The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 16, 1998 on B&B

James grew worried about Maggie, who was diligently compiling information about Sheila. As Lauren spent a romantic evening with Johnny, Rush stowed away on a freighter bound for America. Stephanie and Ridge sparred over Brooke, and Stephanie implored Thorne to reveal the secret he had with Brooke.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 16, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, February 16, 1998

Due to coverage of the Olympics, The Bold and the Beautiful was not shown.

Tuesday, February 17, 1998

Sheila dropped by James's office and was concerned when James said he was having second thoughts about Maggie. James was worried about what had become of Maggie. Sheila saw Maggie as a threat to their marriage and lives. James thought the restraining order imposed on Maggie was a mistake. James reassured Sheila that his utmost priority was Sheila and Mary, but at the same time, he didn't want to see Maggie get hurt.

Maggie continued her quest of digging into Sheila's past. She was determined to remind Sheila of the pain she had caused and was gathering evidence to support her claim. Maggie visited with Eric and pumped him for information about Sheila's behavior while he had been married to her. Actually, Sheila had been on her best behavior when they had been married, Eric reported. He did say there had been one strange incident. When they'd been married and Sheila had worked at Forrester, they'd had a housekeeper, Judy Johnson.

Eric remembered going home one day and finding Judy had left without explanation. Maggie thought Sheila had been involved. Eric pulled Judy's insurance file and gave Maggie the only address he had for her. If there was any dirt about Sheila where Judy was concerned, Maggie was determined to find it.

Sally and Lauren were at the beauty parlor and dished about Grant and Macy's engagement. Romance was also in the air for Lauren, Sally said. Lauren was still unsure about Jonny. There was a connection between them, but maybe it was just because of their experience with Rush. Lauren had a candlelight dinner planned with Jonny that night to pursue any romantic feelings for him.

In Greenland, Rush was better and feeling stronger. Amur wondered what Rush planned on doing. They talked over dinner, and Rush wound up giving Amur her first experience in love-making. Afterwards, Rush packed some of her father's clothes and maps. He was leaving for Los Angeles. There was someone he had to see. Amur tried to stop him, and Rush pulled a knife.

Lauren arrived at Jonny's house. He welcomed her and said to prepare for an interesting evening.

Maggie wondered what "this Judy person" could tell her about Sheila that she didn't already know. Maggie found the apartment and knocked on the door. Ms. Johnson opened the door, but when Maggie introduced herself as a Forrester, Judy wanted nothing to do with Maggie.

Wednesday, February 18, 1998

Maggie was determined to find out what Sheila had done to former Forrester employee Judy Johnson. Judy didn't want anything to do with Sheila for fear Sheila might still carry out the threats she had made. Maggie knew Sheila had forced Judy to leave her job and begged her for help because of a child being involved.

Eric visited James to discuss his marriage with Sheila. James made it clear that he was happy with his wife and baby. Sheila overheard Eric ask James if he loved Sheila. She was relieved when James declared his love for her. Eric warned James not to get caught in Sheila's spell like Eric had. She had a dark side, and although it might be in remission, one day it would rear its ugly head.

Lauren was clearly overdressed for what Jonny had in mind. She had on a gorgeous dress while he was in his bathrobe. There was not even a chair to sit down on in Jonny's house. After they were interrupted twice by Lauren's cell phone, Jonny took the battery out. Lauren offered to leave, since it was obvious they had different plans for the night, but Jonny convinced her to stay. They'd had dinner at her place, and it was time for dinner at his. First, though, Jonny wanted Lauren to take off her dress.

In Greenland, Rush hitched a ride with a trucker who was going to a shipping port. There, the trucker would unload the huskies she was carrying who were going to the USA. After the truck arrived at its destination, the dogs were unloaded, but the woman couldn't find Rush. He'd gotten himself in a dog cage bound for the USA.

