The week of June 1, 1987

The Logan family convinced Grandma Logan to move in with them. Storm didn't like what he saw when he met Mark. Ridge and Thorne argued about Caroline. Eric asked if Stephanie wanted a divorce. Beth invited Brooke to help cater the next Forrester party.
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The Logan family convinced Grandma Logan to move in with them.
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Monday, June 1, 1987

At Wilson Caterers, Ruth was thrilled to inform Beth that Stephanie wanted their company for another party. Noting that Mr. Forrester had insisted upon using them again, Ruth figured that Beth had made quite an impression. To herself, Beth wondered if Eric had remembered her.

At the Café Russe on the dance floor, Alex tried to coax Storm into accepting her offer to take a trip anywhere in the world with him. Storm worried that he'd be a kept man and said it wasn't exactly his style. She told him to forget about that because in her view, she happened to have the money at the right time. Storm assumed he could return the favor later.

Looking around, Storm noted that, before that night, he'd only ever been in that establishment with her. He'd returned to it that day for a beer, and there she'd been. Alex replied that she didn't frequent the place, but that day, she'd wanted to forget. He stated that he and Alex were good at making each other forget.

At their table later, Alex and Storm recalled how close they'd been together in school. They noted that she'd helped him when his father had left, and he'd bailed her out of problems a few times, too. Apparently, he'd saved her a bad romance with a polo player. They wondered why it had never happened for them, and Alex recalled that it had been a hard thing for Storm to wake up at 16 to his father being gone, and it was a time when she'd been going through stepmother troubles.

Alex guessed she and Storm had been too busy helping each other to be romantic. Storm said he might be ready at that point, and she asked who he might be interested in. He figured he'd have to tell her later because he had an exam to study for. He gave her a kiss and said he'd call her.

At the Logan house, Rocco and Katie desperately made calls, trying to find Storm and Beth. Katie was wracked with worry about her grandmother and wanted to be at the hospital. Rocco decided to take Katie there himself after they gave Storm and Beth five more minutes to arrive.

Rocco hugged Katie. He said he was glad to be there, and she wondered if he really meant that. He assured her that he did. Katie assumed that Rocco had been through something "like this" before, but he said he hadn't. "But you're so sensitive," she noted.

Katie said it was hard for her to believe that Rocco would be interested in someone like her. Rocco objected to her characterization of herself. Claiming not to be putting herself down, Katie said she was a realist. He told her that she was a good person, and that was realistic.

Beth called, and Katie updated her mother on what was going on with Mother Logan. Beth decided to go straight to the hospital, and Katie said Rocco would take Katie there.

At the hospital, Donna stood in the doorway of her grandmother's room and sobbed that she was sorry.

In the waiting area with Dave, Brooke was livid with Donna for not going to their grandmother's like she'd said she would. Brooke insisted that her grandmother never would have opened the door for a stranger, but Donna had been over an hour late.

Dave replied that no one felt as bad as Donna did. Brooke said that didn't excuse Donna in Brooke's eyes. Brooke felt that Donna needed to be taught a lesson. Dave said Donna might already have been taught a lesson. Brooke couldn't feel compassion for Donna, who'd gone off with her boyfriend, leaving their grandmother vulnerable.

Behind Dave and Brooke, Donna was yelling at the doctor, trying to get some answers. Donna refused to calm down and sobbed that it was all her fault. "She can't die!" Donna cried out. Brooke reluctantly hugged her sobbing sister.

Donna figured Brooke would tell Beth and Storm. Donna said Brooke had to. Brooke didn't know what to say. Donna said nothing could make her feel worse than she already did.

Beth arrived, and Dr. Bartlett filled her in on Helen Logan's condition. The doctor said it was crucial that Helen regain consciousness soon. Beth went in to see her mother-in-law. Standing by the bed, Beth asked how it could have happened. Brooke and Donna exchanged glances.

