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Sheila and Maggie had a brawl over Sheila's engagement to James. Macy dumped ice water in Grant's lap when she surmised that all he wanted was sex. Eric and Lauren remained lost in Greenland during a severe blizzard.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 10, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, November 10, 1997

James shows Conner his tape of Sheila passing out while holding the baby. Conner says that is not sufficient evidence to prove Sheila is an unfit mother. James just wants to hurry the process along before Maggie finds out he and Sheila are engaged. Conner urges James to tell Maggie of their engagement before Sheila does.

Sheila stops by Maggie's to get James' kilt for their wedding. Maggie thinks it's ridiculous the James would marry Sheila. Sheila flashes her engagement ring for proof. Now how ridiculous is it? Sheila really starts to irritate Maggie by saying James is her man, Mary is her baby, and this is her engagement ring. Besides, Mary seems so happy now that she is with her real mother. Maggie can't stand it any longer and comes toward Sheila with both fists. Sheila grabs her before she hits her. While Sheila has Maggie's fists in her hands, she taunts Maggie about how wonderful James is in bed. How he knows what to do with his hands and mouth. Maggie loses it. She throws Sheila against the refrigerator and all hell breaks loose. Both women trade blows, throw chairs, until Maggie finally gets Sheila pinned down on the ground and starts choking her.

Ridge is concerned why Eric isn't back from Italy yet. He probably just needs time to sort out his feelings, Ridge thinks. Clarke drops by and says he is not at all surprised Ridge is engaged to Brooke. Clarke wonders why Ridge doesn't seem happier now that he is engaged to the woman he has always really loved. Ridge should be happy Taylor is carrying Thorne's child, Clarke suggests.

Brooke is at Taylor's making sure she knows about her engagement to Ridge. Brooke is pleased Taylor is doing the right thing by keeping Ridge in the dark about the baby. Taylor says she is starting to have doubts about not telling Ridge. Brooke suggests everyone is be happiest if things remain as they are, Ridge with her and Taylor with Thorne. Brooke makes the point that children can be happy even though they don't live with their biological father, as her children are happy with Ridge. Brooke also makes a point of telling Taylor she had her own doubts about her and Ridge having a future. It wasn't until Ridge said they were destined to be together and they looked into each other's eyes, did Brooke realize nothing will ever come between them.

After Brooke leaves, Taylor wonders if she really meant that little to Ridge. Ridge is also troubled by Clarke's comments that he never really wanted Taylor. It's too late now, she has made her choice and I have made mine.

Tuesday, November 11, 1997

James has the door locked to the nursery while he puts another tape in. Sheila comes home and wonders why the door is locked. It's for a surprise I am planning, James tells her. James notices Sheila's bloody nose and is upset she and Maggie got into it. Sheila says Maggie went crazy when she heard of our engagement. Sheila says she didn't know Maggie didn't know of their planned wedding but was all too happy to tell her.

Amber is patching up Maggie following her run in with Sheila. Maggie asks Amber if James really did propose to Sheila. Amber says James had to get her to trust him and ultimately to get evidence that Sheila is an unfit mother. Maggie is hurt that James might actually have to marry Sheila, but she is not giving up. Margaret belongs with us, Maggie says and intends to put a stop to this nonsense.

Thorne advises Taylor that clinging to Ridge and the past is not healthy for you or the baby. He has something to snap her out of the mood she's in. Thorne shows Taylor some brochures of houses he hopes they can move into soon. While there is nothing wrong with this house, Thorne says Taylor will need something bigger, and one that is closer to a school once the baby gets older. Plus a new house means you are making a fresh start, a new life for yourself. What better way to do that then with a new house? Taylor is preoccupied that Ridge or Brooke don't care how she is doing.

Ridge and Brooke see each other for the first time since Italy. Ridge isn't too happy when Brooke says she paid Taylor a visit earlier. Brooke went to see Taylor to tell her they were engaged. Ridge wanted to tell her himself. It doesn't matter because he is moving on anyway. Brooke says Taylor knows they belong together like she and Thorne belong together. Ridge wants to bury the hatchet once and for all and decides to head to Taylor's to straighten everything out.

Amber tries to stop Maggie from going over to Sheila's when James barges in. James came over to check on Maggie after he heard of the fight. Maggie can't believe James is going to have to marry Sheila to get their baby back. There has to be another way! James admits he is going crazy thinking of the hell he is putting Maggie through, but he is close to getting the proof he needs to prove Sheila is unfit.

