Donna claimed that becoming a woman was hard to do when the family was trying to control her. Brooke wondered if Donna was just a little bit afraid of what it meant to become a woman, especially while dating a good-looking guy like Mark. Donna admitted it could be scary at times. Brooke confided that it was for her, too. Donna was shocked, and Brooke said Donna didn't have to make it sound like a disease.

Donna asked if Brooke got scared with Dave. Brooke said she had been, but she wasn't anymore because Dave knew what it was like to be responsible to someone. Brooke said it took time to learn that, and she didn't think Mark was quite there. Brooke advised Donna to be careful with all the emotion, love, and desire because it took more than sex to have a relationship.

Donna knew that, and Brooke guessed Donna knew that it was best to wait until she was truly ready. Donna figured she was already ready. Brooke stated that if Donna was the slightest bit scared, she wasn't ready. Love was sharing, not fearing, Brooke explained, and they hugged.

Tuesday, May 26, 1987

Eric tried to read his paper at the breakfast table but thought back to Margo professing her love for him the previous day. Stephanie joined Eric in the dining room and was delighted to learn that they were alone, although Maria the maid entered and asked how Stephanie had slept. Stephanie and Eric made conversation about their fitful nights, and when Maria returned to the kitchen, Stephanie inquired into Eric's holiday the day before, prompting Eric to respond, "Let's not start the day off like this."

Stephanie expressed her displeasure that Eric had spent the entire holiday at the office instead of making at least some time for her. Eric apologized and explained that he had been immersed in sketches and that the day had gotten away from him. Stephanie was certain that Margo had been at the design house with Eric, since Margo hadn't been at home. Just when Eric asked if Stephanie had actually called Margo's home to check, Maria returned, and Eric only got a noncommittal answer.

Stephanie repeatedly maintained that Margo was after Eric and couldn't understand how Eric could be so blind to Margo's intentions. Eric assured Stephanie that he could handle Margo and listened silently as Stephanie argued that the crafty Margo would never be so up-front as to admit her true feelings to Eric. To Stephanie, Eric's refusal to acknowledge Margo's desire for him could only mean one thing. Before Eric could get Stephanie to elaborate, Kristen approached the breakfast table.

Kristen had the sense that she had interrupted something, but Eric deflected and asked what Kristen's plans were for the day. Kristen revealed that she had a meeting with Margo, about whom Kristen couldn't say enough. Stephanie chafed at the flattery of Margo and excused herself. Eric let Kristen know she hadn't said anything wrong, but Kristen's expression belied her doubt.

Margo arrived at Bill's penthouse and wailed that she had done something foolish but was evasive as to exactly what that was. Margo would only say that her impulsiveness could get her fired from Forrester and that it had something to do with Eric. Bill assumed that Margo and Eric had had a work-related disagreement, adding that Eric would never fire Margo because Eric had too much respect for Margo's talent. "My talent," Margo scoffed.

Bill held Margo close and said he wanted to hear more, but he couldn't because Thorne was on his way. Margo made a beeline for the door, declaring she wasn't ready for the Forresters to know about her involvement with Bill. When Margo went on that she didn't want to answer questions from Eric about Bill, Bill thought that odd and wondered if Eric had been coming on to Margo. Margo replied that Eric hadn't, then Bill got a call that Thorne was in the elevator. Margo was panicky; Bill promised that he would take care of things.

When Bill opened the door to Thorne, he simultaneously thanked "Miss Lynley" for stopping by to talk about the nonexistent dresses that Margo was supposedly designing for Caroline. Thorne raised an eyebrow at finding Margo with Bill but seemed to buy the ruse.

After Margo left, Bill told Thorne that he could appreciate the position that Thorne was in regarding Caroline, since Ridge was Thorne's brother. Bill could sense Thorne's feelings for Caroline and wanted Thorne to think of Ridge as a separate issue. Going further, Bill deemed Thorne perfect for Caroline and wanted to see them marry, which Thorne said was premature.

Bill had no thoughts of driving a wedge between Thorne and Ridge; however Bill knew that Thorne was in love with Caroline, and Bill preferred Thorne for his daughter. Thorne felt that Caroline should be free to choose her own husband. Bill said he could accept that if Ridge would give Caroline space to make up her mind. However, Bill was aware that Ridge had taken Caroline to dinner and had probably given Caroline back his engagement ring. When Thorne corrected that Caroline wasn't wearing the ring, Bill deduced that Thorne couldn't know that unless Thorne had seen Caroline. Bill wanted Thorne to follow his heart.

