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January 5 to 9, 1998
Brooke moved up the wedding from 2:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. and neglected to tell Taylor and Thorne. Taylor and Thorne rushed toward Brooke's house to stop the wedding, but early labor stopped them only blocks away. Thorne delivered Taylor's baby boy. The wedding took place, and the new Forresters left for a honeymoon in Italy. Dr. Martin Guthrie introduced himself to James and began to talk about Sheila. Unknown to James, who offered him a scotch, Martin was an alcoholic. He got drunk and was about to spill the beans when Mike and Maggie arrived and rushed him out of the bar.
January 12 to 16, 1998
Eric and Lauren, separately, began showing signs of posttraumatic stress disorder. Maggie continued wearing away at James's resistance. James finally said he would give Sheila one more day to call, and if she didn't, he would move with the baby back to her house. Taylor worried about who to list as her baby's father on the birth certificate. In the shower, Mike was suddenly attacked by a "knife" wielded by an old woman -- it was Marty dressed in a Ma Bates costume. Sheila finally broke free, but Mike and Maggie were chasing her -- and she didn't know where she was.
January 19 to 23, 1998
Thorne called Brooke and told her that Taylor had given birth to a baby boy. Suddenly, Brooke "miscarried." Taylor named the baby Thomas Hamilton Forrester, but did not list a father's name on the birth certificate. Thorne had a fit. Lauren met face-to-face with "Rush," who tried to convince her that he was Johnny, Rush's twin brother. Amber made moves on Rick. Maggie talked James into going to Scotland that night. After agreeing, James went to Mannequins, where he saw Marty. He followed him to see if he could find Sheila. Ridge met face-to-face with Taylor's baby.
January 26 to 30, 1998
After "coming on" to Rick, Amber waited at Insomnia until he finally came through for her -- she got a live-in offer from the Forresters. Much to Brooke's dismay, Taylor stopped by with her son and gave him to Ridge to hold. Brooke and Taylor both noticed an instant bond form. Brooke later considered telling Ridge the truth about Thomas. Lauren and Eric set a trap for "Rush," but were surprised at the outcome: Johnny was telling the truth; he was Rush's twin brother. James rescued Sheila from the Psycho mansion and took her home, much to Maggie's astonishment. Later, the police dragged Maggie away in handcuffs, with her screaming, "Please James, don't let them do this to me!"
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February 2 to 6, 1998
After talking Sheila into dropping the charges against Maggie, James told Maggie that he intended to stay married to Sheila. Maggie asked Stephanie and Lauren to join her in taking down Sheila. Ridge and Brooke started "work" on another baby. Ridge still had questions about Taylor and Thorne; he went to Thorne and demanded answers. Amber stole Brooke's tennis bracelet and hocked it for $6,000. When Brooke missed the bracelet, Amber admitted to Rick that she had pawned it. She and Rick approached the pawnshop owner and bought back the bracelet.
February 9 to 13, 1998
Rick managed to get his mother's bracelet back in the safe before Brooke checked it again. Finding the bracelet, she went to Amber and apologized for thinking Amber had stolen it. Macy proposed to Grant. Maggie began her probe into Sheila's past; she began with Maureen, the widow of Sheila's psychiatrist. Brooke admitted to the family that she had lost the baby, but Stephanie didn't believe there ever was a baby. Ridge asked Stephanie to leave his home. The next day, he issued an ultimatum to his mother: learn to live with Brooke or learn to live without Ridge in her life.
February 16 to 20, 1998
James was worried about Maggie and told Sheila that she needed the kind of care he was able to give to her. Maggie continued gathering information on Sheila. After visiting Eric, she visited the long-time nanny who had disappeared so suddenly. Stephanie and Ridge had a confrontation about Brooke. Stephanie appealed to Thorne to tell her what secret he shared with Brooke. Rush left the tundra and stowed away on a freighter bound for the United States. Johnny and Lauren had a romantic evening. At the end of a romantic night between Brooke and Ridge, Taylor and Thomas showed up on their doorstep.