Brooke is worried once Ridge sees Taylor, she will crack and tell him the truth. Brooke calls Thorne to warn him that Ridge is on his way over. Thorne promises not to let Taylor tell Ridge she is carrying his child. Ridge knocks on the door and Thorne escorts him into Taylor's bedroom. Finally Ridge and Taylor are together. Taylor excuses Thorne so she and Ridge can have some privacy. Taylor says she heard of his engagement and asks him does he really want to marry Brooke?

Wednesday, November 12, 1997

Brooke thinks it's odd that she can't locate Eric when Thorne walks into her office. Ridge and Taylor need time alone, he explains. Taylor wants nothing more than to tell Ridge the truth, Brooke explains. If that happens, it's a whole new ballgame.

Taylor asks Ridge if he really wants to marry Brooke. Ridge says he has talked about getting married for over a year now. Yeah but to me, Taylor says. Taylor deduces Ridge wouldn't be marrying Brooke if he didn't love her. When Ridge asks her why she has to have so much bed rest, Taylor says it is because of the problems in her pregnancy due to stress.

Stephanie surprises Sally with a visit to Spectra. Stephanie thinks Sally has helped Lauren pull a trick on Eric and that is why Eric hasn't returned from Italy. Sally doesn't know what Steph is talking about. After Steph explains she and Eric did not marry as planned due to her boat breaking down, Sally suggests that Eric is off mending a broken heart somewhere. Don't worry, Sally says, when you two do remarry, you will break that marriage up with your pride and arrogance. Never one to be outdone, Stephanie asks La Spectra how many orders her company is getting after Forrester's fabulous showing in Italy.

Eric and Lauren are battling frostbite and frigid temperatures. Eric brings back all the wood he could find to start a fire. Lauren fears with another snowstorm coming, they may never be found. Eric tries to reassure her that somebody will realize their plane went down and will look for us. How will they know where to look, Lauren asks. After the fire dies out, Eric says all they can do now is huddle together and pray.

Brooke feels Taylor would tell Ridge the truth if she felt she has a chance with Ridge. Thorne thinks otherwise. Brooke realizes Ridge won't change his feelings for her, but if he finds out Taylor is carrying his child, it will complicate matters. Taylor wants to tell Ridge so badly, but if he is less than totally committed, she could lose the baby, Thorne says.

Taylor wants to know about Ridge's trip to Italy. The showing was great, Ridge says. That is not what Taylor wanted to know. She suggests his proposal to Brooke must have been quite romantic, like his proposal to her in the Caribbean. Ridge feels Taylor's stomach and starts to say what he wishes for more than anything else... What is it you wish for, a tearful Taylor asks. Ridge says what he wishes for more than anything else is that someday he and Brooke will give this child a couple of cousins. Taylor says she and Ridge finally have what they both really want so she is not upset. After Ridge leaves, Taylor is crushed. She so desperately wanted Ridge to say he wished the baby she is carrying is his. Outside, Ridge wishes the same thing.

Stephanie gets a call from a guy at the National Transportation Safety Board. She is shocked when he informs her that Eric's plane went down somwhere over Greenland. Also, with a storm moving in, that will hamper the search effort.

Thursday, November 13, 1997

Ridge joins Stephanie and asks what is so urgent. It is about your father, she tells him. His plane may have crashed. I just found out about it. Someone just called and said it went down somewhere over the North Atlantic. It just disappeared off the radar screens.

We see someone's legs being dragged through the snow. The camera pans upward to the unconscious form of Lauren.

Sally is going on to Macy about the happenings in Como. She was just dumped in Lake Como. When she came up for air, there was Queen Stephanie just sailing away in a boat. It must have been humiliating, Macy says. But worth it, Sally agrees. She then tells Macy that somewhere about the middle of the lake, the engine failed and her Majesty was stuck in the middle of the lake and couldn't make it to the church on time. Eric was left all alone waiting for the bride that never showed. It looks like he just crawled off to lick his wounds. Sally then wonders why Macy is so distracted that she cannot pay attention to her mother. Macy tells her that she has a very important date tonight. When Sally asks who the lucky man is, Macy surprises her by telling her it is Grant.

Darla is helping Grant select a tie. He isn't the "tie type," he tells her. He confides to Darla that tonight is very important. He is out to win a girl's heart. He is playing it straight. Who would believe that Grant Chambers is falling in love?

