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Maggie got arrested, but Sheila agreed not to press charges if Maggie would stay away from Mary. Macy and Grant purchased Insomnia. After being rescued, Eric and Lauren returned to Los Angeles.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 15, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, December 15, 1997

Maggie is determined not to let Sheila ruin Margaret's life the way she ruined hers and threatens to turn off Sheila's life support. Sheila doesn't think Maggie has the guts to do it. As Maggie turns to leave, Sheila taunts her even more. Maggie flips out and shuts off the life support.

Grant informs Macy he knows the real reason why she turned down his marriage proposal. Macy reiterates she is just not ready for marriage. Grant says the real reason is Macy is afraid of what she stands to lose considering her relationship with Thorne went sour. Macy says she is just being more cautious. Macy's biggest dream has been her singing and when her marriage to Thorne dissolved, her singing also stopped. Her biggest joy in life is her singing and now that is gone. Grant says music is a part of Macy and even though her marriage to Thorne ended, the music didn't have to die. Grant wants to help Macy achieve her goal of singing again and knows how to do it.

Amber stops by Insomnia and is told the coffee house is being closed because the owner is moving out of state. James stops by looking for Maggie. James tells Amber he hardly recognizes Maggie anymore. Sheila's attempted suicide has antagonized Maggie even more. Amber gripes about her financial difficulty of finding a decent place in LA. James writes her a big enough check to get her situated.

A dazed Maggie watches the nurses try to revive Sheila. The police arrive and question Maggie who refuses to answer anything without her lawyer being present.

Grant wants Macy to take up singing again and thinks they should buy Insomnia. Macy thinks it's too big of a whim. Grant helps Macy realize she should go for her dream. The loan from the bank has already been approved and all that is needed is Macy's ok. Grant says if their relationship doesn't work, they can sell the place, but if it does work, the sky is the limit. Macy agrees and the duo head to the coffee house to make it official. Grant and Macy are the new owners of Insomnia!

Sheila informs the police and James that Maggie turned off her life support. Maggie apologizes and says she did it for Margaret. Maggie says she is the only one who can see the Sheila is manipulating James. James says he doesn't know who Maggie is anymore and asks what kind of person would turn off someone's life support. The police arrest Maggie on attempted murder. James tells Sheila he is sorry she had to go through this.

Tuesday, December 16, 1997

Eric and Stephanie are determined that once the storm lets up, they will go back out and search for Eric. Ridge feels sorry for what Rick and Bridget must be going through. Stephanie advises Ridge not to throw away what he and Taylor shared.

Eric informs Lauren that Rush has disappeared. After Eric shot him, he took him outside and put him on the sled. Rush must have hooked the dogs up and left. The way Rush was bleeding, Eric doesn't think he could have survived long. Lauren fears they will never be rescued since Rush smashed the radio.

Taylor wonders how Ridge would react if she told him the child she is carrying is his. Would Ridge react the way Brooke says he would in which Ridge would reject her and the baby? Taylor dreams of telling Ridge the truth. In her dream, Ridge says it is too late for he and Taylor to reunite since he has made a commitment to Brooke and the kids. Taylor wants to raise this child with Ridge but thinks Ridge will say his life is with Brooke now. Would Ridge really react that way?

James apologizes to the doctor for Maggie getting out of control. Maggie has been charged with attempted murder and Sheila has to decide if she wants to press charges. Sheila will not press charges on one condition: Maggie is to stay away from her and the baby. James apologizes to Sheila for ever doubting her love.

Lauren apologizes to Eric for believing in Rush. Eric says the circumstances surrounding them seem unreal. He has been blessed with a wonderful life and that might be taken away from him now. Eric feels guilty for having killed Rush. Lauren they were put into a position in which Eric had to kill a man. Eric thanks Lauren for her support. Lauren tells Eric she loves him and always will. If she is going to die, she is glad it is with Eric.