Later, Dave let Brooke know that they had suspects in custody. He went home, and Brooke joined Beth and Donna in Helen's room. Beth asked what had happened, and Brooke explained that Donna had found their grandmother on the floor of her apartment. Beth assumed there had been a break-in, but Brooke said there had been no sign of forced entry.

Beth didn't think there was a chance Mother Logan could have opened the door for strangers -- unless she'd been expecting one of them. Beth recalled that Donna had been set for a visit, but Beth figured Mother Logan couldn't have been expecting Donna so late in the day. Beth realized that Donna had been the one to find Mother Logan. Beth asked how Donna could have discovered Mother Logan on the floor at 4:30 when Donna had gone there at 2:00.

From the bed, Helen uttered that she'd asked Donna to pick up something from the drug store. Beth, Brooke, and Donna rushed to the bedside, relieved that Mother Logan was awake. To Helen, it had sounded to her as if Beth had been accusing "my girl" of something. Beth said she'd just been trying to find out what had happened.

Helen claimed that during Donna's visit, she'd sent Donna out for aspirin. Helen had opened the door for the hoodlums because she'd thought it had been Donna returning. Helen blamed herself for what had happened.

Beth and Brooke left the room to tell the doctor that Mother Logan was awake. Donna sobbed at her grandmother's bedside.

Tuesday, June 2, 1987

On the phone, Eric assured a "Your Highness" that he would have everything ready for the duchess in time. Thorne returned home and learned that Eric and Margo were designing a surprise cruise wear collection for the Duchess of Lambry. Eric noted that Thorne was in a good mood and assumed that it was because Thorne had been on a date. When Thorne indicated otherwise, Eric said that Thorne deserved to have love in his life. Thorne responded that he might just surprise his father.

Eric hoped that Thorne would find someone as wonderful as Caroline and also that Caroline and Ridge would work things out. Thorne admitted that he had seen Caroline about Forrester's job offer, which Eric had approved, but he added that she had received a phone call from an interviewer and accepted that job instead. Eric thought it would have been nice to have Caroline around. Thorne agreed pensively.

Later, Stephanie entered the living room, where Eric asked if she had contacted the caterers whom they had previously employed. Stephanie affirmed that she had, but she observed that Eric had never before been so interested in the hiring of caterers. Stephanie wanted answers, but Eric was evasive and instead asked into Kristen's whereabouts.

Eric reflected that it would mean a lot to him if Kristen decided to stay on at Forrester permanently. Stephanie noted that Kristen hadn't said much about what it was like for her to work at the design house, adding that she would prefer it if Kristen were out on a date instead of working late. It concerned Stephanie that Kristen didn't seem interested in men.

The phone rang, and Eric took a call from Margo, who wanted to bring by the sketches she had been working on for the duchess. Eric notified Margo that the designs could wait until the following day, and he asked if Kristen was still at the office. Margo reported that Kristen had left and that everyone seemed to love working with the intern. After Eric hung up, Stephanie smirked and said that Margo was an "eager little beaver."

Later, at the pool, Ridge lounged while Eric luxuriated in a swim. When Eric asked Ridge how things were going with Caroline, Ridge groused that he was feeling impatient when patience was what he needed most. With all the new people that Caroline was encountering in her job search, Ridge worried that she might meet someone else. Eric was sorry that Caroline hadn't taken the job that Forrester that had offered her, which was the first Ridge had heard of it. Ridge looked concerned when Eric said that the job had been Thorne's idea.

Ridge did push-ups poolside as Thorne joined him. Thorne lightheartedly admitted that he had only gotten into sports as a kid because he'd wanted to be like his jock big brother. Ridge smiled and said that Thorne had been able to hold his own, and the men reminisced about a time when they'd had to fight off a group of attacking boys at school.

Ridge revealed that he knew Thorne had been to see Caroline and wondered when Thorne had planned to tell him. Thorne said he would have told Ridge that evening and relayed the news about Caroline landing a job. Thorne felt that Caroline wanted to prove herself; Ridge replied, "Only to herself." Thorne agreed. Ridge wanted to know why Thorne hadn't said anything to him about the Forrester job offer and stressed that he didn't want Thorne to forget whose girl Caroline was.

