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After talking to Rick, Ridge returned to the courtroom and confessed to shooting Grant. The confession devastated Taylor, and Ridge told her to go on with her life without him. Sheila went into premature labor, and she delivered a baby girl.
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Monday, June 2, 1997

by Michael Keith

Macy and Clarke notice Sally is preoccupied in reading about Ridge's trial. Sally has confidence Hunter is going to prove Ridge did not shoot Grant. Clarke's not so sure about that. Clarke reminds Sally of last weeks debacle in court in which Hunter told the jury that Ridge's defense that Grant shot himself was totally wrong. Sally, Macy, and Clarke head to the courthouse.

Michael catches up with Enrique at Forrester and Enrique tells Michael he is skeptical Hunter will come up with something to prove Ridge's innocence. Enrique says he has been waiting for a big break in the case and it hasn't happened yet. Michael suggests Ridge's break could happen today with Hunter finding out who the real shooter is. Don't hold your breath, Enrique warns.

At the courthouse, Eric and Stephanie wonder where Ridge and Hunter are since the trial is set to resume shortly. Thorne notices Taylor waiting for Ridge and goes over to ask her to talk. Taylor is too preoccupied to talk now, she says. After the trial is over today, they can talk at her house. Brooke and Grant enter the courtroom with Brooke being defensive of Grant after Stephanie lashes out a few choice remarks to her. Grant tells Stephanie the worst part about the whole thing is that he has had to live with the knowledge of who shot him.

Ridge finds Rick in his room playing violent video games and listening to violent music. Rick says he is afraid that Ridge will go to jail and believes Grant framed Ridge by shooting himself. Rick tells Ridge he would "kill" to have him go free. Ridge says he didn't used to be this angry or hostile but Rick shrugs his mood off by saying it is nothing. Ridge questions Rick if he has any idea who shot Grant. "How would I know?" Rick asks. Ridge tells Rick Hunter has found evidence to set him free and no matter what happens, Ridge will always love him and be there for him.

Prosecutor Teresa Emerson is not surprised neither Hunter or Ridge are there with the trial about to resume. Stephanie counters by saying Ridge will be proven innocent and set free. If she is wrong, Teresa says, she will be the first to admit it.Teresa confidentially says the prosecution is not wrong, and this wouldn't be the first time a guilt man has fled before his hearing.

When the trail resumes and neither Hunter nor Ridge are there, the judge asks Jonathan where his client is. Jonathan has no answer and the angry judge says there is no excuse why Ridge or Hunter are not there. The judge holds Hunter in contempt of court and orders Ridge to be held by the police once he is found.

As Taylor is calling the hospital thinking Ridge was in an accident, Ridge shows up at the courthouse and tells her he doesn't need Hunter now, he knows who shot Grant. Ridge kisses Taylor passionately and enters the courtroom. Ridge apologizes for being late, but says he wants to take the stand because he knows the truth. He knows who shot Grant!

Tuesday, June 3, 1997

James gets word from the hospital that Sheila's condition is stable, but Maggie seems somewhat uninterested. James advises Maggie to be more sympathetic towards Sheila. It's not that easy, considering everything Sheila has pulled, Maggie says. Maggie doesn't think Sheila will give them her baby as she promised. James notes they have been so preoccupied with their own problems, they have forgotten about Ridge's trial. Maggie blames Sheila for she and James being so preoccupied and wishes things could go back to the way the were when they first married. Maggie reaffirms her love to James and hopes once the baby is born, they will be able to work their problems out. James then get a call from the hospital that Sheila's gone into labor.

Ridge tells his attorney he wants to go on the stand to tell the truth. He says he hasn't told anyone, only he and Grant know the truth. After Ridge demands to be put under oath, the judge asks him who he thinks shot Grant Chambers. Before Ridge bears all, he thanks his attorney for his time, he thanks Taylor and his family for their support, and he warns his family to accept what he is about to say and go on with their lives. "The person who shot Grant Chambers is me!" Ridge declares.

Everyone is stunned at Ridge's confession. Jonathan takes Ridge to the court chambers where Ridge apologizes but Ridge stands behind what he said. Teresa Emerson and the judge come in and Jonathan says not to accept Ridge's plea because there is no evidence to support this confession. Teresa says she's not backing down and there is ample evidence to support Ridge shot Grant.

