The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 6, 1997 on B&B

James seemed to be making progress with Sheila, but when he mentioned Maggie's name, Sheila tossed him out of her house. Ridge had a heated exchange with Taylor. The doctor committed Taylor to bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy, but Taylor was still determined to tell Ridge about the baby. Eric began romancing Stephanie, but Lauren vowed not to give up.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 6, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, October 6, 1997

At Mannequins, Thorne urges Taylor not to tell Ridge she is carrying his baby. Ridge will only reject you and the baby again for Brooke, Thorne says. Taylor does not want to keep lying to Ridge and gets up to tell Ridge the truth. Thorne stops her from going to Ridge and Brooke's table. You will only jeopardize the baby by putting yourself under so much stress, Thorne says. Taylor is adamant. She is going to tell Ridge the truth because it is the right thing to do.

James is at Sheila's feeding the baby. Sheila notes how happy Mary is with both parents in the same room and not at each other's throats. When Sheila leaves the room to get her camera, Amber notes what a great performance James is putting on. James cautions her to not give him away. Amber is not going to give James away because the minute Sheila finds out James is really trying to get the baby back, all hell will break loose!

Taylor goes to Ridge and Brooke's table only to find them on the dance floor. Taylor is hurt when she sees them dancing closely. Taylor thinks Brooke is insecure for clinging to Ridge the way she is. It's what Ridge wants so why interfere, Thorne asks. Thorne and Brooke make eye contact: mission accomplished!

After Amber takes a picture of Sheila, James and the baby, James says he will put the picture on his desk at work. Amber falsely encourages Sheila into believing she has a chance with James if he is willing to put their picture on his desk.

After dancing, Ridge and Brooke head back to their table. Taylor comes up to them and says she wants to talk to Ridge. Ridge tells her to make an appointment because he is on a date. Either we talk now in private or I am going to make a scene, Taylor threatens. Ridge agrees to talk in private but for only five minutes. Thorne tells Brooke not to worry when she wonders what Taylor is up to. Taylor does not even get a chance to get a word in edge wise before Ridge blows up at her. He says she has some nerve wanting to talk to him after sleeping with his brother. Ridge blasts Taylor by thanking God they ended their relationship and never had children together.

Sheila spills her coffee when James asks if he can bring Maggie with him on his next visit. Don't even mention her name, Sheila says, Maggie is not the mother of this child. Sheila will never accept Maggie as having a part of Mary's life and orders James out of her house. James promises to come back for the baby.

Taylor is crushed by Ridge's harsh words and tells Thorne that Ridge was so disgusted with her, she did not get a chance to tell him the truth.

Brooke and Ridge wind up at his place and Brooke wants to continue their date. Ridge declines and Brooke excuses herself to the powder room. Ridge phones Taylor but gets a busy signal. Brooke comes out of the bathroom wearing a sexy negligee.

Tuesday, October 7, 1997

Eric calls Stephanie from the Café Ruse and invites her to dinner. Stephanie doesn't want to go but a persistent Eric gets her to agree to have dinner with him. Eric spots Sally basking in the afterglow of Spectra's fabulous showing. Sally comes over to greet Eric and rub his nose in her success. You might have financial success, but you are still alone, Eric says. Not so fast, Sally informs. Her sudden rise to stardom has produced many callers for her attention. Sally introduces Eric to her date. Eric warns he will be watching her.

Lauren has mixed emotions regarding her department store's success. Her stores in Dallas and Houston are sold out but what is this doing to Eric?

Brooke tries to persuade Ridge to hop into bed with her. Ridge wonders what the dogs are barking at and goes outside to check it on it. Brooke gets a knock on the door and surprise, it's Stephanie! Stephanie can't believe she caught Brooke in her underwear at Ridge's house. Brooke accuses Stephanie of being her same old boring self, while Stephanie counters by calling Brooke a tramp from the Valley. Ridge comes back and Stephanie orders Brooke to put her clothes back on and get out of her house.

Lauren confesses to Grant that she hasn't given up on Eric and it's only a matter of time when she will have him.