Thorne adamantly refused to stab Ridge in the back by being Bill's informant on Ridge. Bill changed tactics, asking what Thorne was doing to influence Caroline. Thorne didn't want Bill interfering and proclaimed that he and Caroline were just starting to build something. Bill was sure his support would only help Thorne's cause, but Thorne didn't want Ridge to find out he also had feelings for Caroline until Ridge and Caroline's relationship was truly over. Bill insisted that the best way to assure that was for Thorne to not give Caroline time to be with or think about Ridge.

Margo hesitated in her office doorway when she found Kristen waiting for her there. Margo was crisp with Kristen at first but warmed somewhat when she tasked Kristen with working on sketches, reassuring Kristen that she had a genetic advantage regarding design. Kristen smirked that equaling her father's skill was asking a lot of genetics. Margo asked if Eric had arrived at the office; Kristen revealed that he had, and she hoped that Eric would have a good day, since he and Stephanie seemed to have had a heavy argument at breakfast.

Margo found that incredible, considering Eric was so easy to get along with, but Kristen stated that Stephanie was another story. Kristen reiterated that she and her mother had somehow always found themselves competing for Eric's affections. Kristen dismissed the subject of her parents' quarrel and took the sketchpad handed to her by Margo, who remained distressed.

Stephanie let herself into Eric's empty office then made a call asking into his whereabouts. Leaving a message to tell Eric that she was waiting for him, Stephanie paced around, eventually placing a second call to inquire about Margo. After being told that Margo was in, Stephanie flipped a switch on Eric's phone that allowed her to hear whatever was being said in Margo's office.

As Margo guided Kristen's instincts concerning the design Kristen was working on, Eric stood in the doorway and listened. When Kristen turned to leave, Eric said that he hoped Kristen was learning from Margo. Once alone, Eric closed Margo's office door and told Margo that they needed to talk. Margo replied that she regretted what she had said to Eric and that she would resign if Eric wanted her to, all while Stephanie listened over the speakerphone.

Wednesday, May 27, 1987

At Forrester, Stephanie listened in on the phone intercom to a conversation occurring between Eric and Margo in Margo's office. Margo offered to resign due to her feelings for him. Stephanie was startled to hear that Margo loved Eric. He asked if he'd somehow led her on. Margo said he hadn't had to, and she would have loved him no matter what he'd done. She wished she hadn't brought it up and wanted to close the subject, but Eric insisted upon talking about it.

Thorne opened the door to Eric's office and saw Stephanie listening to Margo explain how she'd fallen for Eric almost from the beginning when they'd started working together. Margo said that Eric had spent a lot of time with her, teaching her and encouraging her. She said no one had treated her like that before. Eric replied that she'd been gifted. Margo admitted she had wanted to be his best designer to make him always want to work with her, and she'd stay up at night, thinking of ideas.

Margo admitted it was crazy the lengths one would go to, and she'd made the job her entire life just to be close to him. Eric wondered if she was confusing love for loyalty. She said it might be so. He said he sensed it was more than that. Margo thought it was best that she left. Eric agreed, but he hated to see her go. Still, he said it was the best answer.

Margo began to cry, and Stephanie shut off the speaker. Thorne closed the office door. Startled, she asked how much he'd heard. "Everything," Thorne replied and asked why she'd been listening. Stephanie said it was between her and Eric. Thorne figured Eric's reaction to Margo should comfort Stephanie. Thorne warned his mother not to talk to Eric about it but said it did prove that Eric loved her. "Does he?" Stephanie asked.

Eric entered. Thorne dropped off some fabrics and left. Stephanie asked what was bothering Eric, and he said he'd just dealt with a difficult issue. She changed the subject to the diabetes gala and party for the board of governors in June. Eric was sure whatever she worked out would be fine, but he wanted to use the same caterers they'd used a few weeks back. Stephanie was surprised by the request but agreed to it and left.

Later, Eric returned to Margo's office. Margo said he hadn't had to return. He figured she'd opened up to him, and he could at least help her through it. She revealed that she wouldn't have said anything if she'd thought he'd had a good marriage. She said he might cover it up, but she knew he wasn't a happy man. She said she cared about him and wanted what was best for him.

Eric replied that there was a lot about his marriage that Margo didn't know. Margo apologized for being presumptuous and forcing her feelings on him. He said they were friends. She stated that she'd wanted more than that and wished she hadn't put him in such a position earlier.

Margo offered to put her resignation letter on Eric's desk, but Eric told her that she wasn't leaving. He said he wouldn't let her because she was too important to him and too valuable. Margo wondered if it was possible after what had happened. He stated his intention to find a way because he didn't want to run his life and his business without her.

