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After seeing Ridge in bed with Brooke, Taylor had a relapse and landed in the hospital again. Taylor told Ridge that she was pregnant with Thorne's baby. The minister found a photo of Eric and Lauren in bed, which had been taken from the sex tape, and Stephanie called off the wedding.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 8, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, September 8, 1997

Back at Spectra, Sally asks Darla if she is sure no one recognized her at the Forrester wedding. Darla assures Sally, no one noticed she was there. Wouldn't it be great to see the look on Stephanie's face when she realizes what has happened, Sally muses.

At La Casa de Forrester, Amber marvels how "cool" it is to be at the Forrester house. Bill Spencer introduces himself to Lauren. Lauren notes his resemblance to her father. Eric is waiting for Ridge to arrive so the wedding can begin. It's not like him to be this irresponsible, Eric notes. Thorne thinks otherwise.

With Taylor also a no show, Stephanie asks Felicia to be her maid of honor. Eric phones Steph and asks if she wants to proceed without Ridge and Taylor. They agree to wait a while longer.

Taylor hopes to find Ridge at Brooke's when she hear them in the bedroom. Taylor is devastated when she finds Ridge in bed with Brooke. Taylor leaves before Ridge or Brooke notice she was there. In the limo, Taylor remembers how many times Ridge has hurt her in the past. Taylor then starts having pain in her stomach and asks the limo driver to take her to the hospital!

Eric asks Thorne what happened between he and Taylor while they were away. What would make Taylor late for the wedding, Eric asks. Forget about it, Thorne advises, you'll know soon enough why Taylor went away with him.

Ridge stops himself from making love to Brooke. It turns out, they were not even naked while in bed together. Taylor saw Ridge with no shirt on, but with the sheets covering half his body. Ridge says he can't do this. He has to go to the wedding. Brooke asks him to stay. Ridge professes his love to Taylor, thanks Brooke for being there and listening to him, then leaves for his parent's wedding.

Eric and Stephanie agree to go ahead with the wedding without Ridge and Taylor. Steph hopes they have eloped. With the wedding beginning, Lauren looks at Eric and thinks at what might have been. After Stephanie marches in and the minister begins the ceremony, he asks if there is anyone there who does not think they should be married.

Macy wonders with their showing only a few weeks away, why are Sally and Darla talking about Stephanie's wedding. Sally says there is a good reason why they are talking about the wedding. With Darla's help, she sent over a wedding present that is ticking and at any moment is getting ready to go off.

Before saying the traditional wedding vows, Eric and Stephanie share a few thoughts of their own. Eric tells Stephanie how wonderful his life was when they were married before and how they never should have parted. Stephanie says she has always loved Eric and has never given up on their love. The minister continues the ceremony with reading from the Bible. Suddenly the minister stops, looks at his Bible again, then shockingly looks at Eric.

Tuesday, September 9, 1997

During Eric and Stephanie's wedding the minister recites passages from the Bible about love. As the minister looks down at his Bible, he suddenly stops reading and shockingly looks at Eric. He asks to speak to Eric and Stephanie in private, and no it can not wait. Stephanie directs them to the study.

Darla is feeling guilty for her part in sabotaging Eric and Stephanie's wedding. Eric is such a nice guy, Darla admits. Sally agrees Eric is nice but Stephanie is cruel and she is going to get exactly what is coming to her. Grant wonders what Sally and Darla are so intense about. She and Darla gave Stephanie a gift on her wedding day, Sally confesses. But you loathe Stephanie, Grant says. True, but this gift is educational. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's brillant, Grant says. He doesn't want to know what it is, because he has his own score to settle with the Forresters, Grant says. Sally thinks the tabloids should be notified of Eric and Stephanie's botched wedding.

Everyone at the wedding is wondering what happen to stop the ceremony. Ridge finally shows up. Thorne says to himself that you can't blame Ridge for being late. After all, he just found out he is going to be a father. Thinking Thorne has won Taylor, Ridge says congratulations are in order. Thorne thinks Ridge is talking about the news that he is going to be a father.

The minister explains to Eric and Stephanie why he stopped the ceremony. He pulls a picture from his Bible and shows it to Eric. It's a picture of he and Lauren in bed together. The minister leaves and Stephanie wants to know what is going on. Eric tries to tell Stephanie she doesn't want to see the picture, but she insists. Eric apologizes and hands the picture to Stephanie.

For someone who just found out his is going to be a father, he sure is in a strange mood, Thorne says about Ridge. Both Ridge and Thorne wonder what could have happen to stop the wedding. The minister gives Lauren a cold stare and shakes his head in disapproval.