Sally is enjoying her date in the wake of Spectra's success. A photographer takes a picture of her and her date. Eric is glad when Stephanie joins him, although Steph is unsure why she even bothered to come. Stephanie fills in Eric on her run in with Brooke. No one gets to me the way Brooke does, Stephanie says, except for Sally Spectra. Sally has drinks sent to Eric and Stephanie. Stephanie wants to leave but Eric persuades her to stay, not to give Sally the satisfaction. Sally is filling in her date about Eric and Stephanie's aborted wedding and wonders what they are doing dining together after what happened. Sally phones Lauren and informs her that Eric is at the Café Ruse with Stephanie. I'm on my way, Lauren says.

Lauren shows up at the Café Ruse in a fabulous dress. Eric vows to start over with Stephanie and is not going to let her go ever again. Lauren runs in to Sally and Sally wonders what Lauren is going to do about Eric dining with Stephanie. Lauren says she is going to put a stop to it by putting on a show you have never seen before!

Brooke admits she forgot what a nightmare Stephanie can be. Brooke says she does not want to put any pressure on Ridge, she just wants to hold him and love him. Ridge says he's not ready. He can't feel anything, can't give anything right now. Brooke wants Ridge to start thinking of the future, the way Taylor is moving on with her life with Thorne. Brooke says she knows Ridge is confused but she has loved him for ten years, her feelings have never changed, and she will always love him. Brooke says they can finally have everything they always wanted together, nothing can stop them now.

Wednesday, October 8, 1997

Grant is frustrated over a nightgown he is designing. He thinks it looks trashy while Macy thinks it is elegant. To prove her point, Macy decides to model the original. Macy points out the nightgown doesn't look cheap at all. Grant says Macy could make anything look elegant. Macy says she would take the nightgown home and wear it but she has nobody to wear it for. Grant acknowledges his attitude toward Spectra has changed because Macy is the classiest woman in the industry.

Sally advises Lauren not to drag her heels in winning Eric back. Don't worry, Lauren assures, she knows just the thing to win him over. Lauren ask the bartender to talk to the band about a request...

Eric is trying to stir up conversation with Stephanie but she is making it difficult. Stephanie suggests Eric go back to the office and concentrate on his work. Eric is upset with Sally being at the same restaurant which is spoiling their evening. Sally was only the catalyst in their breaking up, Steph reminds him. Stephanie wonders why Eric doesn't just go after Lauren since he must want her so bad.

Sally fills in her date with the recent history of Eric and Lauren's relationship. Whatever Lauren is up to now, it will be irresistible to Eric, Sally says.

Eric wants to go back to his place, but Stephanie thinks he is trying to ignore what he did with Lauren. Eric is at a loss as to how to win Stephanie over. Steph reminds him that she did not create the situation. Both Eric and Stephanie decide to leave but before they get away from their table, an announcer introduces the incredible Ms. Lauren Fenmore!

Lauren surprises everyone by singing "Sooner or Later You're Going to be Mine." Lauren works her way around the tables singing lyrics such as " I always get my man", and "the more you resist babe, the more it excites me." Lauren saunters her way toward Eric and Stephanie's table, sits down on the table, and finishes the song. Stephanie is horrified.

Eric tells Lauren he loved the song and it really turned him on. Lauren makes sure Stephanie heard that Eric was turned on by her singing. Stephanie gets up to leave but Eric pulls her back and kisses her passionately. Lauren is shocked. Eric thanks Lauren for the song and says that is just what he and Stephanie needed. Steph gloats and leaves with Eric.

Macy again assures Grant that the nightgown is just as classy as his dresses. Grant thinks he and Macy make a great team and will continue to make a great team as long as they stay professional. People will talk about us having an affair if we continue to work closely, Macy notes. Grant thanks Macy for being an inspiration. Macy thanks Grant for being a part of the Spectra team.

Lauren is left standing alone. Sally tells Lauren her song was great but there's nothing more you can do since that was your best shot. Best shot? That was only my first shot, Lauren warns. That man is definitely going to be mine!

Thursday, October 9, 1997

Stephanie awakens to find Eric in her bedroom watching her. She is confused but he tells her that he slept in the guest room. They discuss the previous night and Eric asks when she would like to marry him. Stephanie hems and haws for a while but finally gives Eric her answer: first, he will have to court her! He agrees and they kiss.

Stephanie, Eric and Ridge are having breakfast. Stephanie mentions seeing Brooke in her "all together" the night before and Ridge admits to his parents that he was out with Brooke the night before. He tells him that he saw Thorne and Taylor, but he assures them that he did not lose his cool. However, he does admit to having a few mean-spirited words with Taylor. As he continues to talk, he becomes more and more angry and finally admits that he is not over Taylor yet. Stephanie tries to reason with him about Taylor but he won't listen.