Ridge calls Mr. Friberg with the National Transportation Safety Board. Have you located my father? he asks. Mr. Friberg tells him that they have two teams waiting out a storm. As soon as the storm is over they will begin a search. All he can say right now is that the plane suddenly disappeared from the radar screen. They will be searching for Eric and the two pilots as soon as they can.

Now another body, that of Eric, is being dragged through the snow.

Grant tells Darla that he is taking Macy to Mannequins. He had earlier delivered some surprises there---something to set the mood. This is going to be the evening of a lifetime. He has a very important question to ask.

Sally didn't know the two of them were dating. She knew about a couple of business lunches, but that is all. Macy tells her mother that Grant has swept her off her feet. She has it pretty bad; Grant is all she can think about. Now she needs the perfect dress. She thinks he is going to ask her to marry him. And what will your answer be? wonder Sally, but Macy tells her that she doesn't know yet.

Lauren and Eric lay side by side, wrapped in fur. They are being watched by a big man with a bushy beard. He is eating a chunk of meat with a large knife.

The wolves and the wind howl. The man approaches Eric. He removes his shoes and socks and props his feet up near the heater. Next, he removes Lauren's shoes and begins to massage the feet. She awakens to see the strange man and tries to get up. He pushes her back and tells her to stay down. Where am I? she asks. Who are you?

Stephanie asks if they have begun to search for Eric, but Ridge explains the weather conditions in Greenland. Stephanie insists that there was no crash; the plane just landed for refueling.

At Mannequins, Grant and Macy are shown to a small table in a private room. Macy comments that it looks like a different restaurant. The room is so romantic and there is non-alcoholic champagne chilling. It is going to be an unbelievable night, Grant promises.

Macy tells Grant that he is sweet and sensitive. Grant tells her that he knows it is hard to open up again to someone; he feels the same way. He asks if she trusts him and she tells him that she does. He thinks things are moving too fast but he has a question to ask. He thinks they should make a toast before he asks the question. But Macy tells him that she is ready now. Why don't you just come right out and ask me, she tells him when he says that it is harder than he had expected. Just ask me, Grant, she invites with a winning smile.

Stephanie is in denial. Your father is alive; he is all right, she tells her son. They were just refueling. He couldn't call because of the storm, but they did not crash. Ridge is firm with his mother. We aren't giving up hope, he assures her. But we have to be honest with ourselves. The plane did go down and it went down in a barren and hostile land. No negative thoughts, Stephanie insists as she embraces her son.

What are you doing? asks Lauren. The man asks if she can feel him massaging her feet. At first she can't feel anything, but soon she pulls back in pain. Good, the man says. I've just saved your foot from being amputated. You have frostbite. You never told me who you are, Lauren reminds him. He says his name is Rush. He explains that he found them and carried them back to his place---about 15 kilometers (10 miles). I couldn't just leave you, he explains. But I'm not sure I was soon enough for your friend. Frantically, Lauren turns to Eric. "Eric," she calls. "Eric, are you okay? Don't tell me that he is dead!"

Friday, November 14, 1997

Thorne visits Brooke. He has just talked with Taylor and they are safe. She didn't tell Ridge about the baby. So this is good news, says Brooke. Good news? No this is spectacular news, Thorne responds. Brooke tells him that she has been thinking. Maybe they should get this whole thing out in the open. It isn't good to get started with the marriage with secrets. But it isn't your secret to keep or not keep, insists Thorne. This is Taylor's secret and she is the only one with the right to tell it. You are the only woman for Ridge; nothing can change that, not even Taylor's unborn baby. Thorne tells her that his main concern is the health of Taylor and that baby. He doesn't want her to lose the baby and she will if Ridge finds out and still rejects her. The two of them decide to continue to keep the secret from Ridge. Thorne wonders how the wedding plans are coming. Brooke says that things are going so fast that they haven't yet told Rick and Bridget. Just then, Ridge enters the office. He tells them that something has happened. The secret-keepers exchange looks. Ridge then tells them that Eric's plane has crashed. "WHAT!" they both exclaim.

