The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 12, 1998 on B&B

Maggie continued to wear down James, who decided to move in with Maggie if Sheila didn't answer his one last call. Mike found himself in a horror flick when Sheila escaped captivity. Eric and Lauren struggled with posttraumatic stress disorder after their ordeal in Greenland.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 12, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, January 12, 1998

Taylor wants to do what is best for her baby and can't decide whose name to put on the birth certificate as the father. Taylor always believed she and Ridge would be together, but now he is married to Brooke. Thorne says that makes the decision easier. Taylor can't bring herself to put Thorne down as the father and wants to talk to Ridge. She needs to know what Ridge's feelings are. Thorne says the reality is that her son needs a father he can count on. Ridge has a wife and maybe a child on the way with Brooke---that's where his commitment is. Taylor doesn't think she can live with the lie of naming Thorne the father.

Eric and Clarke are designing gowns when Stephanie brings dinner for Eric. Stephanie still thinks Brooke is up to something. The ketchup for the fries Stephanie brought remind Eric of Rush's blood when Eric killed him. Eric is shaken by remembering Rush.

In Italy, Ridge and Brooke are in wedded bliss. Ridge admits he is thinking about Taylor and hopes she did not miscarry.

Taylor realizes Ridge will probably never find out her baby is his if she names Thorne the father on the birth certificate. Taylor has tried to forget about Ridge before but can never stop thinking about him. Thorne says there will be no room for Ridge if she lets him in.

Eric doesn't feel good and tells Stephanie he is not up to any social engagements in the near future. Stephanie asks him if the pressure he is feeling is from their upcoming wedding. Eric assures Steph he is excited about their wedding and hopes it happens ASAP. After Stephanie leaves, Eric thinks he sees Rush. What is happening to him?

Taylor questions the best way to keep her child safe. What is the right thing to do? Maybe the baby coming when it did was a sign that she shouldn't tell Ridge. Taylor can't believe that though. Taylor realizes things could have been different with she and Ridge and dreams of telling Ridge the truth and the three of them becoming a family. Is it too late to tell Ridge the truth now?

Tuesday, January 13, 1998

Eric can't get Greenland out of his mind. He is having trouble focusing on his work. Sally drops by and asks him if he has seen Lauren she they have been back. Sally says Lauren has missed meetings and press conferences at work. Lauren's been locked up in her apartment like she is afraid to go out. Sally enlists Eric's help. She knows Eric has feelings for Lauren and asks him to stop by Lauren's apartment and check up on her.

Lauren is at home bundled up in a blanket with the fire roaring. Lauren says to herself she knows she has to get out of the apartment but can't even think about leaving. What is happening to her?

Amber and Bridget are relaxing in the jacuzzi. Beth has to go out and leaves Amber in charge. Rick and Sally's son, C.J., are upstairs drooling over Amber. C.J. is lusting over Amber while Rick says there is no need for him to fantasize about her, he can have her if he wants her. C.J. thinks Amber is too old for either of them but Rick says he will be able to make a move on her. Prove it, C.J. says.

Rick and C.J. join Amber and Bridget at the jacuzzi. C.J. and Bridget leave Rick and Amber alone. Rick tries to make small talk as C.J. is looking and egging Rick on. After awkwardly getting through some small talk, Rick notices Amber is getting sunburned and starts putting sun screen on her back. Rick gets a little to fresh with Amber and she bops him one. Rick says he knows she has been checking him out. Amber says he is a boy and she dates men. Find a girl your own age, Amber suggests.

Eric stops by Lauren's apartment. He can tell she has been locked up doing nothing. Lauren can't bring herself to do anything and notices the Eric's hands are freezing, just like hers. Lauren's describes other crazy things that have been happening to her like hearing eerie sounds. Eric says the same things have been happening to him. He even thought he saw Rush yesterday! Eric notes that everything seems so mundane since they have returned from Greenland. Lauren says she feels trapped by something she can't understand. Eric says they have to pull themselves together, move on with their lives and put the past in the past. What is happening to Lauren and Eric?

Wednesday, January 14, 1998

At the Psycho House, Sheila is still tied up trying to break free. Sheila feels she is going to die in that horrible house is she does not get out soon. Martin tries to force medication down her throat, but Sheila spits the pills right back out at him, so he decides to give her a shot instead. Mike stops Martin before he can give Sheila a shot. Maggie advises Sheila that she might be free tonight, if all goes well with she and James.

James is searching for Sheila's doctor in the phone book but can't find him. Molly leaves town to take care of an old friend in Michigan.

Amber stops by Rick's room because she thinks he is mad from what happened at the jacuzzi yesterday. Amber says she was not going to let things get out of hand since Rick is still a kid. Rick reminds Amber they are only two years apart in age. Amber informs Rick he is way out of her league, she dates men, not boys. Frustrated, Rick tells Amber as soon as Brooke gets back, he is telling his mother that she has not done her job and she will be fired.