Thorne visits Brooke and fills her in on the meeting between Taylor and Ridge the night before. He tells her that Ridge actually told Taylor that he is glad they never had any children of their own. This is good news to Brooke who tells Thorne that now she is sure that Ridge wants to be with her and not with Taylor. This admission by Brooke concerns Thorne. Are you sure that Ridge really wants you? he asks Brooke. Brooke is sure, but Thorne isn't convinced. You would say that, he tells Brooke, because you have a vested interest in him wanting you. But I need to know for sure. Brooke is confused by his questions. Thorne tells Brooke that if Ridge really loves Taylor and wants to be with her, he would give Taylor up. He would even push the two toward each other. Why? Brooke wants to know. Taylor is having your baby, she tells Thorne. Why would you want them to get back together? Thorne insists that it is very important to know for sure if Ridge has feelings for Taylor. Brooke goes back to the question of the baby but Thorne is evasive. Brooke jumps to the conclusion that Taylor is not really pregnant. She is only pretending to be pregnant to make Ridge jealous, she accuses. Thorne convinces her that Taylor is really pregnant.

Taylor tells James about her meeting with Ridge. She is upset and that telling her only makes her more upset. James is concerned that she is only stressing herself out. He tells her that she has to tell Ridge the truth for herself and the health of the baby. He tells her that the only reason Ridge said those hurtful things was because he was hurting so much. I am convinced that he still loves you, James tells her. Taylor agrees that she has to tell Ridge about the baby, but she cannot do it in person. She goes to the phone to call him but James stops her. This is not something you want to tell someone over the phone. She agrees and starts to leave. But she has a sudden pain. James wants to call the doctor but she says no. However, she sees that she is bleeding and becomes hysterical. James puts through the call to Dr. Santana.

Friday, October 10, 1997

by Gladys

Eric has called a press conference; Ridge and Brooke join Eric at the conference. Eric announces that they will have the spring showing in Milan, Italy and it will be a show to end all shows. One of the reporters ask if the company can produce a show in time. Eric boasts that nothing can stop the Forresters.

James finally reaches Dr. Santana and she comes to the beach house to attend Taylor. As Dr. Santana goes into the bedroom to examine Taylor, James waits in the living room. Thorne arrives home to find James waiting. James explains that during a therapy session with him encouraging her to tell Ridge the truth, she began having abdominal pain and some bleeding. James says that it is important for Taylor's mental health to tell Ridge the truth about the pregnancy. Thorne is outraged that James would "interfere" and orders him to stop giving Taylor advise. If you don't think you can do that, then you are not welcome to see her again. He then orders James out of the house.

Dr. Santana has completed her exam and tells Taylor that she needs to be confined to bed. For how long? Taylor wants to know and Dr. S tells her that she may have to remain in bed for the remainder of the pregnancy. Taylor tries to explain to the doctor her confusion about Ridge. She can't live with the lie. Dr. Santana tells her that she is having contractions and the bleeding is caused by a torn placenta. She warns Taylor that if she doesn't take care of herself, she will lose the baby. She gives her medication to stop the contractions and attaches her to an electronic monitor that will keep a record of the contractions; the information will be relayed to the hospital via telephone wires.

Dr. Santana talks with Thorne in the living room. She gives him a status report on Taylor and the baby. She also asks Thorne to keep Ridge away from Taylor since Ridge and Brooke are the source of the stress that Taylor is experiencing. She strongly warns that Taylor could miscarry; if she does, she may never be able to have another baby, especially with her fertility history.

Brooke is glad to see Ridge back to his old self. He admits that she is good for him. Are you really over Taylor, Brooke asks. No, probably not, Ridge admits. But he also admits that he never got over Caroline completely. Could you ever give up on me? Brooke wants to know. Ridge tells her that he couldn't because she wouldn't let him get over her. He tells her that he is sorry for putting her through so much trouble.

After Brooke leaves the room, Ridge gets a call from Taylor. Taylor asks Ridge to come over right away; she has something she needs to tell him. I am on my way, Ridge tells her.

Alone in her bed, Taylor says that tonight Ridge will learn the truth about this baby---his baby.

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