February 23 to 27, 1998
After apparently killing Amur, Rush stowed away on a freighter bound for the United States. Ridge gave Brooke a romantic evening, which was interrupted by Taylor's arrival. Taylor lied to Brooke about telling Ridge about Thomas. Taylor told Thorne that she was telling Ridge about the baby as soon as possible. After Thorne left in a huff, Stephanie stopped over, and Taylor told her about Thomas' parentage. James tried to reach Maggie, but he wasn't offering what she wanted. Maggie went ahead with her plan to take Sheila down. Thanks to the construction man, Maggie, Lauren, and Judy were able to "haunt" Sheila while she was alone in her home. Thorne turned to Macy for comfort.
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MARCH 1998
March 2 to 6, 1998
Taylor finally told Ridge that Thomas was his son. Stephanie told Brooke that her game was over. Brooke rushed to Ridge's office and found Taylor and Thomas in Ridge's arms. Ridge blasted both Brooke and Taylor for lying to him. Rush landed in the United States and was on a plane headed for Los Angeles; upon arriving in LA, he immediately found where Lauren lived. Maggie gloated that her plan was working to put Sheila back into a mental institution. Stephanie went to Big Bear where Ridge had hidden out; she pleaded Taylor's case, but Brooke found out where Ridge was and was on her way.
March 9 to 13, 1998
At Big Bear, Ridge contemplated his dilemma. Stephanie surmised where he had disappeared to and went to Big Bear. She defended Taylor's actions. Later, Brooke also went to Big Bear and asked Ridge for forgiveness. Ridge asked if she had lied about the pregnancy and miscarriage. Following Brooke's visit, Taylor drove to Big Bear and attempted to explain all her actions during her pregnancy. In the end, Ridge still needed more time. Johnny had a romantic evening with Lauren, which Rush witnessed from his perch on the balcony. He followed Johnny home, and there was a confrontation. Overhearing Macy make a reservation for John Quincy, a record producer, Rick made arrangements for Amber to sing.
March 16 to 20, 1998
Ridge arrived at Taylor's and proceeded to bond with Thomas. Amber gave a performance at Insomnia, accompanied by Rick and C.J. in front of a celebrity. Grant and Macy grew closer, which prompted Macy to throw away Thorne's new telephone number. C.J. challenged Rick to a drag race. When Rick hesitated, Amber spurred him on to accept. With Amber riding in the car with him, Rick crashed. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and was readied for surgery.
March 23 to 27, 1998
After he tied up Johnny and shaved his beard, Rush left for a date with Lauren. He pleaded for her to run away with him, but before she could answer, Macy and Grant arrived. Grant and Macy announced their engagement and suggested they jump into the hot tub. Rush couldn't join them because of his scar. Ridge blasted Thorne for trying to steal his son. Thorne announced that he was leaving the company and the family. There was a frantic effort to find a compatible kidney donor among the family, but when that didn't work, Amber insisted that they use hers.
March 30 to April 3, 1998
The Forresters watched anxiously as Rick and Amber underwent major surgery. Thorne told Stephanie that he was taking a vacation from the family. Grant and Macy gave their friends and family a surprise wedding. Thorne watched helplessly as Macy said "I do" to Grant. Lauren grew more and more puzzled at Johnny's strange behavior. Ridge, Taylor, and Thomas grew closer while Stephanie presented Brooke with papers that could end her marriage to Ridge.
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APRIL 1998
April 6 to 10, 1998
Brooke held Thomas and realized she understood what Ridge needed. Taylor mistook Brooke's words to mean she was giving up on Ridge. Brooke had a bad night, taking care of Rick and Amber. Eric and Johnny broke into Lauren's apartment to save her from Rush. Brooke issued Ridge an ultimatum.
April 13 to 17, 1998
Both Brooke and Taylor planned dinner parties on the same night and invited Ridge. Ridge was given an ultimatum: decide that night who he would stay with. Ridge made his decision. Macy was surprised to find Thorne had moved in next door.
