The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 17, 1997 on B&B

Sheila offered James a way out of their engagement, and James and his accomplices set up a scheme to prove that Sheila was an unfit mother. Ridge and Brooke decided to hold off getting married until they found Eric. Lauren and Eric couldn't figure out if they'd been rescued or captured.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 17, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, November 17, 1997

Still no word about Eric, Ridge and Brooke decide not to tell the kids until they know something for sure. Instead they decide to tell the kids of their engagement. Once Ridge and Brooke inform Rick and Bridget of their engagement, Bridget is happy but Rick is more reserved. He's been down this road before. Ridge and Brooke were suppose to get married last year, but that didn't happen. Ridge stresses what he really wants is for the four of them to be a family.

Doctor Santana informs Taylor he blood pressure is down and if it continues to stabilize, she might be able to get out of bed. Taylor tells Thorne but he has news of his own: Eric's plane crashed and there is no word yet if Eric is alive.

While calling for help, Rush disconnects the battery from the radio and pretends he is still trying for help. He says he can't get through because of the storm and will have to wait until after the storm blows over. Eric is worried about what his family must be going through. Lauren thinks they are lucky they did not crash in the ocean. After Rush takes off, Eric tries the radio himself and when he can't get any power, he realizes the radio doesn't have a battery.

Thorne fills in Taylor about Eric. Thorne says this crash brings into focus how precious life is and they should make the most of the time they have. With Taylor's health improving and Ridge and Brooke engaged, Thorne thinks this is the perfect time for he and Taylor to get married. Taylor doesn't want to rush into marriage. Thorne gets upset with Taylor's indecision about when she wants to marry. Is he suppose to wait forever? Thorne storms out of the house. What if the baby never gets to know it's grandfather, Taylor says. Taylor wonders what Ridge must be going through and after picking up the phone to call him, she puts it down.

Lauren wants to know why this guy saved them if he does not want them to be found? Eric doesn't know what Rush is after but realizes if he kills them, no one would know...

Ridge and Brooke realize Rick is cautious of being happy for them because he has faced so many disappointments already in his life. Who could blame him? If Eric is dead, Ridge knows he could never take the place of their father, even though he is like a second father to them. Still, it's not the same as being a real father, something Ridge has always dreamed about. Ridge says he wants a child of his own to carry on his legacy. Even though he has never had children of his own, Ridge says the reason might be because he is suppose to give his full attention to Rick and Bridget.

Taylor gets a call from Ridge looking for Thorne. Taylor asks how Ridge is doing and when he is comforting everyone else, remember to take care of himself.

Tuesday, November 18, 1997

Eric and Lauren wonder what Rush has in store for them when Rush comes in from the cold. Rush can tell Eric and Lauren are suspicious of him and demands to know why. Eric says they know about the radio being dead, and wonder why he had to lie about it. Rush says his rules are what's keeping them alive and if they don't like it, they can go back to where he found them. Rush explains he took the battery out of the radio to save power after he made the call. Eric apologizes for being suspicious of Rush's motives, but still does not trust him.

After viewing the tape James has on Sheila, she realizes that tape is not enough to prove Sheila is an unfit mother. With James and Sheila's wedding slated for tomorrow, Maggie wants the wedding postponed until they can get more proof. James considers that he might have been wrong about Sheila. He has been living with Sheila for a month and she has shown no signs of putting the baby in any kind of danger. Conner has an idea that might be James and Maggie's last hope of getting their daughter back.

Sheila gets a surprise visit from Mike. He came to check on Sheila when he heard the news of her wedding. Mike doesn't think James loves her. The only reason James is being nice is because he wants something, Mike explains. James' father, Damian arrives in time for the wedding. Damian is happy to see Sheila and congratulates her on her finally winning James' heart. Sheila admits she is not sure James really loves her. Something just doesn't feel right, Sheila says.

Conner's idea is to make Margaret an inconvenience to Sheila. The plan is before the wedding, Amber, who is supposed to watch Margaret during the ceremony, to leave and not make it back to the church on time. This will force Sheila to wait until Amber gets back to the house since she will not be able to take Margaret to the church because the car seat will be with Amber. This will make Sheila choose between her own happiness or putting the baby's needs first. If Sheila leaves the house without the baby, it will be abandonment. If Sheila heads to the church with Margaret but without the car seat, that is against the law and Maggie will be there waiting to have Sheila arrested.

Lauren notices a notebook full of pages something Rush has typed. Rush cathches her and demands she stop what she is looking at. Lauren asks what he is writing. A novel, poetry, Rush explains. Rush gets hot and takes off his shirt while Lauren watches.

