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Stephanie's boat to Como conked out. Believing that Stephanie had stood him up, Eric boarded a private jet for home, and Lauren hitched a last-minute ride with him. Their plane crashed into frozen tundra. James tried to get Sheila handling the baby while drunk on tape. After accepting Ridge's proposal, Brooke conspired with Thorne to keep the baby secret from Ridge.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 3, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, November 3, 1997

Overlooking Lake Como, Ridge admits he finally knows what he wants out of life. Ridge asks Brooke to be his wife. Brooke has waited so long for this moment, ten years in fact. Yet she seems reserved. Brooke knows Ridge would not be proposing if he knew Taylor was pregnant with his child, not Thorne's. Before Brooke gives Ridge an answer, Ridge gives her a breathtaking engagement ring.

Eric is waiting for Stephanie at the Town Square. Eric thinks the reason Stephanie hasn't shown up is that she has decided not to marry him.

Sally dries off and vows to get even with Stephanie. Sally is determined to stop Stephanie from having Eric. Lauren wonders why it is so urgent to stop Stephanie.

Stephanie is on her way to meet Eric at the Town Square when her boat starts making noises. What is wrong? The boat quits running in the middle of Lake Como.

Thorne phones Taylor to let her know he is heading home. She's asleep but Doctor Santana is there. Thorne informs the doc that Taylor might not get the chance to tell Ridge she is carrying his child because Brooke is telling Ridge as they speak. Doctor Santana worries about Taylor being able to carry the baby to term, since the source of her stress is coping with Ridge being with Brooke.

Brooke is almost in tears as Ridge gives her an engagement ring. Brooke doesn't think Ridge will ever be able to forget about Taylor though. Ridge is adamant that his relationship with Taylor is in the past. One word describes Ridge and Brooke's relationship, he says: destiny. Ridge and Brooke were meant to be together. Brooke has been waiting all her life for them to be together and now this. Now what, Ridge asks. There is nothing to keep them apart.

Lauren wants to find Eric, spend time with him, and let Italy work it's magic on their relationship. Sally admits she knows where Eric is. He's in town at the main square. Eric is expecting Stephanie though, because he is planning on marrying her today! Sally wants Lauren to go to town and stop that devious diva Stephanie from having Eric. Lauren gives up. She is tired of chasing after a man who wants nothing to do with her. Lauren could have saved herself a lot of embarrassment. She decides to head back to LA. Sally doesn't want Lauren to give up. You got to take a stand and fight for him, Sally urges. Lauren says it's time to accept the fact that Eric will never be mine.

Eric is patiently waiting at the Town Square for Stephanie. When she doesn't show, he thinks she has decided not to marry him.

The battery in Stephanie's boat is dead. There is hope. Stephanie spots a boat heading toward her and waves it down. The couple inside the boat thinks that Stephanie is only being friendly and wave back unaware she is in trouble.

Brooke says Ridge's destiny is with Taylor because of the circumstances. Ridge thinks his destiny is with Brooke. Brooke still hasn't told Ridge about Taylor carrying his child. Ridge admits Taylor is a complicated, beautiful woman, but they are not as compatible as he and Brooke. Ridge says he is in love with Brooke and wants to spend his life with her. Ridge wants Brooke to stop overanalyzing everything. This should be the happiest moment in their lives. Ridge asks Brooke again, "Will you marry me?" Brooke says yes and Ridge vows his love for Brooke.

Tuesday, November 4, 1997

Back in the hotel, Brooke is somewhat quiet even though she has just gotten engaged to Ridge. Brooke assures Ridge she wants to marry him and is looking forward to their wedding. Ridge is thinking of the pain Taylor has caused him, but that is over now. This time, he and Brooke will make their relationship work.

When Taylor wakes up, she asks Doctor Santana if Ridge called. He hasn't. Ridge will be in for a big surprise when he gets home.

Thorne is wondering how Ridge reacted to the news of Taylor's pregnancy. It's what Ridge always wanted, to have a baby with Taylor. Brooke stops by Thorne's room to show off her engagement ring. Brooke admits she intended to tell Ridge that he is the father of Taylor's baby but the more Ridge kept talking about how they were meant to be together, the harder is was to tell him. Brooke decided it was not her place to tell Ridge. Taylor has kept the news from him deliberately. Thorne agrees with Brooke that it is best if Ridge not know the truth, but Taylor insists on telling him.

