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James had a change of heart about Sheila. Eric recognized Rush, and a confrontation ensued. Grant proposed to Macy. Taylor decided that it was time to get on with her life.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 1, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, December 1, 1997

Eric feels he knows who Rush is and urges Lauren to get Rush to shave his beard off so he can be certain. Rush wonders what they are talking about and shoots his crossbow at them. The arrow gets past Eric and Lauren and then Rush denies he intentionally shot the crossbow. It was an accident, Rush explains. Eric was the last one to use it and forgot to put the safety valve on so if it is anyone's fault, it is Eric's, Rush continues. Eric doesn't buy that defense and demands to know who Rush is. Eric and Rush trade verbal assaults that ends with Eric decking Rush.

Ridge informs Brooke he and Stephanie are going to Greenland to find Eric. Brooke doesn't like the idea and fears for Ridge's safety. Ridge gets Brooke to promise to be strong for the kids if something does go wrong. Brooke, then, gets a call from the children's principal. Rick and Bridget are missing...

Sally brings the news to Macy and Darla that Eric is missing and fears that Lauren might have been on that plane with him. Macy suggests Lauren is still in Italy and has taken up with an Italian suitor. Sally is still worried. She is the one who pushed Lauren to go after Eric no matter what the cost and look what it may have cost Lauren. Sally says she can't rest until she knows for certain that Lauren is alright.

Rick and Bridget turn up at Taylor's house seeking advice. They heard from other kids at school that their father's plane crashed and they want some answers. Taylor phones Ridge and tells he the kids are at her house and are asking tons of questions. I'm on my way, Ridge says.

At Taylor's, Ridge informs Rick and Bridget that their father's plane did go down and that he and Aunt Stephanie are going to Greenland to find him. Neither Rick nor Bridget want Ridge to go. They fear for Ridge's safety and if something were to happen, he and their mother would never get married.

Lauren tends to Rush's wound while Eric is watching, wondering what she is doing and just exactly who is Rush? Rush wants to resume what he and Lauren started before Eric came in and stopped them. Lauren gives Rush a kiss and asks him to shave his beard off. She wants to love him without it. Rush goes to get his razor.

Tuesday, December 2, 1997

Brooke has a meeting with Rick and Bridget's principal and is informed the reason they ran off from school is because they heard other kids talking about their father's plane crash. Brooke wonders where Rick and Bridget went once they left school.

Rick and Bridget fear for Ridge's safety in Greenland while Ridge tries to assure them he will be ok. As Taylor looks on, Rick gets Ridge to promise that he will marry their mother once he returns from Greenland. Ridge realizes Rick and Bridget have had their share of disappointments in their young life and promises once he returns, he will sit down with them and their mother and pick a wedding date. Ridge thanks Taylor for being there for the kids. Taylor wishes Ridge a safe trip. Ridge says Thorne is one lucky guy and gives Taylor a kiss. Once Ridge leaves, Taylor cries over what might have been.

Rush allows Lauren to shave his beard while Eric watches. Before Lauren starts, she asks Rush to read some of his poetry. After Rush reads his poetry, he says Lauren reminds him of the woman he wrote about. Rush asks Lauren to stay with him after the rescue team has come. He promises his love and devotion, something Eric can not give her.

Clarke questions Thorne about his relationship with Taylor and wonders why he and Taylor are not married since she is carrying his child. Thorne thinks Clarke is implying Taylor is settling for him since Ridge is marrying Brooke. Thorne says he is tired of the deception and realizes he will probably have to give up his dream of he and Taylor being together. He is heading to Taylor's to settle things with her. Life is short and he is tired of chasing after a woman who doesn't love him.

Taylor says to herself that as much as she wants Ridge, she can't interfere with the kid's need for Ridge and Brooke to marry and become a family. Taylor realizes she has a good man in Thorne and wonders if she can really move on. Thorne arrives and Taylor throws herself into his arms.

Brooke is relieved when Rick and Bridget return home but is surprised they were at Taylor's. Brooke says there is no news about Eric. Ridge promises to do his best to find Eric but that doesn't stop Brooke from worrying.

Lauren declines Rush's offer to stay with him once she and Eric are rescued. Rush says she would never have to question his devotion if she stays. Eric gets a views of Rush once he beard is shaved and realizes who Rush is. Eric can't believe it. Eric heads outside and says to himself that Rush is going to kill he and Lauren just like he killed her. Rush joins Eric outside and asks him if he looks familiar.

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

Thorne holds Taylor who is upset about Ridge telling Rick and Bridget that he and Brooke will be married once he gets back from Greenland. Taylor realizes Ridge's life is with Brooke and the kids. Rick and Bridget even see Ridge as their father. Thorne says he doesn't mean to apply pressure but he is unsure where he stands with Taylor or how she feels about him.

Stephanie and Ridge are on a military plane heading to Greenland. Stephanie says she can't imagine what Eric must be going through and says there is no explanation for this . Steph and Ridge get word that there is a break in the storm and the rescue team is fairly certain where the plane went down.