Lauren is bending over Eric. Is he going to make it? she asks Rush. Thank God he is still alive. We have to get him to a doctor. Rush tells her that there are no doctors here. He won't die, Rush assures her. He may lose a few fingers or toes, but he will live. He hands her a heated blanket and she covers Eric. He tells Rush that she must take care of herself. He hands her food to eat. In answer to her questions he tells Lauren that he lives here with his dogs; the nearest people are 700 miles away. He likes the solitude. As she is asking what he does here, Eric begins to thrash around.

At Mannequins, Macy encourages Grant to ask the question he wants to ask. Grant is hesitant. Your answer will change things between us, he tells her. I know, she smiles at him.

"You are making this so easy on me," Grant tells Macy. That is because I know what you are going to ask me, she says, smiling. "You do?" he asks. "Well, we have been spending a lot of time together outside of work," she tells him. "And I am so grateful to you. You came in and saved our business." "Well," he says, "Clarke's loss is my gain." He is touched by her gratitude and he is developing deep feelings for her. If she says yes to his question, it will only make their bond stronger. He will not push but he hopes she will trust him. It isn't easy to say no to you, Grant, Macy tells him. He kisses her hand. Would you like to make love with me? he asks.

"A plane crash! Where?" both Brooke and Thorne cry. Ridge tells them that it happened over Greenland. The details are sketchy so far, but they think it was weather related. Is he all right? What does the hospital say? Brooke wants to know. Ridge now has to tell them that his father hasn't been found. Because of the severe storm, they can't even search for them. Thorne suggests that maybe their father was not even on the plane, but Ridge tells him that the authorities are certain he was. Thorne rushes to be with his mother. Brooke rushes into Ridge's arms. Dad has to survive! Ridge cries. How are we going to tell Rick and Bridget?

He is coming out of it! exclaims Lauren. "Wake up, Eric," she calls. "It's okay." Eric struggles awake and sees the bearded man in front of him.

Eric looks confused. What happened, he wants to know. Lauren reminds him of the plane crash. She tells him that Rush saved their lives. Without him they would have frozen to death. She was so worried about him; he has been out for so long. Rush hands Eric a cup of herbal tea and orders him to drink it. Eric takes a sip and makes a face. Go ahead, Rush orders again. It is 100% natural. The best medicine for you.

Eric wonders if they have notified the family. They must be so worried. Lauren tells him that they cannot. He wants to know why not. She tells him that the Forresters will be all right. "Forrester?" Rush exclaims. "You are Eric Forrester?"

"Sex? That is what this is all about? You want to have sex with me?" Macy says, appalled. Yes, he answers. Isn't it wonderful? We could go away someplace romantic. We could motor up to Santa Barbara and take a suite. We could go to bed and stay there all weekend. Or we could find a deserted beach. Just imagine it: candlelight, moonlight, the waves lapping gently on shore. I'll bet you can feel the water right now, can't you? Macy stands and pours a glass of ice water in his lap. That is as close to the beach as you are getting with me, Cowboy! Macy stomps out and leaves Grant with a "what happened" look on his face.

Brooke realizes that they will have to tell Rick and Bridget about their father. Ridge cannot imagine life without his dad. The kids will be devastated, Brooke says. Maybe it would be best if they didn't say anything to the children until they have something more definite to tell them. She comforts Ridge when he says he never dreamed anything like this would happen. Through all the tragedy in my life you have stood by me, he tells her. They proclaim their love for each other. She assures him that miracles do happen and he tells her that she is his special angel.

"You've heard of Eric?" asks Lauren. Eric gets up and begins to question Rush. What do you do out here? "I survive," Rush answers. I hunt a little, fish a little, do a little mountain climbing. Right now I am in training to scale Mt. Everest. Don't you get lonely, asks Lauren. He tells her that he does not miss society. Well, that is not the case with us, Eric challenges. Just sit down, Mr. Forrester. You aren't going anywhere, Rush tells Eric.

Instead of sitting, Eric paces. There must be some way to communicate with the outside world. Rush tells them that he does not intrude on the outside world and he does not like it when the world intrudes on him. Just sit back and relax, he tells Eric. You are playing on my turf now. Not for long, insists Eric. We won't be cooped up here for long. Suddenly he spots a radio. "No outside communication, huh?" he demands. Rush tells him that it is too weak to get out. Well that is a chance we will have to take, Eric tells Rush. Now get on that radio and let someone know we are here. Rush slowly goes to the radio and tries to make contact with the outside world. As he calls out, he reaches behind the radio and pulls out the power pack. He hides the power pack but keeps calling.

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