At the Logan house, Donna borrowed five dollars from Storm. He wanted to talk, but she tried to leave, saying not then. "Yes, now!" he decided, grabbing her arm. He asked what the big rush was, and she claimed she had a class. Storm wanted to know about the guy she'd been seeing. She accused Storm of playing daddy again, but he claimed he merely cared about her.

Storm sensed that Donna really liked the guy. Donna admitted that she might. He asked what Mark was majoring in, and she replied that Mark wanted to be a doctor. It sounded good to Storm, and he asked about Mark's grades. "B's and C's mostly. What difference does it make?" Donna asked. Storm said Mark needed to turn that around he if wanted to go to med school.

Donna snapped that everyone wasn't a study-holic like Storm. Storm said he wanted to meet the guy, but she sensed there was more to it. Storm admitted he didn't like what the relationship was doing to her. She assumed it was about the beach party, but Storm said it was her attitude since then. He asked what the threat about pushing her too far had been about. As Donna headed out the door, Storm insisted that he'd meant it about wanting to meet Mark.

Later, Brooke saw Beth alone in the living room, going over bills. Brooke reassured her mother, saying Donna got paid on that day, and Brooke and Katie got paid on Friday. Beth noted that Brooke and Storm had graduation expenses to worry about, but Brooke insisted that they all would contribute because they all lived there.

Brooke revealed that she sometimes thought of how it would have been if her father had been successful. She said they'd have nice clothes and a nice car, and Beth would get her nails done every week. Beth didn't know about that one. She admitted she'd never been the beauty parlor type.

Brooke reminded Beth that a birthday was near. Beth said Katie would be 17, and they should throw a party. Beth said she wanted "so much" for her children. Brooke said that they already had a lot, and they loved each other. She asked what could be more important than that. Beth guessed she'd done something right. "What can I say? We're a terrific bunch," Brooke replied.

Brooke assured her mother that they'd survived thus far, and they'd continue. Brooke was determined to make Beth proud. Beth said she was already proud of her kids. Brooke asked her mother to lighten up. Brooke predicted that they'd pay the bills, Storm would pass the bar, and Brooke would marry a prince. She believed it was their year.

Brooke left, and Storm entered. He'd heard Beth talking to Brooke. He revealed the firm he'd wanted to work with had offered him the best deal to be a law clerk that summer, and he'd pull in some good bucks. Beth wished the burden didn't have to fall on him. He said he wasn't worried about it, and after he passed the bar in November, it would be smooth sailing.

Beth didn't want Storm to feel pressured to take the best-paying job instead of one that appealed to his integrity. Storm said he didn't intend to compromise, but he wondered if Beth had. She assumed he was talking about Eric. Storm asked if she'd imagined what it would have been like to be married to him. She admitted she had. Storm thought it had to bug her that Eric didn't remember her.

Beth explained that it had been a lifetime back. "The promises he made...and then he turned around and married another woman," Storm uttered. She hoped he hadn't told his sisters and said it had happened way before Storm had been born. He said Eric had missed a heck of a woman.

At the library later, Rocco saw Donna and assumed she'd been stood up. Rocco was working on papers he had due before finals. He asked if she intended to thank him for helping her out the other night. He was sure she would have had it "real thick" if she'd stayed at that party. Donna thanked him but said it didn't change anything for them. Before taking off, Rocco predicted that he and Donna would have four kids. She grinned to herself.

Thursday, May 28, 1987

Stephanie finished up a call about the upcoming gala when Ridge arrived home early. Stephanie leadingly asked if Ridge had plans with Caroline, but Ridge reported he was giving Caroline the space she said she needed. Stephanie made small talk about the office then inquired about Margo; Ridge correctly sensed there was more to his mother's seemingly casual quizzing. Stephanie remarked that Ridge had once been involved with Margo, but when Stephanie hit a wall on that subject, she returned to talking about Caroline.

Upstairs on the landing, Thorne overheard Stephanie telling Ridge that he should invite Caroline to the party and that Ridge was being too cavalier about pursuing Caroline. When Ridge noted that Thorne had advised him to take things slowly with Caroline, Stephanie warned Ridge not to linger with her. Stephanie then mentioned Eric's desire to use the same caterers for the party that they had hired for their last function; neither Stephanie nor Ridge could understand Eric's insistence.

Stephanie spoke to the head caterer, Ruth, on the phone and said she wanted to engage the same woman who had run the previous event. After Stephanie hung up, Thorne confronted her about pushing Ridge to cement things with Caroline, upset that Stephanie usually sided with Ridge. Thorne said Caroline shouldn't be expected to sit around waiting for Ridge after the way Ridge had hurt her. Stephanie angrily reminded Thorne that the issue was between Ridge and Caroline, and she deduced from Thorne being dressed up that Thorne was planning to see Caroline.