April 20 to 24, 1998
Ridge had annulment papers drawn up; he presented them to Brooke. Brooke had one last request of Ridge: for him to make love to her one last time. Macy and Grant had their first argument. Darla put the moves on Thorne, which made Macy jealous. Ridge was unable to tell the children that he was leaving. Rick went back to school for the first time since the accident.
April 27 to May 1, 1998
Ridge rejected Brooke's attempt at seduction, so she burned the annulment papers. Rick found out Ridge was leaving; he then told Ridge that he would not hurt his mother and sister again. Taylor wondered if Ridge was having second thoughts. Eric told Stephanie to back off and leave Ridge alone. Sally paid a visit to Thorne and gave him a piece of her mind, warning him not to interfere in Macy's new life. Macy took a home pregnancy test.
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MAY 1998
May 4 to 8, 1998
Stephanie went to James and asked his advice concerning her anger. Macy and Grant read the home pregnancy results together. After seeing Thorne and Macy together again, Grant lay in wait and attacked Thorne. Macy reluctantly gave Darla permission to date Thorne. Ridge assured Taylor that he was determined that they would have a life together. Ridge and Brooke told Bridget that the marriage was over. Rick visited Taylor and gave her hell for breaking up his parents' marriage. Sally and Lauren visited Stephanie and gave her a pair of Eric's boxer shorts that he had left behind after his date with Lauren.
May 11 to 15, 1998
Stephanie visited Thorne and asked his forgiveness. Ridge finally told Bridget that he was leaving, but Bridget's reaction was a surprise. Ridge and Taylor planned their first night as a new family, but news of Bridget's disappearance threw cold water on their plans. Sheila returned home. Maggie left town. James received disturbing news.
May 18 to 22, 1998
The family waited for word from Bridget. Taylor gave Brooke and Ridge her professional opinion concerning Bridget's mental state. Brooke begged Taylor to help get her daughter back. Two tough street dudes hassled Bridget. When they discovered she had money, they left her alone and ran away with the money. C.J., on his way to buy new guitar strings, found Bridget hiding on the street. He took her to the Spectra basement, where she could sleep safely. Sheila learned that indirectly, she was the reason James was losing his practice and maybe his medical license.
May 25 to 29, 1998
Bridget ran away again. Later, from her hiding space in the alley by the guitar store, she watched Brooke and Ridge suffer. After taking Bridget back to Spectra, C.J. got Amber to talk to Bridget. Ridge and Brooke spotted a group of street kids with Bridget's bag. While questioning them, Ridge was severely beaten. Grant and Macy saw a fertility specialist. Thorne asked Macy to remain his friend -- not from a distance, but up close. James had a meeting with his partners and asked for their help. Sheila paid a visit to Dr. Nunez.
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JUNE 1998
June 1 to 5, 1998
Sheila paid Dr. Nunez a visit and gave him a warning. Bridget returned home thanks to C.J. and Amber. Eric told Stephanie to stay away from Brooke's house. Bridget begged Ridge not to leave, but he decided that his place was with Taylor and Thomas.
June 8 to 12, 1998
Eric spent a night with Bridget, then the next day, they both played hooky together. Eric told Stephanie that the marriage was off. Eric spent the night with Lauren. Amber was thrilled when her friend, Raymond, was singing at Insomnia. Sheila watched as Stephanie agreed to help James at his hearing. Taylor and Ridge began their new life together by making wedding plans. Taylor said that they couldn't get married until Brooke signed the annulment papers. Ridge went to Brooke and asked her to sign the papers so he could get on with his life with Taylor.
June 15 to 19, 1998
Brooke signed the annulment papers while Taylor planned her wedding. Stephanie begged Brooke to do the right thing and tell Eric the whole story about the argument. When Taylor and Ridge called to tell Stephanie that they would be married that night, Stephanie put it on the speakerphone so Brooke could hear the announcement and the excitement in Ridge's voice. James had his license to practice medicine revoked for an indefinite period of time. Outside the hearing, Sheila vowed that Stephanie would pay for hurting James.
