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Brooke desperately hoped Ridge would put an end to her cruise wedding to Grant, but Ridge missed her boat by mere, fog-ridden moments. Thorne told Taylor all about Ridge's roadside purchase of a motorcycle just to get to Brooke. While confronting Ridge about it, Taylor seethed that he'd lost his real love to another man.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, January 6, 1997

In her office, Sally read the paper and saw the story about the upcoming weddings. Sally read the article to Darla. Darla said she still couldn't believe that Ridge wasn't going to marry Brooke. Sally said not to make book on it. Darla commented that Macy was at the party. Sally was glad that Macy was spending time with Thorne. She was sure that before the evening was over, things would be back to normal for the two of them.

Clark paid Grant a visit at Grant's house to congratulate him. While Grant was dressing, Clark said that Grant was his hero, and Ridge was probably eating his heart out at that very moment.

Clarke couldn't believe that Grant wasn't gloating. After all, as Brooke's husband, Grant would have money, power, and position, as well as "conjugal bliss." Grant got upset and told Clark to watch it, because he was being disrespectful of Grant's "soon-to-be" wife. Clark remarked about how seriously Grant was taking everything. Grant informed Clark that he was very serious. He cared about Brooke and intended to be a good husband.

The party for Ridge and Taylor was in full swing out by the pool at Stephanie's house. Eric flirted with Lauren and offered to get her a glass of wine. As he walked away, Stephanie approached Lauren. Lauren said that she knew who her secret admirer was. Stephanie wanted to know who it was. Before Lauren had to answer, Maggie yelled for Stephanie that the bride and groom had arrived.

Everyone congratulated Ridge and Taylor. Stephanie was on top of the world. James introduced Jack to Maggie. Everyone was having a wonderful time -- except Michael. Enrique told her not to stare at the happy couple. She said she needed the distraction. She couldn't believe that Grant was really going to marry Brooke.

Thorne was at the grill, cooking. Enrique approached to tell him that Macy had arrived. Thorne had told Stephanie that she was sick. Thorne approached Macy. Macy told him she was there to support him. He was very opposed to Ridge marrying Taylor, so she wanted to be there for him.

Macy suggested that they put the "Claudia arguments" on hold for the evening. Thorne looked at her without commenting. She concluded that she should leave. She felt it had been a mistake for her to be there.

Ridge wandered behind some shrubbery and pulled Brooke's letter from his pocket. As he was reading it, Thorne approached him. Thorne told Ridge that Taylor deserved better than a man who was in love with another woman.

At Brooke's house, Beth pleaded with Brooke not to marry Grant. Brooke said that it was no longer her choice, but Ridge's. Brooke was still certain that Ridge would get there in time to stop the wedding. Katie told Beth that she was starting to think maybe things would be okay for Brooke, even if Brooke did marry Grant.

Grant arrived in time to overhear Beth advising Brooke. Brooke went upstairs for her luggage. Katie went, too. Grant told Beth that he really cared about Brooke. He would do everything in his power to keep her happy for always. Grant and Brooke departed.

Grant and Brooke arrived at the Marina Delray. Grant started walking down the pier. Brooke turned and looked around. She was still hoping that Ridge would arrive before it was too late.

Tuesday, January 7, 1997

The party continued at Stephanie's house. Taylor made an announcement to all the guests. She had chosen Stephanie to be her matron of honor. She acknowledged that Stephanie had been like a mother to her. Taylor further stated that Stephanie, no doubt, had played a major role in her getting Ridge back. Stephanie was elated.

Next, Ridge announced his choice for best man. He had chosen Thorne. Thorne had a very reluctant expression as Ridge reached out to embrace him. Stephanie looked very uncertain.

James told Stephanie what a wonderful party she had given for Ridge and Taylor. Maggie remarked about how beautiful the weather had been for the party. James commented that a wonderful sunset was about to begin. Of course, Stephanie said she would enjoy that particular sunset more than any other. She was referring to Brooke's wedding time. Ridge looked away and began to think.

Eric told everyone how happy he was that Taylor would be back in the family. Then Taylor expressed how blessed she felt. She got very emotional and started to grow teary-eyed. She told Ridge how much she loved him and always had. As Ridge and Taylor embraced, Ridge and Thorne looked at each other.

The party ended. Ridge, alone in the living room, read Brooke's letter again. As he poured himself a drink, Thorne entered. Thorne apologized to Ridge. The only reason he had continued to hound Ridge was because he had thought Ridge was making a mistake. Thorne admitted he had been wrong.

Thorne said if Ridge still loved Brooke, he would not have been able to sit back and relax while she was off marrying that "clown." All at once, Ridge yelled, "It's not right! She cannot marry that guy!" Ridge demanded Thorne's car keys. Thorne said, "No way. I'm driving." They took off for the marina.

After driving her father home, Taylor returned to thank Stephanie for everything. She asked Stephanie where Ridge was. Stephanie replied that he was upstairs. Taylor headed up the stairs to see Ridge.

Grant and Brooke boarded the yacht at Marina Delray. They toured the front of the boat, where the ceremony was to take place. Next, they were shown to their stateroom, where Brooke could dress. Grant told Brooke that he really did care about her. He asked her again if she wanted to call off the wedding.