Stephanie peeked in on Kristen, who had slipped into her room upon returning home. Stephanie asked how Kristen's day had been; when Kristen said she had worked late with Margo, Stephanie commented that she'd like to see a man in Kristen's life. Kristen didn't think it was Stephanie's business why she wasn't dating.

Eric found Stephanie and Kristen and also inquired into Kristen's day. Kristen gushed enough about Margo and her tutelage that Stephanie rolled her eyes. Eric was intrigued by Kristen's fledgling design for the duchess and hugged his daughter proudly. Kristen and Stephanie exchanged uncomfortable looks.

Hearing a knock at the door, Stephanie answered and found Margo on the doorstep. Stephanie lied and told Margo that Eric had already gone to bed. Margo pushed her way in and insisted that Eric was expecting her; Stephanie countered that she knew Eric had told Margo that her designs could wait until morning. To Margo, Eric had only been considerate, which confirmed to her "the kind of man he is." "You mean that's the kind of man he was," Stephanie corrected.

Stephanie didn't want to play games with Margo, who assumed that Stephanie was still paranoid that Margo was having a relationship with Eric. "Don't you ever talk to me like that!" Stephanie seethed, glad Margo was leaving the company. Margo demanded to know how Stephanie had heard that Margo was resigning. Stephanie volunteered nothing and said it wouldn't be soon enough for her, but Margo turned things around on Stephanie and crowed that she had no intention of leaving Forrester Creations.

At the Logan house, Beth paced the living room with Storm, worried about Grandma Logan. Beth regretted not insisting that Grandma come to live with them, and she resolved that Grandma was to move in when she was released from the hospital. Storm reminded his mother that Grandma Logan had always made a case for her independence, but Beth thought that was an excuse.

Storm remarked that Beth seemed tired. Beth admitted she had been preoccupied with Eric, who had, through Stephanie, requested Beth's catering services for the next Forrester party. Beth and Storm tried to glean the meaning of the request and wondered if Eric had recognized Beth at the previous event. Beth conceded Storm's point that Eric remembering Beth would mean a lot, given Beth's relationship with Eric in college. Beth recalled how hurt she had been when Eric had suddenly cut off contact and married Stephanie.

Storm guessed that the second Forrester event would be difficult for Beth, who revealed that she had promised Brooke that Brooke could work alongside her if the Forresters hired her again. Beth smiled and said that Brooke was fascinated with how the other half lived. Storm predicted that the event would be interesting. Beth considered the possibility that Eric had only hired her back because he had been impressed with the food and the service. Storm considered the possibility that it might have been because Eric had remembered her.

The role of Beth Logan was played by Nancy Burnett.

Wednesday, June 3, 1987

In Margo's office, Margo recalled the heated argument she'd had with Stephanie about Margo leaving Forrester. Eric arrived and assumed he'd caught Margo in an unpleasant daydream. He thanked her for the previous night. She said she shouldn't have gone to his house so late. Eric said it hadn't been that late, and he hadn't retired yet when she'd arrived at his house.

Surprised to hear it, Margo changed the subject to her sketches for the duchess. He described the changes he wanted to make to them, but as he set off for his office, she called his name. Eric repeated his sense that something was wrong and offered to help her with it.

Margo didn't think she should say anything because it involved his wife, Stephanie. Eric insisted upon knowing what the problem was. Margo revealed that Stephanie hadn't been cordial the other night, but Margo was used to Stephanie behaving like that. Stephanie had, however, thrown Margo by mentioning Margo's resignation from Forrester.

Eric was puzzled to hear that Stephanie knew about it. Margo had assumed that he'd told Stephanie. Eric said he hadn't. He noted that they'd decided against the resignation. Margo asked how Stephanie could have known. Eric replied that there was one way to find out, and he left the office. Margo grinned in satisfaction.