Maggie tells Sheila if she has a good night with James, Sheila will be closer to getting out of this hell house she is in. Maggie teases Sheila that James only married her out of pity, not love, and tonight, she is going to have him.

After Maggie leaves, Sheila notices a knife on a table close by. Hmmmm.... Mike informs Martin that he will go get them something to eat since he does not trust Martin out only. Martin has a tendency to drink a little too much.

James is looking over pictures of he and Sheila when Maggie stops by and invites herself in. She holds Margaret and asks James if a client of his presented him with the situation James is in, what advice would he give that client? Would he tell the client the baby should be brought up in a home with two loving parents or in a home with a women who has a history of mental illness?

At Insomnia, Clarke introduces himself to Amber and they bond over their mutual employment by the Forresters. Amber fills in Clarke about Rick coming on to her and how she just blew her chance working for the Forresters. Clarke reminds Amber that Rick does have money and a thing for her. Amber realizes what a gold mine she has struck. She needs money to get her demo recorded and Rick would be just the ticket. Now what does Amber do to get back on Rick's good side? Whatever it is, she must do it before Brooke gets back, Clarke warns.

Sheila complains her fingers are losing circulation and Mike loosens the sheet her arms are tied to. Mike and Martin leave and Sheila spots a stethoscope close to the knife. Sheila manages to bring the stethoscope to the knife and is able to grab the knife. Sheila starts cutting the sheets her arms are tied to...

Thursday, January 15, 1998

Sheila is busy trying to break free when she hears Mike and Marty returning. It would be difficult to miss them, as they are arguing loudly. Mike is accusing his brother of going to the liquor store, which Marty is denying vociferously. As they enter the room, Mike is calling Marty a loser.

He approaches the bed (Sheila has hidden the scalpel behind her pillow). As bad as he was talking to his brother, he is just as sweetly talking to Sheila. He has brought her her favorite sandwich. Marty sits in the rocker and pretends to read the paper while taking sips from his flask.

Maggie wants an answer to her question. Who is the best suited to raise a child? The couple who are married and stable or the single psychotic mother? James, she asks, how could you even consider letting that woman with her histories raise your one and only daughter?

Rick and a friend are in his room. Rick is in a foul mood. His friend accuses him of being unable to stop thinking about Amber. He talks about how funny his face was when she turned him down. Rick denies this but says she is going to be fired when his parents get home. Why have her fired? His friend asks. Tell her to put out or get out.

At Insomnia, Amber is lower than low. She wants Grant to tell her what to do.

"A boy like Rick Forester can make things happen," Grant advises. "You're a girl; you know what to do. It all depends on how badly you want to make that demo."

Sheila tells Mike that she isn't hungry, but he isn't going to accept that. Marty says that the appetite is the last to go before you are deep into a depression. He tells her that she is a beautiful woman---the most beautiful woman in the world. He isn't going to let anything happen to his best girl.

Sheila tells him that he is a good friend. She would like for them to stay friends, but she cannot give him the love he wants and needs. He knows that. He knows that she loves James and always will. If he were a true friend, he would help her stop Maggie. She is there right now filling his head with lies.

Mike becomes angry and starts to take the food away from her. Sheila pushed the milk all over him. Now he has to go clean up. She will just have to go to bed without supper.

Maggie rejoins James after putting Mary to bed. She goes step by step through Sheila's history trying to convince James that she is still a psycho. How can James believe that she has changed? James gives her a rundown of his medical history. Sure, there are some people who might never be cured, but there are also those who are mentally ill by reason of being maltreated as infants. They can overcome their tragic backgrounds and can overcome the past. Sheila is one of those. He has never seen anyone more determined to turn her life around. Maggie suggests that any of those he mentioned could regress. This reminds James of all that Marty told him. Maggie picks up on this and gets him to admit that, according to Sheila's doctor, she has regressed.

Amber thinks about Rick. What would it be like to be a member of the Forester Family? She has a fantasy about being a famous glamorous rock star with lots of fans.

Mike goes into the bathroom and steps into the shower. With his eyes closed, he begins to lather up and enjoy the hot water. Unknown to him, the door opens and more light floods the room.

Amber returns home and apologizes to Rick, but he tells her that he doesn't give a damn about her. "Don't flatter yourself," he tells her. He hopes she has a place to sleep tonight because he is going in to call his mother now.

Someone slashing a knife through the shower curtains shakes Mike out of his reverie. Mike screams and lashes out toward the person with the knife. He slips and falls down in the tub dragging the curtain down with him. He lies there for a few seconds then opens his eyes. "I'm not dead," he says. "I'm really not dead!" He looks up and sees Marty dressed up in a Ma Bates costume. "You lousy drunk!" Mike says.

Sheila continues to hack away at the binding around her wrist. "I've got to get out of here. I've got to get Maggie away from James."