Eric asks Steph not to overreact when she sees the picture. Stephanie can't believe it's a picture of he and Lauren in bed. Eric says it was a mistake and he told Lauren it was a mistake. It was a one time thing and it meant nothing, Eric explains. Stephanie asks why Eric didn't tell her in the first place instead of letting her humiliate herself in front of Lauren. He didn't tell her because he didn't want to hurt her, Eric says. What hurts most is that you found it so easy to lie, Steph tells Eric. You told you never slept with her, Steph says. At the time he hadn't, Eric explains. Stephanie concludes that Eric slept with Lauren after he proposed to her. How could you do that to me, a humiliated Stephanie asks. Ever since they got divorced, she has prayed they would one day remarry, Stephanie says, now you have thrown away 35 years of our lives because of some roll in the hay. Was that more important than me, Stephanie asks. Eric admits he had unresolved feelings for Lauren, but that is over now. Stephanie wonders why Eric didn't just pursue a relationship with Lauren while she still had some dignity left.

Lauren tells Maggie about the minister's strange looks at her. What ever happen between Eric and Stephanie happen because of me, Lauren says.

Unaware Taylor has been rushed to the hospital, Ridge and Thorne both ask each other where Taylor is. One of the Forrester maids notifies Thorne he has an emergency phone call from the hospital regarding Taylor. Taylor's condition is serious, Doctor Santana explains. Taylor has asked for Thorne but specifically asks for Ridge not to come to the hospital.

Stephanie tells Eric she hopes his romp with Lauren was the best damn sex he ever had because it is going to cost him. I will do whatever it takes to make you my wife again, Eric says. I'm not giving up on you. Eric wants to continue the ceremony but Stephanie can not exchange sacred vows with a man who has humiliated so bad. Eric asks for her to think about what is important. "One night does not erase all the beautiful years we've shared together," Eric says. "Please tell me our love is worth fighting for and that you will marry me."

Wednesday, September 10, 1997

After receiving the phone call fom Dr. Sanatana regarding Taylor's condition, Thorne races to the hospital. Before leaving, Thorne bumps into Ridge on the way out. Ridge wants to know where Thorne is running off to, but Thorne says he can't say. Ridge then runs into Jonathan, his lawyer during Grant's trial. Ridge explains his difficulty he is having with Taylor. Jonathan suggests Ridge talk to Taylor and try to work out their differences.

The wedding guests are still anxiously awaiting word if the wedding is going to resume. Lauren thinks she is the reason the wedding is delayed due to the minister's cold stares at her.

Darla gets word from her friend at one of the tabloids. The press is still hanging out at the Forresters and nothing out of the ordinary has happen. Darla doesn't think their plan worked. Give it time, Sally assures her.

Eric wants to put this ordeal with Lauren behind them. You have no idea what you have done to me, Stephanie tells Eric. I realize I have hurt you, but the night with Lauren was just that, one night, Eric explains. Stephanie think Eric wants to marry her to get rid of his guilt. Everything I have accomplished is because of you, Eric says. Can't you see how sorry I am? Would I stand here and beg you to marry me if I was still involved with Lauren, Eric asks. You're never going to hurt me again because I won't let you, Steph says.

Thorne arrives at the hospital to find Taylor sleeping. Taylor was lucky this time, the doctor says. She's and the baby are going to be fine. Thorne is unsure what happen to cause Taylor to be put in the hospital. Taylor awakens and is glad to see Thorne at her side.

Lauren tell Maggie she knew Eric could not go through with the wedding. The minister stopped the wedding, not Eric, Maggie notes. Maybe the minister knows how Eric really feels and that's why he called off the wedding, Lauren suggests.

Eric again asks Stephanie to go through with the ceremony. Stephanie wonders how he can expect her to listen to his wedding vows with Lauren sitting ten feet away. We can get rid of Lauren, Eric says. Lauren will always be there, Steph counters. Their thirty-five years together does not justify his one night with Lauren, Steph continues. You and I belong together, Eric says. Even in times after out divorce when we weren't speaking to each other, I always respected you, Steph says. Now even that is gone. Before leaving, Steph notes how wonderful the past few weeks have been and now that is gone.

Eric announces to the wedding guests that the wedding has been postponed. He doesn't give a reason why. Ridge asks where his mother is. She needed time alone, Eric informs and no he can not say why the wedding is postponed.

Lauren saunters down to the pool and pours herself a glass of champagne. She runs into Stephanie and tries to leave but the Queen wants to have a few words with her first!

