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Lauren was shocked to find herself face-to-face with Rush's twin brother, Johnny. Thorne informed Brooke that Taylor's son had been born, and then Brooke suffered a miscarriage. James hoped following the doctor would lead him to Sheila. Amber charmed Rick Forrester to get a job.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 19, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, January 19, 1998

In Italy, Ridge is relaxing while Brooke is remembering Taylor and Stephanie's threat to expose what they think is a lie. Brooke shrugs them off by saying she is married to Ridge now and the only thing that matters is he believes she is pregnant.

Taylor is in the hospital reading the newspaper article about Ridge and Brooke's wedding. Taylor says it should be her in that picture, not Brooke. Ridge would never have married Brooke if he knew she is faking her pregnancy, Taylor claims. Thorne notices Taylor pitch the newspaper article and gets a page from Brooke. He calls Brooke and fills her in on Taylor having the baby while on her way to the wedding. Brooke is shocked Taylor already had the baby and asks Thorne what Taylor's feelings are now about telling Ridge he is the father. Taylor feels you tricked Ridge into marrying you by saying you are pregnant, Thorne says. Brooke reminds Thorne that she and Ridge love each other and nothing can change that. Taylor will only make herself miserable if she thinks she can change that.

Sheila is running frantically with Mike and Maggie hot on her heels. Sheila is unsure where to go or how to lose them. She notices the Bates Motel with one car parked outside. Sheila runs to the motel and starts pounding on all the doors begging for help. Mike and Maggie notice her and reach Sheila before anyone can help. Maggie gags her and knocks her out.

Taylor has a major decision to make: whose name to put as the father on the birth certificate. Thorne reminds Taylor that she has an opportunity to break free from the cycle of rejection, which has been her history with Ridge. Thorne wants to help Taylor rediscover the self-sufficient woman she is and living the life she wants. That will only happen if Taylor names Thorne the father.

Brooke informs Ridge on the reason Thorne and Taylor did not make it to the wedding. Ridge is a little distant when he realizes Thorne and Taylor now have a soon and are a family.

Back at the Psycho house, Sheila is tied up again while Martin threatens to throw her down in the basement to meet "mother." Mike promises Sheila this will not last much longer as their plan is working. Maggie informs Sheila she is moving back in with James and Margaret tomorrow then they are going to leave LA so that Sheila will never be able to find them.

Taylor has made her decision. She asks for a pen and writes the name of the father on the birth certificate. Is it Ridge or Thorne?

Tuesday, January 20, 1998

Thorne can't believe what Taylor put on the birth certificate: nothing! She left the father's name blank. Taylor reasons she hasn't thought that decision through and needs more time while Thorne pressures her to put his name as the child's father.

In Italy, Ridge and Brooke are preparing to leave. Now that Taylor has a baby with Thorne, Ridge is thinking how much he wants a child.

Eric and Stephanie are miffed they haven't heard from Thorne or Taylor. Ridge calls to let them know he and Brooke will be home soon. Stephanie asks if he has heard from his brother and Ridge assumes she hasn't heard the news. Stephanie and Eric are shocked to learn Taylor had the baby already. Stephanie makes her feelings about Brooke's supposed pregnancy to Ridge, but Ridge let's his mother know that he does not want to her any negative things about Brooke. Eric reminds Steph that if she keeps her attitude about Brooke up, she will alienate herself from Ridge. Stephanie wants to see her new grandson, but Eric declines to go along with. Steph heads to the hospital by alone.

Sally is happy to see Lauren at Insomnia. Lauren is distant with Sally and Macy and hopes whatever it is she has passes soon. Sally suggests they go out together, but Lauren declines. Lauren says it is good to be out but would rather stay at Insomnia and have coffee. Across the room, Lauren notices a man that resembles Rush.

Taylor names her son Thomas Hamilton Forrester. She reminds Thorne it would be a lie to put his name as the father. Thorne is upset. He has stood by her throughout her pregnancy everyday. Taylor says she is grateful. That's not enough, Thorne says. Taylor admits she feels Thorne is trying to manipulate her to do what he wants regarding her baby. Thorne is furious for being accused of being a manipulator. Taylor says she needs the freedom to make her own decisions and is going away for awhile to see her father. She doesn't know how long she will be gone. Taylor reiterates she has to do what is best for herself and her baby without any outside pressure. Thorne storms out.

After seeing a man that looks like Rush, Lauren calls Eric and tells him he is here. She saw Rush!

Brooke realizes Stephanie thinks she is faking her pregnancy. Ridge says he believes his wife and is not going to let his mother get to them. Besides, Brooke will start showing soon and then Stephanie will eat her own words. Brooke goes to take a bath, but once in the bathroom, she screams. What happened?