Later, Eric arrived home in a sour mood. He told Stephanie that he'd heard something that morning that had infuriated him. Stephanie assumed that it had to do with Margo. He asked why she'd told Margo that he'd gone to bed the previous night when he hadn't. Stephanie argued that Margo had had to show up there even after he'd told her it hadn't been necessary. Stephanie groused that ten hours a day at work wasn't enough, and Margo had had to also show up at Stephanie's home.

Eric said it wasn't becoming of Stephanie, and Margo was his best designer. "You're your best designer!" Stephanie replied. He asked where she'd heard about Margo's resignation. Stephanie asked if it was true or not, but he figured Stephanie preferred for him to tell her how she'd learned about it. "The private intercom," he stated.

Eric found it contemptible that Stephanie had listened in on him and Margo. Stephanie found it contemptible that a woman had professed love for her husband. She admitted to being in his office and to turning on the intercom. Sarcastically, she asked if she should have blithely disconnected after what she'd heard. She said she'd been impressed by how he'd handled Margo; it had meant a lot to Stephanie and increased the chances of saving their marriage.

Eric assumed Stephanie hadn't listened to the part of the discussion in which he'd refused the resignation because Margo was too important to Forrester. He revealed that he'd told Margo that they'd have to deal with her feelings and not let them interfere with their working relationship.

"You fool!" Stephanie exclaimed. She insisted that Margo had Eric wrapped around her finger, and Stephanie was sure Margo could come up pregnant. Eric said he'd never slept with Margo and never would. "Want to bet?" Stephanie asked and stormed out of the room.

At the hospital, Donna listened outside the room as Rocco visited with her grandmother. He'd brought Helen some daisies from the park, and he introduced himself as a friend of Donna and Katie's. Rocco conveyed that he hadn't known the Logans for long, but they'd told him what a great grandmother they had. Donna entered, saying it was nice of Rocco to visit her grandmother. Rocco decided to take off to let the women be alone.

Donna expressed her sorrow for what had happened to her grandmother. Helen asked where Donna had been the day of the robbery. Helen said she had answered the door without checking because it had been late, and she'd been worried about Donna.

Donna apologized. Helen revealed that she'd been afraid those guys had been about to kill her. Donna got upset, but Helen blamed herself for opening the door. Insisting it was her fault, Donna asserted that she'd never forgive herself. Focusing on good news, Helen said the doctor planned to release her that day. Donna assumed her grandmother would go to the Logan house, but Helen asserted that she'd go to her own home.

At the Logan house, Storm was furious about what had happened to Helen. He suspected that she was covering for Donna. Brooke figured they should let it go because Donna was very sorry. He replied that it didn't explain why Donna had been late. Deducing that it had to do with Mark, Storm decided he'd find out what the deal was with Mark and Donna.

Later, Beth heard Katie and Beth talking about the small space they'd cleared out for Helen. Beth said it was important that they make Mother Logan feel at home and feel needed. Donna called and informed Brooke that their grandmother could leave the hospital that day; however, their grandmother didn't want to move in with them.

Beth got on the phone with Donna and told her not to let Helen leave the hospital until Beth arrived. Donna agreed to keep their grandmother there, but once she arrived back in Helen's hospital room, Donna saw that Helen was already gone.

Later, Mother Logan was alone in the dark at her apartment with the flowers Rocco had given her. She tensed when there was a knock at the door, but relief washed over her when Beth announced herself. Outside the door stood Beth, Storm, Katie, Brooke, and Donna. Helen let them in, and Beth said they wanted Helen to go home with them.

The Logans each took turns in telling Helen that they loved her and wanted to look out for her the way she'd looked out for them. Helen asserted that privacy was important to her, and their house was small. She was sure they didn't need an old woman getting in the way. Plus, she knew how Storm felt about his father, but Stephen was her son.

Storm said it had nothing to do with Helen, and Brooke insisted that they needed Mother Logan. Beth asked Helen not to decline it. Helen reasoned that it had been lonely there at her place. She thanked her family, and they all gathered around to hug her.

