The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 2, 1998 on B&B

Sheila dropped the charges against Maggie, but when James decided to remain in his marriage to Sheila, Maggie appealed to Stephanie and Lauren for help. Ridge set out to get answers from Thorne about Taylor's baby. Amber hocked Brooke's bracelet; however, Rick convinced her to buy it back.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 2, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, February 2, 1998

Brooke is debating whether or not to tell Ridge that he has a son and wonders how Ridge would react to the news that she has kept that information from him. It's Taylor's secret, not mine, Brooke reasons. Taylor and Thorne have chosen to keep Ridge in the dark so they can concentrate on starting their own family. But Ridge would want to know. What does Brooke do? Risk losing Ridge by telling him the truth? Ridge reminds Brooke that whatever she has to tell him, she can tell him now or later. Brooke realizes Ridge is so happy now so maybe keeping this secret from him is for his own good.

Amber has Brooke's tennis bracelet in hand and thinks if she had that bracelet, it would be the solution to all her problems. The bracelet is worth thousands and would be enough to support her demo album. Amber takes the bracelet and stuffs it in her shirt.

Sheila is with Mary and James and says she is determined to have Maggie locked up permanently for what she did to her. Sheila is so happy with her life now and she is going to fight any threat to her happiness, which means keeping Maggie behind bars. James say Maggie needs help, not prison.

Amber mentions to Rick that her dream is to one day have a closet as full of beautiful clothes as his mother's. Rick tries to kiss Amber but she backs away leaving Rick confused. He thought she wanted to get closer to him.

Back home, Ridge thinks it is strange that Taylor would just go off without Thorne since this is Thorne's first child. If it were my first child, I would want to be there with Taylor, Ridge says.

Sheila says Mary will suffer if Maggie is released. She will try to come after the baby. You don't solve problems by locking people up, James says. Besides, Maggie is not a criminal, she just lost sight of who she is. James wants Sheila's support. Sheila agrees not to press charges but makes it clear Maggie is not to have any contact with she, James or the baby or else Sheila will make sure Maggie goes back to prison.

Ridge and Brooke get ready to frolic in bed when Brooke notices she left her safe open. She goes to put up her necklace and notices her tennis bracelet is missing. Ridge says she probably left the bracelet at the office. Brooke is doubtful.

Amber is drooling over the diamond bracelet. This bracelet will take her to the top. It is worth enough money to cut her a demo and make her a star.

Tuesday, February 3, 1998

Maggie is home from prison and anxious to get her life with James and Margaret back on track. James reminds a hurt Maggie that the baby belongs with Sheila and he is now married and committed to Sheila. Maggie questions why he would want to stay married to a woman like Sheila. James confesses his love for his wife. Maggie thinks Sheila will only wind up destroying him.

Sheila has a contractor install in a top-notch alarm system. The contractor marvels at the homemade bread Sheila baked and says her husband is one lucky man. That's the reason Sheila is having an alarm installed, to secure her family from any intruders, namely Maggie.

At the breakfast table, Bridget embarrasses Rick by exposing his crush on Amber. Rick tries to deny his feelings for Amber but Bridget mentions to her mother that she saw the way Rick was looking at Amber in her bedroom last night. Brooke reminds Rick that her bedroom is off limits.

Amber takes Brooke's tennis bracelet to a pawnshop. Amber laughs at the pawn shop guy's initial offer of $500. They bargain and Amber settles for $6000.

James tells Maggie he wants her to seek therapy. "If anyone needs therapy, it's you," Maggie counters. James reminds Maggie he is committed to his marriage and wants Maggie to call Sheila and apologize to her for what she put her through. Besides, Maggie is free because of Sheila.

At Forrester, Brooke looks through the office safe and doesn't find her missing bracelet. Ridge and Brooke check with Megan. Neither she nor the janitorial staff has seen it. Brooke realizes the safe at home wasn't locked last night but the only people in the house were the kids and Amber. Plus, Bridget mentioned Amber was in the bedroom with Rick.

Amber returns home and relishes in her wad of cash. This money is going to take her to the top. Amber throws the money in the air.