Lauren worries about Eric being with Rush outside for so long. Eric recognizes Rush as an old photographer from the fashion industry who was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. It was some sort of fatal attraction situation where Rush was enraged when his girlfriend broke up with him and then later killed her. His girlfriend's name was Sharon. Eric deduces that is why Rush will not allow he and Lauren to use the radio and call for help. If the authorities found Eric and Lauren, then Rush would be found out.

Steph remembers the time she first saw Eric. It was when they were in college at Northwestern. She met him at a fraternity party. Ridge assures her that his father is thinking the same thing. Stephanie is determined to find Eric.

Thorne tells Taylor he has been hanging on to a hope of them being together too long and is going to move out so they both can get on with their lives. Taylor stops him. Seeing Ridge today with the kids sheds new light onto this. Taylor tells Thorne that he is the one constant in her life and if he moves out now, she doesn't know how she will be able to cope. Thorne says he needs more than support and friendship, and he can't wait forever. Taylor says maybe she can make an effort. Thorne says you shouldn't have to make an effort, it should come naturally.

To find out more about Rush, Lauren reads some of his poetry. She notices he keeps referring to a woman names Sharon. Lauren finds a picture of a woman who looks like herself.

Thorne tells Taylor he has waited so long to touch her. Thorne wants Taylor to kiss him if she is ready to move on from Ridge. Tearfully, Taylor kisses Thorne.

Eric says he and Lauren can never survive in the wilderness and asks to use the radio to call for help. Then I will go to prison, Rush says. Eric promises if he can use the radio to get he and Lauren rescued, he will not tell a soul about Rush. Rush says it is a sign that Lauren, someone who looks like his Sharon, has come to him. Rush turns down Eric's request to use the radio. As Eric turns to go inside, he grabs a piece of wood and swings it at Rush. There is a struggle . Rush ultimately hits Eric with the piece of wood to knock him out and ties his hands behind his back.

Thursday, December 4, 1997

The OR team frantically tried to undo all the damage the fall caused their patient.

Taylor is sunbathing when Grant arrives. He is glad to see her out of bed. Grant tells her that they have a lot in common: her husband to be. He has been seeing a lot of Macy; he likes her very much, but Thorne is a tough act to follow.

What about Brooke, Taylor asks. He tells her that he loved Brooke once, still does in some ways. But there was too much excess baggage in that marriage. Not so with Macy, he tells Taylor. He thinks Taylor is one lucky lady to have such a handsome, successful man crazy about her.

Maggie is stunned; she cannot believe that Sheila tried to kill herself by jumping from the roof.

Margaret is fine, she tells James. I saw her last night. Amber is taking care of her. I tried to take her, but the authorities wouldn't let me.

"But it won't be long now," she says on a more cheerful note. We will have our baby back with us."

"What are you talking about?" James inquires.

"Connor said all we had to do was show Sheila as an unfit mother. Now we have proof. What better proof than her trying to kill herself? Our baby could come home today. Lets call Child Protective Services right now, James."

"I can't believe you," James says, aghast. "Sheila is fighting for her life; she could die, and all you can think about is taking advantage of her condition! Have you no decency? You and I are responsible for what has happened to her. It is our fault she jumped!"

Mike comes to the hospital and inquires about Sheila. He is told that she is in surgery. He sees Molly sitting alone and goes to her. He tells her who he is and sits with her. "She is a fighter," he says. "She will pull through this."

In the OR, someone announces that her pressure is dropping. Someone else says that her Oxygen saturation is also dropping. Hang on, Sheila, the surgeon tells her. You are lucky to be alive. We are doing all we can do; the rest is up to you.

Molly says that her daughter has been in surgery for hours. How could this happen? Things have always been hard for Sheila until she met Dr. Warwick. Now things seem to be going right for the first time, so why did this happen? Just yesterday she was so happy. She was marrying the man she loved; she had a beautiful little girl. For the first time she had something to live for.

"We are not responsible for what Sheila has done!" exclaims Maggie. "Sheila has always been unstable. She has made a career of hurting people. Now she has turned on herself. Look at what she did to us. She took away my child; she turned our world upside down. Now you are married to her and I am left alone. I don't have my husband and I don't have my little girl. We didn't push her off that roof; she did it to herself!"

"Can't you see what we have done to her?" James asks. "I trapped her---tricked her. I destroyed her. For you to deny our actions---to refuse responsibility, is beyond me. I don't even know who I am any more. I used to be someone I could be proud of; I was a man with a conscious. Now look at what I have become."

"You were saving Margaret from a death sentence," Maggie declares. "You cannot back down now. You have to stay strong. We have to get Margaret back."

"You cannot see that it is about justice and decency?" James asks. "There is no way you will ever convince me that what we have done is right."

He heads for the door. When Maggie asks where he is going, he tells her he is going to be with Sheila. "I just hope to God that she makes it." He tells her. "And I wish you could feel the same way."

While Mike and Molly are talking, the doctor comes to the waiting room. He takes them into Sheila's room. He tells them that they has done all they can do. There was just so much damage----punctured lungs, broken ribs, internal injuries. They did all they could, now it is up to her. Her condition is very tenuous; she is critically ill and could die. They bring Sheila in. Molly goes to her and calls her name. The doctor says she is still unconscious; they don't know when she will wake up.

