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Grant and Macy learned that his medical condition prevented them from having children. Brooke offered Amber $10,000 to stay away from Rick, but Amber wouldn't take less than $50,000. Taylor was flattered to find herself at the top of Pierce's list of job candidates. Stephanie feared that Sheila would follow through on her threat about Thomas, and as Stephanie frantically called Taylor and Ridge, Sheila loomed near Thomas' bed.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 6, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, July 6, 1998

Grant and Macy are shocked to learn the problem they are having is Grant's inability to produce sperm. Grant refuses to accept that is the reason why Macy can not get pregnant, but Macy reminds her husband that the doctor is a specialist. The doctor delivers the final blow when he tells them that Grant's condition is genetic and there is no cure.

Amber drops by Spectra to visit C.J. and informs him that she was fired from her job with the Forresters. Amber realizes staying out all night was stupid but thinks she was treated unfairly since she did give Rick a kidney a few months ago. C.J. gets Amber to admit that she slept with Rick and blasts her for sleeping with a different guy every week. Amber decks C.J. hard for that comment. She reminds C.J. that she doesn't think she slept with Raymond. But maybe she did. Maybe Raymond has a disease and gave it to Amber who gave it to Rick. C.J. is furious at Amber for being so careless. You have the talent and brains to be a star and you are willing to throw it all away for one night of unprotected sex, C.J. says.

Brooke explains to Rick that Amber's decision to stay out all night shows a bad influence and no responsibility. Brooke is just thankful her son and Amber did not have sex. Lots of kids are having sex, Rick replies. Brooke realizes sixteen year olds might physically be ready for sex, but sex is more than physical gratification. Sex should mean you are ready to make a lifetime commitment to that person and no sixteen year old is ready to make that commitment. Rick asks his mother if he promises to not have sex with Amber, can she come back?

The doctor offers other methods of having children such as adoption or donor insemination, but Grant thinks the good doc has made a mistake. It's not right that hundreds of unwanted babies are born each day and two people who want desperately to have a child can't.

Brooke nixes Rick's suggestion that Amber come back and work for them again. Brooke gets ready for work when Amber call Rick and he invites her over since his mother and father will be at work. Amber tells C.J. that Rick cares for her more than anyone else ever has and heads over to Rick's house. Rick and Amber are happy to see each other and Amber says it's not her job that matters, but the fact she is being separated from the one she loves. Rick wishes his parents would realize his feelings are real. Nothing his parents can do will ever change that. After getting dressed for work, Brooke wants by Rick's room and finds Rick and Amber kissing. .

Tuesday, July 7, 1998

Amber agrees to meet Rick tonight at the cabin. Brooke overhears Amber tell Rick to stop at the drugstore and get condoms. Brooke decides not to confront the duo, but is disgusted to hear their plans to make love. Amber warns Rick against making promises, but Rick promises never to do anything to let Amber down. Amber leaves but before doing so, asks Rick for some money. Rick gives her $25.00 which is only enough to get her something to eat and bus fare up to Big Bear. Brooke is shocked to hear Rick give her an additional $140.00.

Sally notices something is bothering C.J. who is upset the Forresters fired Amber and left her with no money or a place to live. Sally understands C.J.'s point of view, but thinks Amber is getting exactly what she deserves. Sally feels Amber's attraction to Rick is the Forrester money but C.J. thinks his mother is being cynical. Amber is special and the was she is being treated is not fair, C.J. says.

Ridge and Taylor comment on Stephanie's strange behavior but chalk it up to Lauren being at the house when they were there. Taylor asks Ridge what he thinks of the motivational tape she is listening to. Ridge has heard Pierce Peterson's tape before and thought it was basically common sense. Taylor agrees but notes a lot of people need to hear his message which is to choose your goal in life and not accept another alternative. Ridge asks Taylor is the message worked for her. Taylor has Ridge doesn't she?

C.J. is convinced Eric and Brooke should give Amber a break, but Sally feels the sooner Brooke gets Amber out of their lives, the better. Brooke catches Amber leaving who tries to lie her way out of the reason she is there.

Now that she and Ridge are back from their honeymoon, Taylor is anxious to begin working again. She even recommended Pierce Peterson's tape to some of her patients, when she had patients. Taylor has received some offers but none that she is excited about. Taylor notes that is she is going to be spending time without Thomas, it better be for a good reason. While flipping through the mail, Taylor is surprised to receive a letter from Pierce Peterson. Taylor had written him a letter about a year and a half ago and now he wants to meet. She calls him and is thrilled to learn he wants to meet with her today.