James lays down the conditions Maggie must meet if she is to stay out of prison. Apologize to Sheila, stay away from Sheila and the baby, and get therapy. James phones Sheila and hands to phone over to Maggie who reluctantly apologizes. Sheila doesn't waste the opportunity to remind Maggie that she holds all the cards. If Sheila sees Maggie anywhere, she is going to press charges. After James leaves, Maggie says to herself that Sheila just thinks she has won. Whatever it takes, Maggie is determined get her husband and baby back.

Wednesday, February 4, 1998

Amber is relishing in the money she got from the tennis bracelet when there's a knock on her bedroom door. It's Brooke. She wants to speak to Amber about something.

Maggie summons Stephanie and Lauren to her house and asks for the two of them to put aside their differences. Maggie needs their help to bring Sheila down. If the three of them pull their knowledge of Sheila together, of every crime she has committed, maybe one of them can remember some detail that has been overlooked.

James is surprised to see a contractor when he arrives home. Sheila explains she is having an alarm system installed plus another room added on. Sheila wants to build another baby room for the child she and James will have together. Is Sheila pregnant again?

Brooke wants to get to know Amber better. After all, they live under the same roof and the two of them are practically strangers. Amber avoids talking about her family and instead steers the conversation toward her goal of making it big as a singer. Brooke wonders how her family fits into Amber's dream of becoming a famous singer.

Sheila is not pregnant but hopes to be again one day. Her life is so complete now. For the first time in her life, she feels loved. Someday, Mary will have a brother or a sister, James says.

Stephanie and Lauren put their heads together and remember all the horrendous stunts Sheila has pulled over the years beginning in Genoa City where Sheila switched Lauren's baby and the fire in which everyone thought Sheila died. Stephanie remembers how Sheila used to taunt her when she became Eric's wife. Stephanie never did trust Sheila. Those acts were horrible enough, not to mention the time she tortured James and poisoned Stephanie. Maggie wonders how James could love a woman capable of such horrible crimes.

Brooke notes the resemblance in Amber's life and Brooke's life when Brooke was Amber's age. Brooke says she used to work in a house like the one she is living in and knew one day she would be a part of it. Stay true to yourself and your values Brooke suggests. Amber denies knowing what happened to Brooke's tennis bracelet. Worried Brooke will find out, Amber admits to Rick she stole the bracelet. Just give it back, Rick says. She can't because she pawned it for $6000. Amber is sure she is going to jail and that her life is over. Rick says not to worry. He is going to help.

Stephanie and Lauren agree to join Maggie in stopping Sheila. They agree that Sheila can not continue to get away with her crimes. Is this is the beginning of the end for Ms. Sheila?

Thursday, February 5, 1998

Brooke stops by Forrester's to pick up Ridge at the close of the workday. She tells him that she searched for her bracelet all day, but couldn't find it. She hopes they won't have to get the police involved for Amber's sake. Also, she would hate to have to let Amber go since the kids are so attached to her. Especially Rick, Ridge comments.

Amber is hysterical. She realizes what could happen to her for stealing the bracelet. Rick has offered to help her, and she is simply floored by this. "Help me? Rick I am the bad guy here. How could you help me?"

Rick tells her to keep her cool; all she has to do is put the bracelet back. "How can she," she screams. She has pawned it. Maybe it is time to "get out of Dodge," she says. That's it, she will hide out in Mexico.

Rick reminds her that if she runs away to Mexico, she will be blowing off her singing career. "Oh, no!" Amber gasps, suddenly realizing that he is right. But, Rick tells her that he has an idea. "Trust me!" he says as he grabs her arm and pulls her out of the room.

At the beauty salon, Lauren wants the works! She is ready to join the living again. Tonight she has a date and wants to look her best. Without an appointment, that is impossible, but not to worry; Gladys will save the day. After all, they can't have a woman of Lauren's stature leaving the salon looking less than perfect.

She tells Gladys all about her big date. She says that he has the most penetrating eyes; you feel like he is looking right into you. When asked where this "perfect man" is taking her tonight, she says that he is coming to her place. Sally wonders if this is wise.

