The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 3, 1997 on B&B

The hospitalized Taylor became disillusioned with Ridge, and her gratitude toward Thorne deepened. Thorne vowed not to back down from Taylor, and Ridge readily accepted the challenge to battle for her heart. Grant convinced Brooke to sign over control of Forrester Creations to him. Maggie's chit-chat with the plumber gave Sheila an idea.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 3, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, March 3, 1997

   Taylor lays awake crying. When the nurse asks how she's doing, she just looks away. The nurse tells Thorne that Taylor is awake.

Ridge tells Eric and Stephanie that Taylor doesn't want to see him and gave back the engagement ring. When Stephanie asks why, he tells her he was late because he was with Brooke.

Enrique tells Michael that Grant is plotting something against the Forresters. Michael is surprised to hear that Grant is with Connor Davis. Enrique is worried.

Connor tries to talk Grant out of separating Brooke and the Forresters. Grant and Connor wonder what could be more important than saving the company.

Taylor realizes that Thorne spent the night at the hospital. He tells her he will be there for her as long as she needs him. The doctor comes in to talk about her condition. The doctor doesn't know yet if the burns are superficial or deep wounds. The doctor tells Taylor she has to maintain positive. When Justin, a burn vitim and volunteer at the hospital, comes in to get the doctor Taylor is horrified. She cries.

Stephanie is outraged that he was with Brooke. When he tries to explain, she doesn't want to hear it. Ridge whines that Thorne won't let him see Taylor. Stephanie yells at him to make up with Thorne if he wants to see Taylor.

Grant doesn't like what Forrester Creations is doing to her. Connor asks if it is really about Brooke. Grant tells Connor that he is taking over to protect the interest of his wife and family. He complains that Forresters are falling behind in the business. He tells Connor that tonight he will get Brooke to sign the papers. Connor warns Grant that Ridge won't take this sitting down. Grant tells him that Ridge will have to.

Thorne tells Taylor that there is the possibility that she could walk out of there good as new. He informs that Ridge was there. She asks what happened. He tells her that he gave back her ring and Ridge left. Thorne has a feeling that he will be back. He wonders if she wants to see him. Outside Taylor's hospital room, Ridge asks the nurse to see Taylor. The nurse tells him he can't because of doctor's orders. He decides to wait outside the room for Thorne.

Stephanie wonders if Taylor will let Ridge help her or if she will even see him. Stephanie and Eric talk about things changing before you know it. They hug.

Taylor tells Thorne she can't deal with Ridge right now. Taylor feels like she is being punished for something she has done but doesn't know what. Thorne tells her it was just a freak accident. Taylor says, "An accident that I will have to live with for the rest of my life. I should be grateful." Thorne reminds her to be positive. She cries that she wants to talk with the one person she can't, her mother. She can't imagine what she would tell her right now. Taylor doesn't think she can cope with looking in the mirror and seeing someone else. Thorne says, "No matter what happens, no matter how you look, I will always feel about you the way I feel right now. If you lose everything else, you will never lose me. I want to be there for you with nothing in return. She thanks him and cries so more. He promises that everything will be fine.

Tuesday, March 4, 1997

Ridge tries to see Taylor, but the guard won't let him in. Ridge thinks that Thorne set it up. Then Thorne comes around the corner wanting to know what is going on.

At Forrester, Lauren can't get Eric off her mind. Michael comes in wondering why the Forresters aren't there. Michael tells Lauren about Grant taking over Forrester Creations. Michael asks Lauren to talk to Eric since she is close to him. Lauren informs her that she isn't close to him anymore.

Brooke comes home to a romantic dinner. Grant sent the kids to Katie's. Brooke apologizes for being distant in their marriage.