Eric and Stephanie wonder how this is possible and how is this going to be resolved. Beth tries to comfort Brooke who can't believe Ridge is guilty. Grant doesn't know what to say to Ridge. Ridge advises Grant he will survive as long as he knows Rick will be taken care of. Ridge warns Grant not to tell a soul that Rick is the one who shot him. If the truth ever came out, it would destroy his life. The only way to repay him, Ridge says is to take care of Rick.

With court back in session, the judge asks Ridge if he is aware of the murder charge against him and the consequences of his confession. Ridge says no one forced him into this confession and he is aware of the penalty on this crime: life in prison. The judge offers one last warning that if she accepts his plea, the trial is over. Ridge again pleads guilty to attempted murder. Taylor, Brooke, Eric, and Stephanie are horrified as Ridge is taken away to jail.

Wednesday, June 4, 1997

With the press circling over the house in helicopters, the Forresters can't believe Ridge plead guilty to shooting Grant. Stephanie says something must have happen because for weeks Ridge swore he was innocent and now all of a sudden he says he's guilty. Something's not right. Thorne says maybe Ridge is the one who shot Grant. Jonathan's been with Ridge all day and stops by la casa de Forrester to inform them Ridge is still claiming he is the one who shot Grant. Eric says Ridge is incapable of such a violent act. Stephanie wants to know how do you explain the fact that for weeks, Ridge swore he was innocent, and suddenly he claims he is guilty. Furthermore, where is Hunter? Jonathan thinks Hunter found evidence to prove Ridge's guilt and now has left town. Jonathan advises the only thing they can do now is hope for a lesser sentence than life in prison for Ridge.

Lauren tells Maggie she doesn't know what to believe now that Ridge confessed. Maggie admits to being so wrapped up in her own problems that she hasn't been keeping up with the trial. Maggie is still unsure Sheila will give up the baby once he is born. She wants to be excited about having a new baby in the house, but Maggie just can't feel the way she wants to about this baby.

With Sheila going into premature labor, James remembers his mother dying in childbirth. Sheila is relieved once James is at her side and knows this must be hard on him due to his own mother dying while giving birth. Sheila says all she is worried about is giving James the greatest gift a person can give. This might be her one opportunity to bring something good into the world. James vows she will get through this, and the baby will be alright. Sheila then calls for a doctor. The baby is on its way!

Thorne says there is nothing more anyone can do for Ridge since he confessed. Stephanie and Eric say Ridge needs their support now more than ever. The best thing for Ridge is to pull themselves together and give Ridge their full support. If they are suffering because of this, imagine what Ridge must be going through.

Thursday, June 5, 1997

The Jail Cell:
Ridge is in jail. He calls to the guard, Joe, and asks to use the phone. The guard tries to put him off, but Ridge is insistant. Just 5 minutes, he pleads. The guard returns to the cell for Ridge.

The Chambers'
Brook is upset about Ridge's confession. Grant says that he believes that Ridge felt that it was the right thing to do. We may never know the reasons Ridge did it, Grant says, but it was a brave thing to do and he admires him for that. He suggests that Brooke pull herself together. But Brooke can't help but wonder how Ridge could have done it if he was thinking about the children. Grant said that maybe he was thinking about the children; now more than ever they have to pull the family together and get on with their lives.

The Beach House:
Taylor is emotionally upset and agonizing over Ridge and his future. Stephanie arrives and Taylor runs into her arms. What is going on, she asks, but Stephanie doesn't have any news to tell her. Taylor asks how she is supposed to deal with all this; Ridge has just thrown away all their plans for the future.

Sheila's Hospital Room:
James continues to support Sheila who is in hard labor. Sheila continues to bemoan the fact that it is too early for the baby to come. We will get through this together, James tells her. I don't want this baby to turn out like me, she tells James. You must see that it doesn't, she says. Just then, Sheila gets another contraction and tells James that the baby is coming. Get the doctor, she tells him in panic. Confused, James rushes out to the nurse's station and tells them that Sheila needs something for the pain. The doctor arrives just then and they go into Sheila's room The doctor prepares to examine her. James wants the epidural but Sheila says NO! Then the doctor informs them that it is too late for the epidural; this baby is coming right now.

Maggie and Lauren arrive and are about to enter the room when the nurse stops them. You cannot go in there, she tells them. Sheila is in labor.