June 22 to 26, 1998
Ridge asked Thorne to be the best man at his wedding with Taylor. Taylor chose Stephanie as her maid of honor. Accompanied by Clarke, Brooke crashed the wedding, wearing a large hat with a veil. When Thomas interrupted the wedding for a moment, Brooke raised her veil and made eye contact with Ridge. Brooke couldn't believe it when Ridge went through with the wedding. As Ridge and Taylor flew away on their honeymoon, a tipsy Stephanie made a play for James, unaware that Sheila was watching. Rick took Amber for a romantic evening at Café Russe. Eric told Amber that she wasn't good enough for Rick, but Rick told his father to "butt out."
June 29 to July 3, 1998
Sheila and Stephanie had a confrontation. Later, to emphasize her threat, Sheila sent a gift to Thomas. James was confused by the signals Stephanie was putting out. He went to Lauren with his problem and admitted that he had feelings for Stephanie. Lauren went to Stephanie and threatened to tell Sheila how Stephanie and James felt about each other. Brooke learned about Rick's "date" with Amber. Amber and Rick slept together at Big Bear. When they were trying to sneak back into the house the next morning, they were caught, and Amber was fired. Macy took Grant to the fertility doctor against his wishes. Ridge and Taylor returned home from their honeymoon.
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JULY 1998
July 6 to 10, 1998
Grant was shocked to learn that he had a medical problem. Macy was heartbroken. After listening and watching from the bedroom door, Brooke made Amber an offer. However, Amber made a counteroffer that Brooke couldn't resist. Taylor had a job interview with Dr. Pierce Peterson, and she was impressed. James and Sheila argued over the kiss and just who was to blame. Sheila was convinced that Stephanie wanted to get between her and James. When James went to Stephanie, Sheila took decisive action. When Stephanie learned that Sheila wasn't at home, she made a frantic phone call.
July 13 to 17, 1998
After taking a dip in the ocean, Taylor noticed the bald spot on Thomas' head. When given no other choice, Stephanie told James about Sheila's threat. Grant and Macy opened their hearts to each other. After Grant promised to give her an annulment, Macy told him that she didn't want to leave him. Thorne learned that Macy could not be a mother. The doctor gave Grant bad news. Stephanie and James met at the cabin at Big Bear. Brooke and Eric threw a surprise party for Rick. Amber was back.
July 20 to 24, 1998
Amber told C.J. that she was pregnant. He convinced her that she needed to have an abortion. Later, Macy told him that he had given the wrong advice so they went looking for Rick. Rick found out that his mother had paid Amber to leave him. After C.J. told Rick, they rushed to the abortion clinic to stop Amber. Grant confided in Darla that he was dying from cancer. He wanted to tell Macy in his own time. When he went to Macy, he couldn't tell her because she was all excited about donor insemination.
July 27 to 31, 1998
James wore a wire to trap Sheila. Sheila was arrested and taken to jail. Taylor heard Bailey's life story, and she was impressed. Later, she watched as Pierce hypnotized a smoker of 30 years and broke his habit. Brooke and Pierce met, and Pierce gave her some good advice. Amber pushed Rick to tell his parents about her pregnancy. Eric found her in Brooke's house and tossed her out.
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August 3 to 7, 1998
Mike paid a visit to Sheila and delivered bad news. Stephanie tried to persuade James to file for termination of Sheila's parental rights. Macy and Thorne threw a surprise party for Grant. Rick told his parents that it was he who had tracked Amber down -- not she him. C.J. suggested that Macy and Grant would make good parents for Amber's baby. Brooke and Amber had a confrontation. Amber told Brooke that she wanted them to be friends again. Grant finally told Macy that he was dying of cancer.