Grant is preparing to interview Lauren's new friend for a possible photographer's position. He wants to check him out for himself because he has a bad feeling about this guy. He intends to find out the truth.

There is a knock at the door and Macy opens it to Jonny Carrera.

Jonny shows them some of his work. He admits that he isn't a fashion photographer; his work is mostly in wildlife. Looking at the work, Grant remembers seeing another photo that is exactly like these---only it was a fashion photograph. He goes to his desk and gets the photograph. Where did you find this? Jonny asks.

Grant tells him that he took it from the files in Rush' office. He points out that the work is the same---not in subject matter, but in composition and color. Macy examines the photo, comparing it with Jonny's work, and agrees that they share the same light and color scheme.

How could two different photographers take these two pictures? Even Macy agrees that this doesn't seem possible.

"It isn't possible," agrees Jonny. "They weren't taken by two different photographers. I took them both."

Lauren says that Sally is acting like she should be afraid of Jonny. Sally only wanted to say that she has some bad memories associated with a man looking like Jonny. I'd be nervous to say the least, Sally tells her. Lauren says that having him around has given her some peace of mind---it is like having closure. Now she can get on with her life. The two men are like mirror images, but Jonny cannot be more different from Rush.

Rick and Amber enter the pawnshop. The owner sneers at her, asking if she has any more jewelry which just happened to fall from the sky. Rick tells him that his friend made a mistake in bringing the bracelet here; they are here to get it back. They will give him all that he paid for it.

Brooke tells Ridge that she likes Amber. She could understand why she did it---if she did it. She is only a teenager. She is seeing a lifestyle she has only had a chance to dream about prior to this. She only yielded to temptation; she isn't a hardened criminal. She only needs a little guidance. Maybe she will put the bracelet back while she, Brooke, is out. If it isn't back in the safe when they get home, then Amber will just have to suffer the consequences.

A deal is a deal, the shop owner says. He isn't interested in giving the bracelet back. Anyway, she probably will only take it someplace where she can get a better deal. Rick tells him that it belongs to his family; surely, he wouldn't want to get the cops involved. Since it is a crime to buy stolen property, he would lose the bracelet and the $6,000.

The storeowner says that only applies if he knew it was stolen. If the cops came around, he would only deny knowing it was stolen. If his family wants the bracelet back, they will have to pay for it just like any other customer.

"You slimy scum sucker . . ." Amber starts to say, but Rick interrupts her.

"He is right," Rick says. "There is nothing we can do about it, but we could put Bob on it. You know, Bob Shipiro."

"You mean Robert Shipiro?" Amber asks, mouth hanging open. "Robert "Dreamteam" Shipiro?"

"Of course," admits Rick. "My father, Eric Forrester, has him on retainer." Looking around, he mentions that Bob would have a field day in here; it looks like three-fourths of the stuff in here is stolen.

A nervous shopowner quickly goes to his safe and brings back the bracelet. Rick slides across the cash and they start to leave. The shopowner reminds Amber of the watch and earrings. She returns and, taking off the watch and earrings throws them at him.

So you took both of these pictures, Macy says.

Jonny explains that Rush had a terrible hangover one time and Sharon couldn't get him out of bed. It was an important shoot, so he stepped in and took the pictures.

"You mean you pretended to be him?" Grant asked.

"Yes, and Rush was furious," Jonny answered. "He didn't like anyone invading his turf. Now, I have a question for you. Why did you really bring me here? You aren't looking for a photographer, are you?"

Macy tells him that they really are, but Grant interrupts to say that Jonny can't blame them for not trusting him. They only have his word that his brother is dead. They won't be sure until the body is found.

Unintimidated, Jonny leaves. Macy looks at Grant and wonders what he thinks.

Back home, Amber is laughing about the pawnshop owner buying that Shipiro thing. Did you think I was joking, asks Rick. He doesn't know Mr. Shipero very well, but he has been at the house from time to time for dinner. Handing the bracelet back to Rick with a less than enthusiastic look, Amber says that here goes her future. Rick tells her that she doesn't want a future bought that way. It will happen. She is an awesome singer and she has drive.