James visits Maggie in jail and wonders how she could make an attempt on another human being's life. Maggie admits what she did was wrong. James informs her Sheila has agreed to drop the charges if she stays away from her and the baby. Maggie thinks this is just a ploy to make to make James think she has changed. James thinks it is best if he and Maggie don't see each other for a while. Maggie begs James not to be fooled again.

Stephanie gives Ridge a picture of he and Taylor. She notes how happy they are in the picture. Ridge and Steph get a call from the rescue team. They are going back out to look for Eric. Ridge puts the picture in his pocket.

Taylor is also looking at a picture of she and Ridge. No matter what Brooke says, she will always love Ridge. Taylor prays for Ridge's safety.

Wednesday, December 17, 1997

Sally and Darla enter Lauren's apartment and find no signs that Lauren has been there recently. Sally notes that Lauren loved her apartment and would never have abandoned it unless something terrible happened. Darla reminds Sally the Forresters have a search party looking for Eric, and if Lauren was on the same plane, the rescue team will find her.

Eric couldn't find anymore wood outside tells Lauren he saw no sign of Rush. Eric doesn't think Rush could have survived long in the freezing temperatures. Lauren tells Eric she is more attracted to him now than ever.

In the helicopter, the rescue team picked up an infra-red signal from their radar they think is a heat source from someone or something. Stephanie is sure it is Eric. After further review, the rescuers deduce the infrared signal was either a wolf or a bear.

At their newly acquired coffee house, Macy and Grant disagree over what they will be serving for breakfast. One thing is certain, Grant says, and that is he is looking forward to hearing Macy sing again. Macy notes that planning the menu and kitchen design is a lot of work but it will also be a lot of fun. She has not been this happy in years and it is all because of Grant. Grant suggests the way to repay him would be to accept his marriage proposal.

Eric and Lauren huddle under the same blanket and wonder is they will ever be saved. Eric isn't giving up hope because of his family and Lauren isn't giving up hope because of Eric. If not for all the years he spent with Stephanie, Eric says he would have chosen a life with Lauren.

At the crash site, one of the rescue team members notes that with each passing hour, it is less likely Eric has survived. Stephanie knows in her heart Eric is alive and is not giving up until she finds him. One of the team members yells that he found some footprints leading away from the crash site...

Eric realizes something has happened in the last few weeks. When he saw Lauren with Rush, he was jealous. Lauren is surprised at this revelation. Eric continues by saying he chose Stephanie but was trying to avoid Lauren since he is so vulnerable. Now that their lives might be ending... Lauren tells Eric she loves him and they kiss passionately. Ridge, Stephanie and the rescue team continue to follow the footsteps that are leading the to cabin. Ridge is ahead of the others, enters the cabin, and is shocked by what he sees.

Thursday, December 18, 1997

Macy and Grant are busy organizing their new place. Macy says that she has offered the waitress job to someone. She then points to her; it is Katie!

Katie is meeting Brooke who doesn't want to be away from the house in case Ridge calls. Katie wonders what she thinks of this place; it is under new management. Macy and Grant have bought it, she tells her sister.

Amber approaches Macy and Grant. She thought the place was closing, but is happy that someone has bought it. She wants to audition for a singing position, but Grant tells her that that is taken care of. "Don't you want something different sometimes?" she persists. Macy takes her name and number. How about a job as a waitress? Macy tells her that the only opening was just offered to Katie (she points her out to Amber).

Amber takes a table near Katie and Brooke. She overhears Brooke whining that Katie doesn't want to be a waitress, does she?

Darla drags an unwilling Sally out of the office. She wants to show her a surprise. Sally finally goes with her, even though she is down in the dumps due to losing her friend.

The search party are making their way slowly toward the cabin. Ridge is ahead of the group. He opens the door to the cabin and shines his flashlight onto a pile of fur. A hand comes out of the pile and finally pushes the fur back exposing a face. Ridge sees his father and, though a blur at first, Eric sees his son standing there.