Amber accuses Brooke of treating Rick like a child but Brooke says she is just trying to protect him. There is nothing you can do to keep us apart, Amber says. Amber is not going to quit seeing Rick just because Brooke wants her to. Brooke gives Amber a check for $10,000 and says the check is hers if she promises to never see Rick again.

Wednesday, July 8, 1998

Rick calls C.J. and asks him to cover for him tonight since he and Amber plan on spending the night at the cabin at Big Bear. C.J. advises his best friend to be careful and use condoms this time. Brooke can't tolerate Amber taking advantage of Rick and offers her $10,000 to leave town and stay out of Rick's life forever. Amber realizes Brooke thinks she is white trash but compares her situation to the way Brooke went after Ridge when Brooke was Amber's age. Amber doesn't want to leave Rick, but Brooke makes it clear if she doesn't leave town, she will have Amber arrested for statutory rape

Taylor rushes to get ready for her meeting with motivational speaker Pierce Peterson. Ridge doesn't think Pierce Peterson will be able to resist the lovely Taylor and tries to assure his nervous wife the job interview will go well. Taylor arrives at Pierce Peterson's office and meets his assistant Bailey who advises Taylor to wait and relax. Pierce comes to work in a helicopter and has people lining up to meet him when he arrives. Taylor is surprised when Pierce asks about her honeymoon and baby. Work is important to Taylor and she likes helping people. So far in her career, Taylor has primarily helped people one on one, but Pierce thinks there is greater happiness is helping out more than one person at a time. Taylor hands Pierce a list of her credentials but Pierce dismisses the piece of paper and asks Taylor to describe who she is in three sentences.

Amber informs Brooke that she would give up her life for Rick. She'll leave only because she doesn't want to come between Rick relationship with his mother, but it's going to cost Brooke more than $10,000. Amber ups the cost to $50,000. Brooke calls Amber a tramp while Amber snaps back that it takes one to know one. Brooke writes the check and orders Amber to leave LA tonight.

Amber drops by Spectra and tells C.J. that he will not have to cover for Rick tonight because she is not going to the cabin. C.J. blasts Amber for taking money to stay away from Rick and advises Amber to tell Rick herself that she can no longer see him. Amber explains if she stays, Brooke will have her arrested for statutory rape, then Rick will have to choose between his family and me. Amber feels that she can't offer Rick anything and the Forresters are taking advantage of that. To them, Amber is just a street kid with nothing and going nowhere.

Rick tells Brooke he is staying with C.J. tonight and heads to the cabin where he prepares for a romantic evening with Amber. Rick is sure his parents will accept his relationship with Amber since he feels that Amber is the only one for him.

Thursday, July 9, 1998

Rick is at the cabin and still preparing for his date with Amber. He can't believe that Amber feels the same way about him that he feels about her.

C.J. suggests that Amber drive up to Big Bear and talk to Rick. If you wait our parents, they usually give in. Rick thinks you are great---and you are, C.J. says. Amber says that Rick will stand by her; he will fight with the mother that he adores. She can't allow Rick to hate his mother because of her. No, girls like her don't live in Beverly Hills.

Stephanie holds Thomas and remembers Sheila's threat. Ridge comes into the room and says he has to run an errand and he wants her to look after Thomas. He notices that she is distracted and asks what is wrong. She brushes it off as nothing to worry about. Ridge tells her about Taylor's job interview with Pierce Peterson.

"My life story in three sentences?" Taylor asks. Peterson says it is a way of finding out where you are located in the cosmic universe; he wants to find where she is at this point in time. "Why are you here?" He asks.

Taylor thinks about it a few seconds, then says "I'm here to learn; I'm here to grow, and I'm here to laugh." "What about Love?" Pierce asks. "That isn't why I am here," Taylor tells him. "Love is something that comes to you naturally." Pierce says that he is there to teach, to heal and to inspire. Taylor says that she has listened to him and he does know how to inspire; however, inspiration is useless without the motivation to change. He accepts that and says that that is what he wants to change; he wants people to realize that anything they want is theirs. But, there is one requirement; you have to make a decision to change your life. Yet, he admits that many people can't make that decision. He wants to change that and hopefully, Taylor will help him. Rick is getting ready for the best night of his life.