Grant said he realized that she couldn't be excited about any of it. Then he assured her that she didn't have to pretend for him, the crew, or anyone. Brooke couldn't believe that Grant really wanted her that way. She had never thought it would go that far. Grant told her that he loved her very much. She went into the sitting room to dress.

Brooke reentered the room, wearing her wedding dress. Grant told her how stunningly beautiful she was. He opened a bottle of Champagne and made a toast to his "bride" on her wedding day. "To our brilliant and glorious future," he said.

On deck, the captain announced that it was time to go. Brooke protested. She did not want to leave yet. Grant looked at her. He wanted to know if she was really all right. She said she was okay, and they could leave. Grant told the captain to go ahead. The captain started the engines. Brooke looked toward the dock, still hoping.

Katie and Beth were at Brooke's house, still wondering about Brooke. Beth wanted to call the harbormaster and get him to stop the wedding. Katie assured her mother that Grant was a wonderful man. However, she added, Ridge would probably arrive there in time to stop Brooke, before it was too late. Katie and Beth agreed that Ridge cared too deeply about Brooke to let her marry Grant.

Wednesday, January 8, 1997

Taylor entered the living room at Stephanie's house, still calling out for Ridge. Stephanie heard her and was puzzled that Ridge was nowhere to be found. The two of them decided that Thorne had probably taken Ridge out for a drink. They laughed and talked about the wedding the next day.

Stephanie commented that Taylor probably wouldn't sleep a wink that night. Taylor said possibly, but at least she would be in her own bed at her beach house. Grant had moved out that afternoon. Taylor heard the front door open. She hoped that it was Ridge, but it was only Eric.

After Taylor left, Stephanie worried that Ridge had gone to stop Brooke. Eric comforted her.

Thorne and Ridge were in the car, racing down the highway on the way to the marina. The radio was playing. The announcer could be heard talking about how bad the fog was in the area. Ridge couldn't believe he'd let things go that far. He ordered Thorne to drive faster. All of a sudden, Thorne yelled, "There is a problem with the car engine. Just like on Christmas. Ridge, we aren't going to make it there."

Ridge was panic-stricken. He jumped out of the car and flagged down a man on a motorcycle. Ridge told the man he needed the motorcycle and offered to buy it for three times what it was worth. Ridge threw his checkbook to Thorne and told him to write the man a check. Then, he jumped on the motorcycle and sped off toward the Marina Delray.

Finally, Ridge arrived at the dock. He raced down the ramp and out to the end. The boat was gone. He looked out through the fog and saw it in the distance. He yelled, "Brooke! Brooke!" She did not hear him. He was too late. He continued to look toward the boat, in total disbelief.

On board The Legend, Brooke was heartbroken. Ridge hadn't arrived to stop her wedding to Grant. She had been certain that he would. Once again, she tried to stall their departure. She told Grant that her stomach hurt.

Grant informed the captain that Brooke wasn't feeling well. They would have to delay casting off. The captain suggested that Brooke go below for a while. She did. Sitting on the bed, she recollected all the wonderful memories of her wedding to Ridge.

Grant arrived to tell Brooke the captain was ready. She agreed that Ridge wasn't going to arrive, so they could go ahead and leave. He took her hand, and they went up on deck.

As the boat headed out, Brooke and Grant were standing on the front deck. She told Grant that she heard something. Grant said it was only a foghorn. The fog was so thick that she couldn't see that Ridge was standing at the end of the dock. The boat was too far away for her to hear him yelling her name. Brooke was devastated.

Thursday, January 9, 1997

Taylor was on the deck at her house, enjoying a cup of coffee along with her thoughts. Stephanie arrived. Taylor admitted she sort of expected Ridge to drop by to see her. Stephanie said she hoped that he didn't. It would be bad luck for the groom to see the bride on the wedding day prior to the ceremony.

Taylor laughed and said that there wasn't any more bad luck for her, since Brooke had married Grant the night before. Taylor was ecstatic. Finally, for the first time ever, she felt free of Brooke hanging over her head. Brooke was married to another man and no longer had any hold over Ridge.

Taylor confessed that her self-esteem had suffered greatly over the years because of Brooke. But, since it was all over, she felt like a new person. She wanted to know if Stephanie had seen Ridge that morning. Stephanie admitted that she had not. After wishing Taylor a happy morning, Stephanie left.

Later, Thorne stopped by to see Taylor. He had not seen Ridge, nor heard from him, since Ridge had raced off on the motorcycle. Thorne told Taylor the whole story about how Ridge had rushed off to the marina to stop Brooke from marrying Grant. She didn't want to believe him and accused him of lying. After all, he would do anything to get Ridge and Brooke back together.

Thorne tried to make Taylor understand that Ridge had known that the only way to stop Brooke would be to propose to her himself. Thorne assumed that Ridge had intended to do just that. After all, he had paid $50,000 to a man for his Harley. Taylor seemed to be absorbing some of what Thorne was saying.