Stephanie arrives at the Town Square to marry Eric. He's already left. Stephanie thinks Eric thinks she didn't show up because she didn't want to marry him. Eric meanwhile has boarded a private plane he intended to use for his honeymoon. He instructs the pilot to head back to LA.

While looking over photos of her and Ridge, Taylor remembers how much she and Ridge have shared and loved. Taylor vows to have it all again.

Brooke wants Thorne to convince Taylor not to tell Ridge about the baby. Brooke doesn't think Ridge will react to her the way Taylor wants him to. The news will only jeopardize her pregnancy. Thorne thinks Ridge will want Taylor once he knows she is carrying his child.

Ridge phones Thorne's room and summons Brooke back to his room. Ridge can't know about the baby, and certainly not that she knew about the true paternity, Brooke says. The baby's paternity must stay a secret forever.

Stephanie calls Eric's hotel room but he has already checked out. She realizes he must be on a plane heading home. If she catches the next flight out, she can get back to LA and straighten this mess out. It would have been nice to marry in Italy though.

Eric is waiting for take-off when Lauren shows up. She saw him in the airport and came by to offer her congratulations. Eric informs her he didn't get married, Stephanie didn't show up. Lauren offers to hitch a ride on the plane with him as a friend. Eric agrees.

Taylor gets a call from Thorne, hoping it is Ridge. Thorne tells her that he has not given Ridge her messages because Ridge and Brooke are engaged. Taylor is shocked. She demands to speak to Ridge now! Getting nowhere with Thorne, Taylor hangs up and dials the hotel and asks to be connected to Ridge's room. The line to Ridge's room is busy. Brooke has taken the phone off the hook.

Ridge has dimmed the lights, lit candles, and set the mood for he and Brooke. Brooke starts undressing. "It's finally our time," Ridge says. Brooke asks Ridge to love her "tonight and forever."

Wednesday, October 5, 1997

James has Conner install a mini-security camera in the nursery for proof of any emotional or physical abuse. Conner warns James that the court needs something outrageous like leaving Margaret unattended for long periods of time. Otherwise, Margaret will spend the next eighteen years with Sheila. James informs Conner he is taking Sheila out for dinner tonight as part of his on going plan to win her trust. Conner advises James to expose Sheila's vulnerabilities. Let the champagne flow so Sheila will loosen up. That way if there is anything going on with Sheila, she will open up about her true feelings.

Macy and Grant are preparing pasta when Macy hears from Sally who reports the Forrester showing was a success. Macy thinks Lauren must be devastated watching Eric and Stephanie reunite. Grant says the pasta has a lot of garlic. It's lucky we're sleeping alone tonight, Macy says. Grant admits he doesn't cook much since it is no fun only cooking for yourself. However, one of his favorite things to do is cook together with someone.

Eric and Lauren are on the plane heading back to LA. Eric thought he and Stephanie were finally going to be able to be together. After all, he felt they were relating a lot better recently. Eric blames himself for pushing Stephanie too far. She's nothing if not proud and dignified.

Before leaving for dinner with Sheila, James calls Maggie and reports he is taking Sheila out so the baby will be alone with Amber. Maggie intends to come over for some time with her baby. Sheila wants to know what James and Conner were doing in the nursery. James says he can't say, it's a surprise. Sheila admits she doesn't like it when Conner comes over. James reminds Sheila that Conner is going to be his best man in their wedding.

Eric and Lauren are getting ready to go to sleep when the pilot warns that there is going to be turbulence ahead so be sure to remain in your seat. The flight starts getting extremely bumpy. Lauren screams, "Is the plane going down??"

At the restaurant Sheila proposes she and James run off to Las Vegas tonight and get married. James wants a more traditional wedding. Before ordering champagne, James orders two very dry martinis. James assures Sheila they are becoming a true couple. The martinis arrive and Sheila can hardly drink it since it is so strong.

Maggie arrives at Sheila's to see her baby. She is delighted to see Margaret and hopes Sheila is taking good care of her. Maggie promises she, James and Margaret will be together as a family someday.