August 10 to 14, 1998
Amber warned Brooke that she was going to regret treating her so badly. The board heard testimony against Sheila as well as Sheila's defense. They then decided Sheila's future. Taylor watched as Pierce cured an abusive husband. Taylor gave Pierce a warning that he might ruin his career if he wasn't careful. Ridge took Thomas to work with him. Rick and Amber devised a plan to con Brooke into accepting Amber. Brooke learned Amber's secret. Thorne and Ridge made up. Pierce had a fantasy about Taylor.
August 17 to 21, 1998
Brooke told Rick that they would handle Amber's pregnancy together. Later, Amber was shocked at news she got from Raymond. Grant told both Macy and Thorne, separately, that he wanted Macy to have a child with Thorne. Sally was thrilled to hear that Stephanie was involved with James; she paid her a friendly congratulatory visit but left angry and insulted. After guessing that Pierce had feelings for Taylor, Bailey told him to follow through with them. He said that from what he had heard, Ridge was quite the ladies' man. Later, he saw Ridge with Brooke in his arms. Taylor almost quit the program but thought that if Pierce would hypnotize her, she would understand the treatment better.
August 24 to 28, 1998
Taylor asked Pierce to hypnotize her. He wanted to give her a gift of fun and freedom, so he told her that when she walked into her house that night, she would be sixteen again. Ridge was pleasantly surprised when he stepped into a time warp. Brooke and Pierce had dinner and discussed Brooke's relationship with Ridge. Pierce got the idea that Taylor couldn't be happy with a man still in love with another woman. C.J. discovered that Amber and Raymond really had slept together; Amber begged him not to tell anyone. Grant had to be hospitalized. Sally went to his bedside, wanting to comfort him, but he comforted her instead. Thorne kissed Macy. When she didn't respond, he told her that for Grant's sake, she should pretend. Sheila and Sybil switched places; Sybil went to the big hospital in Sheila's place, and Sheila was released.
August 31 to September 4, 1998
Sheila had a makeover. She was ready for revenge. C.J. wanted Amber to come clean with Rick. After he told Sally about Amber's predicament, Sally hoped that Amber didn't go to Plan B. Eric and Brooke invited Amber over to discuss her options. Amber got her hopes up, but all they could suggest was adoption. Later, Rick proposed to Amber. Pierce told Taylor that she was acting the way she was because he had hypnotized her. When he hypnotized her again to remove the "16-year-old" suggestion, he also planted another suggestion. When Taylor told Ridge that Pierce had hypnotized her, he went to see Pierce and said that his wife was off the project as of that moment.
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September 7 to 11, 1998
Rick proposed, and Amber accepted. C.J. blasted Amber for not telling Rick that Raymond could be the baby's father. Ridge went to Pierce Peterson and told him that Taylor was quitting her job. However, Taylor refused to quit. Sheila dressed as a delivery person and went to the day care center to see her baby. Macy learned that Grant might never leave the hospital. Thorne wanted her to grant Grant his last wish. Stephanie told Eric that she was simply thrilled that James and Mary had become a part of her life.
September 14 to 18, 1998
Brooke said her goodbyes to Grant in the hospital. Brooke and Eric had a second confrontation with Rick and Amber. They learned that Rick and Amber were engaged and planned to keep the baby. After being thrown out of Brooke's house -- again -- Amber went to Stephanie and asked if she could stay there. Lauren tried to pick up Pierce at Mannequins. Bailey used the crystal bell. Ridge had a frustrating evening with Taylor, which ended up with Taylor crying on Pierce's shoulder.
September 21 to 25, 1998
When tensions arose in her relationship with Ridge, Taylor considered quitting her job. Afraid that he had gone to far, Bailey put Taylor under again and removed the "Doc" suggestion but suggested that she take Pierce's advice. Taylor planned a dinner party, hoping that Ridge and Pierce would get to know each other better and become friends. Brooke found out that Amber was living with Stephanie. Lauren encouraged Brooke's relationship with the most eligible bachelor of Los Angeles -- Pierce. Sheila got in a little target practice.