Eric asks Maggie and Jonathan if they have seen Lauren. Neither has, but Maggie notes Lauren's car is still here so she must still be here also. Come to think of it, Maggie says Stephanie hasn't been seen recently either. Hmmmm

Thorne realize Taylor had another panic attack, but why? Taylor says she can't talk about it right now. She does say Thorne was right about Ridge all along.

Ridge thanks Jonathan for his advice about Taylor. Ridge is determined to find Taylor and work out their differences.

Darla gets an update from her friend at the tabloids. He said the Forrester wedding guests left early and no one was smiling. Sally is elated. Her plan worked like a charm! Darla worries about Laurens safety since she is at the Forrester wedding.

You probably dreamed of this moment, Stephanie says to Lauren. Eric made his decision and you couldn't accept it so you had to humiliate me in front of my family and friends, Steph continues. Lauren has no idea what Stephanie is talking about. "Oh you don't," Steph asks. "You lying whore!" Stephanie yells as she slaps Lauren.

Thursday, September 11, 1997

The wedding is called off and everyone wonders what happened. Thorne is with Ridge when he gets a call from the hospital. The doctor tells him that Taylor has been admitted again. He says he will get Ridge but the doctor tells him Taylor doesn't want to see Ridge; she only wants to see Thorne.

Lauren is stunned; you slapped me, she gasps to Stephanie. Stephanie tells Lauren that she is sick and sacrilegious. Lauren is confused about what she "has done." She can't understand why Stephanie is angry nor can she understand why the wedding was called off. She thinks Eric only got "cold feet." Stephanie doesn't believe Lauren and chastises her for acting so innocent. She tells her about the photo in the Bible.

Ridge wonders how his life could have fallen apart. He is considering his life with Taylor and his parent's wedding. How could it all have gone so wrong. Brooke arrives. He begins rehashing his problems with her. She tells him to let it go. This vendetta with Thorne has to stop, she tells him. Ridge tells her that it is about Taylor. He loves her and he has to find her.

Thorne rushes to Taylor's side. He urges her to tell Ridge about the baby. Taylor tells him no; she can't trust him any longer. He has did this to her too many times. Sure he would come back to her for the baby, but how can she accept him knowing he was with Brooke.

Lauren is dumbfounded when Stephanie tells her about the photo. She denies knowing anything about it or how it got into the Bible. As a matter of fact, she is totally unaware of the existence of any photo of her and Eric. However, Stephanie doesn't believe her.

Thorne tells Taylor that there is another solution. He reminds her of their last night in Hawaii. Remember the dinner, the champagne? Things got a little out of hand and we slept together. Taylor is totally confused. Nothing like this happened. Thorne goes on. We will be married and I will claim the baby, he suggests. When it is born, we will just say it is premature. No one will ever know it wasn't his baby. And he would love the baby. He already feels close to it. Dr. Santana enters the room and discharges Taylor. But before she lets her go, she warns Taylor in no uncertain terms that if she does not avoid stress, she will lose the baby.

Lauren tries to be reasonable with Stephanie. What advantage would she gain by using such a photo in such a way. Eric would never forgive her for doing that. Stephanie won't listen. She calls Lauren a common slut and a liar. She reminds Lauren that she only recently pretended to apologize for her actions and promised to give up on Eric. This makes Lauren angry and she says she is tired of holding back. She wasn't pretending the other day when she tried to make her peace with Stephanie. And she hasn't made any attempt at Eric since then. She meant it when she said she was giving him up. But now, whe is actually happy that it was Stephanie's own self-righteousness which cost her Eric. After all, it was Stephanie, not Eric, who actually called off the wedding. Stephanie orders Lauren to leave. She never wants ato see her again. They struggle and Stephanie pushes Lauren into the pool.

Brooke continues to tell Ridge that they belong together. She reminds him that Taylor is with Thorne now. She tells him that the way is wide open for them. But Ridge will not listen. He tells Brooke that he cannot give Taylor up. He will get her some way. He doesn't know how but he must. Don't you understand what I am telling you? he asks. I live her. I love Taylor and I have to have her back. The phone rings and it is Taylor. We need to talk, Ridge implores. Taylor agrees and tells him to meet her at her house.

Friday, September 12, 1997

by Gladys

As Amber finishes tucking the baby in for a nap, she calls Sheila. She is in the mood to chat about the Forresters'. When Sheila finds out that both James and Maggie are out, she tells Amber that she is on her way.

Brooke is at home reliving a moment from the past. She is remembering Caroline. As the tears flow down her face, she says to herself: "You are wrong, Caroline. Ridge and I didn't end up together. Taylor has Ridge."