Thursday, June 4, 1987

At the Logan home, Storm watched as Mark came to the door. Mark wanted to know if Donna was ready, but Storm said he hadn't seen her. Storm introduced himself as Donna's brother and invited Mark in, sizing him up.

Meanwhile, Donna waited for Mark at the library, wondering what was keeping him.

Storm made conversation with Mark, who told Storm he had known Donna a few months. After bantering about their studies and the beach party Donna had gone to with Mark, Storm asked Mark how serious he and Donna were. Mark stated that he and Donna had no plans to rush into anything and stopped short of saying they were in love. Storm wondered if Mark had noticed any changes in Donna, remarking how uptight and dissatisfied his sister had seemed. Mark didn't think that Donna was any different and affirmed that they were only dating casually.

Brooke entered from upstairs and met Mark. Brooke then took a call from Donna, who had remembered suggesting that Mark pick her up at the house. Brooke told Donna that Mark was indeed at the house, so Mark excused himself to head for the library. An irritated Storm watched Mark leave.

Brooke deemed Mark and his voice attractive. Storm admitted that Mark had said all the right things to him, which either meant Mark was smooth or not so bad; Storm couldn't tell, but he didn't have a good feeling about Mark. Brooke had the impression that things between Mark and Donna were pretty serious, which didn't gibe with what Mark had told Storm. Making the connection that Donna had started becoming edgy right around the time she'd started seeing Mark, Storm conceded there was nothing that could be done at the moment, but Storm still didn't trust Mark -- nor Donna's judgement in regard to him.

Mark found Donna at the library and was upset that she hadn't been home, as planned, since it had forced Mark into a confrontation with the interrogative Storm. Mark asserted that he had handled the situation and told Storm everything Storm had wanted to hear. Donna was surprised that her brother had bought Mark's act. Mark excitedly announced that they didn't need to find an apartment because his parents were going on an extended vacation, and Donna could stay with him at his house in their absence.

Donna hedged before admitting that her culpability in Grandma Logan's mugging had caused her to rethink things. Donna decided that she wasn't ready to move in with Mark, who wondered if Donna was breaking up with him. Donna vowed she still wanted to date Mark; she just wanted to wait on living together. Mark didn't understand and only grudgingly accepted Donna's reasoning that her family needed her to be home in the advent of Grandma staying with them. Donna excused herself to get to a class, leaving Mark to stew.

Caroline nervously applied mascara, getting ready for the first day at her new job. She reminded herself that she had plenty of time, but the ringing phone still startled her; it was Thorne, calling to see how Caroline was ahead of her milestone morning. Thorne assured Caroline that her jitters were normal, and he was very complimentary toward her. Caroline reiterated how important the step was to her personally. Thorne offered to take Caroline out to lunch. Caroline wasn't sure it was appropriate on her first day, but Thorne convinced her to let him call her at her office to make arrangements when the time came.

After hanging up with Thorne, Caroline heard a knock at the door; it was Ridge, visiting to congratulate Caroline on her job. Caroline was running late and asked Ridge to make himself at home while she got dressed. Ridge inquired about Caroline's position; Caroline revealed she was to be a research assistant at an advertising agency. After Caroline emerged, Ridge seductively zipped up her dress.

Ridge asked about Caroline's new boss. Caroline noted he was handsome, and Ridge half-playfully warned her to be careful. Caroline assured Ridge that her situation was legitimate and that she was happy to have a chance to prove herself to herself. Ridge volunteered to drive Caroline to work and then invited her to lunch; Caroline accepted the ride but said she already had lunch plans.

Ridge looked in on Thorne, who was on the phone, trying to track down Alex Simpson. His search unfruitful, Thorne hung up and said it was rare that Ridge set foot in his department. Ridge asked about Alex; Thorne relayed how top writer Alex had been set to meet him and Eric to do an interview for the Forrester feature, but Alex had flaked on both of them. Ridge advised Thorne to leave well enough alone.