James is leery about trapping Sheila. Maggie explains Sheila will have the option not to leave the house with Margaret without a car seat. Maggie thinks Sheila will put her needs before the baby's and leave Margaret by herself. That is what makes Sheila unfit. Maggie realizes James might have reservations about tricking a former patient of his but poses this question: who is more important, Sheila or their baby?

When James returns home, he is happy to see his father. Sheila has a question though. She asks James if he is being completely honest with her. Is this marriage based on truth and love for life? Or is it based on something else? Sheila wants to know if James really loves her.

Wednesday, November 19, 1997

James wants to know why Sheila is suspicious of his professed love for her. Six weeks ago, you were ready to condemn me, now you want to marry me, Sheila explains. It seems a bit of a stretch that James' feelings could changed in such a short amount of time. Sheila says its not too late for James to tell her if he doesn't really love her. Everything James has said to her the past few weeks has been great, Sheila continues. She is just has to wonder if this bliss is real. It's almost too perfect.

Sheila's mother, Molly arrives in LA and is greeted by James' father, Damian. They talk about their children and the upcoming wedding while Molly holds her granddaughter. Damian seems to feel somewhat hesitant about the James/Sheila union, but does not express his concern to Molly.

Maggie is not worried so much about their plan, but if James can actually go through with what they are planning. Since Sheila used to be one of James' patients, their plan to fool Sheila goes against James' ethics. Sometimes you have to throw ethics out the window if it's for a good cause, Amber justifies. Still the heart of the plan is to deceive Sheila, and Maggie is not sure James can go against his ethics.

Macy explains to Sally that the reason she is upset is because Grant proposed going to bed together, not marriage. Macy admits the night was beautiful until Grant asked her to go to bed with him and not ask Macy to marry him. Macy was so sure Grant was going to ask her to marry him.

The reason Sheila says she has changed is because she feels love and security from James. That is why she loves him so much. Sheila admits she never should have given her baby to Maggie and apologizes for that. If there is a plan to get Mary back to Maggie, Sheila wants to know. She explains if they don't marry, James will still be able to see his daughter. But is Maggie is the woman he truly wants, Sheila wants to know now. James lies and says he wants Sheila to be his wife. Sheila is delighted. The wedding is tomorrow.

Thursday, November 20, 1997

Sheila is praying. She thanks God for such a beautiful day and for what is about to happen: her wedding. She lovingly greets her mother and Damon, who tells her that after today, she will be calling him Father. He has brought her a wedding gift. It is the wedding gown that his own wife, Mary, wore at their wedding.

James walks into Maggie's house. He apologizes for taking that liberty but she reminds him that it is his home too. He tells her that they need to talk.

"You are having second thoughts," she accuses him. She tells him that they cannot back down now. They have to get their baby from that lunatic. He has to put aside his scruples for once to get what they both want.

James tells Maggie that Sheila is so positive and hopeful. But Maggie doesn't care. She says that Sheila is a liar and a manipulator and right now she is using all her powers on him to get her own way. Just look at her past, she tells him. We were good to her. We moved her into our home and saw to it that she got good prenatal care. And how does she thank us? Does she let us have that beautiful baby? No, she took the baby back. She is selfish and cruel. James tries to reason with his ex-wife. Sheila is not manipulating him. She just could not give up her baby and she acted within the law to get the baby back.

Maggie tells him that they cannot gamble with the life of a child. James has to bend the rules, lie, do whatever he has to do to get that child back. "Either we do as we planned or you marry that bitch. Which is it going to be?"

Ridge is trying to keep his mind on work when Brooke enters. There has been no news, he tells her. His father couldn't have crashed into a worse environment. Brooke tells him that she has canceled the wedding but he tells her that it isn't canceled, only postponed. They agree that they must focus all their attention on getting Eric back.

When Amber returns home and joins Sheila, Damon, and Molly, they wonder if she knows where James is. She exclaims over the gown and asks if she will wear it tonight. That will be James' decision, Sheila tells them.

"Okay," James tells Maggie. "We will go through with the plan." They then go over the plan in detail. Amber will call Sheila and tell her that she is stuck in traffic. Sheila will either have to stay at home with the baby and miss the wedding, or she will leave the baby alone and go to the wedding. Maggie will be watching the house with the agent from Child Protective Services. They will go in and remove the baby.

"What if she stays with the baby?" James asks.

"She won't," Maggie assures James. "I guarantee Sheila will not put off the marriage."

But if she does stay with the baby, James says, then we will come clean and tell her about the test. We will tell her everything.