September 28 to October 2, 1998
Ridge acted in a reprehensible manner during the dinner party. First he was rude to his guests, then he flirted openly with Brooke, Pierce's date. Sheila showed up at Stephanie's house after James left for another visit with Sheila in the hospital prison. James discovered that someone else was living in prison as Sheila -- and Sheila had been free for weeks. Before he could warn her, Stephanie was surprised by a visit from Sheila. Stephanie was shot, and Sheila left Los Angeles with her daughter. Stephanie was undergoing life-threatening surgery with James standing by.
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October 5 to 9, 1998
Sally was disappointed when key members of her firm quit. C.J. joined Sally in trying to safe Spectra. Stephanie survived surgery and told everyone that Amber had saved her life. Amber passed out, and it was discovered that she had bleeding under the skull from a hit on the head. Amber was worried that she would lose the baby; the family had mixed feelings as they rallied around her. James received a letter from Sheila. Ridge and Bailey had a dramatic confrontation. While Macy sang to him, Grant quietly died.
October 12 to 16, 1998
Bailey set out to destroy Ridge and fulfill Pierce's life by hypnotizing Taylor into thinking that she was in love with Pierce. James and Ridge began to suspect Bailey, but Pierce genuinely thought Taylor had feelings for him. Taylor tried to fight her feelings for Pierce, but he urged her to get into them. Bailey told Brooke that Taylor wouldn't be Ridge's wife for much longer. Thorne tried to help Macy deal with her grief over Grant's death. Macy, however, said that it was wrong of her to use Thorne to get over her grief, and she didn't want him to wait for her. C.J. tried to convince Rick that holding off on marriage until the baby was born could save Rick some heartache. Rick didn't get it, so C.J. hinted that something had happened between Amber and Raymond. Rick, however, assumed that C.J. was referring to Amber's high school days.
October 19 to 23, 1998
James and Ridge began to close in on Taylor's problems. They decided that Bailey was the one doing something to Taylor. Brooke went to Pierce and told him that Bailey had been giving Taylor hypnotic suggestions. Pierce deprogrammed Taylor, but his heart was breaking as he did it. Taylor was astonished when Pierce told her that he was discontinuing the project. Bailey was banished from Pierce's life for good. Thorne had a talk with Rick. Brooke and Eric entertained a new family in the neighborhood. Rick was interested in the new girl. Sally got bad news from the bank.
October 26 to 30, 1998
Sally was saved from bankruptcy court at the last minute when a check for half a million dollars was sent to her anonymously. Thorne told his parents that he was going to work to help Sally save her business. Amber bought two identical Celtic wedding bands and gave one to Rick. Rick appeared to be having second thoughts about Amber and her situation. Eric and Brooke were thrilled when they saw a spark of interest between Rick and Kimberly. Pierce refused to tell Taylor any of the details about his aborting the project, but he did ask her to host his new video. Ridge and a scantily clad Brook were trapped in the elevator.
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November 2 to 6, 1998
While stuck in the elevator, Brooke did her best to seduce Ridge. Taylor was shocked when the elevator doors opened and Ridge tumbled out with Brooke on top of him. Taylor took the job with Pierce. Stephanie told Brooke off and when Brooke insulted her, she slapped Brooke. Amber saw Rick and Kimberly together, and the first chance she got, she warned Kimberley to stay away from her man. Macy admitted that she had been tempted to drink. On her way to Spectra, Macy was in an accident. Ridge asked Taylor's forgiveness.
November 9 to 13, 1998
Macy was in an automobile accident and rushed to the hospital, where her father visited her. Sally thought that Macy was delusional when she told about her father's visit. Later, Sally shared her history with Adam Alexander with Thorne. Ridge accepted Taylor's decision to stay with Pierce. Brooke and Pierce hatched a plan to separate Taylor and Ridge. Rick was surprised to find his 13-year-old sister dressed in a sexy way. Rick was drawn to Kimberly, but Kim learned that he wasn't free. Amber had a shock.