Thursday, November 6, 1997

Sheila and James are at the Café Russe. Sheila wonders when they will order but James in not in any hurry. Let's drink a few more glasses of champagne first, she suggests. He is thinking about later. A few more drinks and you will be over the edge. Then I will be able to video tape you with the baby. I'll be able to get evidence that you are dangerous with the baby. As he pours them each a second drink, Sheila protests that this is her third drink. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to get me drunk! She then tells him that she is intoxicated enough by the ring he has given her. Soon she will be Mrs. James Warwick. She then thanks James for believing in her. You taught me I could be the kind of person I always wanted to be. And now, I have the biggest prize of all: I've got the man that I love.

Maggie is holding the baby and questioning Amber. How is Sheila with Amber, she wants to know. Amber disappoints Maggie by telling her that Sheila is good with "Margaret." She isn't a bad mother at all. How can you say that, exclaims Maggie. Sheila is a dangerous woman. She could hurt Margaret. It is only a matter of time. Amber tells Maggie that she is with them on a daily basis and she doesn't see any evidence of Sheila hurting the baby. She loves the baby. Maggie is outraged. She reminds Amber that Sheila was in an insane asylum. She kidnapped James and held him prisoner; she poisoned Stephanie. She can't be trusted. She is the most dangerous woman I've ever known, Maggie states emphatically. She tells Amber that the woman is unbalanced and she should keep her eyes open. You will see, she predicts. She is going to hurt the baby.

So it's big news out of Lake Como, laments Grant to Macy. No, the big news is that Ridge and Brooke are engaged. Grant is shocked! Ridge is in love with Taylor! There is more, Macy tells him. Taylor is pregnant and it isn't Ridge's baby.

On the plane, Eric and Lauren are experiencing turbulence. Lauren tells Eric that she still cares for him and will do anything to help him. Just then the plane is plunged into darkness and the couple receive more jolting. The lights come back on and the two look very frightened. What is going on, Lauren wants to know. The pilot tells them that they hit a big air pocket and lost altitude. He tells them to remain seated until further notice. Lauren tightens her seat belt and tells Eric that they are in for a bumpy ride.

At Café Russe, Sheila wants to order, but James tells her that this is a celebration. He fills their glasses again. It appears that they both are feeling the effects of the alcohol. Sheila wants to dance; James agrees but tells her to finish her drink first. Sheila chug-a-lugs the entire glass. Both appear tipsy as they head for the dance floor. As they do a slow dance, Sheila tells him that that this is how she wants to spend her wedding night: being held close to the one she loves. She tells him that since he has proposed, she can't think of anything but her wedding. This is a vow she will make and be able to live up to. You changed my life, she tells her husband-to-be. You gave me the most beautiful little girl and . . . She steps on James' foot and apologizes. I've had too much to drink, she tells him. She wants to go home now. James agrees.

Grant can't believe that Taylor is having Thorne's baby. Macy admits that she has known for some time. She then tells Grant that she and Thorne wanted kids; they even tried to have a baby, but things got in the way. Grant admits that he still misses Brooke's kids. He enjoyed being a father. They talk about what it takes to be a good parent. Grant tells her that the secret to parenting is to never lose touch with the child inside you. It takes patience, being creative, and staying grounded, they both agree. Also, knowing what you want doesn't hurt. And the most important thing is being with someone you love, adds Macy. They share a look and Grant slowly plants a soft kiss on her cheek.

The plane continues to bounce around in the night sky. There is thunder and lightening. The passengers are both terribly frightened. Something drops from above. The captain tells them to put on their oxygen masks. Put it on Lauren, Eric commands.

James and Sheila arrive home. They are both tipsy. Sheila wants a bath, but the baby begins to cry. James offers to go up to her, but Sheila tells him that she is the baby's mother. The baby needs her mother, she says as she climbs the stairs.