As Ridge tells Stephanie about Pierce Peterson, he notices that she has zoned out again. "I know what is wrong and I think we have to talk about it," Ridge says. Rick opens the door and is surprised to find C.J. there. He wants C.J. to leave and quickly because Amber is coming. No, C.J. says, sadly, she isn't coming. Rick is confused; he demands to know where Amber is. C.J. hands him the letter and tells him to read it; it will answer all of his questions.

Ridge thinks that Lauren and Eric is the problem, but Stephanie says she has made a decision that she is going to move on with her life. He reminds her that she used to think Eric was the only man she would ever love, but Stephanie tells him that she doesn't think that way any longer. He wonders if she has fallen in love with someone else. She says that she thought she had but there were too many complications. Anyway, she tells him, she doesn't want to talk about that; all she wants to be is the best Grandma to his little boy that she can possibly be.

Taylor is shocked and thrilled when Pierce says that he has gone through thousands of candidates to be his associate and Taylor is at top of all the list of candidates. He tells her he has devised a method that he calls TIM: transcendental image motivation. He has practiced it with success but can't do it alone. He wants Taylor to help him. It virtually guarantees a change in behavior. A person can simply walk through the door and ask for help and he will get it! Taylor is skeptical; she thinks it is a little too good to be true, but he tells her that so many things that are thought to be impossible are, in fact, possible. (he quotes my sig to her) He says that people need to know that when you come to the end of the light and you are about to step into the darkness, two things can happen. Either there will be something solid to stand on or you will be taught how to fly. "I want to teach the world to fly! And I want you to help me. Together we can do it!"

Rick reads the letter. Amber tells him that this is the hardest letter she has ever had to write. She has never felt so close to anyone as she does to him. He has captured her heart and she is unable or unwilling to turn off the feelings that he has generated in her. He didn't break her heart as so often happens when you let down your guard and let someone into it; no, he took care of her heart and that makes what she has to say almost unbearable. He has touched her deeply, especially that night they shared in the cabin and she didn't take that lightly; she will remember it always. But, she says, they both have to try to forget that night and each other, because, as much as he wants to take her into his world, it isn't her world and it never will be. Rick has to go no without her; not because she wants it but he has to for his own sake. There is so much in the future for him; he doesn't need a girl like her dragging him down. As hard as she has tried, she has never been able to fit in with his family and friends. She asks him not to try to find her. She will have a good life. She wants him to be well, be well and happy and I will pray for you every night. She ends with love always, Amber. Rick is devastated; tears stream down his face. Somewhere in the city, Amber sits on the edge of the sidewalk and cries.

Stephanie reads a story to Thomas. As she looks over the sides of the crib, she tells him, you are such an angel. "He will be an angel very soon," Sheila says from the doorway. As Stephanie tries to stop her, she pushes Stephanie to the floor and takes the baby. She runs out the door while Stephanie begs her to come back. Suddenly, Stephanie wakes up and realizes it was only a dream. She picks up the baby and tells him that he is okay; nothing is going to happen to him. "She will never have you as long as I am here," she promises.

Friday, July 10, 1998

Stephanie is talking to Lauren about Sheila. She is so worried about Thomas. Sheila is such a psychopath. She wants to tell James, but she is afraid that if Sheila finds out, she will take it out on the baby.

James wants to talk to Sheila about the kiss, but she tells him that the conversation is over. When he persists, she slams down the book in her hands and asks him if he is trying to make her sick; the kiss meant nothing, right? When James doesn't answer, she tells him, "Don't you dare do this to me. I put all my faith in you; don't you dare bring me down."

Taylor tells Ridge all about the job interview. She says that this highly intelligent man named Bailey in this high tech ultra modern office greeted her. Then Pierce Peterson came in from his helicopter wearing a wet suit. Some people know how to live, Ridge says.

On the plane, Pierce Peterson is relaxing with a drink. Bailey tells him that they will be landing in Tokyo in only 4 hours. He guesses that Pierce is thinking of Dr. Taylor Forrester and the new project.

Stephanie tells Lauren that she has to find a way to convince Sheila that she isn't a threat to her; that is the only way Thomas will be safe.