Stephanie was appalled that Thorne would do "this" to his brother, but Thorne argued that Caroline was his friend, too, and there was no engagement between Caroline and Ridge. Thorne thought that there might never be. Stephanie fumed that Thorne would be there to pick up the pieces, and she walked out.

Thorne arrived at Caroline's apartment with Chinese food, claiming that single girls who lived alone never ate. Caroline lamented that her job hunt had again yielded no results; she'd had what she'd considered a successful interview but hadn't heard back from the company as expected. Thorne reminded Caroline about the job offer from Forrester. Caroline still wasn't sure whether she should take it but started warming to it as she and Thorne discussed it. Caroline took a call and was thrilled that the company she'd interviewed with wanted to hire her. She agreed to start the next day but could see that Thorne was disappointed that she wouldn't be working at Forrester. Caroline reiterated that she wanted to do things on her own, and she appreciated Thorne's continuing support.

In the Logan kitchen, Beth and Brooke discussed Katie's upcoming 17th birthday and the surprise party they were planning for her. They wanted to invite Grandma Logan and Rocco; Donna entered and expressed her disdain for Rocco. The phone rang -- it was Grandma Logan asking if Donna could drop off a pattern for a dress Grandma wanted to make for Katie's birthday. Beth assured Donna's visit, but Donna balked at having to go at that moment. After Donna left, Beth and Brooke discussed Donna's recent change in attitude, which Brooke attributed to Donna's boyfriend, Mark. Beth noted she would feel better if someone in the family had met Mark.

The phone rang again. Donna picked up and was pleased to hear it was Mark, who wanted Donna to come see an apartment he had found for them. Ignoring the promise she had made to see Grandma Logan, Donna headed out to see Mark instead.

Katie arrived home from school in a good mood because she had two less pimples. Katie hoped that meant that her face was clearing up, especially with Rocco seeing her; Katie added that it would be great if it happened by the following week. Brooke and Beth teasingly played dumb about Katie's imminent birthday before hinting that Katie could expect a surprise. Brooke asked Katie what she would want for her birthday if she could have anything. Katie became solemn and said she'd wish for her father to come home, even if it meant having pimples for the rest of her life.

At Griffey's Diner, Rocco saw Donna entering with Mark, who was torqued to see the guy who had ruined his big beach night with Donna. Mark and Donna grudgingly let Rocco take their order then talked about the apartment they had just toured. Mark was excited, but Donna was hesitant, feeling that moving in together was a huge step.

Meanwhile, at a bank, Grandma Logan cashed her Social Security check as two rough-looking characters watched. After Grandma exited with a purse full of cash, one of the thugs motioned to the other, and they followed Grandma.

Rocco served Donna and Mark their food, picking up on their tension and joking that they weren't a happy couple. Mark and Donna both told Rocco to get lost then returned to debating the apartment. Donna thought it was great but still wasn't sure about leaving home, while Mark pointed out that Donna wouldn't have to obey her mother or brother anymore. Mark emphasized that they had to make a decision because the apartment could be gone by that evening, and they would be hard pressed to find anything else in their price range. Donna wondered if they could really afford their own place then suddenly remembered that her grandmother was expecting her. Mark decried Donna having to deal with "family garbage," but Donna felt bad and rushed off.

Back at her apartment, Grandma had her sewing materials ready, dismayed that Donna hadn't arrived. Hearing a knock, Grandma assumed Donna was at the door and opened it, only to register shock at who was waiting for her.

Donna strode down the hallway in Grandma's apartment building, only to find Grandma's door ajar. Donna walked in and was horrified to see her bruised grandmother unconscious on the floor. Donna rushed to the elderly woman and burst into tears.

Friday, May 29, 1987

Ridge finished up a swim and was heading upstairs when Maria answered the door to Alex, who was there to interview Eric. Ridge remembered the picture of him and Alex in the hotel room bed and excused Maria. Alex smiled and explained that she was doing a feature on Forrester Creations that would be read all over the world. Alex had gotten permission to interview Eric and Thorne, and she wanted to speak to Ridge, as well. Ridge growled that he would make sure his father and brother rescinded their permission, because Ridge didn't trust Alex.

Ridge scoffed that his night with Alex had cost Ridge a marriage to Caroline. Alex reminded Ridge that he was the one who had seduced her. Alex professed that she always enjoyed Ridge's bedroom manner, but she didn't want him to hold that against her. Ridge said he didn't, but he didn't want Alex around him, either, nor did he want Alex writing anything about him or his family. Ridge declared the Forresters off-limits to Alex and sent her on her way.