Stephanie surprises Taylor at the hospital. Taylor apologizes for not calling but the whole thing has been bizarre. Stephanie asks if Brooke called to tell her the wedding had been moved up. When Taylor says Brooke never called, Stephanie knows Brooke is lying about the pregnancy and didn't want Taylor at the wedding. Brooke can't fake a pregnancy forever, Steph reasons. Sooner or later Ridge will realize what Brooke has done and that will be the end of Brooke Logan Forrester.

Wednesday, January 21, 1998

Stephanie urges Taylor not to give up on Ridge. She reminds him once Brooke's fake pregnancy is revealed, Ridge will leave her for good. Taylor informs Steph that contrary to everyone's belief, Ridge and Brooke are not the center of her world. She has other priorities now, mainly her son. Taylor is taking her son and going to spend some time with her father to get her head cleared. She is tired of all the guessing games surrounding her life. Stephanie asks if her plans include Thorne, since he is the father of her newborn. Taylor says the trip is just for herself and her son.

Brooke is terribly upset. She has lost the baby. Everything seemed fine, then she had a sharp pain, and then there was a lot of blood. Brooke is devastated. Ridge comforts her by saying they will have a baby together, right now is just not their time.

Lauren informs Eric she saw Rush. Eric doesn't believe her. He thinks she was hallucinating. Lauren says it is possible she saw him because his body was never found. To prove Rush is dead, Eric calls the FBI agent in charge of the case. Eric gets word that the FBI has closed the case due to Rush's injury and the desolate conditions in the area. But indeed, Rush's body was never found. Lauren is sure Rush is not dead. She says Eric is holding onto their experience by not shaving his beard.

Brooke regrets making an announcement in front of his family that she was pregnant. Now she is going to have to tell everyone she lost the baby and is worried that Stephanie and Taylor will not believe she was ever pregnant in the first place.

Eric shaved his beard to prove to Lauren he is not holding onto the past. Eric informs Lauren that what they are going through is post-traumatic stress disorder. Only the mind thinks Rush is alive and in LA. After Eric leaves, Lauren can't get Rush out of her mind. There is a knock on the door. To Lauren's horror, it is Rush!!

Stephanie holds the baby while Taylor tells her his name is Thomas Hamilton. Stephanie wonders if Taylor names him after St. Thomas, where she and Ridge went on the honeymoon and had such a wonderful time. Taylor says she is going to see her dad as soon as she is released from the hospital. Stephanie suggests she see Ridge before she leaves. Taylor intends to see Ridge and Brooke.

On the plane heading home, Brooke is crushed and frets over having to tell Ridge's mother and Taylor she lost the baby. Brooke makes Ridge promise not to say anything right away. Ridge reminds his wife he will always be there for her.

Thursday, January 22, 1998

Macy tells Sally and Grant that Lauren was supposed to come by Insomnia, but never showed. Sally tells them that she is very concerned about Lauren; she seems haunted and very inarticulate concerning her experience in Greenland. From the little she knows, it involves a man named Rush.

Lauren opens the door and gasps! Rush is standing there! She backs into the apartment, afraid.

"I'm not who you think I am," the man says.

"You tried to kill me," she accuses.

"No," he says. "I want to help you. It was my brother who did that to you. I am Jonny Carrera; Rush is my brother."

Rick is telling his buddy, C.J., about dancing with Amber. C.J. doesn't believe him and accuses him of still having the "hots" for the baby sitter. Anyway, he says, your parents will be home soon and then it is "Adios Ambrosia."

Amber visits Clark at Forrester. He wonders how things are going with the rich kid. It is going better, she tells him, but it really doesn't matter; his mom and stepfather will be home soon and won't need her any more. She has got to get her musical career off the ground. Clark suggests that she can get it from Rick.

Amber says that she needs someone with a lot of money and will appreciate her, but just the thought of getting it from the kid---ugh!

"That can't be such a bitter pill to swallow," Clark offers. "It wouldn't be like she would be hurting the boy. You would be giving him worlds of experience. I just wish I'd had that experience when I was his age."

"What about some experience at your age now?" Amber proposes. Clarke backs off. "You are jailbait," he tells her. Come back on your 18th birthday.

Sally is lamenting over her best friend Lauren. Something happened in Greenland that is destroying her. It all has to do with this fellow called Rush who rescued Lauren and Eric. She doesn't know what happened, but it was so horrible and traumatic that every time Lauren talks or thinks about him, she has the most awful reaction. She wants to bring Lauren out of it, but how do you help someone when they are living in a nightmare? She can barely convince her to go out the door. Macy and Grant tell her that she just has to keep trying; that is what best friends are for.