Molly is alone with Sheila, except for Mike. She talks to her daughter: You finally found true happiness, she says. All I ever wanted for you, you had found. A husband who loves you, a child who needs you. Don't go.

Mike speaks: This isn't the way it is supposed to be, he says to her. We love you so much. You will beat this thing; you are strong. Nothing can stop you when you try.

v James comes to the door with Amber and Mary. He tells her to wait outside; he doesn't want Mary to see Sheila like this. He walks to the bedside. Sheila, he begins, we need you. You have never been so needed in your life. We need your love and support. I am sorry for what I did. I was wrong. I doubted you and didn't believe in you. Please forgive me. Heal yourself. Come home. Mary misses you---we all miss you. Life is so sweet; you have too much to live for. Hang on.

Just then Sheila goes into cardiac arrest.

"Sheila do not let go," shouts James.

Friday, December 5, 1997

James tells Sheila that she has to fight; all the people who care about her the most are at her bedside. He is sorry he doubted her, tricked her; he asks for her forgiveness. Suddenly, she is in cardiac arrest. "No, Sheila, don't go!" shouts James.

"She is dead!" cries Molly. "My daughter is dead!"

James quickly grabs for the defibrillator and gives her chest a shock. He jumps to her chest and begins manual compressions and artificial respiration. Just as the doctor and nurse rush into the room, Sheila's heartbeat resumes. James tells the medical persons that he got the code going when she died. The doctor begins ordering tests; have a ventilator present in case this happens again, he orders.

Sally is on the phone with Fenmores. They haven't heard from Lauren either; it seems she missed an important board meeting, something that she has never done. Sally is now doubly worried and requests that if they hear from her, to let her know. When she hangs up, she tells Grant that she doesn't even know what country Lauren can be in.

Sally looks at the sketch Grant is working on and says it looks "interesting." Grant thinks she is talking about the dress, but Sally mentions that the "model" bears a striking resemblance to Macy. When Sally makes reference to "ice water in the lap," Grant admits that he's confused by what happened during his date with Macy. Sally compares what happened with him and Macy as someone expecting a lifetime of chocolates but only getting one little box. Suddenly Grant gets it; Macy was expecting a marriage proposal instead of a proposition. However, he tells Sally that had he known, he still wouldn't have proposed. They have only known each other a couple of months. He isn't ready for marriage.

Meanwhile, Macy tells Darla that she can't believe she did it! Darla says she loves it! Macy berates herself for expecting so much, but Darla tells her that she is a beautiful woman and she is happy to see her friend like this. Like how? Excited, looking forward to life, going with the flow. The only trouble is that knowing Macy, Darla suspects that Macy is worried about what could go wrong. That will only get you into more trouble, she lectures her friend.

"Your are right," Macy agrees, with a dreamy look. "So Grant didn't want to get serious so soon. We have both had bad relationships. There is no need to rush into anything. I don't see why I can't just relax and have fun. That is obviously what Grant wants"

"God, you are going to have pretty kids!" exclaims Darla. Macy pushes her out of the office; she will finish the inventory, she tells her friend. But, after Darla has gone, Macy holds a picture of Grant and the rest of the company with a dreamy look on her face.

As things begin to settle down, Molly notices that Sheila is waking up. James goes to her and tells her that she is okay now. The doctor orders an echocardiogram. As he leaves, he tells the staff to let him know immediately if anything changes. James asks if Sheila is going to make it. He answers that it is still touch and go. It could go either way since Sheila is so critical. But, he tells James, a lot depends on you. Go to her and talk to her; make her want to live. As James returns to the room, Sheila says that she wants to speak to James alone.

"Grant, I think you are making a mistake," Sally tells Grant. "You should follow your heart. You shouldn't let your wounded pride stand in your way of happiness. Life is too short. Just think about that for a while." Sally leave Grant sitting alone in his office with a thoughtful look on his face. "We need to talk," Grant announces when he walks into Macy's office. He then apologizes for how their date turned out. "I now know what you wanted that night. There I was planning a romantic evening of just fun and it turned out all wrong. I found out what you were really expecting that night; you were expecting me to propose."

Excuse me!" Macy says. "What makes you think I was expecting a proposal? I was simply trying to think of a way to let you down. What an ego you have!"

"You were going to say no?" asks Grant. "I don't believe you. If I had offered you a ring that night you . . . "

"I guess we will never know, will we?" Macy says as she heads out the door.

Grant calls her name and when she turns back, he is holding an open ring box out to her.

"Macy, will you marry me?" he asks a totally shocked Macy.

"Sheila, you have got to make it," James tells Sheila when they are alone. "We need you. Mary needs you. Don't abandon our little girl again."

But Sheila tells him that the baby doesn't need her; she needs James. She begs him to take care of her baby. "You don't need me," she tells him.

"You are my wife. I love you," James professes. "Promise me you won't leave me."

"You love me?" asks Sheila with tears in her eyes.

Molly enters the room and James tells her that Sheila is going to make it. "Aren't you, darling? You have come back to us, haven't you?"

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