Inside the nursery, Sheila picks up the baby and croons to her. What happened? Did you have a bad dream? I used to have bad dreams, too. James watches secretly from the doorway. Sheila catches herself on the crib and goes to the rocker. She is seen by the camera in the air vent. She sits and rocks the baby, talking to her about her mommy and daddy. Outside in the hallway, Amber approaches James. Did you see Sheila? asks James. Confused, Amber says Sheila was a little buzzed, so what? James tells Amber that Sheila is drunk and could hurt the baby. What if something does happen? Amber asks expectedly. Nothing real bad, she says, just enough to put her into a bad light. Then she realizes it is only their word that she was drunk. Not any longer, he tells her. There is a video camera in the AC vent. It is recording everything that happens. Sorta like, I Spy, exclaims Amber with excitement. James tells her it isn't spying. His child's life could be at risk. He has to do all he can to get his baby away from that woman. It appears that Sheila is nodding off. James goes in and takes the baby from Sheila's arms. As he is tucking her into bed, he tells her that he is going to get her out of that house. She won't have to spend much longer with Sheila.

Grant is kissing Macy's cheek. He moves back and they stare into each other's eyes. Macy get up. She thought he didn't ever want to get involved with a co-worker ever again. I didn't, he tells her. I don't know what I am thinking right now, but I do know what I am feeling. He kisses her hand then touches her face. She reaches out to him and brushes his face with her fingers. The phone rings but they ignore it. Sally's answer machine picks up. It is Sally and she wants Macy to pick up the phone. When she does, Macy learns that her mother won't be home on time. "King Neptune and the Storm Gods are making havoc out over the north Atlantic," Sally tells her daughter. She has made arrangements to be picked up at the airport whenever she does arrive. Also, she tells Macy that Lauren has disappeared. She had said she might take an earlier flight home---on a real airline.

Eric and Lauren suck desperately on their oxygen. Stay calm; don't panic! Eric advises between breaths. Suddenly the plane begins to plunge downward. "Get down, Lauren!" shouts Eric. "Keep your head down!" Suddenly the night sky is lit up by explosions!

Friday, November 7, 1997

Somehow, Thorne has made it home ahead of all the other members of his family. He is with Taylor announcing that Ridge and Brooke are engaged. I know that, Taylor answers coldly. You can't tell Ridge about the baby now, Thorne tells her. "Can't?" questions Taylor. Well, shouldn't then, Thorne corrects. Well, I am going to tell him, affirms Taylor. He wouldn't be engaged to Brooke now if you had kept your promise. But it was too late, Thorne insists. No, says Taylor. You could have even told him after he was engaged and he would have come to me. I am like a prisoner in my own home and no one will help me. But I am still going to tell Ridge about the baby and he will get unengaged.

Ridge boards the plane in Italy. He is surprised to see his mother sitting there. "Mother," he says. "I thought . . ." "That I'd be married and on my honeymoon?" Stephanie finishes. Ridge sits. What happened? he wants to know. Stephanie tells him that it is a long story, but Ridge says it will be a long flight and no better way to fill the time. Stephanie tells him about the letter she received from Eric. But on the way, she bumped into that witch, Sally. When she finally got away from Sally, she jumped into a boat at dockside and sped away in the direction of Como. However, in the middle of the lake, the engine conked out. By the time she reached Como, Eric was gone. Where is he now? wonders Ridge.

At the crash site, fires are burning low. The broken plane lays amid snow and ice; there is a heavy downfall of snow. As the camera slowly closes in, Lauren is seen laying twisted amid the wreckage. Eric is still strapped in his seat and is sitting upright. He is unconscious. He begins to cough; he shivers and wakes up. He looks around in total amazement. He sees Lauren and stumbles over to her. As he calls her name and begins pulling the trash from off her. She wakes up. Something is wrong with her arm, but Eric removes his coat and, after tearing off a strip, he uses it to bandage her arm. He sits her up and moves her to the sofa beside the bulkhead. He tells her to stay there; don't move. As he begins to leave, she panics. Where are you going? He tells her he has to go check on the pilot.

Dad must be on his way home, Ridge tells Stephanie. She tells Ridge that she has already called his house and left a message on the answering machine. She is sure they will get everything straightened out. Sure, Ridge assures her. He will probably meet you at the airport and whisk you away someplace romantic and marry you. Or, knowing my father, he will show up with the minister and marry you right there on the tarmac.