Judy told Maggie of her run-in with Sheila. Judy had never trusted Sheila, and because of that, had gotten her checked out. Somehow, though, Sheila had known about Judy's family, especially her sister, who lived alone. When Judy started calling the police to expose Sheila's Genoa City past, Sheila threatened to harm Judy's sister, saying accidents happened. Judy couldn't bear the thought of harm befalling her sister, so she'd left Forrester without a word to anyone, not even Eric. Maggie told Judy of her plan to put Sheila back in a mental hospital. Judy agreed to "bring Sheila to her knees."

Eric didn't believe Sheila had changed. Sheila said she couldn't change the past but could only concentrate on being a good wife and mother. "Someday, your past will catch up with you," Eric warned. Then, Sheila would be held accountable for her past deeds.

Thursday, February 19, 1998

Brooke complained to Thorne about his mother. She wanted to know how she could convince Stephanie that Ridge was happy with her. She acted surprised when she told Thorne that Stephanie had accused her of lying about being pregnant. She was even convinced that Thorne, Taylor, and Brooke were hiding something from Ridge.

Thorne hoped Brooke had set his mother straight. He told her not to worry, though, because it wasn't how his mother saw it that counted but the way Ridge saw things. He didn't think Taylor would ever tell Ridge about Thomas. He was almost convinced that Taylor would never return to Los Angeles.

Both dressed in robes, John was leading Lauren through a meditation/deep relaxation session. "Your power is in the present," he told her, "The present is all we have." After emerging from it, Lauren told him she felt terrific. It was the most relaxed she had ever been, thanks to him.

On the freighter, a girl went down to check on the dogs in the cargo space. Just before she got to the cage that contained Rush and one of the dogs, she was called back up on deck. After she left, Rush let himself out of the cage and hid in the shadows. "I'm going back to the USA," he said, "I'm coming back for you, Lauren."

Jonny served Lauren a supper of exotic vegetables. She told him she was a meat-eater, but the vegetables were good. "There is hope for you yet," he told her.

Lauren told Jonny that she owed him an apology. She had been rude and unforgivable from the moment she'd walked in the front door. He told her it was because she'd been living that hurried existence, but he'd made sure she was living in the present. "I'm real," Jonny told her, "a little rough around the edges, but real."

"Thank God you are nothing like your brother," Lauren told Jonny. At that, Jonny got somewhat upset and walked out onto the balcony. It was still hard to talk about him, he told Lauren. "I keep wondering why he turned out that way. Was [there] something I could have done that would have made a difference?" he asked.

"You are not responsible for him," Lauren told Jonny. "That is all in the past. Rush is gone. I feel so safe with you; you have done so much for me. I would like to return the favor." She reached up and kissed him.

On the freighter, the woman was back to feed the dogs. Rush watched from the shadows. He moved suddenly, and something was knocked over, making a loud noise. "Who is there?" the woman exclaimed. Quickly, she put the dog back into his cage and left the hold. Hiding himself under the stairs, Rush said, "I'm coming back, Lauren. It is only a matter of days, and we will be together, this time forever."

Dressed in a bathrobe, Ridge met Brooke at the bedroom door. "I am taking you in to dinner," he told her. She went into the bedroom to find it alight with candles and incense. "How did you know I needed this?" she asked.

Ridge was very sorry for the way his mother had treated Brooke. Unfortunately, she was a part of his family, but not for long unless she had a serious attitude adjustment. "You are more important than anyone," he told her.

Sitting her on the bed, Ridge began to take off Brooke's stockings and kissed her on the legs. Getting the Japanese food, he climbed into bed beside her and turned on the television set. They were watching the winter games because he hadn't gotten to take her to Nagano as he'd promised. They began to feed each other.

Thorne answered his phone and found it was Taylor calling. She was packing to return home that night. "Have you made a decision?" he asked. She had, but she wouldn't tell him what it was until she got to town. After hanging up, Thorne said, "I hope you decide to be with me, Taylor. If not, Brooke and Ridge's marriage may be about to end."

"Tonight, I come home to begin my new life," Taylor said as she closed her suitcase.