November 16 to 20, 1998
Amber offered Rick a way out of the marriage, but he vowed to stand by her and the baby. Rick took Kimberly to Café Russe in order to tell her about Amber and the baby. Myles visited with Macy again in the hospital. Sally was sure that she was only dreaming. Macy was released from the hospital. Pierce and Taylor held a successful press conference to announce the new video entitled Sexual Responsibility in the New Millennium. Brooke was ready to introduce a new line called Brooke's Bedroom; the line would contain everything and anything that had to do with the sensual side of women.
November 23 to 27, 1998
Rick was unable to tell Kimberly that Amber was pregnant with his child. Rick and Kimberly shared their first kiss. Taylor and Ridge worked on their marriage. Stephanie sabotaged Brooke's attempt to seduce Ridge. Pierce envisioned a life with Taylor and Thomas.
November 30 to December 4, 1998
C.J. urged Rick to be honest with Kimberly about Rick's predicament with Amber. While talking to Amber, C.J. questioned what kind of friend he was for not telling Rick that Raymond could be the baby's father. Rick confessed to Kimberly about Amber, the baby, and the engagement, and Kimberly yelled that she never wanted to see him again. As Amber watched the distraught Rick trash the Big Bear cabin, Brooke pleaded Rick's case to Kimberly. Stephanie accused Brooke of using the new line to bed Ridge. Eric and Ridge discussed the tension that Brooke and Pierce were causing in Ridge and Taylor's marriage. Pierce had a candlelight business dinner with Taylor, but before he could make his move on her, Ridge arrived and escorted her home for an intimate evening. Sally took Macy home from the hospital and explained the happy way things had been when Macy's father had been around. Once alone, Macy, who was distraught over losing Grant and her father, tried to walk into the ocean. Her father, also known as Myles, saved her before she drowned.
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December 7 to 11, 1998
Brooke tried to enlist Kimberly's help with Rick. Rick trashed the Big Bear cabin. He once again committed to Amber. Rick gave his parents an ultimatum. C.J. tried to comfort Kimberly. Stephanie gave Taylor a tour of Brooke's new office and warned her that Brooke was using the new line to get Ridge. Taylor accused Brooke of being the cause of Rick's sexual problems. Myles pulled Macy from the ocean and took her back to her home. He told her about his past. The press conference was a disaster, with Brooke appearing with little to nothing on. Brooke, Stephanie, and Ridge ended up on the bed with the cameras rolling.
December 14 to 18, 1998
Taylor and Ridge argued over Brooke. Brooke vowed to get Ridge back. Rick and Kimberly discussed his situation with Amber. Eric and Brooke hoped Kimberly could convince Rick not to marry Amber. Rick threatened C.J. Stephanie and Amber grew closer. Amber told Kimberly to stay away from her man or she would regret it.
December 21 to 25, 1998
Myles was upset over Kimberly's involvement with Rick and the rest of the Forrester family. Macy was happy that her father was back in her life. Jack Abbot arrived in town to meet with Brooke and the Forresters. Pierce had a party to celebrate the video he had made with Taylor and gave her a special gift. Stephanie was disturbed by Pierce and Taylor's closeness. Taylor was disappointed by Ridge again.
December 28, 1998 to January 1, 1999
Taylor sprained her ankle at the party and decided to stay at Pierce's, but Ridge showed up, and a fight ensued. Lauren filled Brooke in on Pierce's party, and Brooke was pleased by the turn of events. Myles warned Kimberly to stay away from Rick. Kimberly questioned whether or not Amber would be a good wife and mother.
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Brandon Barash, wife Isabella welcome a baby boy
Glory days: Ellen Travolta returns to General
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Y&R's Camryn Grimes makes a holly, jolly return as Mrs. Claus
J. Eddie Peck returns to Y&R, and he's ready for the ride ahead
Hello, again: Hayley Erin opens up about her return to Y&R
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