Justin visits Taylor. He tells her she is healing physically. She looks at him hestitantly. He tells her to go ahead and look. He is used to the attention now. Taylor asks Justin how he got his burns. He tells her of his car accident. He tells her that her spirit will heal her. She will be able deal with it. She asks who the special person who helped him through it. He replies with "My mother." Taylor informs her that her mother is dead. He asks if there is a husband or someone special. She says yes. He tells her that he will help her through this.

Ridge tells Thorne he needs to see Taylor. Thorne says he can't help him. Ridge tells him he can but doesn't want to. Ridge admits he is the blame for this accident. Ridge says, "If Taylor's scarred or disfigured, I just don't know what I will do." He asks Thorne to please help him get into her room.

Lauren says, "It's not my place to get involved. Besides I have something going with Spectra." Michael thinks that is the reason why she and Eric aren't getting along anymore. Lauren tells her that there is more to it than that. Lauren tells Michael to just trust Brooke, she is not a child.

Brooke tells Grant she fells inadequate as a wife, mother, career woman, and human being. She has trouble working with Ridge and the other Forresters and she comes home preoccupied. Grant tells her if she trusts him then she will put him in charge of the company.

Thorne tells Ridge that he is the only one Taylor is counting on to keep him out of that room. Thorne tells Ridge that Taylor never said she blamed him. Ridge begins to tell Thorne why he he was late but then says nevermind. Ridge is upset because Taylor won't even let him say one word to her and it is tearing him apart. Thorne tells him to wait here.

Brooke asks, "Is that what this evening is about?" Grant goes on about how it is Brooke's company. But Brooke defends the Forresters saying it is their family business built from the ground up. Grant tells her she needs him to run the company for her. Grant says, "If you trust me, sign this document now."

The guard lets Ridge in. Taylor looks up thinking it is Thorne and doesn't look happy when she sees it's Ridge.

Wednesday, March 5, 1997

Sally and Clarke boast to Macy and the others about the new line of credit the bank has given them because of the signing of Lauren Fenmore to their company. Macy wonders how Eric is going to react to the news. Clarke responds that Eric has plenty of other things to worry about including Grant's attempt to take over Forrester Creations. Sally boasts that if Grant is successful in becoming CEO of the company, Forrester will start to fall apart which can only mean good things for Spectra. Darla spoils the celebration when she arrives and reveals that Taylor's in the hospital after being burned in a fire at her beach house.

Grant explains to Brooke that it's in her best interest to sign the documents Connor has put together and goes further by insisting that her family will be better served by the change. Brooke is finally convinced and after she signs over control of Forrester to him, she hugs Grant.

Taylor angrily asks Ridge how he got into her room. When he reveals that Thorne let him in, Taylor states that she does not want to see him. Ridge tries to explain why he was late for their date the night of the fire but Taylor orders him to get out. She insists that she doesn't want him in her life anymore and can get the support she needs from Thorne. Ridge is genuinely affected when Taylor explains her feeling that she would be dead now if Thorne hadn't arrived when he did.

Thursday, March 6, 1997

Our recapper, Lisa, will be undergoing surgery today. We know that you'll join with the entire Soap Opera Central staff in wishing her the speediest recovery.

GRANT is ready to leave for the office as Brooke comes down the stairs. He tells Brooke that he has tried to reach everyone but so far none of the Forresters have come in to work. He promises Brooke that the transition will be a smoothe one, he is going to be cooperative. As he leaves for the office, he wishes her a great day because he plans on having one.

AT THE HOSPITAL, Ridge and Eric talk. Today is the day that the bandages come off. Ridge assumes the responsibility for everything that happened. Thorne arrives; he was held up in traffic. You didn't have to come in, Ridge says, we could have called you and let you know how everything comes out. Thorne reminds him that he promised Taylor he would be there when the bandages were removed. Eric warns the "boys" not to fight; after all, Taylor is the one that needs their attention.