"Ridge? Ridge is that you?" he cries out. They embrace. Lauren climbs out of the pile of fur. Ridge is shocked to find her there also. They can't believe that Ridge is there. They had given up hope. Crying "Oh, My God!" Ridge embraces the two.

Katie has been helping with Rick and Bridget since they were babies. She wants to get out, to see people. She needs a life. Brooke says that she will have to hire someone to take care of the kids. Amber's ears perk up at this.

Ridge goes to direct the rescue team to the cabin leaving Eric and Lauren alone. Eric and Lauren embrace, but Lauren know that this is good-bye. Eric tells her that things are different now, but he doesn't know how much. Still, nothing will ever be the same. He doesn't know how Stephanie will feel about him. Lauren wants to know if she stands a chance, but before he can answer, Stephanie comes in. She rushes to Eric and throws her arms around him. She hugs and kisses him over and over.

Amber interrupts. She tells them she is desperate for a job. She is a child care specialist and doesn't want to be a waitress, but if Katie would just let her have this job, she would be so grateful.

"Child care specialist, huh?" Brooke asks. "Pull up a chair and let's talk."

Sally and Darla arrive at Insomnia. Macy tells her mother that she and Grant have bought the coffee shop. Sally throws a fit. You are a fashion designer! You have a contract!

Stephanie is crying. She was so afraid she was going to lose Eric. She goes back into his arms. Eventually, she sees Lauren across the room.

Amber has told Brooke all about herself and her experience. She had references, she says. Brooke takes her name and phone number. She will have to call Amber at the coffee shop, because she doesn't have a home . . . phone right now.

Brooke tells Katie that she will check Amber out. Right now she is just too worried about Eric. Just then her cell phone rings and she gets good news from Ridge. She promises to tell everyone the good news. Eric is alive! Ridge found his father. She makes the announcement to the entire coffee shop.

"Was he alone? Was he by himself?" Sally cries.

"Lauren was with him and she is alive also," Brooke tells a jubilant Sally.

"Lauren?" Stephanie says. Eric explains that Lauren was hitching a ride back to LA. He wants to call Rick and Bridget right away. It is already done, Ridge tells him.

"What kept you looking?" Eric asks Stephanie. "Just an hour ago we had given up hope of living through the night."

"I would never have given up!" Stephanie tells him. "I knew you were alive. I wouldn't have let this day end any other way. My prayers were answered. You are here; you are alive. Now we have to get the two of you back home; to safety."

Friday, December 19, 1997

On the plane headed home, Eric and Stephanie are sitting together. Eric thinks this is so unreal. How lucky he is. He had given up hope of ever going home again. "Do I seem different to you?" he asks.

Stephanie tells him that he does seem more aware. Eric explains that in a survival situation, you don't think about tomorrow or next week. You just think about surviving this day.

I am just so grateful that you are back with us, Stephanie tells him. She goes into his arms and they kiss. He looks over her shoulder and sees Lauren watching.

Lauren is sitting with Ridge. He asks if she is all right. He tells her that it will be a shock to her system when she gets back. She says that it isn't culture shock that will give her trouble. "Every day was a life and death struggle," she tells Ridge. "I never thought we'd see LA again. Things were said and done----but, I wonder if it matters now?"

Ridge looks at his parents and tells her that he doesn't think it will matter. But he will be there when she needs support.

Thorne and Taylor wonder why Brooke called them. When she enters the room, she tells them that she has wonderful news. It is about your dad, Thorne. He is alive; they found him!

The captain announces that the plane is beginning their descent into LA. Stephanie wants to talk with Ridge before they land. She asks Lauren to excuse them. She asks Ridge to put the wedding off for a while---a couple of months, at least.