The Chambers Home:
Grant suggests that they take the children and go away as a family. Brooke agrees and goes to get the children to tell them about it. The phone rings and it is Ridge. He asks Grant how Rick is and how did he react to his confession. Grant tries to reassure Ridge, but Ridge wants his word that he will take Rick to James for therapy. Grant assures him that he will get help; don't worry. He then tells Ridge that they are going away as a family for a few days and Ridge thinks that is a good idea. Grant then assures Ridge that the children will not forget him. He will be sure to remind them how much Ridge loves them. He tells Ridge that he admires him and he will always be a hero to the kids.

The Beach House:
Stephanie tries to calm Taylor. Taylor tells Steph that she feels like all the plans they made for a happy life have now turned into a nightmare. I cannot believe that Ridge tried to kill anyone, she tells Stephanie. She says she has to go and see Ridge. He has to look her in the eye and tell her he shot Grant. She is just leaving the house when the phone rings. It is Ridge making a second call. He wants to see her. She tells him that she is on her way to the hospital but first, his mother is here and wants to speak to him. Meanwhile, back at the jail, the other inmates in line to use the phone begin complaining that Ridge has made a second call. The guard comes up and hangs up the phone. Taylor is confused because they were "disconnected."

The Hospital:
Sheila is completely dilated and 100% effaced. Now she has to start pushing. Outside, Maggie and Lauren are learning that Sheila is going to have the baby soon. Lauren insists that Maggie should be in there, but the nurse is not sure. Lauren then informs her that Maggie is adopting the baby. The nurse says that even so, Sheila has to give permission. As she goes to get permission to let Maggie into the birthing-room, Maggie tells her not to bother; she will wait outside.Taylor gets ready to go see Ridge and look him in the eye - but the phone rings, and it's Ridge, who wants to see her.

The Chambers' Home:
Brooke and the children enter the room. Grant greets them but Rick is surly. Grant tells them that they are going away so they can begin to feel better. Rick informs him that they will feel better as soon as he admits that he shot himself. When asked where they would like to go---someplace where they were happy before Rick tells him the was happy at the cabin with Mom and RIDGE! Grant ignores the sarcasm and suggests going there. Brooke is sure that Eric wouldn't mind. When Rick tells Grant that he doesn't want him there, Grant reminds him that it is his job to take care of them. He tell them to go upstairs and pack. When they leave, he once again tells Brooks that they will get through this.

The Birthing Room:
Sheila is pushing. James is trying to support her. Suddenly there is bleeding and the babies heart rate begins to drop. The doctor calls for the pediatrics team to attend the delivery. What is wrong with my baby, cries Sheila.

The Jail:
Taylor sees Ridge and asks why he is lying.

Friday, June 6, 1997

by Gladys

The Jail's Visiting Room:
Ridge enters the "visiting" room and tells Taylor he is sorry. Taylor doesn't want an apology; she wants to know why he is lying---she knows that is what he is doing. He didn't shoot Grant any more than she did.

The Hospital:
Lauren tells Maggie that she should be in the birthing room, since this is to be her baby; she tells Maggie that she is letting Sheila intimidate her. But Maggie feels she will only be a distraction, and Sheila doesn't need that right now. Sheila has a tough job ahead of her and having her there would only make it tougher. It doesn't matter if she is there or not, it will still be her and James' child. The fear that the two are bonding over the birth of this baby would happen whether she was in the birthing room or not.

Suddenly Maggie realizes that with all the worry over how this is bringing James and Sheila together has kept her from focusing on the real issue: she is going to have a new baby to care for. It has been so long since she has cared for a new baby and she is really looking forward to it----but not now, she saysl. The baby is going to be so small!

The delivery room nurse sticks her head out of the birthing room and orders the pediatric team STAT.

The Birthing Room:
What is happening? What is wrong with my baby? Sheila cries. James is worried; there is too much pain and bleeding. The doctor explains that the placenta seems to be tearing loose from the uterine wall. We have to get the baby NOW. A Caesarean section? James asks. Yes, the doctor says, but Sheila refuses. I can do this, she insists, I want to do this. But you are in danger, James and the doctor tell her. But she doesn't care, she is going to have this baby for James. Just then another contraction comes and she begins pushing.