You seem happy these fast few days, Stephanie tells her son. Then let's give credit where credit is due, Ridge tells his mother. Stephanie tells him that she is grateful to Brooke for providing support and friendship these past few weeks, but he should not feel obligated. Ridge tells her that it is not obligation; it is something else. Stephanie has one request. She doesn't believe Bridget and Rick should be told that he and Brooke are seeing each other. Ridge says that that is impossible since he and Brooke are getting married as soon as possible. If his mother doesn't like it, she had better find a way to accept the inevitable.

Thorne brings Taylor a glass of juice. She looks at it as if it might be drugged but takes a small sip. She ignores Thorne. He tells her that she shouldn't get "all worked up." She isn't all worked up; she is angry. Thorne tells her that she can't blame him for how things turned out! It wasn't his fault that Ridge asked Brooke to marry him. Ridge loves Brooke and always has. Taylor has to accept that fact.

Taylor insists that Ridge did not propose to Brooke out of love. He was angry and disappointed with her. He was acting under the misapprehension that she was carrying his brother's baby. He was hurt. Thorne accuses her of rationalizing. You always rationalize every move Ridge makes because you cannot accept the fact that Ridge loves Brooke and always will. You expect this child you are carrying to save your relationship, accuses Thorne. But you are mistaken. Your way of thinking is not only impossible, it is selfish. Ridge has a right to be happy with Brooke, his only true love. Taylor had a right to be happy, too, but not with Ridge. You had better think it through, he tells Taylor. You have to consider what kind of life you want for yourself and your child and who can give you that life. Taylor continues to stay turned away from him even though he tries to caress her shoulder. He walks to the door. I'll give you some time to think about it, he tells her. After he is gone, Taylor reaches beneath the bed covers and finds her phone. She dials a number but before it begins to ring, she disconnects.

You cannot marry that woman, declares Stephanie. Ridge tells her that he did it before and he will do it again. "This time, it will be legal," he boasts. At least take your time, Stephanie begs. This is just a knee-jerk reaction to Taylor's betrayal. Ridge wonders how much time she thinks he needs to get over Taylor. He tells her that his entire lifetime wouldn't be enough time. He tells his mother that he is getting married next week. Deal with it! He excuses himself and moves to another seat.

Eric returns from the flight cabin with the pilot's jacket. He puts it on Lauren and puts his own jacket on. He tells her that the pilot is dead. She starts to go to the flight cabin but he stops her. He pulls her into his arms and they snuggle for warmth.

Thorne answers a knock at the door. It is another early returnee: Brooke. "What are you doing here?" he almost shouts as he pushes her outside the house. Brooke is there to check on things; she wants to know if Taylor knows about the engagement. Thorne says that she does, but she is still thinking of telling Ridge about the baby. Brooke is outraged. How could she now that she has lost the game. Thorne says that Taylor doesn't believe that Ridge loves Brooke; she thinks he proposed on the rebound. Well she has to be told that that isn't so, Brooke tells her co-conspirator. I am going to tell her myself. She has to know that even if she tells Ridge about the baby, he will reject her. Thorne tries to stop her from talking to Taylor but she goes into the house anyway. "No Brooke!" Ridge shouts, following her into the house. In the bedroom, Taylor hears him. "Brooke?" she wonders. "Please Brooke," pleads Thorne. Taylor calls out, "Brooke are you out there?" "Yes," answers Brooke, sweetly. "I'll be right there."

Brooke enters the bedroom and confronts Taylor in her sickbed. "Hello Taylor." she says.

Eric is walking outside in the snow. He reaches into the snow and pulls up a blanket. He continues to search the grounds around the wreckage. He finds another blanket and re-enters the plane. He covers himself and Lauren, telling her that these are the only blankets he could find. He has a thermos of coffee which he pours into a cup and hands to Lauren. He sits beside her and they share the coffee. Lauren wonder where they are and Eric supposes they are either in Iceland or Greenland. He says they are lucky they aren't in the ocean. Oh, yeah, lucky! responds Lauren. She wonders if they will be found and Eric assures her that they will. It is so cold, she says. What if we freeze? I don't want to die, she cries. Eric takes her into his arms and tries to comfort her. From outside comes the sound of wolves howling.

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