Ridge wonders why he should. She explains that she feels that something is going on with Taylor---something that she can't explain. She is sure that Taylor still loves Ridge, but something is holding her back from telling him. Ridge says that Taylor is free to tell him anything. Why don't you take the initiative? Stephanie wonders. Why don't you go to her and ask her what is going on? Ridge tells his mother that it is up to Taylor to take the initiative. He is moving on with his life.

Lauren joins Eric. It is weird, she tells him. Tonight will be the first time we will sleep apart for weeks.

"I just want to put this ordeal behind me," she tells Eric. "There are parts I'll never forget or will want to forget. What happened between us had meaning for me. I hope it did for you."

"Of course it did," Eric replies. "I will never forget what we went through together. We have to be changed by what we went through together. But right now, I just want to go home. I pray that I will not see another snow drift the rest of this year."

"When will they get here?" asks Thorne. Brooke tells him that they should be landing right about now and they will come directly here.

"All of them?" questions Taylor. "I want to talk to Ridge."

Brooke tries to object. She explains that Ridge will be exhausted. He will need rest. Besides, the kids will be hanging all over him. They have a lot of wedding plans to make. Taylor wonder how he could get rest if they are going to be making all those plans. Thorne thinks it is a good idea if she doesn't talk with Ridge, but lets him get some rest and relaxation.

Brooke tells Taylor that she is so happy for her and Thorne. It is wonderful for all of them, especially the children and that's what counts, right?

Taylor just shakes her head and walks out onto the terrace. "Do you think she will tell Ridge about the baby?" Brooke asks Thorne.

No, Thorne tells Brooke. He doesn't believe she will tell him.

"I hope not," Brooke responds. "Because it will be the ultimate rejection."

On the terrace, Taylor talks to herself. You show such confidence, Brooke. But it is just a show. Or could you be that certain? What if I tell him about you (she says to her baby) and he chooses to stay with Brooke? We deserve better than that. Or would he stay with her? Would he really stay with Brooke if he knew I was going to have his baby?

The kids get home from school. They are overjoyed when Brooke tells them that their father will be home very soon. Just then, the door opens and Eric and Stephanie enter. Bridget runs into his arms and he holds her to him tightly. "I was so scared," Bridget tells him.

"You shouldn't have been," Eric tells her. "I would have swum the Arctic ocean if I had to, to get back with you." He stands and walks toward Rick. Rick meets him halfway and they embrace. Eric then makes his way to Brooke and hugs her. Rick asks about the crash, but Eric says that after a few days of rest, he will tell him all about it. He is just happy to be back with those he loves. He thanks them for not giving up on him. And he is looking forward to all the wedding plans.

Brooke embraces Ridge. She tells him that she just kept talking to the kids about the wedding. Losing their father was just too much for her to handle. Over her shoulder, Ridge sees Taylor by the terrace door.

Brooke announces that she has champagne and soft drinks cooling. She asks Bridget to help her serve.

Ridge walks out on the terrace with Taylor. She is relieved that he is home and safe, she tells him. He wonders if Thorne is taking care of her. She tells him that she is taking care of herself. When are you going to marry Brooke, she asks.

"Tomorrow, if the kids have anything to say about it," he tells her.

"Yesterday, if Brooke has any say," Taylor responds.

Ridge tells her that one of these days, she and Brooke will be the best of friends. Is that what you want? Taylor asks. For Brooke to be your wife and me to be your friend?

"I just want the best for you," Ridge tells her.

Inside, Stephanie is watching from the window. Brooke joins her, saying that she must be happy to have Eric back; she understands that Lauren was with him. Stephanie accuses her of trying to get in a little dig. But, she continues, see those people out there? They are in love and aching to be together. Then why aren't they, Brooke asks, innocently.

Because something is going on and I have the feeling you are right in the middle of it, Stephanie accuses. You want to know why you and Ridge have never gotten together? It is because you lack what Taylor has: substance and character. I warn you, between now and your wedding, I will use all my power to get those two together again.

"Then you had better work quickly," Brooke retorts. "The wedding is just around the corner."

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