IN TAYLOR'S ROOM Taylor is telling Stephanie that Thorne allowed Ridge into her room against her wishes. She didn't want to see Ridge. Thorne should have asked first but he felt sorry for Ridge. Taylor admits that she also feels sorry for him. She doesn't blame Ridge for this, it was her own fault. She doesn't fault Ridge for the faccident but she won't forgive him for not showing up that night. But now she has much more important things to contend with. Stephanie reminds Taylor that no matter what happens, she has many options; she must think positively. She has been thinking positively, she says. She has learned a lot during this trial. She has learned that love has nothing to do with physical attraction nor chemistry. She tells Stephanie that she learned a lot from a wonderful man who was burned much worse than she. She has also learned a lot about Thorne. She knows when Thorne says he will do something, he will do it. She trusts him. They have grown very close. Stephanie tells Taylor that Ridge loves her; Thorne is only infatuated with her. She has to bring some sort of resolution to this entire situation.

IN THE WAITING ROOM Eric continues to try to bring peace between Ridge and Thorne. When Thorne reminds him that he was in Brookes office when he should have been with Taylor, Ridge decides to tell him why he was with Brooke. We weren't alone, he tells his brother and father, Grant and Conner Davis were there also. They had drawn up a paper putting Grant totally in charge. He had to stay and try to stop them. Eric is disturbed; did he stop her from signing? Ridge tells him that for the time being, Brooke hasn't signed, but she would have if he hadn't been there. But you could have picked up a phone and called Taylor, Thorne reminds him. I was in the middle of a debate, he says. It took all I could do to keep the pen out of her hand. The nurse arrives and informs the family that the doctor is on her way down to remove the bandages. They leave the waiting room for Taylor's room.

GRANT arrives at the office. He wants everyone in his office for a meeting. The secretary tells him that the Forresters haven't arrived yet. So send the others in, he tells her. She can't leave her desk; Mrs. Forrester told her to man the phones. Grant informs her that Mrs. Forrester isn't in charge any longer; he is the one in charge.

BROOKE and Katie are having coffee. She tells her sister that she was so miserable at the office lately. She knows she will never have a future with Ridge, she has to accept that and get on with her life.

GRANT and Conner talk business. Conner reminds him that the Forresters won't make it easy for him. Conner's advice is to put himself in their shoes; he must get them on his side. The Forresters have to learn that everything goes through him now; he is the one in charge. Termination is a matter that is not beyond the realm of possibilities.

THE FAMILY gather around Taylor's bedside. She thanks them for coming. The doctor arrives; it is time to begin. But first, she tells Taylor that for a month after she gets home, there can be no heavy activity. She also reminds Taylor that the healing process is only beginning so she should not be upset by her appearance. Before they begin, Taylor thanks everyone for supporting her, especially Thorne. We may not see what we are hoping for when these bandages come off. I'll be here for you, Thorne reminds her.

GRANT invites Michael and Enrique into the office. He announces that there is a new chairman and CEO at Forrester Creations---him. Michael and Enrique are shocked. Enrique doesn't believe Brooke would do this. Grant warns him that he had best start working and keeping his opinions to himself. Grant only wants them to meet him halfway, he says.

IN TAYLOR'S ROOM the doctor begins cutting away the bandages. Thorne holds her hand; her eyes never leave his face.

Friday, March 7, 1997

SHEILA is on the phone with "missing Mike." She tells him that she and James had a wonderful time while Maggie was way. But now Maggie is back and she has to think of something to keep Maggie occupied so that she can continue to make progress with James.

MAGGIE is busy in the kitchen. James asks for a refill for his coffee cup. Maggie answers "in a jiff." This is a new expression for James and he asks her what does it mean and she explains. He teases her about her mid-west expressions. He then promises that one day he will go to Iowa with her.

TAYLOR is surrounded by her Forrester family. Thorne continues to hold her hand as the doctor cuts away the remainder of her bandages. As the doctor steps from the bed, Taylor anxiously asks how she looks. Everyone reassures her but she asks for a mirror. The mirror shows a lot of discoloration and a few blisters, but otherwise, there is nothing serious to worry about. Taylor laughs with relief; she isn't going to be scarred!!