At a fancy establishment, Storm saw Alex sauntering in and joined her at her table. Storm said he had come to the lounge to think of Alex, since that was where they had had their date a few weeks prior. Alex replied that she had also wanted to think of their time together, as she was having a bad day. Without naming names, Alex described how she'd had her plum assignment wrenched from her because the son of a major fashion dynasty had pulled the plug on her article.

Storm encouraged the usually intrepid Alex to do the piece "without this jerk." Alex realized that Storm was right and toasted to him, getting Storm to confirm that he had really come to the lounge to think about her. Storm swore that he had never lied to Alex, who admitted that she had lied to every other man she had ever known, but not Storm. When Storm deemed them "one hell of a couple," Alex offered to take Storm on trip anywhere in the world he wanted to go. Alex felt that Storm deserved it, because Storm had been the only man who had ever been a friend to her.

On her front porch, Brooke made out with Dave, who sensed she was distracted. Brooke complained about Donna's change in attitude and cited Donna's boyfriend, Mark, as the cause of it. Dave comforted Brooke when she worried that Donna might want to move out. He knew Brooke had also been 18 once herself. Brooke acknowledged that but remarked that she had made the right decisions. Brooke felt that if Donna made one wrong decision, it could affect the rest of her life.

Donna found Grandma's door open and found the elderly woman on the floor, bruised and bleeding. Donna sobbed.

In the Logan kitchen, Rocco arrived at the screen door and called out to whom he thought was Donna, but Katie turned around, wondering why Rocco had thought she was her sister. Rocco deflected; when he saw Katie starting dinner, he commented that Katie helped her mother a lot. Katie said that, with Beth working, she and her sisters had to, but Donna wasn't around much anymore when chores needed to be done.

Katie asked if Rocco would be free the following week and was distressed to hear that Beth hadn't mentioned anything to him about her upcoming birthday. Katie was embarrassed to have to invite Rocco to her own party. Rocco predicted that Katie's acne would disappear over the following year but then saw how sensitive Katie was about the topic. Rocco was impressed with all that Katie was doing to clear up her complexion and was sure she had fewer blemishes than she'd had when they'd first met.

Katie smiled, and Rocco said he liked her better all the time. Rocco seemed touched that he would be included in Katie's party, which only family would attend. Katie mentioned that Grandma Logan would be there, as well, and that Rocco would like her. Katie told Rocco her relatives had been trying to talk Grandma into moving in with them, but the independent Grandma had refused. Rocco then asked Katie what she wanted for her birthday. Katie replied that mostly, she wanted Rocco to be at her party. Rocco winked and promised to attend then suggested that they watch television. Katie said they couldn't because Brooke and Dave were in the living room; Rocco joked that he and Katie should watch her sister and her sister's boyfriend instead.

Dave read a complaint in Brooke's observation that Dave always made her feel better; Brooke decided that a woman shouldn't need a man's touch to feel good about the world. The phone interrupted Brooke and Dave's kissing. Brooke picked up to a distraught Donna, who cried that she had found their grandmother unconscious; Donna assumed that someone had broken in, and she assured Brooke that she had called an ambulance. Brooke told Katie that something had happened to Grandma and that she and Dave were headed to the hospital.

Brooke and Dave rushed into the waiting room, where Brooke vowed to Donna that they wouldn't let their grandmother die. Dave checked with the police station and reported that someone had apparently followed Grandma Logan home from the bank but that her apartment showed no signs of forced entry. Brooke found that odd, since she knew that her Grandma never opened the door to strangers.

A doctor revealed that Grandma was in rough shape, but he let Brooke and Donna visit the unresponsive woman. Seeing Grandma's bruised face, Brooke, recalling her own attack, said that she knew what Grandma had been through. Returning to the waiting room, Brooke was confused by the time of the assault, as Donna should have finished her errand at Grandma's before then; Grandma wouldn't have been expecting anyone anymore, and therefore wouldn't have opened the door, Brooke reasoned.

Donna confessed that she hadn't gone straight to Grandma's. Brooke scolded that Donna was supposed to have done that. Initially, Donna wouldn't say where she had been, but at Brooke's prompting, Donna said she had gone to see Mark first and that it wasn't a big deal. Brooke became furious and raged that their grandmother had only opened the door because she had been waiting for Donna to arrive. Instead, punks had beaten Grandma, which Brooke declared wouldn't have happened if Donna had been where she was supposed to be. Donna slid to the floor and wailed that she was sorry for what had happened to Grandma, because it had been her fault.

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