Lauren asks the man how stupid did he think she was. She goes to the phone to call the police but he grabs her. When she begins to scream, he clamps his hand over her mouth.

"Calm down! Listen to me!" The man says. "I am not Rush. I am Jonny Carrera, his twin brother. If I were Tony, you wouldn't be alive now. My God, what did he do to you?"

He tells Lauren that he hadn't seen his brother in a year but he knows his handiwork. He was close to Sharon, the woman he murdered---Oh Lord, he exclaims, he tried to murder you also!

C.J. thinks accuses Rick of being stuck on the "chick." He is living in dreamland; Ambrosia doesn't care about him at all. For goodness sakes, he is only a sophomore in high school. Wait 'til the guys at school hear about this! C.J. laughs as Rick stares at him, livid with anger and embarrassment.

Amber walks into the room and tells C.J. to get lost; she wants to talk to Rick alone. C.J. leaves, hoping that Rick will get "lucky."

"What did you want to talk about? Rick asks, when they are alone.

"You and me," Amber answers.

Sally leaves Grant and Macy alone. Grant says he understands how her mother feels; he has been trying to bring around a friend for months---he even asked her to marry him. But she just told him that he was being impulsive.

"How do you feel about her now?" Macy asks.

"I'd marry her in a heartbeat," Grant answers.

"Then don't give up on her," Macy advises. "I'll let you in on a little secret. She finds you sexy and charming."

"But, does she love me?" inquires Grant.

Macy tells him that love hasn't been so kind to her.

"Nor me," Grant reminds her. "I don't know how much longer I can wait." Macy puts her arms around him and they kiss.

Jonny takes his hand from Lauren's mouth when she promises not to scream. She immediately backs away from him. Why have you come here, she demands.

Jonny tells her that he read about the plane crash and how she was there with his brother. "He was smooth, wasn't he?" Jonny asks.

"Oh, YOU were real smooth," Lauren agrees. "I depended on you for my survival and you took advantage of that."

"How far did he take it?" Jonny asks.

"Oh, you did not get to me!" Lauren retorts. "Don't flatter yourself!"

"Sharon wasn't that strong," Jonny begins. He sucked her in before she knew it. I am glad he is dead! But if he weren't, he would hunt you down like an animal. I've been there; I've seen his power---his sick and obsessive power.

Jonny tells her that the damage won't go away so easily, but he will not leave town until he knows she is all right.

He leaves and Lauren rushes to the door and closes and locks it.

Amber tells Rick that she needs to talk to him before his parents get home. Once they are back, they will have no time together. She will be without a job.

"But you can still come around," Rick says.

No, she has to find herself another job. She can't survive on a part-time babysitter's pay. She may have to leave town---go back to Furnace Creek or maybe to New York.

"There is plenty of jobs in LA" Rick tells her. "I'll help you look through the want ads."

Amber thanks him for the offer and tells him she appreciates him being such a good sport. She really enjoyed her time with him. He is a good guy, even when she was acting weird. As they hold hands, Amber tells him how special he is. She just wanted to tell him that before it was too late. He bends down and gives her a little kiss on the lips then steps away. She pulls him back to her and gives him a big kiss as she pushes herself against him.

Friday, January 23, 1998

After kissing, Amber says that she will be leaving now, but Rick stops her; his parents haven't gotten home yet. Once again, Amber talks about leaving town. Rick has her promise to call him before she does. He suggests that they may need other help besides babysitting.

Bridget rushes down the stairs announcing that "Mom and Ridge" are home! They just pulled up outside.

Brooke greets her children and tells them that she is happy to be home. Did everything go okay? She asks. Rick tells her that everything went just great!

Taylor is being released from the hospital today. While waiting for the release papers, she is talking to her baby. "Just wait until Ridge sees you! You are his son—his first born. I wonder if he will know you are his when he sees you. We will soon find out; he and Brooke will be home today and we will be there to meet them."

"I'm sure your daddy will be home waiting for you," the nurse says to Thomas as she holds him while Taylor signs the release papers.

"I'm sure he will be," answers Taylor.

At the "Bates House," Marty is getting hungry. He wants to go out for food, but Mike doesn't trust him. Finally, Mike gives him some money but tells him not to get lost and NO BOOZE! Don't worry, Marty tells his brother as he heads out the door.

Mike turns to Sheila and tells her not to worry; food is on its way. Sheila tells him that she isn't hungry, but Mike says that she has to eat.