MAGGIE opens the door to the plumber she has been expecting all morning. A cheerful fellow enters and begins a conversation with Maggie. She shows him the garbage disposal and he tells her it will be ready "in a jiff." Amazed, Maggie tells him that she had just used that expression with her husband and he didn't understand what it meant. He wonders where her husband could be from not to understand that expression; Maggie shrugs her shoulders and says that he is from Scotland. The plumber, Curtis, continues his work in a happy mood. He likes his work, he tells Maggie, he gets invited into peoples homes, he gets to chat with them. Life is full of lessons; he gets to learn something new every day. Sheila is getting coffee. She makes a snide comment and he looks to Maggie and asks what is ailing "her highness." Maggie explains that she is pregnant. "Oh, with child," he exclaims. But Sheila is once again rude and asks if he doesn't have something to do. Maggie makes a face at Sheila and apologizes for her rudeness. Back under the sink, Maggie gives a little advice on the tool he is using. Rather than be insulted, he appreciates her for her knowledge. These days, folks think a screwdriver is something you drink.

TAYLOR is happy; she can't believe her good luck. Ridge tells her she is beautiful; Thorne agrees and says she always has been and always will be beautiful. The doctor explains that they will treat the areas with antibiotics and examine them in a few days. She is very optimistic that she will heal without problems. Ridge is happy that this is behind them and they can get on with their life. I intend to, she announces. She thanks all of them for being with her; it means a lot. She then asks for a few minutes alone with Thorne. Ridge is hurt; the family slowly leave the room. Thorne tells them that they do not need to wait; he will see them at home. If looks could kill, Ridge's stare would have put Thorne in his grave.

MAGGIE is still interested in the progress under the sink. As they talk, she remarks that he isn't from around here. He is from the midwest, he says and Maggie is delighted because she is too. He makes an educated guess that she is from Iowa--all the pretty girls come from Iowa. Maggie makes several guesses but he has to tell her that he is also from Iowa. Sheila is quietly taking all this in; is this giving her any ideas?

RIDGE paces outside the hospital room. God was very good to Taylor, Eric says. Eric and Stephanie decide to go home and ask Ridge to come. No, he is staying here.

THORNE thanks Taylor for giving them this important time together. But, no, she wants to thank him; he saved her life and just in time to keep her from being scarred. You are a gorgeous woman Taylor, he says, but it is what is inside that makes you truly beautiful. He tells her she is the most important thing in his life. They hold hands. Taylor explains that she wanted him to stay so she could thank him and tell him she didn't know what she would have done without him.

RIDGE continues to pace.

CURTIS AND MAGGIE continue to get along just fine. Sheila continues to throw in little snide remarks. All at once, Curtis exclaims that he smells corn fritters. Maggie says she has just made them. But she bakes them instead of frying them. Curtis tries one. He complements her on them while surreptitiously hiding the remainder inside the garbage disposal. The then asks her if she has been to "Mama's Restaurant," She specializes in home cooking; the best you ever tasted. Maggie says she would like to try it sometimes and he invites her to call him--he knows Mama himself, personally. Sheila is amazed. Can this be for real. They are actually hitting it off. Maybe this is the answer she has been searching for.

THORNE leaves Taylor's room. Ridge wants to know how she is and Thorne says she is fine. Ridge tries to enter the room but Thorne prevents him from going in. We have to talk, Thorne tells Ridge. Thorne tells him that it is time he stops treating Taylor like she is his. She gave him back the ring. She is going on with her life now he, Ridge, is in the way. He never intends to back down from Ridge again. So you want to compete, declares Ridge, well fine. We will see who walks away with Taylor. But Thorne says they will just have to wait and see. He has spent his entire life living under Ridge's shadow but no more, big brother, no more.

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