Amber tells Rick that what she really needs is a friend. Not the kind of friend who just gives emotional support, but one who will be there for her. Rick promises her that he will be there for her. She goes to him and kisses him. He takes the bracelet and starts out of the room. At the door, he hesitates, then comes back and kisses her again.

After he is out of the room, Amber wonders how she could be so stupid. She almost blew it on that bracelet. "But the kid," she says, "the kid is the answer. From now on, I will focus on him."

Macy tells Grant that she believed Jonny and she likes him. "I don't want to think he is a threat," Grant tells her. "But what if we are wrong?"

Lauren has the apartment all ready with soft lighting, music and sexy dress. She lets him in the door. While she goes to check on dinner, Jonny deliberately locks the door. Slowly he begins to look around the apartment. When he sees the portrait of Lauren above the mantel, he is fascinated. He takes his eyes from the portrait and looks around again with just the hint of a smile on his face.

Friday, February 6, 1998

Brooke visits Thorne and admits that she did not tell Ridge about his baby. Thorne is happy about that, but he is not happy to learn that his brother is still asking questions about why Taylor went to her father's alone. Brooke warns him that even though the company is a small place, he should do all in his power to avoid Ridge. Otherwise, he is going to find that Ridge has a lot of questions that he can't answer.

At Spectra, Grant tells Macy and Sally that he still doesn't trust Jonny Carrera. This man looks exactly like the man who tormented Lauren in Greenland. They reason with him that of course they would look alike; they are twins. Grant says that there is no record of their birth in the United States, but Sally says that they were both born in Italy. Sally tells Grant that with her own eyes she saw Lauren open the man's shirt. There was no sign of a scar or even a blemish there. Besides, she trusts Lauren. There is no way she will ever forget Rush; he held her captive and tormented her. She would recognize the body of the man who did that to her. She says that this man is not Rush!

I hope you are right, Grant says. If you are wrong, our friend is in great danger.

Jonny tells Lauren that the meal is delicious and Lauren agrees. He wonders what they are eating, and when Lauren passes it off as "a little of this and a little of that," Jonny guesses correctly that she didn't prepare the meal herself. Laughing, Jonny assures her that he isn't disillusioned with her.

Immediately after Brooke leaves, Thorne rushes to the phone and calls Ridge's office. Do you know where my brother is? He asks the secretary. "I'm right here, little brother," Ridge says from the doorway.

After signing some papers, Ridge tells Thorne that he has a lot of questions for him. Thorne tells his brother that if it has to do with him and Taylor, it is none of Ridge's concern. Ridge can't understand how Taylor could leave town with their newborn baby and he didn't go with them. Thorne has to admit that Taylor didn't want him there with her.

Ridge can't take it in. He tells Thorne that something strange is going on here. Why aren't the two of them married? What is going on anyway? Thorne tells him that he is pushing too much. He tells Ridge to get out---he has work to do. But Ridge refuses. He is not leaving until he gets answers.

Jonny then mentions that he was summoned to Spectra today. They were checking you out, Lauren tells him. I hope it didn't bother you too much. He mentions that her friends really care about her. They aren't the only one, he tells her.

Changing the subject, Lauren asks him about himself. He says that growing up with Rush was hell; his brother was a real control freak. They didn't get along the way brothers should. Rush was always looking for another high---another rush. And always he insisted on being called Rush!

Lauren says that it helps to talk about Rush to him. She admits to him that he has proven to her that they aren't the same at all. Rush brought me pain, she tells him. But, you make me smile.

Jonny admits that he feels the same. His brother was obsessive, he tells her. He was lost somewhere along the way a long time ago. He then admits, somewhat ashamedly, that he is glad that his brother is dead.

We are now taken to a strange place. Someone is coming awake and looking around. It is like they are waking from a long sleep and don't know where they are. The room is small but cluttered with strange things. The door opens and someone comes in. They are wearing strange clothing---Eskimo boots and a long fur coat. As this person pushes the fur hood from her head, we see that it is a beautiful dark-haired girl. She places something beside the stove then walks to the bed and looks down at whoever is laying there.

It is a man. He has a beard. His eyes show puzzlement. It is Rush and as he tries to focus on the girl, he whispers loudly "Lauren?"

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