"So Sheila has abandoned her baby again," Maggie declares. "How can you make excuses for her?" She then tells James that she takes all the responsibility for the guilt he feels. She should have know he couldn't abandon his principles and do something wrong. She tells him that she needs him. Their baby needs them both. She begs him to do the right thing and come home.

James decides to wait just one more day. If he hasn't heard from Sheila in one more day, he will take the baby and move back with her.

Sheila is almost free.

Friday, January 16, 1998

In Italy, Ridge tells Brooke that it has been a great week. Brooke says that she is determined to be the kind of wife he has always wanted. >From the seclusion of their hotel balcony, they make love under the hot Mediterranean sun.

Amber paces the room thinking that she cannot let this kid get her fired. How can she get back into his good graces? Bridget comes down the stairs seeking help with her algebra, but now is not the time. Amber has found something interesting in the corner.

"What is that?" she asks Bridget. Bridget informs her that it is the Karaoke machine. "I'll bet this could get Rick to lighten up," she says. Bridget says that nothing will get Rick to lighten up.

Sheila watches the door as she struggles to get out of her restraints.

James plays with Mary and tells her that she is his little miracle. "How could your mother turn her back on us?" he asks. "Oh, Sheila, how could you leave us like this."

Sheila is out of the restraints and on her way to the door when she hears the laughter between the two brothers. She hears Martin walking back toward her room and rushes back to the bed. Appearing tied up, she greets Marty as he enters the room saying "hello cutie bird" to her. Sheila asks him if he has been drinking and this really gets his dander up. He tells her that he gets enough of that from Mike. Sheila says that she only wanted to tell him to have another drink. At first, he begins to take another drink, but then realizes that she must be up to something. He tells her that he is not an idiot. Sheila asks where Mike is and Marty tells her that he is in the shower in a pool of blood. He thinks this is enormously funny, but Sheila doesn't believe he would do anything to his brother. Sheila tries to get him to tell her where they are, but he won't even give her a hint. When she acts disrespectful to him, he gets angry. He comes to the bed and grabs the scalpel and raises it toward her. With her hands untied, she grabs a vase from the side of the bed and hits him over the head with it. She jumps out of the bed and grabs a coat hanging by the door. She rushes out of the door and into the hallway.

After the lovemaking, Ridge says he can't get it out of his mind that Taylor and Thorne weren't at his wedding. Brooke says that he will find out why when they get home. Ridge is looking forward to going home and living in the house with the children again. He is also looking forward to the new little boy or girl now growing in her womb.

Hearing the Karaoke machine, Rick comes down the stairs to find his sister and Amber dancing to the music. He won't join them for a dance, so Amber grabs the mike and tells him she will sing him a song. As she sings and moves seductively around him, Rick slowly softens. When she is finished, Bridget said she really liked it, but Rick said she was only okay.

As James sits holding his baby, he remembers when she was born. He remembers talking with Sheila while they looked at the baby. "If this baby means so much to you, then come back home. Please!" he says.

Sheila is finally out of the spooky house but she still doesn't know where she is.

Maggie is telling Mike how the evening went. She says that if Sheila doesn't call him by tomorrow, James will move back with her. Mike is happy to hear the good news. Their plan is coming together. They walk into the room and find Martin picking himself up off the floor. The bed is empty! Maggie is screaming at the incompetent doctor while Mike rushes to the window. He sees Sheila outside. He and Maggie rush out the door.

Bridget is chastising her brother for saying Amber's song was only okay. Amber tells her that she can handle her brother. Bridget leaves and Amber asks Rick if it was only adequate. Rick changes his tune and says it wasn't bad---for an amateur. Amber tells him that she could really teach him some moves, but he would rather learn from a kangaroo.

Amber then offers to teach him to slow dance; he tells her that he already knows how. "So, come on; show me," invites Amber. She goes to him and takes him in her arms and begins to dance. They slow dance for a while and she admits that he is pretty good. This impresses Rick. Amber tells him that a girl really wants a guy to hold her firmly and securely. As Rick tightens his grip on her, she tells him that that is better---kinda nice, she says. He says that she is only saying that to keep him from getting her fired. Amber makes a very humble apology to him. They keep dancing.

Bridget calls down that Mom is on the phone. Rick begins to talk to his mother and eventually tells her that Amber is a pretty good baby sitter.

Amber smiles while thinking: "me and this kid are going places."

Sheila is running. She still doesn't know where she is. She thinks she has seen this place before, but where? She finds a pay phone and dials James' number. It rings and rings.

Mike and Maggie rush out of the house looking for Sheila.

Maggie says something to Mike, which Sheila hears. She drops the phone just as James answers. She runs away. Maggie walks by the phone and hears James' voice. She picks up the phone and listens.

"Hello, hello," James is saying. "Sheila, is that you?" Maggie hangs up the phone.

"Come on Mike. She went that way. Let's get her!"

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