Thorne then recalled that Ridge had dated an Alex Simpson when he'd been in college. Thorne hoped that Ridge could put in a good word with Alex, but Ridge dismissed it as a bad idea before asking Thorne if they could get together for lunch to go over some projections. Thorne apologized and said he'd already made a lunch appointment. Ridge cryptically observed that the rejection was the second that he had gotten that day.

Thorne met Caroline at an expensive restaurant, not knowing that Ridge was observing them from the bar. Caroline gushed to Thorne about how well her first day had gone up until that point and how wonderful it felt to know she had made the job happen on her own. Caroline described the job and the staff to an enthusiastic Thorne and thanked him for his never-ending support. Thorne said that Caroline deserved the best.

Caroline noted that her boss was good-looking; Thorne teased Caroline, saying she had better watch out. Caroline recalled that she had already met a few of "those" and had learned from doing so. When Caroline asked Thorne if he thought she was finally getting her life on track, Thorne replied that she was and laid his hand on hers, which Ridge saw. Undetected by Thorne and Caroline, Ridge slammed down his drink and stalked out of the restaurant, punching the elevator button hard and fuming over what he had just witnessed.

Friday, June 5, 1987

Out to lunch with Thorne, Caroline was excited about her life getting back on track. At the bar, Ridge, who'd been watching his brother and ex-fiancée, scowled and slammed his drink down when Thorne touched Caroline's hand. In a huff, Ridge strode out of the restaurant.

Caroline paid the bill, and Thorne guessed he owed the big spender. She informed him that Ridge had asked her out to lunch, but she'd told Ridge that she wouldn't be available. She hadn't mentioned Thorne's lunch invitation because she hadn't wanted Ridge to get the wrong idea. Thorne didn't think that was a bad thing. "Don't let this happen," she said. Thorne, however, replied that it was already happening. He asked her not to say she'd had no idea.

At Forrester, Ridge stormed into his office. He got on the phone and told someone that he wanted to see Thorne the moment Thorne arrived.

Sometime later, Thorne arrived as requested. "How was lunch?" Ridge coldly asked. Thorne said it was fine and asked if Ridge was interested in how Thorne's pastrami had tasted. Ridge wondered how Caroline's first day at work was going. He said he'd intended to have lunch with her, but she'd already had plans. "So, I ended up eating alone at the Café Russe," Ridge said. Glaring at Thorne, Ridge asked, "Where did you eat?"

Thorne gleaned that Ridge already knew. Ridge asked Thorne to say it was innocent. Thorne asked what Ridge meant, and Ridge quipped that Thorne's question was an answer within itself. Thorne refused to apologize. Ridge didn't expect an apology from anyone for making moves on Caroline behind his back, but he hadn't expected the person to be his brother, either.

Thorne claimed that nothing had been behind Ridge's back. Ridge quipped that he just hadn't been told about it. Thorne replied that he and Caroline weren't dating. "I sure the hell hope not," Ridge bit out. Thorne said he'd been trying to tell Ridge that Caroline wasn't interested in a commitment with anyone. Ridge took offense to Thorne telling him what Caroline needed.

Thorne asked why Ridge ignored Caroline's needs, but Ridge quipped that the only thing he'd ignored had been Thorne. Ridge had thought he could take Thorne being his brother for granted. Thorne claimed he hadn't meant for it to happen. Ridge asked what was happening.

Thorne didn't know why Ridge suddenly cared about Caroline and noted that Ridge sure hadn't cared before the wedding. Snatching Thorne up by his lapels, Ridge declared that he loved that woman -- more than anyone ever. "And you're going to stay the hell away from her," Ridge warned. Thorne said he couldn't do that because he loved her, too. Ridge figured Thorne had to stop doing that because Caroline belonged to Ridge. Thorne yelled that she didn't belong to either of them, and he wouldn't stop seeing Caroline unless she asked him to.