Sheila wonders where is Maggie. Mike tells her that she went to her (Sheila's) place to pick up James and the baby. They are moving back in together tonight.

James is putting the baby to bed when Maggie asks if he has heard from Sheila. When James tells her no, she tells him that it is time for them all to make a fresh start. James agrees and tells her he is sorry for putting her through so much. "Margaret belongs to us," he says. At this, Maggie begins to cry. "You haven't called her "Margaret" for a long time," she says.

"Sheila named her," James tells Maggie. "She had the right, being the mother, but she has proved to me that she is not the mother I thought she was. I am very depressed."

"I thought that instead of going home tonight, with all the memories there, that we would go away, Maggie tells him. "It will be so good for us, what with you being depressed and me being so stressed out."

James wonders where she wants to go, and Maggie tells him that she wants to go to Scotland. "You could show Margaret and me your roots. We could take Margaret away from all this madness. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Please James."

When James protests that a trip like that would take a lot to time and planning, Maggie tells him that she has taken care of everything, even a passport for Margaret. She even has passage booked for tonight.

"What about my work? James asks. "I have to think about my work."

"No, don't think about work," Maggie insists. "Just think about what is best for Margaret. She is all that matters. Forget about Sheila, your work---Margaret is all you should think about. You have to put her first in your life. Can't you see how good it will be for her?

Finally, James agrees. Maggie tells him that she has her bag all ready. Now she only needs to get a few things for him and the baby.

James agrees, but says he needs to go out for a while and clear his head. "I love you, James," Maggie says. "Someday we will look back on this night and know that we did the most important thing for ourselves and our baby." After a hug, James gets his coat and leaves the house.

Ridge thinks the kids didn't miss them too much while they were gone. Bridget tells him that hey had good company. So Amber was a good babysitter? Brooke asks.

"Okay?" exclaims Rick. "She was excellent!"

Brooke turns to Amber and thanks her for all she did. She already has her check made out; now Amber can leave.

Bridget asks about the honeymoon and her "new little sister." Ridge tells hem that they will talk about it later. Right now, Brooke is tired and needs her rest. Just then, the phone rings. It is Taylor; she welcomes Brooke back.

James stops in at Mannequins and sees Marty. Since this is Sheila's doctor, he thinks that he has one more chance to get in touch with Sheila. Marty leaves before he can talk with him, so James decides to follow him. "With any luck, he will take me to Sheila."

Back at the psycho-house, Mike tells Sheila that she is better off without James. Maggie would never let her have him for long anyway. It is better that they have a clean break.

"I am better off without James? Without Mary? You know how much my child means to me. And James---I am lost without him. Please, Mike, you have to help me before it is too late."

"I can't, Sheila," Mike tells her. "The die is cast. Someday you will thank me for this."

Brooke tries to put off Taylor; she can't talk now. But Taylor will not back away. She is on her way over at this moment and bringing the baby. Did she really think she could stop her from talking to Ridge just by moving the wedding up an hour? Brooke reminds her that she wouldn't have made it anyway since she went into labor. Anyway, she has had a rough day and she is going to bed.

"Good, you go to bed," Taylor tells her. "I only want to see Ridge anyway. I want Ridge to see his child. And believe me, if I find out you are not pregnant, I am telling Ridge that this baby is his."

Amber tells Rick that it is time to go. Rick wishes she didn't have to go and Amber says that she feels the same. Rick has her promise to call him before she leaves town.

Marty arrives back "home." He makes sure to spray his mouth with breath freshener before going into Sheila's room.

Mike wishes they were out of this place. "Maggie, please call me tonight and tell me you are on that airplane."

"What are you talking about? Sheila asks, looking distressed.

"You haven't told her yet?" Marty asks. "Please, let me tell her."

"I said they were going home tonight," Mike tells Sheila. "But, I didn't say where home was. It won't be LA any longer."

"Where are they taking my child?" Sheila frantically asks. "Mike, you have to tell me."

James arrives at the Bates Home and parks next to Marty's car. Getting out of his car, he wonders what kind of place this is. This can't be a hospital. What in the world is going on?

Brooke tells Ridge that Taylor called and is coming over. Maybe you should call her and tell her not to come, Brooke says. I have been through so much today . . .

Just then the doorbell rings and Ridge says it is too late. Don't worry, everything will be okay. Brooke reminds him not to say anything about losing the baby just as he goes to open the door.

Ridge opens the door and there stands a smiling Taylor holding her son.

"I want you to meet someone---my son," Taylor says.

Ridge reaches out and touches the baby's face.

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