Thorne told Taylor that she had suffered too much already. If she were to marry Ridge, heartache and suffering would be all she would ever know. "Ridge is committed to only one woman. And, that woman is Brooke, not you, Taylor," Thorne told her. Taylor's eyes filled with tears. She looked totally stunned.

Michael delivered a report to Eric in Eric's office. He commented to her how difficult all the business with Grant had to be for her. He wanted to know if working with Grant was going to be a problem, since Grant was with Brooke. She assured him that she would have no problem maintaining her professionalism.

Michael noticed that Eric was in a very happy mood and told him so. He explained that it was Ridge and Taylor's wedding day. He asked her if she planned to attend. She said she did indeed. Michael also mentioned that Lauren was in the gym.

After Eric returned to his office, Stephanie dropped by to see him. Neither of them had seen Ridge all day. They wondered if he could have possibly gone to Brooke. They quickly dismissed the idea. However, it was obvious they were both still very concerned. Eric commented that it would be nice if they knew for a fact that Brooke and Grant had sailed off into the sunset.

In the Forrester Creations steam room, Lauren was sitting there, wrapped only in her little towel, when Eric joined her. Right away, Lauren began to flirt. They shared a passionate kiss. Then Lauren suggested that it might be wise to lock the door. Eric went over to lock the door, but, just as he reached out, one of his employees entered. At that point, the only thing Eric could do was pretend he had been on his way out, and he left. That left Lauren very frustrated.

A little while later, someone entered the steam room. Unable to actually see who had entered, Lauren assumed Eric had returned to pick up where they had left off. After making several very suggestive comments and rubbing her toes against the other person's leg, she learned that it is not Eric, but Michael. They discussed what had just happened. Michael became aware that Eric and Lauren were about to be more than just friends and business associates.

Friday, January 10, 1997

Stephanie was in her office, finishing a few things before she left to get dressed for the wedding. Sally entered with a gift for Stephanie. They talked about the wedding and about how relieved Stephanie would be when she knew for sure that Brooke and Grant had actually gotten married. Sally said that Brooke really shouldn't matter. The important thing was for Ridge and Taylor's wedding to go on as planned.

Stephanie said that Sally was right, of course. Still, it would be a big relief when everything was over. Sally gave her the gift. Stephanie opened it and saw a beautiful gold shamrock necklace. Sally explained that it was for luck. Stephanie was already feeling very lucky. Sally said to not worry about Brooke anymore, but to just relax and enjoy her son's wedding day. They embraced.

Michael and Megan were in Michael's office, speculating about whether or not Grant and Brooke had gotten married. Somehow, Michael had learned about Ridge going to the marina. The phone rang. Claudia was calling Michael from the police station.

Claudia said that she needed Michael. Michael said that Claudia should be calling Thorne. Claudia said she could not possibly disturb Thorne on his brother's wedding day. Aside from that, Thorne had done a lot for her already.

Finally, Ridge wandered into his mother's house. As he started up the stairs, Eric called to him. Ridge told his father about going to the marina the night before. However, he had been too late. The boat had already left.

Ridge and Eric both wondered about Thorne's whereabouts. Ridge called Taylor. She told him that Thorne was there. She also told him to get over there right away. Ridge could tell she was upset. He hung up the phone and left immediately.

Stephanie arrived at home. Eric told her Ridge had gone to Taylor's, and he suspected Thorne was already there. Stephanie became somewhat uneasy. She knew Thorne was against Ridge marrying Taylor. She certainly hoped that he wasn't stirring up trouble. Then Eric told her about Ridge going to the marina.

Stephanie grew upset. Finally, Eric explained that Ridge had been too late. Stephanie was relieved and prayed that they could get through Ridge and Taylor's wedding. If they did, she wanted to plan a vacation for herself and Eric -- a well-deserved one, she added. He didn't comment if he would join her on the vacation.

At the police station, Claudia called Michael at Forrester to pick her up. Apparently, she had made bond.

Michael arrived. The INS agent wanted her to tell him about Claudia's family and where they lived. Before Michael could say anything, Claudia was led in. She had heard what was said and commented to Michael that they did not believe that she had no family in the United States.

As Michael and Claudia started out the door, the agent told Michael that Claudia had a deportation hearing the next week. If she failed to show, he would be calling Michael first. She was astonished that they could deport Claudia. She told the INS agent that Claudia was a political refugee, not a criminal.

At Taylor's house, Thorne and Taylor were still going at it about Ridge going to the marina. She was certain that he was lying. She believed he had an agenda: Forrester Creations. He firmly told her it was about her, not Forrester. He did not want to see her world fall apart -- again. He said that was exactly what would happen if she married his brother.

Taylor began to cry. The phone rang; it was Ridge. She told him to get over there right away. He suspected something was wrong and wanted to know if someone was there. She said that Thorne was.

By the time Ridge arrived at Taylor's house, Thorne had already left. Taylor was very upset and demanded that Ridge level with her about the night before. Reluctantly, he told her about going to the marina. After he told her that he had been too late, she told him, "That is too bad. You have just lost the only woman you have every really loved, to another man!"

Taylor walked over to the couch and sat down. She began to really cry. Her heart was broken. Ridge continued to stand there. He just stared straight ahead.

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