The Jail:
Ridge is astounded that Taylor still believes in him after all that has happened. Taylor says she will always believe in Ridge, and insists that he can trust her. It was a lie when he confessed to shooting Grant, wasn't it? But Ridge shakes his head and says that it wasn't a lie. Taylor is devastated.

I did it, Ridge tells Taylor. But Taylor will not listen. She wonders why he is saying this; maybe someone is forcing him to lie. Ridge tells her that his time is short and he needs to tell her some things. He tells her that he loves her and always will. There is no turning back now. He will be gone for a long time so she must move on with her life. He wants her to do this. I will not abandon you, Taylor insists. We can still get married. Ridge is aghast; I could never do that to you, he tells her. You have to move on and move on without me.

Outside The Birthing Room:
Maggie and Lauren are still waiting. Something is wrong, isn't it? she asks the nurse. The nurse explains to Maggie and Lauren how the fetal heart rate appears to be dropping too low. She shows them on the monitor screen. It is normal for the heart rate to drop a little with a contraction, she tells them, but she isn't having a contraction now and it is still too low. What does that mean? She explains that when the heart rate is too low, the baby is deprived of oxygen which could lead to brain damage or worse---death. Maggie watches the monitor shows another drop in the heart rate.

The Birthing Room:
It has dropped to 110, Dr. Kelly tells Sheila; we need you to hang in there and push with all your strength. James assures Sheila everything will be fine; she must relax and breathe, James kisses her on the forehead as Sheila gets her breathing under control. Pain, fear and resolution are registered on her face as she gazes up at James.

James admires Sheila's bravery and tells her the baby's heart rate has gotten back to normal. You are doing fine, he tells Sheila. Sheila thanks him for his help. Another contraction and the doctor tells her that this could be the one. Hang on and push, she tells her.

The Jail:
Ridge says he is protecting Taylor, but she says she doesn't want to be protected, she wants him---but Ridge says she can't have him, not like they planned. We never had a chance even before this, he tells her. He reminds her of the time he snuck into the cabin. She told him that she needed stability and he was unable to give that to her. You were right then, he says, and I am just now realizing it. Ridge says his life is in chaos because of his poor choices. Their relationship has been one crisis after another and this is not what she needs. Taylor tells him that is her choice to make, not his. She wants him. But Ridge tells her that he is making the choice for her. Somewhere out there is a man for Taylor, one that will give her everything she needs.

The Birthing Room:
They prepare the warmer to receive the baby. You are almost crowning, Dr. Kelly says. The pediatric team arrive and Dr. Kelly tells them what is going on. Sheila gets past the pain and pushes. You are almost there, James tells her as he supports her body in a sitting position. The head is out! Dr. Kelly announces. One more push and Sheila delivers a baby girl. The parents relax and laugh. James is holding Sheila's hand as the baby is carried to the warmer. The parents begin to worry as there is no cry from the baby. The Pediatrician says the baby is cyanotic; the nurse announces that there are no breath sounds. Wait, the pediatrician says. Then the baby begins to scream. She is going to sing opera, Dr. Kelly predicts. Sheila's nurse reports that her blood pressure is going down and her heart rate is increasing. The doctor orders four units of blood and several blood tests. Sheila wants to see the baby. They bring her over and give her to Sheila. Oh, James, look at her. She is so beautiful. James caresses her face and they both smile through the tears as Maggie peeks in the door.

The Jail:

Taylor insists Ridge can give her what she needs if he will only admit the truth. She tells him that she will find out herself one way or another. She will talk to Grant to Hunter Jones; she will get her on PI if she has to, but one way or another she will learn the truth.

Ridge sees that Taylor is serious and begs her to stop. Only if you tell the truth, she insists. Okay, he says. He was drinking, he tells her. He was thinking of Grant, he says, about how Grant had taken everything. He was evil and that evil was spreading throughout the company. He wasn't even human any more, he says. He was a virus disease. So he took another drink, then another. He opened the drawer and saw the gun. NO! Taylor objects. But Ridge goes on. He took the gun and walked down the hall to Grant's office. He looked him in the eye and shot him. Taylor is in tears. Taylor cannot believe him; he swore over and over that he didn't do it. They were making plans; they were going to have a future. The guard comes and takes Ridge away despite Taylor's pleading to wait. At the door, Ridge turns and whispers, "I love you." Taylor is sobbing.

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