Friday, February 20, 1998

Looking at Taylor's picture, Thorne said they would know soon whom she would spend her life with. Stephanie went to visit. She was trying to figure out what Thorne and Brooke were keeping secret. Thorne told her that she was paranoid.

Stephanie told Thorne that she was concerned about him. She loved him and worried about him. He'd chosen Brooke's side, and he knew how dangerous that could be. Thorne warned her that if she didn't stop, she would lose everyone she loved. He mentioned that he knew about her confrontation with Brooke and Ridge the night before. He asked how she could treat Brooke so badly.

Brooke admitted to Ridge that she'd enjoyed it when he'd told his mother off. Ridge said that she'd "had it coming," but he didn't think he'd gotten through to her. Brooke said she wanted to change the subject, and she knew how to do it. She left the room.

Rick, the contractor, was getting ready to leave Sheila's house. She told him that she appreciated all the overtime he had put in. She and James were looking forward to the extra space. He promised that all the work would be finished as she'd requested, but it would take some time yet. He wondered if James was there; he wanted to see if he was pleased with the work. Sheila admitted that she didn't know where James was.

Maggie was reminding herself to pack the cell phone and video when James stopped by. He had been worried about her, he said. "Are you just worried," asked Maggie, "or is there more to it?" When Maggie asked if he missed making love to her, he decided he had made a mistake and started to leave. She called him back and asked about the baby.

"Do you really want to know how I am?" Maggie asked. "What if I told you that I can't eat, can't sleep. I write you letter after letter that I'll never mail, telling you of my regrets. I still buy your favorite tea. I still sleep on my side of the bed and wake up reaching for you, all the time knowing you aren't coming back."

"I'm sorry you are hurting," James told Maggie. "I do care about you."

"I care about you, and that is why I am going to warn you," Maggie told him. When he protested, she stopped him. "I am not coming after Sheila. But you can tell her that her past is her worst enemy -- not me. It will come back to haunt her -- maybe sooner than she thinks."

Brooke returned to the room, looking very sexy in a new outfit. She told Ridge that she had something special for every occasion. "You have no idea how much I love you," she told him. He ordered her to prove it.

Before Nick could get out the door, his beeper went off. He asked to use the phone. When he dialed, Maggie answered and wondered where he was; it was almost time. He told her he had been taking care of things and that person -- she looked at Sheila across the room -- didn't suspect a thing.

Stephanie said that Brooke had only told Thorne her side of the story, but Thorne said that Brooke had no reason to lie to him. Brooke didn't want to get between her and Ridge. "Why do you go against your brother?" Stephanie asked, puzzled.

Stephanie asked what Taylor wanted to tell Ridge, but Thorne told her he would not tell her. She should begin to worry about her relationship with her other children. She had alienated almost all of them. If she wasn't careful, Ridge would also leave her.

Stephanie promised that she -- and Ridge -- would find out what they were hiding. "You have gone against the family," she told Thorne, "and the only person who is going to get hurt, besides Brooke, is you." She then left.

Ridge made love to Brooke. After it was over, Brooke said that nothing could ever top that. "We have our entire lives to try," Ridge said. He was never going to let her go away from him again. Brooke said that the only thing to make it more perfect would be a baby.

Ridge went into the bathroom just as the phone rang. It was Thorne warning her that Taylor would be home. However, Brooke wouldn't let him talk. She told him that Taylor would never return to Los Angeles. She hurriedly said goodbye and hung up when Ridge returned.

Rick went to Maggie's house. Maggie said the others were on their way. She had a list of things they were going to do.

"You think I am horrible for doing this, don't you?" Maggie asked. Rick told her that it meant nothing to him as long as he was being paid. She began to tell him what a horrible person Sheila was. "It is time she finds out she cannot just walk away without paying the price." Maggie said.

Ridge said there was Champagne downstairs. When he started down to get it, she told him that she would do it. Once she was downstairs, there was a knock at the door. Opening the door, Brooke found Taylor standing there, holding her little baby.

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