Thorne is with Taylor at the beach house. He warns her about the stress she is under as he hands her a glass of water. Taylor isn't sure that she still wants to tell ridge that the baby inside of her is Thorne's when it is really Ridges' child. But Thorne convinces that it will be for the best. "Honey, you heard what the doctor said. You will not carry this baby to term with this anxiety problem. This baby can have a good life." Just then, Taylor tenses up. She hears Ridge outside. "What are you going to tell ridge?" Thorne asks. Ridge enters and is overjoyed to see Taylor. He tries to dismiss his little brother, but Taylor tells him that Thorne should stay to hear what she has to say.

Ridge embraces Taylor. He only wants to know what happened in the last couple of days, he tells her. But Taylor starts questioning him instead. Did you miss me? she wants to know. Were you worried about me? Were you waiting for me? Ridge accuses Thorne of feeding her a bunch of lies; I guess he tried to convince you that I am chasing around after Brooke Logan now that she is a free woman, he says. Taylor wonders aloud: And it wouldn't be true that you are chasing Brooke now that she is free, right? Then she blurts it out: what I wanted to tell you about is that I am pregnant.

Sheila is at the door. Amber tries to keep her out, but Sheila pushes past Amber into the house. Where is the baby, she asks. When Amber won't tell her, she decided that of course, the baby is in the nursery. She walks directly to the nursery and picks up the baby. After cuddling the baby for a while, she sits and opens her blouse for the baby. You can't do that! Amber yells. Amber is in a panic. What if Maggie comes home? You can't be here! You can't breast fee the baby! Calmly, Sheila looks up at Amber and tells her that it is important for the baby's security. She tells Amber to relax; all she is doing is bonding with the baby. Amber is freaking out and is really annoyed that Sheila thinks she can visit with her baby each time that Amber is babysitting at the Warwicks' house. (She has totally forgotten that this is one of her reasons for getting the job in the first place.) Sheila suggests then that they make alternate arrangements so that she can continue to visit with her baby. Amber yells, "There is no way I would ever let you see this baby outside of this house!"

Just then James gets home from his trip. He is calling out for Maggie; anyone home, he calls. Now Amber is really freaking out. She closes the nursery door and tells Sheila that she is going to be toast if James sees her with the baby. They could even go to jail for this, she cries. I'm not worried, Sheila replies calmly. Amber leaves the nursery to sidetrack James. She tells him that the baby has just been put down, but James only wants to see his princess. He makes a beeline for the nursery. When he gets to the nursery the baby is back in her crib. He picks her up and is cooing over her. Sheila opens the closet door and gazes lovingly upon her James and their child. "Take care of our baby, James" she whispers. She then quietly leaves the house.

Ridge is all excited and thrilled to hear about the pregnancy. Over and over he embraces Taylor while jabbering about how wonderful is the news. Just wait until the family hears, he tells her. He asks Taylor: "How long has you know, Doc? Taylor, we are going to have a baby. I don't believe this! Why didn't you tell me before? Listen Thorne can you give me some time alone with Taylor? I cant wait to tell my family this incredible news."

Once again, he hugs Taylor. Taylor is crying as she begins: "I was just gone for two days. what were you doing?" she asks. Were going crazy without me? Ridge tells her that, yes, he was going crazy. He was imagining all sorts of things. He was trying to figure out what could have happened. One minute they were planning a life together and the next she had gone away with Thorne. But that is all past, Ridge tells her as he once again embraces her. Taylor is held tightly to Ridge but she remembers all the times he has left her in the past. She pulls away from him, crying hard now. Life is upsetting sometimes Ridge, she says as she backs away from him. There is something else I have to tell you, she begins. She goes to Thorne. This baby isn't yours, she tells Ridge. Ridge is confused. Not mine? It is Thorne's. Thorne is the father, Taylor tells him. This baby is Thorne's. But how? Ridge gasps. Thorne pipes in that the last night in Hawaii he proposed to Taylor and things sort of got out of hand and romantic.

Ridge is in total shock. "NO, it is not possible." He throws his little brother over the coffee table. He then begins to beat Thorne with his fists. All the time, Taylor is screaming at him to stop. She grabs his arm. Ridge rounds on her and pulls his arm away from her. "You slept with my brother! AFTER EVERYTHING WE TALKED ABOUT, YOU SLEPT WITH MY BROTHER. THIS IS SICK! YOU TWO DESERVE EACH OTHER! YOU BOTH MAKE ME WANT TO VOMIT." He turns to leave, swiping a lamp off the table as he passes it. He picks up a flower vase and throws it against the wall as he walks out of the house.

Thorne tries to comfort Taylor, but she tells him not to touch her. She doesn't want to be touched by anyone.

Meanwhile, out on the beach, a devastated Ridge falls to the sand and howls out his pain.

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