"Yes, I am upset," Sheila finally admits. "We are married and we have been happy when everyone said we couldn't do it. Now you tell me that we have problems? The only problem we have is Stephanie." James tells her that Stephanie is not a problem. Sheila continues, "You have been through so much lately; there is no way you couldn't help being disillusioned and there was Stephanie standing there with her arms open. She has a vendetta against me." James is shocked that Sheila would suggest that Stephanie has a vendetta against her. "Yes she does," insists Sheila. "She wants to destroy us and it is working. I finally have everything I want in my life and I am not going to let her take it all away from me." James puts on his coat and says he has to get some air. "No, you started this and we are going to finish it" Sheila shouts as she follows him out the door. Sheila returns to the room and sinks down into a chair. "What am I doing?" she asks herself. "What in the world am I doing?"

Ridge says that he wants to make steaks tonight on the barbecue. They can't help but talk about Pierce. Ridge says he sounds like a fascinating man and Taylor agrees. She says he has these magnetic eyes and it feels like he is looking right through you when he talks. Ridge says that he knows someone else who is fascinating. When Taylor thinks he is talking about her, he walks over to Thomas' crib and says it is Thomas. Ridge suggests that Taylor get out of her work clothes and get into something more comfortable; less is better, he tells her. "Nothing is best," Taylor says and Ridge tells Thomas that his mom is learning; she is a smart one too.

Stephanie is looking at a picture of Ridge and his family when there is a knock at the door. She opens the door to James and immediately demands to know why he is there. What if Sheila saw his car parked out in front? James says that he parked around back; he has to talk to her about Sheila. He thinks that Sheila is regressing. He told her about the kiss and she became very angry and bitter. "I haven't seen her like this in a long time," James says. "She won't listen to me about the kiss or how I feel about you. All her anger is directed at you."

Back Sheila's, she is walking down her stairs and talking out loud. "I don't care what you say James, it's all Stephanie's fault! She is coming between us and I have to show her that I mean business! THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY I CAN DO THAT!" She walks out of the house looking very determined.

Taylor comes out in a black bikini. How is this for someone who has just had a baby? Ridge tells her that he is the luckiest man in the world. Are you just figuring that out? Taylor asks. Everything is coming together. She wants to go back to work and maybe she will work with Pierce. She has Ridge, Thomas and a good family; she has a career and she is going in a new direction. Ridge agrees that they are truly blessed. A day doesn't go by that he doesn't appreciate what they have. Going over to a sleeping Thomas, he looks down and tells him that his mommy and daddy will take care of him.

Behind the palms, Sheila is lurking and watching everything.

On his jet, Pierce is talking to Bailey about the new project; he won't go into detail until he has it all worked out, but he wants Dr. Forrester to work closely with him on it. Bailey says that he will get her an office ready right away, but Pierce stops him. He wants to work closely with her; he wants her in his office with him. This is critical! When one of the secretaries wants to talk about his meeting in Prague, he tells her to cancel it; he is making a lot of changes and concentrating totally on his new project. When he is alone, he picks up Taylor's file and looks at a picture of her. "You are in for quite an adventure, Dr. Taylor Forrester," he says. "If you only knew!"

"She is regressing?" asks a frightened Stephanie. "I don't want to discuss this with you, James. If you feel that you need to talk to someone, it can't be me!" James cries that he is asking for her help. Why is she pushing him away?

Suddenly Taylor realizes that she is famished and wants to eat. "Not yet," Ridge says. He wants to take a quick dip in the ocean. Taylor doesn't want to leave Thomas, but he assures her that Thomas will be fine; it will only take ten seconds. As they rush out across the beach to the water hand in hand, Sheila leaves her hiding place and walks into the beach house.

Stephanie tries to convince James to go home and make his marriage to Sheila work. No, James tells her. He wants to know what is going on here. Running to the phone, Stephanie dials a number while telling James that he has to tell Sheila that he is on his way home. She hands the phone to a perplexed James. The answering machine answers and tells this to Stephanie. What about the baby, who is taking care of her? Stephanie asks in a desperate voice. James tells her that Mary is with the babysitter. OH NO! Stephanie cries. She grabs the phone and quickly dials a number. "What is going on? What is wrong?" James asks. As the phone begins to ring at the other end of the line, Stephanie prays. "ANSWER THE PHONE, PLEASE! PLEASE, PLEASE ANSWER THE PHONE!"

Back at the beach house, the camera is on the baby who is sleeping soundly. Beside the bed is Sheila. "I have to do this, Stephanie," she says.

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