"You're going to stop seeing Caroline because I'm telling you to," Ridge countered. Thorne refused. Ridge hoped Thorne was feeling lucky because Caroline didn't love Thorne the way she loved Ridge. Thorne replied that Caroline didn't love Ridge. Deciding that they'd see about that, Ridge ordered Thorne out of the office because the sight of him made Ridge sick. Ridge warned Thorne not to ever let Ridge catch Thorne with Caroline again.

At the mansion, Stephanie happened upon Eric as he played the piano. After he'd finished, he conveyed that he'd been doing some soul-searching due to Stephanie's accusations. She replied that they'd actually been predictions. Eric was insulted, but Stephanie stood by her belief that Margo would get pregnant by Eric. She didn't think Eric was having an affair -- not yet.

Eric thanked Stephanie for the vote of confidence. Stephanie believed Margo was determined to get him, and nothing would stop her. He felt he had something to say about that, but Stephanie didn't. She stated that Margo was on the make, and no man could resist a woman like her.

Eric began to stride out of the house, but Stephanie stopped him in his tracks, asking him if he wanted a divorce. He was taken aback by the question. She was sure he'd been waiting for the question, and she wanted an honest answer. Eric did not want a divorce. She asked if he was sure. He assumed she thought that he wanted to run off and marry Margo. He had no intention of doing that, but he had a question for Stephanie. "Do you want a divorce?" he asked.

It was clear to Stephanie that they had a marriage in name only. Eric refused to let her put it on him and urged her to say so if she wanted a divorce. Stephanie recalled that they'd only gotten married because she'd been pregnant. They'd stayed together for the kids. The kids were grown, and she didn't know the rationale for remaining together.

"Love? Have you ever really loved me?" Stephanie asked. After a long pause, he affirmed it, but she wondered why she'd never felt it. "Why doesn't that surprise me?" he responded. Stephanie defended her ability to recognize and feel love, and she recalled that he'd loved the girl whom he'd dated before her. He reminded Stephanie that she'd been the one he'd married. Stephanie said she knew all too well that it had been because she'd been pregnant.

Eric asked what Stephanie was getting at. Stephanie suspected that he would have married the other girl if Stephanie hadn't been pregnant. Eric stated that it was ancient history. "Don't you ever think of her ever?" she asked. Stephanie believed that the girl had been the only woman Eric had ever loved. He turned to leave, and she said he still couldn't talk about it, even after all the time that had passed. "I'll see you at dinner," he said, and he left the house.

At the Logan house, Dave informed Brooke and Helen that the police had witnesses who could place her assailants in her building, and arrests were imminent. The topic turned to how much Helen enjoyed living at the Logan house. Brooke still couldn't believe they'd convinced Helen to do it, and Helen wondered why it had taken her so long to do it.

Helen went to the kitchen, and Dave explained to Brooke that the police might need Helen to ID the perpetrators in a lineup. Brooke wasn't eager to subject Helen to that, but Dave believed that Helen could handle it.

Beth arrived and caught Dave and Brooke kissing. She teased them about their behavior with Grandma in the house and strode into the kitchen with her groceries.

Later, Beth sat alone with Brooke, who cooed about what a nice, fine man Dave was. Beth thought any girl would be lucky to have him as her husband. Brooke assumed Beth really wanted the couple to get married. Beth said only Brooke's happiness mattered to her.

Beth changed the subject, saying she'd promised to let Brooke know the next time the Forresters were throwing a party. Excited, Brooke asked if that meant she could go. Beth promised to see if the catering company could use the extra help. Brooke had been anxious to get inside that house and to see what those people were really like, but Beth doubted Brooke could get a glimpse of reality at a party. Brooke insisted she could see through all that glitter.

Beth affirmed that there would certainly be a lot of that. Brooke assumed that Beth was anxious to see Eric, the man Beth had gone to college with. Brooke suspected that there might be more to Beth's story about that. Beth concluded that it was a closed book, but Brooke dreamily asked if it wouldn't be neat for Beth to see Eric again. "Yes, Brooke. Kind of neat," Beth replied.

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