James returns home. He is stunned to see Sheila with his mother's wedding gown. When Damon tells his son that it is up to him whether Sheila wears the dress he bought for her or this gown, James immediately tells him that Sheila will wear his mother's gown.

Sheila tells him that this is his last chance to back out, but he tells her that he is ready. This is what he wants. You won't regret it, Sheila promises him.

"Tonight it ends," declares Maggie. "Tonight your best day will turn into your worse night and no one deserves it more. I will get my baby and husband back. Tonight I get them both back."

Friday, November21, 1997

Amber walks in and finds Sheila smiling to herself. I just can't stop smiling, she tells her friend. I have dreamed of this day for so long and it has finally arrived. I can't remember ever being so happy!

Maggie and Connor are talking. My husband and baby will be home tonight, she tells her lawyer. Tonight Sheila will suffer the biggest disaster of her life.

We need to go over the plans again, Connor tells her. They summarize what they plan to do and what the outcome will be. As they get to the part where she claims her baby and calls Conner so that he can call off the disaster of a wedding, the phone rings. It is James; he is having second thoughts.

"You have to stay strong," Maggie tells her ex husband. You have to think about the baby. You cannot leave her in harms way.

"That is just it; I am not so sure she is "in harms way." James tells her. Maggie recites Sheila's crimes and tells him that he has to protect his child. As she hangs up, Conner realizes that James' resolve is weakening. He has to get over there!

Amber tells James that this is going to destroy Sheila. "Does she really deserve this?" she wants to know.

Before James can answer, Molly and his father enter the room dressed in their finery. As Sheila comes down the stairs in her dressing gown, Damon orders her back upstairs. Don't you know it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride on the wedding day?

But Sheila tells her father-to-be that she feels like the luckiest girl in the world. She is getting the man she loves and she has never been so happy.

Amber interrupts to say she needs something from the store. She won't be long; she will be back in time to help Sheila dress. Just as Amber leaves, Connor arrives. He in introduced to Molly and Damon but he says they need to leave for the church. Molly wants to wait with Sheila, but she tells her mother to go on ahead; Amber will be back soon.

Maggie answers the door and lets Lucy Grimes, the CPS agent into the house. Lucy says she has been reading Sheila's file and it is hard to believe all that is in there. "Oh it is true," Maggie assures her. "That woman is incapable of raising a child." Lucy is hesitant to accept that from a stranger, but Maggie assures that she will prove it tonight.

As they enter the church, Molly exclaims at the beauty of the chapel. Damon says it is the perfect setting for an intimate wedding. He asks if James chose the church, but James tells them that it was Sheila who found the church and made the arrangements. He turns to Connor and tells him he would like to speak to him in private. They head out to the Groom's Room.

James tells Conner that what they are doing isn't right. He is deceiving a patient. Conner tells him that what he is doing is assuring a safe and secure environment for his baby. The baby belongs with him and Maggie. He gets a call; it is Maggie. They are on their way to Sheila's house. She asks how James is and Conner tells her that he isn't sure. He then turns to James and tells him that he has to sacrifice his professional ethics for the sake of the child; he cannot sacrifice his child.

As Sheila is getting ready, she talks to her baby. She tells Mary the plans that she has. I'm going to marry your father. She then looks at the time and wonders where Amber is.

Connor is telling James to be a parent first when Amber enters the room. She is having trouble making the call. Connor reminds her that they are talking about the future of an innocent, vulnerable child. She calls Sheila and tells her that she has had a break down. She will be there as soon as possible. She then encourages Sheila to leave the baby and come on to the church. It won't be for long, she assures Sheila. No, Sheila says. She will wait. Conner is disappointed when Amber tells him that Sheila isn't going to leave the baby.

Back at the house, Sheila looks lovingly at her baby and tells her that she couldn't leave her all alone.

Outside, Molly and Damon are wondering why it is taking so long. The minister tells them that time is limited. There is another wedding scheduled right after this one.

Maggie and Lucy park outside Sheila's house. The agent wants to go in, but Maggie tells her to wait. Why? Maggie tells her that she will know soon.

Connor tells Amber to call Sheila and tell her that she is on her way. I can't, Amber tells him. Sheila is a bomb just waiting to explode, Conner reminds her. She calls.

"I will be there in a few minutes," she tells Sheila. "Just go ahead to the church. I will be there in no time. When Sheila protests, Amber tells her to "Just do it. GO!"

Lucy tells Maggie that she has s full work load. She cannot afford to spend time sitting in cars. Maggie begs her to wait just a little longer. Just then, the door of the house opens and Sheila, dressed in her wedding dress, exits the house.

"There she is!" exclaims a triumphant Maggie. "Got her!"

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